Peach Nectar Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Product Notice, August 2, 2021: The soap safe usage rate for this fragrance oil has been impacted by recent regulatory changes. While this fragrance has not been changed in any way, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) amended use standards that impact this fragrance.

The information displayed in the Properties section on this page is accurate; however, you may receive a bottle with the soap safe usage rates allowed before the IFRA change. These bottles were printed prior to the regulatory change and are being phased out. You have until May 10, 2022, to use the product at the prior usage rate for any existing products while you reformulate. 

Learn more about IFRA 49: What Candle and Soap Makers Need to Know and IFRA 49: Soap Usage Recommendation Changes.

The aroma of fresh peach blends perfectly with a hint of the tropics to create this rich, sweet, sultry scent. This fragrance oil is a great choice for candles, wax melts, and tarts.

Blends well with: Red Ginger Saffron, Pink Sugar Crystals

Alteernative branding ideas: Just Peachy, Pretty as a Peach

Note Profile:
Top: Mandarin, Raspberry, Coconut
Middle: Peach, Plum, Violet
Base: Vanilla, Sugar

Suggested Colors: Orange, Peach, Pink
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe No
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 107 reviews)

Do yourself a favor

My number 1 seller !

Scented Secrets llc

weird after scent

this one is not bad it does have a little bit of a weird after scent so definitely mix it with something else, I wouldn't use it alone.


GA Peach

My daughter and I fell in love with FO at first sniff. Just wish it could be used in body care products.



Plllleeeeaasssseeee don't ever let this go!!! Absolutely LOVE this scent!!!!!

C Bogans

Too sweet

really sweet, artificial scent


Need it diffuser compatible

We have the Peach Nectar lit in the living room during a party and we count the number of “squirrel!” type reactions when this scent finally gets to them. I must say, ALL our friends trained their conversation toward the “wonderful scent of peach”.
Please please make this diffuser compatible!


5 Star Peach!

Wasn't crazy about this scent out of bottle but gave it a chance in paraffin wax. Wow the hot throw is delicious my house smelled like peaches. It doesn't smell cheap at all. I'm not usually a peach person but this one is great. My husband isn't usually too interested in my candles but said we definitely need more of this one.


I love this scent!

Peach nectar is one of my favorites! But I remember it being no longer safe for soap. Is it safe for soap again?

CandleScience Reply

Hi Hannah! We're so glad to hear that you're loving this scent. At this time, however, Peach Nectar is not one of our soap fragrances. For easy reference, you can always find this information on each of our fragrances' product pages under "Properties."

My #1 Seller

It smells so good!!


Peach Schnapps

I wish I would’ve read the reviews before re-ordering this. This peach scent had been a favorite. But, I made a batch of wax melts today with a bottle of this I got yesterday for my grandmother for Mother’s Day. Very disappointed that it smells like Peach Schnapps. Not sure what happened to this scent but it now makes me gag. Very disappointed.


Use to be a hit..

What happened, the old scent was great!! This new version smells completely different. Something is over powering it. Please bring back the old version this new version is not it...

Common Scents

When Did They Change It?

When was the scent revised?? Because it smells totally different then my last bottle. I am very disappointed, I thought they was suppose to let you know when they change it. I loved the original it was my favorite peach scent!

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! I can confirm that this fragrance has not received any revisions recently, though we're sorry to hear your recent bottle did not arrive as expected. A member of our support team has reached out to see how we can assist further!

So Disappointed

So disappointed in the recent changes. Not only is this unsafe for soap now, but the scent itself has changed. I noticed the difference as soon as I opened it. I compared it to a batch I bought in January & the scent is so different. I didn’t notice the change in it not longer being safe for soap and made a batch of 20/4 oz Soaps that I’m now unable to use. I loved the old recipe and am beyond disappointed in the changes.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback about Peach Nectar. A member of our team will be reaching out to help via email!




Schnapps and then some...

I don't hate it, necessarily, but woof! It is strong and sweet and smells exactly like peach schnapps. It's INTENSE. I mixed .25oz with 1oz of Chardonnay, hoping for a Peach Bellini sort of thing, but I have yet to burn them... though they smell good so far. I would not use this fragrance by itself as it smells like strong trash booze to me.


Loved the older one of the Peach Nectar because you could use it in soap as well as in my candles. My peach scent is by far my biggest seller in candles, wax melts and soaps . Was very disappointed to see since it was updated that its no longer safe to put in soap.


What happened??

