Beach Linen Fragrance Oil Dicontinued Version
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As of 03/20/2021:

This version of Beach Linen (Discontinued) has been discontinued and replaced with the new Beach Linen. Click here to check it out!


Beach Linen truly captures the scent of clothes dried on a line in the beach breeze. It has an airiness that's incredibly fresh and is paired with the herbal, floral, and citrus notes of the best clean cotton.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange, parsley leaf, and patchouli.

Note Profile:
Top: Sea Salt, Ozone, Citrus
Middle: Jasmine, Lavender
Base: Powder, Wood

Suggested Colors: Ivory, Blue
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.

**Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including benzophenone, myrcene, and methyl eugenol, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to



Average Rating:

(based upon 50 reviews)

So sad this is gone.

I really hope you consider to have this scent make a come back. I am so upset it's discontinued, so many Customers ask for this Scent. I personally loved this scent so much, as well as my family.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Not to worry, Beach Linen has joined our Clean Scent line! This version is discontinued, but the same scent is currently available as a Clean Scent fragrance.

Bee Charmed

I hope you change your mind and continue this fragrance. The new one smells aweful. I sell over 500 of this fragrance per year. My customers are very disappointed this will be discontinued.


An all time fave!!!! But......

This fragrance is my all time fave of the beachy/summer fragrances. Reminds me of going to my aunts at the beach growing up. BUT...will this become a clean scent anytime soon? Definitely have to bump up the wick on this one as the wick tends to drown and not as even of a burn like my other candles.
**will give 5 stars when this becomes a clean scent

S&Ts Candles

Upcoming candlel maker

This scent reminds me of old lady perfume or something. It def doesn't smell good. However, it has a good CT.

Shar G


Made some CP Soap and added some Very dark blue Mica and doap by,next day turned green. Other than Beach Linen performed well.

Karen Urbanski

Smells amazon

I opened up the bottle and it made me tear up. This reminds me of my grandmother so much. Might sound weird, but to me its a mix of her Estee Lauder perfumes and a softener she would wash our clothes with lol. I love it and I will be purchasing more immediately.


Best Scent !!

Smells like the name beach linen. Love this scent. ..


It's Amazing!!!!

I ordered this fragrance oil a few weeks ago and fell IN LOVE with this and my customers love it too! Has a clean, sweet scent in my opinion. Now, I have to order more! Great job with this oil CS!


It's Amazing!!!!

I ordered this fragrance oil a few weeks ago and fell IN LOVE with this and my customers love it too! Has a clean, sweet scent in my opinion. Now, I have to order more! Great job with this oil CS!


Smells exactly like you'd imagine it would

It's a great scent! I am trying to find my favorite "beachy" scent. This one smells very nice! I'll have to wait to smell it after I make it to determine if it's one of my favorites though!


Love it

This scent is another one of my favorites 😍

Luxture Fantastique

This has to be my favorite by far! It smells just like clean laundry.

Kendall Gore

love it!

I love this scent! in my opinion it gives kind of a linen scent with a slight fruitiness to it. I imagine it will be a good seller.



Noticed the same with this scent. Small flame and extinguish with a CD 12 (464 mason jar) it drowns out my wick with this scent. Going to wick and try again!



I love this scent in my candle line and have none of the problems others have mentioned with wicking. I pour coconut wax though, not 464, so that may be the reason. I used it in CP though and TOTAL DISASTER! Massive A and R. Wouldn't recommend for CP but LOVE IT in candles!

Vanessa McGee

I love this, but the oil drowns out the wick. Suggestions anyone?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! There could be a few factors contributing to this reaction including the amount of fragrance used, the temperature it was added to the wax, the amount of fragrance, the type of wax, and the type of wick you are using. If you'd like to let us know a bit more about your materials and process, we'd be happy to help! Our support team can be reached at

LOVE this oil BUT...

Really love this oil but can't include it in my bath and body line. Could be a best seller for candles and bath and body. PLEASE reformulate and make it with ingredients that are PROP 65 compliant!!! Would easily be a 5 star if were compliant.


Moonlight Candle Co.

It is a very subtle scent. With that being said, we do need to add a little bit more fragrance per batch of candles than we normally do. But it has a really good smell to it. Smells fresh and clean. It reminds me of fabric softener, which isnt a bad thing.

Jenna Edwards


I expected a laundry type scent but was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a little bit sweet for laundry or the beach with less ozone than I expected but I absolutely love it. Just the perfect hint of musk. It won’t work for my laundry scent but it’s perfect for an oil perfume or evening body butter. Reminds me of an upscale perfume.

Sheree Ealey


I ordered a sample bottle of this scent and fell in love but was concerned I'd have issues with wick drowning as per other reviews. However, I was thrilled to see it burn perfectly and smells SOOO good! I love this scent! Clean, and floral, and summery fresh. Not a straight up clean cotton, laundry scent. So much better IMO. I used an 8oz straight sided mason jelly jar with an eco 8 wick and it burned perfectly and had a good scent throw. Don't hesitate to give this scent a shot!


This is such a great scent!! I'm usually not too crazy about linen/laundry scents, but the beachy twist to this one makes it a great scent. The throw is super strong in my paraffin wax melts 24 hours after I pour it. If I let it cure for a couple weeks, I get a throw for 24+ hours straight when I melt 1/2oz of wax. If I would turn my warmer off for awhile, I would be able to get a good 3 days out of that. Love this oil!!

Lee Lee

One of Our Best Sellers

I am reading the comments about drowning wicks but we do not have that issue at all. That said, we do not purchase our wax from CS either. We are using C-3 container wax and Eco 8 wicks. This fragrance has become one of our best selling fragrances!

