Nag Champa (Discontinued)
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As of 05/05/2020:

This version of Nag Champa (Discontinued Version) has been discontinued and replaced with the new Nag Champa. Click here to check it out!


REVISION NOTICE: It is CandleScience policy to notify customers if any part of a fragrance was changed for any reason.

As of April 21, 2020 our Nag Champa was revised to meet our stringent safety standards to remove ingredients on the Prop 65 list. See new version.

Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance popular in incense (for those of you who didn't come of age in the 60s and 70s). It has woody notes similar to patchouli, with touches of musk, amber, and vanilla. If you haven't smelled it before, you have to try it. If you know it, we think you'll love this rendition. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and gurjun balsam. Note Profile:
Top: Orange Blossom, Geranium, Spice
Middle: Incense, Amber
Base: Patchouli, Dark Musk, Vanilla

Suggested Colors: Orange, Yellow, Brown
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe No
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 157 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 15%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.

**Warning: This product can expose you to benzophenone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to



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Not Good

I read in the reviews "To me, it smells like nag with a couple drops of dove soap." and I couldn't agree more. And I'm okay with that, however, when I burn it (Soy Candle) it give a really weird aroma. There's actually hints of vomit. It's weird. I'm doing about 9% in my formula, so that's in the sweet spot. I ordered a different Nag Champa oil from a different company. I can't sell this one.

Michael Louis


Five stars

Dancing Orchid Soapworks


Smells just like the incense. Strong and powerful scent -- great throw in GB464.


One of my faves!

i am a beginner at making candles and I have tested this sent with different wicks and different jars. I have found that you can burn it 2 days after it has been made and it has a strong scent. Usually you have to wait a week but not with this fragrance. I don’t use dyes because it changes how everyone of my candles burn. For example this particular fragrance burns great and even with a cd8 in a 4 oz jelly jar with no dye. But when I introduce dye the candle will still burn great and smell great but when it cools it looks as if the top layer is caving in different spots. I’m still unsure how to fix this but I would love to eventually add dyes to my candles!


I'm so sorry I bought this in a sample size because this scent is amazing! It smells exactly like the incense! It is a light scent as other reviews mentioned but it's just right. Nag Champa can be a strong overpowering scent for some. This is the perfect happy medium! I will be ordering a much larger size very very soon. Also, shipping was incredibly fast!


Great stuff!

This is for those that love incense but hate that harshness that incense sticks sometimes give. This is a great scent that incense lovers will truly enjoy.
Strong throw in soy!


Nag Champa

Smells very good out if the bottle, just like the incense. However, the throw is very mild. Still a nice mellow scent.



I blend this fragrance with another fragrance (that's top secret!)...and it is my best seller!! I love that the wax pool changes color to blue - I call my candle moonlight's magic (and it truly is magical!).
If your wax pool is green, it's likely you are using too big of a wick. This fragrance takes a little longer to melt evenly, but it does catch up...just gotta keep those wicks trimmed!!



a very true, authentic nag champa. If you like the popular nag champa incense (satya sai baba type) then give this a try, super strong in parasoy.


True to the name of the FO

Hi. This FO is true to its name. I noticed that some people are having a coloration issue after burning. One suggestion: I always test my finished fragrance in wax with NO dye and see how the FO will naturally discolor, most FO turn yellow or green. Once I determine the color of the wax post burn cycle, I craft my candles based on the natural discoloration. For example, I use 7 drops hunter green and 7 drops of black. This creates an earthy dark green color. I also wick up several sizes to accommodate the higher dye load. In my 3-wick tumblers, I wick up to a CD10 and I am good to go! I am using IGI 6006 wax at 9.3% fragrance load. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Rick M.

Nag Champa-Color Change

This is one of my best sellers! I recycle jars from my customers and have noticed when they bring the jar back the wax at the bottom has now turned blue/green. Today, one customer brought back her jar after the first burn and the whole melted part is the same blue/green to show me. I use GW464 when making the candles. Has this happened to anyone else?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! What you are seeing is completely normal with this particular fragrance. There is a reaction between the fragrance and the wax as the candle burns that causes it to change color to a blue/green. It does not affect the burn or smell of the fragrance but it will visually look differently.


