Cashmere Plum Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Candle Science Clean Scents

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Wrap yourself in comfort with Cashmere Plum fragrance oil. This fruit forward scent has a cozy warmth that’s always inviting. Bright citrus and a touch of black cherry enhance the dark plum heart of this fragrance. Amber, sugar, and vanilla base notes reinforce the sweetness of this scent, while musk and freesia add a light earthy dimension.

Whether used to create enticing candles and wax melts or delectable body care products, this fragrance has lots of possibilities. With a small tweak to your label or a simple name change, Cashmere Plum transforms from a fall/holiday fragrance to a spring/summer scent.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedar, bergamot, and clary sage.

Blends well with: Dry Gin and Cypress, Black Cherry Merlot, Fig Tree

Alternative branding ideas: Sweet Tuscan Plum, Plum and Amber, Sunkissed Plum, Black Cherry Cashmere

Note Profile:
Top: Citrus
Middle: Plum, Black Cherry
Base: Amber, Sugar, Light Musk, Freesia, Vanilla

Suggested Colors: Burgundy, Deep Red, Pink 
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
Moderate Light Yellow Slight

Lye Water Temperature 113ºF
Oil temperature 107ºF

Initially we experienced some separation which led to moderate acceleration. When we added the lye water to the fragranced oils, we found that reaching an emulsion was quite difficult, even with constant stick blending. After several minutes of stick blending the oils and water finally came together and we had a medium trace. The batter remained fluid at this point and stayed smooth while pouring into the mold. After 24 hours the soap was still too soft to unmold so we allowed it to stay for an additional 4 days. The soap had discolored to a light yellow color and we observed that the soap had almost reached a full gel. After 30 days the soap remained a light yellow and the scent was strong and pleasantly sweet.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 117 reviews)


Pretty disappointed with the consistency of the performance. My first bottle was perfect and the hot throw was amazing and the next bottle had zero hot throw even though it was made the exact same way. Not sure what went wrong but the weak hot throw comments could be coming from inconsistent batches, please check. Thanks


2u 4 Home, LLC

This was one of the first 1oz bottles purchased from candle science, but we chose this would be a great year round selection. Then, we got red plum baklava, which has become a craft show best seller. So its hard to say which to go with - but one thing stands true, in my opinion - candle science knows what they're doing with their plum fragrances. Both Red Plum Baklava & Cashmere Plum can be sold year round.

2u 4 Home, LLC

Cashmere plum

Awesome great smelling, everyone who has smell this scent loves it!!!

Sam Sneed


After about a month of curing, Cashmere Plum filled our entire downstairs! I could smell it in the kitchen and living room while burning in the bedroom. It was even mixed with another oil to soften it a little. The scent was incredibly divine! I’m confused about how anyone could say it has a weak hot throw. I always use the maximum amount of fragrance load though.


Based strictly on OOB smell

This smells soooo good! I haven't used it in a candle yet, so I can't speak to the hot or cold throws, but the smell is so similar to The Wooden Wick Co.'s "Kakadu Plum + Amber" ($36.95/lb). It's such a bright citrusy/plum scent, I can't imagine that I'll be spending my money at WWC for the same scent again. My favorite part about it is that it has a luxurious scent because of the depth of fragrance notes.


Hobbyist - Powerful FO

I finally put the 1oz bottle I had in the diffuser last night, and I must say this is a powerful, strong FO. The smell is nice, neutral to me, and one that can be used year round. I would compare this to the Moroccan Cashmere which I was not a fan of, but the Cashmere Plum I enjoyed. The Moroccan smelled like Argan oil and I'd rather not smell hair products when I want to relax with my aromatherapy supplies. I plan to use Cashmere Plum for my year round line (the candles opposite from the seasonal scented)

2u 4 Home, LLC

Wholesale maker

Sadly, the comments here on the HT are correct. I don’t know what they did to switch it, but the first 20 lbs of fragrance I ordered was a clear color and had a solid throw. But, the last order of 12 lbs was a dark orange color and has a great CT but no HT at all. Client wasn’t happy and neither am I.


Good cold throw.

This fragrance oil has great cold throw and smells fantastic out the bottle, but it has zero hot throw I promise. Im using EcoSoya CB-135 wax with LX-20 wick and 10% fragrance oil. I heat wax until 185 degrees and mix in FO for 2 minutes stirring and then pour at 135 degrees. Nothing.


CT 100% HT nonexistent

What is going on, I'm really disappointed why cant I smell this candle when I light it?