Rich P

Won't burn

LOVE this fragrance...I use it in soap and candles. However, I have to pull an entire batch off the shelves because of issues with drowning wicks. (464 with 8% FO) Going to try wicking up and hopefully that will help. If I solve the drowning wick issue, this fragrance will get FIVE stars.


Amazing scent throw!

I’ve used this scent in both 464 soy as well as a Para-Soy blend (clamshells) and have had great results, when used according to wax instructions. I have this in a burner in my small bathroom and you can even smell this when it isn’t lit. I enjoy highly scented fragrances and this is definitely one of my favorites! my Love it!


I have used Beach Linen for several years and customers love this scent! However recently my candles aren't burning across, have a very small flame, and eventually the wick is drowned. I was using the same wick and jar/ even wicked up without success! Not sure if formula has changed? Was a great scent!


Love the scent but absolutely useless in soy wax. Will not burn. So disappointed as the scent is amazing.


new scent

This scent from the bottle smelled really good and crisp even while pouring the throw was nicely scented.
I am burning this new beach linen scent right now and it seems weak. I am using soy 464 and maybe its me but i can hardly tell that its lit. I can smell it only if my nose is right near it. :(



This is by far going to be a best seller!! it smells just like this laundry soap Ariel.. I used while in Mexico. Smells so fresh and clean!! As soon as i opened the bottle I knew this is a winner! should have got a bigger bottle.



A soft, beautiful scent. Very happy with my testing results in GB415...throws extremely well but not overpowering like some ocean scents can be. Definite keeper for me.

Karen L.

Awesome scent

This scent is so beautiful. It is delicate yet has a strong hot and cold scent throw. I used it in Cargill C3 and just love it.


Awesome scent

This scent is so beautiful. It is delicate yet has a strong hot and cold scent throw. I used it in Cargill C3 and just love it.


Permanent Addition!

This scent was a wonderful surprise! It is as the others described, Beautiful and Amazing! I used this in CB-Advanced and also in a batch of guest MP Soap. The throw with the CB is great. Everyone that picks one up loves the scent. 5-Stars for sure!



Softer oceanic/linen scent-really nice for bed/bath. Used in EcoSoya Adv.


Pleasing but weak

The overall scent is quite pleasing, but it lacks the throw to make it enjoyable unless you are sitting right next to the burning candle. I used 1 ounce per pound of soy, so I would expect more ability to fill the room.


Very Relaxing Scent !

Very crisp and clean scent,you can definately smell the linen but you also just pick up on these beautiful floral notes as well.It just creates an overall relaxing scent.


Over powering

It was very strong when opened the bottle. Used in GB464, still very over powering. Strong perfume smell!

Pat Musshorn


This is such a pretty and relaxing fragrance. Had an amazing hot and cold scent throw in tarts using soy 464 and candles with IGI 4627. It is simply a beautiful scent.


nice scent

This fragrance smells great used it with 464 soy wax. It has an excellent cold throw but was very disapointed with the hot throw. You have to be next to the candle to appreciate the scent, this one is a no go for me.


CP Soap

I purchased this fragrance for CP Soap making. The scent is very nice. There was slight ricing and slight discoloration to lt tan. After 24hrs the scent stayed strong. I used 1oz/# of soap. I plan to purchase this scent again. Very happy.


Love the scent, however it will not burn. I've had to replace many candles for this reason


Floods out wick

I am having the same issue that Mike has - I have had to replace many candles and it's unfortunate because it's one of my favorite scents. I haven't tried taking the scent down yet, but from the review that Mike gave, doesn't seem like it will make a difference.


Great scent! Great hot and cold throw. Very true to the name


will buy again

I think this is a great scent, and my customers have bought it again after trying it. I don't think it's too strong, which is a complaint of other reviews. I use GB 464


One of my favorites!

This scent is so nice! I love that it is clean and fresh without being too similar to fabric softener or detergent. Worked well in my own parasoy blend. Throw was amazing, both hot and cold.


Heavy - floods out wick

The cold throw is strong and the hot throw is OK. Problem is the fragrance oil is so heavy it does not evaporate and wants to put the flame out. I use GB464 with ECO10 wicks in standard mason jars. I fragrance everything at 10% and have had no problems until now. This is the only scent I had to replace for customers. I took the fragrance from 10% down to 6.2% (1oz per lb) and while better, still not as good of a melt/burn as everything else I have. Just gives a small flame. Had to resort to making melts with this scent. I will need to switch to the other linen and try that.


I have bought this scent and it has such a great cold throw its overwhelming. I was so excited to light it up because I was expecting a strong scent. The hot throw was so disappointing that I would never buy this scent. again. I use 464 soy wax.


Wonderful scent

This scent is a winner! Decent scent throw in candles. I see that others have used it for CP soap and I am really tempted to try that out. Love love love it!

Diane Z.

Love this scent. Used it in cp soap. It does accelerate and discolors just a bit. The scent is strong and lasts forever. I am ordering this again.


So strong...

I don't understand how anyone could feel like this has a weak cold or hot throw. I find it very overwhelming in my soy candles, to the point that it completely overpowers the room where I store my finished candles. I was hoping for a nice laundry-day smell (like when you walk through the neighborhood and you can tell who's doing laundry from the scent coming from the vents) and it does smell like that, but in an overpowering strong way.

I'm giving it 5's not my favorite scent but you have to give credit where credit is due for strength and staying power!

Michele, studio lilypoo

Sooo Many Compliments

I tried 4 scents and this was the absolute favorite! Many requests for more.