First, I love this smell and so does everyone who gets a wift of my peach candles. I have ordered this before in the 4 oz and OMG. OB, awesome, CT/HT amazing in my first batch. Because it's was a quick seller I order again when it was available in 16 oz. Once I received it, the smell was different it wasn't that OMG smell. So I made a few batches of candles with 8% (igi6006) like before.(before the smell was great even while pouring) Anyway, the smell just wasn't there. It has cured over a few days a still not like the last batch with the 4oz bottle I ordered. As one of my buyers fav, I put a couple out and the customers noticed a difference and asked me What Happened. So What Happened to the wonderful smell of peaches? My 4 stars is because of that reason. Because maybe a bad batch or something!


True Peach Scent!

I LOVE the smells of peach and this fragrance is perfect! After ordering and smelling it I think it would be perfect in a blend with very vanilla for a peaches and cream scent!


Love it!!

Love this fragrance! It reminds me of summer. I got this not knowing what it would smell like and I’m really pleased! Also there was a problem with my original order, I emailed/called and this company fixed it immediately and I was very satisfied!

Rachel Childs

peach nectar

Ok I am in LOVE!!! This FO is absolutely amazing!! If you like peach then this is a must have! It has a sweet peachy smell and my customers love it! I can't express enough how much i love this FO ! Candle science knocked it outta the park with this one



I love this scent so much! It’s so amazing and smells delicious! I will definitely continue buying!


Love This Smell

This is one of my favorite scents. I like strong scents and this smells sooo good. Love It!!



Customers love it! I blend with another scent that is horrid by itself, and the peach takes over making it a must have for my collections

The Tipsy Candle

Juucy Peach

I love it , smells like a ripe Juicy Peach, my #1 in my candle line, favorite of my customers

Vikki Bradford

Smells Just Like A Fresh Peach

Juicy, succulent, and tart. The cold and hot throw are amazing in coconut wax!


Pretty Good.

I've tried a million "Peach" scents from numerous companies over the years. This one is good, strong, yet it has an slight "off" note at the end. Somewhat like overripe maybe rotten peaches? I'm going to mix it with a lighter peach scent to balance it out. Wish me luck!


Smells amazing

Awesome cold throw and hot throw! Will be buying more!




Best Seller

Please make sure you keep this one around it is a fan favorite with me and my customers.



This is such a great smelling scent. I feel like I can use a bit less of this in my CP soap and candles. It has a strong scent after curing for 5 weeks. I never have any problems with separation or ricing. It is one of my favorite scents to use and works great for swirls.

Alex L.

I love this scent!

This scent smells just like a ripe peach! I love it!



Smells amazing and has a great hot and cold throw. This one is definitely a keeper in my candle line.




Strong Scent

I used Peach Nectar in 464 wax with about 10% fragrance load. The fragrance has a strong cold and hot throw. It smells like peach rings. The smell is not my cup of tea as it is so potent that it made my stomach hurt but see how this can be a really good seller for others.


Best Seller

This fragrance is AMAZING. It's been my best seller this summer by far! Smells like juicy peaches, makes me thirsty and I want to drink it lol!



I LOVE Summer and this Peach Nectar is out of this world I've added it to my shampoos, lotions you name it, unfortunately I wish it was an edible syrup for my ice cream.



I loved the fragrance out of the bottle and decided to make a cp soap with it for Summer markets. It behaved well, no ricing, acceleration or separation. However, it got super hot very fast. I threw it in the frig and today when I cut it, it had partially gelled making and ugly orange ring. Not only that, the soap now smells burnt. I soaped at around 90 degrees. I'm going to purchase more and try again at room temperature. I had really high hopes for this one. Truly disappointed.


Amazing Peach Scent!

This is probably the best fragrance oil of all time that I've ever sniffed! These candles are a hit with customers and it's always tempting for me to stash away some peach candles for myself.


Very strong but ok overall

I agree with other reviewers, it smells exactly like peach ring candies. It is on the stronger side, so if one has fragrance sensitivities, this may not be a good option. I will not order again, however it did well in 464 soy.




This smells EXACTLY like the peach ring candies. My customers LOVE it, I can barely keep it in stock! And I love it myself, my personal favorite.

This is my first review because this scent is so amazing!


Peachy Goodness!!!!!

This peach FO is one of my top sellers all year around....I love it!!!!!!

Edgy Aroma

Peach rings!

Love this scent! It reminds me of the peach ring candy! My grandpa used to buy me them all the time and it brings back great memories of him. Such a fun summer scent

Brandy’s Wax and Wicks


This is hands-down the best peach scent I've smelled! It is so sweet and makes me smile every time I burn this one! It's a light scent, so I use a little bit more oil than the typical ratio. If you love peaches, you'll LOVE this scent!

Rebecca K.