Fantastic in 464!

I was pleasantly surprised at the HT I got from Cashmere Plum in 464 wax with 9% Fragrance load. Beautiful Scent! Highly recommend!


What a beautiful scent


Cashmere Plum

Two things:
1. Cashmere Plum
2. Brown Sugar Fig
Equal parts, thank me later!

But for real, such a wonderful scent and love the combination with brown sugar fig!


New Favorite

I knew as soon as I smelled it OOB that I'd love it. We poured our first batch of beeswax candles and this is my new favorite. Excellent cold and hot throw. It smells like sweet sangria. It would do well as melts too, though I think I'm good with it as just a candle.



It’s good but not my taste personally. I get sick of smelling it quickly unless mixed with something else. My customer reviewed it as “a fancy adult grape jelly” lmao so I think that’s actually a pretty good name for it. It’s quite nice and has a good throw hot and cold. All my customer seemed to find it enjoyable :)

kristy Lee

One of my favorites!

I absolutely love this scent! I had it in my Etsy shop last year, and I knew I had to have it again! This time though, I was prepared, and ordered TWO 16 ounce bottles, because I wanted to have enough to make some for myself as well! The hot throw is amazing, and the fragrance is unlike anything I've ever smelled. In fact, you could re-brand this, and carry it all year. It's a very sophisticated scent...sweet as well, which I love!


I totally get the hype!

Very sophisticated fragrance, great 'fruity' fragrance for a luxury line. Not too sweet or over powering. OOB I was skeptical; but, in VCS wax @ 10% it smelled amazing! I also blended 50/50 with 'Library' and loved the smokiness of library with the sweet plum.



I was really hoping this scent would work out, but it did not. I can barely smell it on my wax melts and I even used 11.5%, my wax can handle up to 15%. It’s cured, but it’s just not happening, disappointed with this one.

Josie Micheli
CandleScience Reply

Hi There! Thank you so much for leaving a product review, although we are so very sorry to hear that you are having issues with your hot throw. A member of our Customer Support Team has reached out via email to provide further assistance.


This fragrance is just beyond. I have tried so many fragrance oils and this is by far my very favorite. The scent is intriguing, elegant, upscale and appeals to everyone!

Mary Tuttle

A must buy!

This is my absolute FAVORITE! For real! It’s so beautiful! Very strong but not overwhelming at all! It’s really a must buy! I know now that this FO will be my number one best seller!

Victoria P.

Best Seller

I absolutely love this scent. Everyone does, it is gone as soon as at hit the shelves. It is a light yet full scent all at the same time.


Wanted to love it

LOVED this scent OOB, but put it in wax and let it cure for 2 weeks and no hot throw. 8% in coco apricot and I couldn't be more disappointed.

CandleScience Reply

Hi There! We're so sorry to hear you've been having some trouble with the hot throw of your finished candles. While we do not carry coconut apricot wax, there are definitely a few different elements that can contribute to scent throw, and typically a few adjustments can really help improve the throw of the finished candle. A member of our Support team will be reaching out to you via email today to see how we can help!


I love this fragrance oil. It’s a very intriguing scent. Great HT and CT.


Cashmere plum

I would best describe cashmere plum as intriguing. It’s a deep fruity perfumey scent, I would best describe this fragrance as what you’d imagine a red sangria to smell like! I initially had a big “question mark” per se about my feelings toward this one, but then again, I keep coming back to smell it because it’s unlike any fragrance I’ve ordered before. I suggest getting a small bottle to test it before you write it off/commit to it, this fragrance is an underdog in my opinion. But I always root for an underdog!


LOVE this scent!!

Bought some soap from Good Karma alpaca ranch in NC with this scent. Started searching for the scent because it smelled wonderful! Was so happy to find it at Candle Science and just bought a big bottle. Can't wait to make some candles from it this weekend!! Love this scent!!



this scent rocks! so pleasant and not to sweet smelling. definitely have to bump up to 8-9% but the throw is outta this world! ordering more as we speak


HT is NOT strong enough

used 8% in IGI 6006 wax, I love the scent very much but HT is almost non existent. Would increase it to 9%. I hope to get a better HT.



Add me to the fan club! This is spectacular and more complex than a regular fruity scent. It's sweet but more like an adult fruity scent. I smell dark berries and something musky. Oh my this is really really incredible and strong. One of the best I have ever smelled out of 300 or so oils from all different companies. This review is OOB only. Haven't tried it out in products yet. So far I am very impressed with the quality and strength of Candle science oils. I will be back!!



