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Just like fresh cotton candy from a county fair! The sugary raspberry, strawberry, and sweet vanilla notes throw great in paraffin and soy waxes.

Note Profile:
Top: Raspberry, Strawberry, Citrus
Middle: Sugar
Base: Vanilla

Suggested Colors: Light Pink, Light Blue
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-5%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint > 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.

Pdf sds Ifra certificate image
Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Tan None

Lye Water temperature 96ºF
Oil temperature 112ºF

We did not experience acceleration or separation. The soap batter did turn bright yellow when it reached trace. After 24 hours the soap had a brownish orange shell with tan coloring inside. We did see some signs of gelling but are not sure why there was such a drastic color difference. The scent was mild. After curing, the soap was a uniform tan, and the scent was mild.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 47 reviews)

I only smell grape

This FO smells exactly like grape when I sniffed from the bottle and I could smell a hint of cotton Candy but it isn’t very strong. I have to agree with one other reviewer, it smells exactly like grape medicine. Not a horrible scent but not the scent I expected,

Absolutely delighted!!!

Oh my goodness this scent is divine brings back the days of the circus and fairs. Awesome sent


I make whipped soap with this and people love it!

manager, soap maker

this is the best cotton candy smell ever. our number one seller in soaps, beauty products, and candles. Just the perfect summer scent. sweet and refreshing!


Sadly really not a big fan of this, my favorite scent is cotton candy but it's really hard to get a good one. I guess i'm just extra picky also, but I agree with others saying its like a grape medicine thing, but I also totallyyy get a black licorice note somehow. I don't even really hate it but it's not CC so :(

Grape Medicine

This fragrance smells exactly like kids grape medicine. I'm not a fan but my customers love it.

Surprisingly nice

After reading all the comments I was expecting this to not be very good. I actually really like it. It's the best cotton candy I've found so far. No chemical smell or anything.


I love this cotton candy oil. Its true to its name and smells heavenly, warm and sugary. It blends very well and is equally good on its own.

#1 cotton candy!!!

Love!!!! Someone recommended this scent in a fragrance oil group on FB & I have to agree that this has the best throw & smell out if all the CC scents I've tried, which has been sooo many different ones

THE best and most accurate

I’ve been making candles for years and have tried various cotton candy oils from many suppliers; this is hands down the most accurate. Top-seller in body sprays and candles for me! I honestly have NO idea what the recent bad reviews are about; their noses must have given out because it’s amazing!

Cotton Candy Scent

this scent does not smell like cotton candy, it smells like grape medicine. i asked my family and they all agreed with me.

May not have vanilla in it, however it still discolors.

This Cotton Candy fragrance smells really nice. However, it does discolor CP soap to a yellow color. I'm not sure that using a vanilla stabilizer will help since it's not supposed to have vanilla in it.


Very pleased with both scent throws, definitely buying again!!!!!!

Smelled nothing like Cotton Candy

This did not smell like Cotton Candy at all to me. I used it in bath bombs and even before I added it I thought it smelled funny. Nothing like Cotton Candy at all. I can't even describe the smell....rotten sugar maybe? Kind of a sickly sweet mixed with dirt. The scent didn't change once I added it to my BB mixture and then continued to get worse as they dried. Not sure if the FO has been recently reformulated or I just got a bad batch but confused as to why it had such great reviews.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We are so sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the Cotton Candy fragrance. We have not reformulated that fragrance and if we ever do in the future, you will see a note added to the product page with the date of reformulation so that you never have to guess! Please feel free to reach out to us at if you would like to return your fragrance for a refund. We'd be happy to help!

Sweet Spun Goodness

I have been making candles for going on 15 years and this is by far the very best cotton candy scent we have found! I have tried them from most suppliers but they all came up short or are not as good as Candle Science! If your looking for a true and strong Cotton Candy look no more you have finally located it!!


Love this one! I felt so uplifted smelling this great oil! Good job Candle Science team! Keep up the great production!


It smells like cotton candy 100%. It is wonderful, and I don't want to knock it at all, because CS really did nail this... but it's very overpowering. I am a person who gets headaches and nausea from smells that are too much, and you best believe this had me spinning. It's really not a bad thing, because who wants a weak FO (spoiler alert: no one!)? But it's just something to be aware of if you, your client(s), or your gift recipient(s) are sensitive to smells. Just consider using a little less than your normal FO % and/or have some coffee grounds to cleanse your scent pallet after working with it.

Business Owner

I ordered this fragrance at the request of a customer, Now I can't make it fast enough to keep up with the orders. Now one of my top sellers.

Best cotton candy that I've tried so far

I think I have tried every Cotton Candy from just about every different supplier and this by far is my favorite one! doesn't have a chemical smell like a lot of them do. Super strong, and has that nice sweet smell like one would expect from real cotton candy...Will definitely only be buying it from here from now on. Love it!

little whitehouse candles

wonderful smell... love it. 4 stars only because it could/should be stronger

County Fair!

From the bottle this FO smelled like Grape Koolaid and I was so disappointed BUT after adding to GB 464 to make a batch of tarts, the hot throw was pure Cotton Candy!! Fluffy, sticky, sweet cotton candy. Customer favorite and kid favorite!

One of my favorites.

I have tried cotton candy from different vendors. And I have settle with this one from Candle Science. Is definitively the best, and 6 months later it still strong in my cold process soap. The fact that it has no vanillin is also a plus for me!