Gave me a headache. Something just doesn't smell right. It could be the cancer-causing ingredients in this product. Read EVERYTHING if you buy this Nag Champa. Buyer beware. Not recommended!

Steven Peters

So amazing

I burn nag champa all the time in incense.. This smells amazing.. Ordering bigger bottle next day ✌


Normally I LOVE the smell...but this one..

Normally I LOVE the smell of nag champa...but this one not only had zero HT (I use 12% FO load in 464) but it turned my entire melt pool a dark slushy green (I have pics, you can't make this stuff up lol)..and I don't use dyes in my clue what happened but I won't be buying this particular scent again.



It smells exactly like nag champa, but I was doing two test burns with an 8 oz jars. I used cd14 and eco 12.. when I tested them the jar with the eco 12 wick & the melted soy (gb464) turned a weird blue .. now when it solidfied I have an oddly half blue half cream candle, has this happened to anyone else with this fragrance? I wouldnt want to sell this if it turns an ugly color!


Yummy but prop 65

This fragrance is on point. But I am in California and I don't like to use products that need the Prop 65 warning.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback! We are actively working to revise any of our fragrances that have a Prop 65 warning. Keep an eye out for new revisions later this year!


Love this scent in a candle. I mix this with Frankincense & Myrrh.

Modern Magix

Just misses

Nag is my favorite scent. I add nag essential oils to laundry detergant, liquid soaps, and just about anything one could. I have plenty of experience with various nags. This nag from CS falls short of hitting the mark. To me, it smells like nag with a couple drops of dove soap. With that being said, it's still my main FO for my personal candles which I burn daily. I can't even smell it anymore unless I sniff from the bottle.


Good scent

This FO smells just like Nag Champa incense! I made wax melts with it using my own blend of beeswax and soy wax. I did however use the max FO usage recommended for my wax and it gave a medium fragrance throw.



This fragrance oil is simply wonderful. It smells like hippie homes, natural food stores, music festivals. I just make candles for myself but a friend came over and asked me what I was burning. I gave him one of my nag champa candles. He loves it and says it smells like every record store he's ever been in. The fragrance oil does turn the wax grey (Golden 464), but I don't mind as I am just making them for myself. The discoloration might be averted if you use color chips.



Always takes me back to my childhood. My mother and her sisters- record player jammin and the Nag Champa burning.....Timeless. Hot throw amazing. Cold throw just as good. Unlit candles will still emit this fabulous scent throughout the room.

Sassy NYC

Family favorite

This has been my favorite fragrance for over 40 years. I was around in the 60's when you'd walk into a shop and the smell of Nag welcomed you. I don't sell candles, just make them for myself and my family. I get requests from family members to have Santa give them Nag candles every year :) As another reviewer said, go down a wick size or two with this FO. It burns fast and hot and if you use your usual wick, you're going to get some smoking and soot. The discoloration doesn't bother me, it's just part of burning a Nag candle. I use it with 464 and get excellent hot and cold throw.



This is just a perfectly outstanding fragrance! This is one of those FO's that makes you say "How do they do it?" I don't know how they got it so right, but burning this oil in wax melts is my new replacement for burning actual incense. If you love nag champa, this is the FO for you. It's stunning! I wish I could give it ten stars!



This one really surprised me! I wanted a nice musky, spicy note to add to a FO blend (I used it blended with Egyptian Amber, Leather and tiny bit of vanilla). I was a little concerned when I smelled it straight out of the bottle. I thought it might get lost, but GEESH was I wrong! Nag Champa holds its own. It is not overwhelming, but when I enter the room after having this lit for a little while, I most definitely smell this note even though it is blended with others.


I love it

I think the people who don’t like it don’t really burn incense in the first place.. it smells great and everyone loves it!


Head shop

Imagine it's 1984 walking into a record store posters on the wall, incense burning, I'm a cashier wearing patchouli. This is that moment in a bottle. It's a beautiful fragrance that isn't for everyone. I love it but I do get tired of it. I will update my review after I see how well it sells.