My costumers love this fragrance


Country Grove Wax Co

I am really impressed with this scent. It's really well balanced and doesn't smell too fruity or sweet. It's definitely a fragrance oil you need to try.



I didn’t know what to expect with this but the name cashmere plum intrigued me so I bought it. I’m so glad I did because it smells amazing! Used it in wax melts and it has a fantastic throw.

Diane Y

Surprisingly smells great when burning

I have to admit I hated pouring this one in the beginning. It was so strong but it smells so good when it’s burning in a candle and wax melts. Customers love it! Very luxury like.


Smells so good, like a Pier 1 candle I once had.

Im in love with this scent!! a few years back I bought some candles from Pier 1 (Sugar Plum), they are now discontinued. I was dying to find a similar scent. Well, cashmere Plum is the exact same scent!!

Annabelle Cruz

Nice Scent

My first time trying this fragrance and it is very nice. I would purchase again.

Jackie S.

All my customers love this!


Lord Have Mercy

Im thinking of changing my entire company name to "i only sell cashmere plum scented candles"

Sarah Miller

Oh my goodness love

I'm pretty good at picking good scents now. This is going to be a great seller. I personally like it too so I'll be needing myself tarts hahaa


Small Candle Shop Owner

I waited awhile to try this one, as I wasn't sure how it would translate into soy candles, however, I'm so very glad I took a chance on this one. I just ordered this fragrance for a second time! This scent is potent, while remaining soft and lovely. The FO is excellent, and I've received nothing but compliments and rave reviews from my clients!

Amanda M

top 5 Fragrance <3


It smells delicious

Okay so, this FO smells almost exactly like that Britney Spears perfume, you know the one. It came as a delightful reminiscent surprise, I plan to call this candle "#freebritney" after the free Britney movement. Thank you Candle Science!

Brianna Wilson

I have literally bathed in this, I love it so much

This was one of the first oils I ever ordered and it's what got me hooked on making my own candles. It's fruity without being cloying, and has a depth I wasn't expecting when I first sniffed the bottle. I don't know that I smell "plum" but you definitely get a strong, warm stone fruit smell. It reminds of Stretch Island Fruit Leather- very specifically that brand of fruit leather. I've made dozens of candles with it, but also branched out to bath bombs and scrubs and it is amazing. It's one of my go-to scents for gifting or testing new waxes or containers, great CT and HT. It's a really versatile scent, one of my husband's favorites and depending upon how you present it, would work as a holiday OR summer fragrance!

Emily B.A.

Lovely and Luxurious

This smells so yummy, I was pleasantly surprised OOB. I'm excited to try it out mixed with some other scents to see what I can come up with!

Magnolia Grange

I love this

This scent is so good! I wish I would have purchased a bigger bottle, but wanted to see if the other reviews were accurate. Once I’m finished with my 4 oz. I will definitely be ordering a larger bottle!


Candle company owner

This candle is my best seller and It smells absolutely amazing!! Candle Science please keep this around.

Kim N

love it!!

This is one of my favorites! Candlescience has the best oils hands down!!


This scent was the reason I continued my candle making journey!!!!!!!!! Just after two days of curing the HT from this FO was amazing (I used 464)!!!! I have so many friends raving on this smell. This will be forever on my line.




This one smells SO GOOD! It is like a candied plum smell with a hint of floral. I adore it so much and will definitely buy this again.


My favorite

Over the past couple months, I have tested about 25-30 scents from candle science and have yet to be disappointed. But this scent is by far my favorite and will be used in all of my products. I immediately ordered a bigger bottle. Please keep this FO forever. Love love love.


Love it!

Wonderful fragrance oil. Smells so good and the throw is great.



Nice and sweet Fo ....will buy again....nice hot throw ☺️

Alexanndria Green

love it

I love this smell, can't understand why anyone would give it a low rating.


Barely there

When you open the bottle of FO it smells so beautiful! We were so excited to use it for our soy candles. We went ahead and made so many as we thought it was going to be a homerun ... when we did a test burn we found out the HT is barely noticeable until you are right on top of it. Friends have said it would be great for those who do not care for over powering fragrances yet they would not purchase it themselves. I'd imagine this scent would be killer for soaps and lotions. Just didn't seem to work out for us in soy.



I had really high hopes for this scent, it smelt like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. Unfortunately the HT was extremely faint in 464, I’m pretty disappointed


Love this fragrance! Great on it's own or mixed with other scents.