Five star

Dancing Orchid Soapworks

Just love it!

Tried it in my 464 candle at 6.5% and it smells so light and fruity a smelled it coming up the stairs to my apartment! Not overbearing at all!


Great smell out of bottle/ wax melts

Smells great out of the bottle. Stronger fragrance compared to my other scents, so I was excited to use in my soy way melts. Tried a 9-10% fragrance load to a small batch of 6oz wax. Following all steps to keep within requirements. I feel the cold throw is rather soft. Will update once I try the hot throw but am concerned will be the same. I give 4 for quality of smell.


Top CP Seller This Holiday Season!

While Frosted Juniper was our top selling whipped product, Peach Nectar was our top selling CP soap oddly enough. We put it out thinking it would get some attention but it flew off of the shelves even though it’s not your typical holiday scent at all! Will definitely be purchasing a bigger bottle to make more!

Bruja Botanicals Co


I love the smell of peach, and this definitely was peach... a bit more of the overly sweetened artificial smelling scent rather than a lighter and brighter fresh peach scent.



I absolutely love this smell... It reminds me of gummy peach rings!!!

Zhakia T

Very nice!

When I first smelled this from the bottle I did not like it. It reminded me of Peach alcohol. I finally decided to make cold process soap with and now I love the way it smells. It smells Like a very ripe fresh picked peach. It behaved perfectly and the scent is very strong after cure.

Natasha gillis


My customers asked me to keep this year round.
Enough said!


OMG! This fragrance is pretty amazing. It smells exactly like peach rings - which is just delectable. I was really nervous to try it in cold process soap because of the testing notes. But I gave it a try and had no problems at all. I had no acceleration or separation. My soap hasn't cured yet so I can't speak on discoloration (besides, I colored it). I soaped at room temperature, my recipe includes goat's milk, and I hand-stirred the fragrance in. I highly recommend for CP and other applications (cream, whipped body butter, body scrub, body wash - I've used it for all).


Amazing! This is the only peach I'll ever use!

I have never been able to find a good peach. Last time I ordered, I got a sample of Peach Nectar. I knew this was The One. I was only disappointed that I hadn't ordered a large size instead of a sample. Now I have the large size. This smells genuine and intoxicating. I'm done searching for the perfect peach. (And of course CandleScience's service was once again superior. Shipped the same day. Wish everyone else could even come close to that.


OUR #1 Seller in our Summer Line!

Each time we make this for our Shop we cant keep it on the shelves. This Scent has been our #1 Seller in our Summer Line. Our customers love this one. I can never make enough. We will be keeping this in our line all year! Great job CS. Please dont get rid of this fragrance. You guys did an amazing job on this one.

Cozy Cove Candles - Owner Jeanne

Just like peach rings!

I LOVE how this fragrance smells. 100% reminds me of my favorite candy, peach rings! My only complaint here is that I wish it had an IFRA usage rate closer to 4-5% for category 2. If that was the case, I would be buying A LOT more of this one!


Business owner

Amazing cold and hot throw in parasoy. Filled my living room easily and was so strong my daughter thought I was hiding candy from her lol it smells just like those peach gummy rings, makes my mouth water just thinking about it.


Griffin, Ga

This Fragrance smells great But it has no scent throw at all. This is the 1st fragrance I had tried from candlescience that has not worked. Every fragrance I have purchased from CS has been great!! I will not purchase this again. Im using 464 in a 16 oz Mason Jar single cd12 wick. I have tried this fragrance also with vybar 260 same effect no scent throw. I know it has a 212 flashpoint. Great melt pool! . It is just 1 of those fragrances that is weak. Honeydue Melon is the same way. Not all fragrances are created equal .


Love this scent

So fresh and juicy, just like a peach!


Best Peach Ever!!!

It's been a long time coming.....but I finally found a DELICIOUS peach fragrance oil! I wish I had purchased a large bottle. BEST PEACH EVER. And incidentally, I ordered some other fragrance oils from CandleScience on Friday, and I received them in MN today (Monday)!!! WOW!



My whole family loved this scent! I made tarts and each one of them commented on how great the house smelled as they came in the door at various times. True to scent. Great peach fragrance oil!


This is the juiciest, peachiest fo! I love it. I have used it in the parasoy and does not disappoint. I absolutely love this fo.


Fresh peaches

I didn't expect this to smell like a real ripened peach. I love this scent so much I ordered 1oz the first time (mixing this and very vanilla smells like peaches and cream and I love that to) its great in soaps and candles nice cold throw and hot throw I used golden brands 646


Love it

This scent is one of my favorites!! I make this one for my own home! Lol



One of my favorites

Scents by Tee

Very Strong Scent

I really like this fresh peach scent! It has both cold and hot throw, I use for my candle melts. Will continue to buy


Juicy Peach

This smells just like peach tea to me. I love it. My customers love it. the cold/hot throw are very good in my coconut soy wax blend!!!!
very happy with this!!!