Smells great out of the bottle and has decent cold throw, but it doesn't have much of a hot throw at all! Burned in our house all day and could only smell it within maybe a 5 foot radius of the coffee table. Very dissapointed because we use a 1.5/1lb ratio in all of our candles.

Amazing Fragrance and Great Scent Throw!

I absolutely loved this fragrance. I ordered around 50 or 60 sample bottles during the last .99 sell. I am just now getting around to trying this oil. I loved the smell from the bottle, but after making it into a candle it's even better than before! It has an excellent cold and hot throw. I paired it with GW 464 Soy Wax and Eco 12 wicks in my 8 ounce mason jars. I plan on ordering a larger bottle of this. I think this could be a great seller!

Love! Love! Love!

I made candles with this fragrance using GW464. LOVE THE SCENT! Smells just like cotton candy! Candlescience knows what they are doing making scents! Y'all rock!!

I love this scent and so does everyone I gave it to. I order 2 bottles by mistake but glad I did. Making candles now..... work great with 464 wax!

Love it!

I LOVE all things cotton candy scented and this one did not disappoint. Absolutely wonderful! I made some wax melts with it and everyone raves about how fantastic they smell!

Nothing Like Cotton Candy, Ruins M&P

I'm really shocked to see these positive reviews. This is the least-authentic FO I've ever used. I used it in M&P soap- two different bases, in two different concentrations, just to be sure-and it was awful. First of all, the scent is fake and plastic-y. Secondly, it made the soap bases rubbery. I have never had that happen before with any FO. I don't know how this would behave in other products, but what does it matter if it's not remotely like cotton candy? I would not recommend this, and I'm genuinely wondering about these reviews.

Soft and Sweet

Love this scent. It truly smells just like being at the country fair. This is a big seller with my customers!

Smells perfect!

At first I could not smell Cotton Candy,as soon I put this in my warmer wow did I sell this quick! Not only that I have back orders for this scent! Love it!!

I really enjoy this one, and it's fun, but it doesn't sell a ton.

Identical to Body Fantasies 'Cotton Candy'

I have to agree with some of the other reviews saying that this has a very chemically smell to it, it really does smell like cherry cough syrup. But upon further smelling of it, I realized that its a dead on dupe for Body Fantasies 'Cotton Candy' body spray. It's literally identical. While I love sweet scents, I've never cared for that body spray because of how cloying and unnatural it smells, and that's my exact feelings on this fragrance. As far as the throw goes, I can't really give an accurate review on that because I am new to candle making and I had actually put this fragrance in a 8 oz jar soy candle and due to bad wicks and possibly bad wax it didn't throw whatsoever. But the same went for all of my other attempts with other fragrances as well. (so I'm definitely switching to a different wax and different wicks).


I had a lot of different soy candles for sale and everyone said that this scent was their favorite. All ages loved this scent the best. It really smells like cotton candy!! I used it with light pink and light blue dye.

The best

Perfect for body products. LOVE IT.

not a happy customer

I tried using the cotton candy fragrance oil to make a soy candle and it did not turn out very well at all. I ended up using the whole bottle and still the scent is very faint. I even let it set seeled in the jar for three day and went back and the scent was still very faint.


To me it smells like cotton candy, but to my co workers, it smelled like cherry cough syrup. Very difficult scent to work with. Best not mixed with any other scents, especially very vanilla, no matter how tempting it may seem. Not a bad scent just not great

Best Around!

This is my favorite cotton candy. I have tried several and most seem to have a weird undertone, but not this one its true to life cotton candy!

Second purchase!

We went right through our first bottle and had to order a larger bottle this time. Our customers are loving this scent. Made some in votives and one customer stated she had the votives in a room downstairs as she walked downstairs she could smell nothing but the cotton candy votives. to top it off, they had NOT been burnt yet! That was only the cold scent throw she was getting. Customers are raving about our melts, saying the scent throw is delectable and devine, has them craving for the cotton candy from the fair!


I can't believe this only has a two leaf rating because it throws very well in my GB 464 8 ounce mason jar candle. This is an accurate cotton candy for sure and I absolutely love this scent! I purchased a 1 ounce sample in the 1 ounce bottle sale a while back and I am very pleased with this FO! Everyone that smelled it, either burning or not, really loved it as well! This is a crowd favorite and I will be purchasing a larger bottle very soon!

True to life smell

When we first added this fragrance to the melted wax I did not notice it much. My husband however said he could really smell it. Then as we started to pour our votives and scent bars I could really smell it. As the wax cooled we continued to smell the yummy scent and when we got up this morning our home smelled like cotton candy. Truly does smell like the description given for this scent. Can't wait to order a larger bottle next time!

My girls ♥ it

Smells so good & sweet. I love it.

smells like pink cotton candy

used in body products and room sprays and soy candles. EVERYONE loves it. Adults and kids. Smells like pink cotton candy--very authentic.

LOVE it!

Awesome scent throw! Will definitely be buying a larger bottle next time!


Smells like sweet sticky cotton candy. Yum!


Very sweet sent (of course dah!), just like opening a back of cotton candy.


I really like this fo-it makes my mouth water everytime I smell it, it also has a great reminder that our love for cotton candy will never change! My kids love when I make this!Everyone loves it!


I wasn't to sure about this one when I ordered it, but I love it. For some reason it just makes me feel like a kid again. I love the sweet sugary smell of it!