Candle artist

Nag Champa fragrance oil

I do love it. I grew up going to the yoga center and this is exactly what it smelled like. I am using this fragrance for candles that will be for sale and I am keeping one for myself.

JG Gomez

I made wax melts with Nag Champa fragrance oil, and I
couldn't stand the smell. I had to give away all the melts the
next day, because it was too overpowering for my taste.



I was looking for a new scent to try, read these reviews and bought it. My daughter and niece smelled it first and said how horrible it smelled. Since we all have a difference in what we like, I then smelled it. If you want something that smells like old grandma soaps, this would be the one. I was going to immediately toss but another niece took the bottle for a friend who likes this scent. Truly not sure how anyone could like this one.


Love it

I think it smells like the incense. Great hot throw. I use vybar 260 in all my candles and it intensifies the smell.



My husband’s favorite scent is Nag Champa, so I made him a candle after getting it as a sample. It smells amazing!! But it burns very fast and turns a blueish/green color. That should be mentioned in the description. I won’t buy this to sell...just get a sample for the husband.


I am so disappointed. I just received this FO. Opened the box, smelled all my samples, then saw that this is for candle usage only. Ugh. I almost cried because it smells awesome. I REALLY wish that information would have been included in the write up. Yes, yes, I know its in the little chart below but I read all the reviews, including people using this in soap and other non candle things and I just assumed. Candle science, every single FO I ordered smells AMAZING! I just wish for ones like this you would make it VERY clear in the write up that this one is NOT like the others and only has one use (regardless of what any reviews say). I would hope you are reading reviews and adjusting the write up accordingly. I will save it for a candle session down the road but I was really hoping to use it in my body scrubs for a quickly approaching craft fair. I will try to update my review upon actually using it in candles.


This is a best-selling fragrance for us. At first, I made an assumption that only women over 55 would buy it -- and they did. Taught me about making assumptions about my customers. I sell more of these to young women, why you ask? Yoga. If they are doing yoga, they want this candle.


Awesome scent!

Definitely has that clean incense smell, not to strong or overwhelming, nice clean scent. I would order again and recommend to those who really enjoy the smell of burning incense. I used this fragrance with candle soy wax. Great outcome!


Magical Fragrance

This is a good fragrance, especially if you have customers that are Nag Champa lovers. Just as others have reported, this did turn the the top 1/4" layer of the 464 a light blue color. I was a little concerned at first, I like for my candles to be consistent in color, but what a fun marketing opportunity this presents. A mystical magical color changing nag champa candle. I would recommend this fragrance and the only reason I gave it four stars is because of the discoloration, but as I stated you can turn this into a fun marketing opportunity.


This fragrance is my number one seller among my older customers (over 50 age group) not so much with the younger. Strong hot throw! Word of advice, be sure to test your wicks on this one. I use 7% in GB464 and had to go down 2 wick sizes because this FO burns very fast!

Liz Cleary

Just like the incense..

Used this in 464 @ 10% and it smelled wonderful, just like the incense. I will say that like others, my wax turned blue! It was just the top layer, but yes, my non-tinted wax turned a teal-ish blue color on top! Have no idea why, but it struck me that you could sell this as like a "transformation" spiritual kind of candle if you want to make that seem like it was intentional, hahaha!


I ordered this a while back and had been meaning to come and read reviews! Because my soy wax turned a blueish color too after burning. I gave one to a friend and she didn't even notice that........this is a nice strong throw, but wish I had known before hand that is would reach to the soy. (maybe add that to the description for this item??) That is why I gave it only 4 stars. I think I will order more because the scent is so nice. But will be sure to tell customers that it will turn the wax blueish in color. Will probably just fill in amber or other colored jar.


Wow !!

Amazing scent new fave !!!! Nag Champa has always been my favorite incense, now this is my favorite fragrance oil. Smells exactly like Nag Champa !!

Robin M

This is a true replica of the blue boxed Nag Champa incense scent! I absolutely love this one!



This is a popular scent in our store. It sells out in soap and massage candles.

The Pondering Dragon

A definite throw back to the 70's if you like that sort of smell.