Katy Brown


Amazing OOB, CT & HT! One of my best sellers. Very smooth but not at all subtle.

Mel Bond's Handmade


One of my absolute favorite scents from CS. It had a mouthwatering scent,I cannot stop sniffing it!


Surprisingly sweet

I thought this would be more luxurious and warm smelling, but it is overpoweringly sweet. I don't dislike it, but I will definitely be mixing it with something less sweet to try and get a more neutral smell.


In love

I really love this fragrance and it has been a hit with my testers. I have used this in soaps and bath products and it stays really well.


Soft, Gentle Smell

Smells amazing! It is a soft and gentle fragrance. I personally use 7% FO for this candle as it is light scent. I wanted it to be a little bit stronger scented than when I tested at 6%. With change, I had to go up one size in wick.




Luxury scent

This scent hit all the right notes for me. It is tart cherry and plum intro, followed by a sweet and soft vanilla. I added it to my luxury scent lines. It did have sinking wax surface, but that's because of the parasoy blend wax, anything with paraffin will have some degree of sinking.

Reyes Ubiedo

What a surprise

Love, love, love. Sexy feminine is what comes to mind. I’ll be using it in scrubs, lotions, candles, solid shampoo and conditioner bars as well as hair oil. It’s that good.


Love it!

This scent smells so amazing!


Its a hit!

Smells great!


Everyone LOVES this

A best seller for Christmas, people love this so far. You catch the soft sugary plum smell at first and its followed by a musk smell almost. It smells amazing.


Smells the exact same as Black Cherry Merlot

I was excited to try a new scent, but there was nothing new about this scent at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good scent, but I was disappointed to learn that I’ve already experienced it with the Black Cherry Merlot FO, really no need for two different names for the same scent.



I bought this after reading the rave reviews on the scent of it...and I must agree with them! Out of bottle, it is fruity with a hint of musk. It's like nothing I've smelled before, and I loved it. I saw the soaping results from the CS soap making, and was worried about separating and moderate acceleration. However, I did not encounter either one of them. I make CP goat milk soap, substituting all of the water for goat milk. I keep my temps cool, at about 85-90*F. I had plenty of time to color my batch after separating into two colors, one being white and the other a rich plum color. Did a nice hanger swirl technique and it came out beautiful. I really enjoyed this scent while working with is easy to work with and the smell is so intoxicating!! I used it at 5% PPO....the scent is holding strong, but not overpowering. Can't wait to try this in lotion, too!!! I highly recommend this to everyone!!

Yvonne M.

Love it!!!

This scent is AMAZING!! I seriously cannot stop smelling it.



This is one of my new favorites! Dark, sweet, spicy, warm. I love this fragrance. I use a dark purple and black color scheme with it, and it works great. Completes the project.


It smells SO GOOD. Easily my new favorite.


Obnoxious Smell!

After reading all the reviews, my excited to receive the fragrance was above and beyond. When smelling the scent from the bottom, I was not so sure, but thought by adding the fragrance to the soap would some how soften the smell. about the most obnoxious smell, that had me gagging. Even my husband said, what stinks so bad. Yep, it was the soap. Now I have a soap that I hate to sell or even give it away. I'm now stuck with a 8 oz. bottle of the worst fragrance I ever smelled. I not sure how I can ever use the fragrance, since it is so over powering! NO, I DO NOT LIKE!!!! AWFUL!

Pamala Kennedy-Bjalme

It smells good. Used in blend

I like this fragrance. I detest fake black cherry scent or anything that evokes memories of cough syrup and this does NOT give me any medicinal vibes. I used this in a blend with roasted hazelnut and pear (other companies) and it’s quite stunning. It sells well and was a favorite among friends who sniffed my candle stash. Would buy again.


Gorgeous Scent!

This FO is soft and delicate but has a decent HT in soy wax. The plum scent is more fruity than sweet, and the cashmere adds a bit of an upscale feel. This is definitely a keeper, and I will order it again.

Shaleyah-Milo+Jax Candle Co.

Amazing scent but a bit weak

This scent of this fragrance is one of the best I’ve ever smelled! Unfortunately, it’s a bit weak in 464. I used in a single wick for testing, CD 20 464 with 9%FO. It was too weak. I made a three wick for myself, with a 10% FO load, and it’s still a bit weak. It takes a while of burning to produce scent, and the scent is just a bit weak which I had someone else tell me as well. I love love love this scent though. Maybe if works better in other waxes or mediums.