This is my all time favorite scent. It is by far one of my best sellers!

FYI to all you organic guys... Nag Champa will react naturally with soy. Don't be surprised if your melt pool dries a blueish gray color.

Halcyon Torches

Can't be beat

This is my all-time favorite Candle Science fragrance oil. The scent throw is wonderful both hot and cold. (I use it a 9% in EcoSoya 135, no color added.) And yes, as other reviewers have mentioned, upon burning the candle, the wax will change color and become blue-ish. Even so, this fragrance oil can't be beat; the scent is spot-on for the incense in the blue-and-white boxes.


Very manly & woodsy

I absolutely love this scent!! It filled the house up with an all day smell. I did push it a little more with 6 drops of Egyptian Musk which took the goodness of it even higher. Thanks for a great scent.


It's perfect!

I love Nag Champa. But not all Nag Champa's are created equal. This smells just like the incense in the blue and white box! I added almost double the FO because I like mine strong and it turned out pretty good considering I have pets and a smoker in the house. I sent one to my mother in law who only opened the jar without lighting it (cold throw) and she said it made the whole room smell great (she doesn't smoke but has a dog). I give this scent 2 thumbs up. Order this. You wont be disappointed!!!

Christina K

This is a true Nag Champa fragrance, I love the scent and it has a high cold and hot scent throw. However the melted wax turned blue? I don't use any color in my candles and have NEVER had this happen before. Has anybody else ever had this happen?


great scent

Using this as another Halloween Fragrance with a dark purple wax. Just poured it and it smells great. Whole work area smells good. Can see using this in soap too.


Seems different

I ordered a 1 oz of the Nag Champa and was really in love. I ordered the 8 oz and it seems as if it isn't as strong. Kind of totally disappointed. I can't get a cold hot throw at all and did the exact same as when I used the 1 oz. Out of the bottle it smells amazing, but it loses all the fragrance when made into a candle. using soy 464. Bummed out!

Lisa Cadwallader

Strong and smells wonderful

Very strong throw, hot and cold but especially hot. I had one person tell me it smells like old ladies, but she didn't exactly grow up in a time when incense was cool. Definitely a keeper.


Wonderful Scent/Candles

I ordered 1oz to try and wow was I in LOVE. I've come back and ordered the 8oz! I am currently making candles and have been for almost a year...and this will be my Signature Scent, I am in LOVE! I suggest you give it a try! It smells wonderful & gives a nice scent when burning.


great smell but didn't expect THIS...

first off, I LOVE this one. I'm a big nag champa fan beyond candlemaking, I'm always stocked with the little red & blue incense boxes to keep my home smelling like nag champa.

however, be warned... if, like me, you choose not to add a million additives and what not to your soy wax, this fragrance AND THIS ONE ALONE will color change once you burn the candle.

a light lavender/blue color to be exact. caught me off guard the first time and yes, i could put additives and whatever to fix the problem but i like my candles to be as simple as possible without anything extra put in that might upset the breathing of the men in my house.

the smell, of course, is AMAZING.


Lost all scent in CP Soap

A very true Nag Champa scent however NO scent remains in my CP Soap. Only scent is a slight scent from the base oils. Only gave it 3 stars because of its great scent before using (it may be able to be used in candles, etc. just not CP soap) otherwise it would've received 1 star.



Excellent! Very strong and spot on.


Awesome scent

I didnt know what to expect when i got this scent as a sample. Immediately after i made it, i ordered a pound of it. My new fovorite scent, just brings a smile to my face whenever i smell it. Not sure how its going to sell, but i love the scent of it for myself.


you convinced me

I was doubtful if they could capture the scent in a liquid... I burn Nag Champa all the time, so I know..... and it is a perfect match... I will use this in a deep red color candle...


you convinced me

I was doubtful if they could capture the scent in a liquid... I burn Nag Champra all the time, so I know..... and it is a perfect match... I will use this in a deep red color candle...


Perfect match

Smells just like the incense without the smoke! Yum!


Marvelous, simply marvelous

I was going to write something wonderful here but find myself in the midst of a flashback.

70/30 mix of IGI 4794/White Beeswax