Smells Perfume-y, not very Holiday.

It's a decent fragrance, however, it reminds me of one of those body spray perfumes that you get in those prepackaged lotion-soap-perfume gift packages they have in Walmart during the holiday season.


This smells good!

However I wouldn’t consider it to be “upscale”??? It smells good don’t get me wrong but after reading the description and reviews to when I actually received the fragrance and smelled it for myself... what it really smells like to me is the purple holiday scent from B&BW. I don’t know if they still carry those but they were reallyyy popular for a few years. You know the (super sweet) blue one, the (vanilla) green one, and the (berry) purple one. There may have been another color or 2? And I can’t remember the names of them but I feel like this cashmere plum fragrance smells very similar to that purple one. Though I’d say this one does smell of higher quality.


I can’t stop smelling OOB

I choose this FO as my free sample and I am soooo happy I did . The smell OOB was captivating I couldn’t stop sniffing it ! The fruity note is fused perfectly with the musky undertones looking forward to burning when it’s cured . Future scent to the candle line ? We shall seeee

SJ Apothecary

Love this scent

This scent has a fragrance that appeals to everyone. It's upscale and year round but I'm also calling it Cozy Holidays because it does have a xmas feel to it. This scent is selling fast.

PYT Candles

Not gonna lie .... it's hittin

This FO works GREAT in 464 wax before the curing process and even better afterwards proving a great CT/HT. Going to experiment with it in my C6 next. Can't wait to launch this one.

Flame & Ash Co.

Phenomenal scent!

I can’t even describe this scent! It’s such a strong, yet definitely NOT too strong, and long lasting smell. Fills up the entire living room, and has been a popular scent with my family, friends, and customers! In fact, my sister (who ONLY likes tropical scented wax melts) ordered the last of my wax melts this past week, because she loved it so much! I had one 2 ounce melt that I had made (I use 16% fragrance in my melts) in the bathroom, and it lasted an entire week! I was blown away! I also appreciate the fact, that this could definitely be added to any Fall line, or a scent to to have all year round!


Not that good tbh

Smells just like prunes to me tbh .... the smell isn’t good at all to me I’m actually very sad but glad I only ordered a 8oz


Smells pretty good!

I wasn't sure if I would like this scent but I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I like it mixed with one of my other scents. I would definitely buy again!

FlowEsScents Candle Company

Cashmere Plum upscale fragrance

I received this fragrance and now it's my favorite and I have over 200 fragrances! This scent I used for soap and candles and ended making myself some. Its has a warm and and upscale scent like walking in the doors of a expensive boutique. Add the warm and upscale to a sweetened sugar smell like a very soft feminine musk. This would make a great perfume as well, I might be making one with this fragrance. It reminds me of the holidays sitting around the Christmas tree with you Cashmere cardigan on sipping a hot toddies and enjoying the warmth of the soft lights from the tree and sugar plum candies. Wow, not enough to say about this fragrance, I could go on!


Good but overhyped...

I don't know if this is because this was so hyped up when it was released but I was expecting it to be better... so I was quite disappointed. It still smells pretty good and I want to incorporate this into a blend but OOTB it's just not my jam. Its very soft but I don't think this is necessarily a "holiday" scent. This being hyped up reminds me of when people were overhyping Frozen. I was so excited to watch it then after watching it, I felt so underwhelmed.


it's ok

I thought i'd be head over heels for this scent but I wasn't a big fan. Still nice, just wasn't fabulous.



Like many, I now see what others are complaining about regarding the new “clean scents” formula. This candle gave me almost no HT in 6006 mixed with 4627. The scent smells great, but unfortunately I will now lose 12 candles that I made with this scent because its too faint. Same issue with Oakmoss and Egyptian Amber. So ill go back to The “FC” for my fragrance oils 😑


Love this fragrance

Cashmere Plum smells so good in my candles. The CT is amazing and the HT is even better. Love, love this fragrance.


Sexy and Dark

The scent is beyond amazing!! I didnt even order a sample first because plum?black cherry? hello?! and it was totally worth it! Called this candle TRIP and its on my site! almost sold out as soon as I launched it!

Kandle Werx

Surprisingly strong scent hot throw after 6 weeks

When I first received this fragrance and mixed it in my 464 soy wax, I expected the hot throw so be light. After 4 weeks of letting it sit, the HT was just not there- so I gave it another 10 days and WOW at the difference! The fragrance filled up my kitchen and dining room area and my guests had nothing but compliments- even the men liked the scent and I sold out at a dinner party! The fragrance oils that I gave up on, I am giving a few more weeks because it seems they all have different setting times or I am mixing it incorrectly.

Prakriti Naturals



Thank you for restocking! This is going to be part of a blend that is straight up magical. Can’t wait! This HT and CT with soy is amazing. Mix at 185 for a few minutes and you’ll be set.


NEED THIS BACK IN STOCK ASAP!! That is how good it is!



If you're looking for a scent that's more sensual and inviting, your search can stop with Cashmere Plum. I used this FO in GB 464, and the CT is perfect, notable without being overpowering. I'll update my review after my test candles cure with how the HT performs.


No wonder it' s out of stock!

I rarely call any fragrance my favorite but this one has a base and carrying note that makes it perfect for the holidays! It's sweet without too much sweetness with a very distinct cashmere aroma.


New Fave

Please restock East coast (or any coast) because this stuff is gooooood. Well done. I want to just pour it on my body. Sorry if I made that weird but like, it is that divine.


Beautiful scent, just no HT

I so badly wanted this scent to work in my coconut wax candles. It is lovely in the bottle, very light, but fresh, clean and crisp. However, I am getting almost 0 hot throw in candles. Maybe it's just the wax I use, but unfortunately, I'll have to move on.


Bring back the stock

I knew this would happen. It sold out so fast! bring it back Candle Science lol



Oh this Cashmere Plum smells wonderful. This will go into all of my products and will be sold on my website. I make whipped body butters, soy candles, and for my cuticle oils. I am super excited !!!


Perfect! Ultimate fave



Subtle but pretty

If you are looking for a scent that is more dark & mysterious, this is it!


Intoxicating ~ subtle but delish!

Cashmere Plum is fantastic, OOB- I can't wait to put this one into wax and a body cream.
This is dark plum, not too sugary sweet and sexy amber kissed with citrus to brighten the scent profile. Love it!!



This scent is incredible! I bought a 16oz jar because the other sizes were sold out. But I am so glad that I did! This scent is sweet and warm and just amazing! A perfect fall scent and even year round. I'm going to make a few products with it including CP soap, the testing notes do not intimidate me! Let's go!



Wow oob smells great oh 1 day in wax I am so excited for curing time to be over.!!!
The sweetness of the plum scent boldly let's you know just how good it is there's a softness to it. But by all means not weak. Will throw great
I use Vybar 260 1 tsp per 16 to 24 ozs of wax
And 1.3 oz per pound fragrance
This is really fantastic but had to buy 3/ 1 oz bottles just get some so getting a pound asap as I can.!!!



Smells amazing, even my son loves it and that's saying something!

Christina H

Love love love this fragrance.


Co-Owner of Linked Keys

I am obsessed with this scent. It’s sweet but not overly so and sophisticated. This smells like something you would buy in Bath and Body Works! It smells divine!



I just received this and wow, the hype is real. It's an amazing scent! I can't wait to add this to my permanent line.


Love It!!

This fragrance so far is a best seller for me. My customers love it and so do I!

Starr Carter


I requested a 1 ounce as a gift with purchase. I received my order and I immediately loved the scent. Cashmere Plum is a soft, appealing smell. I can't wait to include on my website.


Amazing HT and CT! Ordering more now!!


Loss for words--amazing. The perfect year round scent although I will focus more on winter with it.



Cashmere Plum is yummy! At 10% FO and only a two day cure in coco so- it has a fabulous HT!! It is sweet, not syrupy... Almost has an exotic smell, not overtly predictable.


This is by far my favorite scent and I can’t wait to use it in a candle! It smells so feminine, I’m in love!


Love it

It's not overbearing, mild and pleasant. I love it


Not great

I love Cashmere and I thought this was going to have a lot of depth...pretty disappointed.


Very Subtle but enough

I love this scent. I didn't think I would like it I tested it and it's currently burning and it's a sweet plum smell that's not overbearing. Thankfully it doesn't smell like that fake concentrated perfume scent I was expecting it to!


It’s okay

This isn’t a bad fragrance but it’s also not amazing. There’s a nice balanced blend between the cashmere and the plum but I do wish the plum was stronger. I was hoping for a deep, rich, sweet plum fragrance with a nice hint of cashmere but it falls short for me. It’s just okay


Just loved !!!

This is an beautiful mix of cashmere and Plum without the cashmere overpowering the plum . I just love the smell I can tell this is going to be another best seller