Estelle Creates

Handsdown the most realistic, freshest smelling peach fragragrance I've ever smelled - and I've smelled hundreds - even thousands of FO's. You WON'T be disappointed.


Peachy goodness

I love this scent!!!! It's my favorite


Fresh Peaches!

The day I poured this fragrance, my husband was disappointed when he walked in the door after work. He thought I was making peach cobbler or canning peaches. I used at 10% in GB 464 and the candles have great hot and cold throw. It's a new favorite and I love that it makes the house smell like you're canning peaches without all the work!


Another great smell

I am pleased with all the scents i have bought.


Smells like a bushel of fresh peaches!

This is by far, one of my most favorite fragrance oils to work with. I use GB 444 and a 6% fragrance load with amazing results. This is one of my most popular FO’s..

Tish Kuffer

Perfect Peach

I absolutely hate almost all artificial peach scents, but this is an exception. It doesn't have the sour bottom note that many peach fragrances have. Instead it has a juicy, fresh quality that works great for summer soaps. I definitely recommend this one if you're picky about peach.


Peach Golden Nectar

Yummy. Strong peach and nectar hits you at the same time. Definetly adding to my summer fragrances!

Rise S.


This is by far my alltime favorite scent. It is perfect in every way. I just cannot say enough good things. MUST try it at 10%!!!!


Too sweet

This fragrance is very strong, but way too sweet and artificial smelling. It reminds me of those Trolli Peach Rings, more of a candy than a fruit


This is a strong Peach scent

This was way more peachy then I expected. We have tried other nectar type scents before and most have had more floral to them. Not that this is a bad thing just explaining the fragrance more. Its straight up peach but very beautiful and smells great in soy candles. I love this scent.



Every year I hold a Colorado Peach Sale and last year I added this scent to our sale. I sold out of this candle! People love it!! It sold much more of these than the regular peach scents.


Might just be me, but this scent terribly reminds me of that cheap peach vodka we would buy in high school. Very artificial


Smells exactly like fresh peaches!

I just poured 3 brown tumblers and used 10% Peach Nectar in my IGI 6006 wax. Holy cow--my entire house smells like a peach orchard--fantastic. There's nothing synthetic or fake about this scent--it's just wonderful. Can't wait to sell these little beauties!


Update on my 12-15-2016

I said I won't order this scent again but I did! This batch I recently bought I'm happy with it. I made candles with this scent and the hot throw was amazing!



My customers absolutely love this. It has a great cold and hot throw.

Cherryl Gibbs


This is an amazing peach scent! My first bottle was damaged and spilled due to shipping. Candle science kindly sent me a new one and I am so happy. nice throw and it smells delish!


Best peach

This is soooooo good. It is strong and easy to work with. This peach scent is the very best one I have found.


Not buying this scent anymore

This used to be one of my favorite scents at one point but I don't know what happened, my candles have weak hot throw when I use this scent now.


It was OK

Performed well in GB464, but neither myself or my testers felt this was an authentic peach scent. One reviewer said "peach schnapps" while a second said "peach syrup." Personally, I feel it's too sugary sweet (but some people like that, I guess?) and smelled exactly like the Trolli gummi peach rings candy. Don't get me wrong -- gummi peach rings were my favorite candy as a kid, but it just doesn't work in a modern candle line.


My best seller

This is one of my 2 favorite scents. It has also been my best seller. I just love it. Excellent hot and cold throw in GB 464.

Claire Cass


Used in GB464 and it is just as fresh as a peach.


So Legit

This really smells like peach nectar. It's very strong and delicious!


My customers LOVE this scent. It sold out so quick that I had to order more within a few days of my first batch.

The Burning Mitten

This scent is amazing. I recently purchased Georgia Sunrise from a different company hoping it would smell like peaches but it ended up smelling like the pink liquid medicine you get as a kid. It almost made me gag. When I tried this I was hoping I wouldn't get a similar smell and I didn't. This is the best peach scent I have ever smelled, it is so true to life you can almost taste the peaches!


A definite winner! Smells like Sweet Georgia Peaches. Smells good enough to eat.



I absolutely love this scent!! Everyone that smells this loves it! It smells exactly like fresh peaches! This is going to be a great seller!



This smells wonderful. We made body butters with it and sold out right away. It smells so good you want to eat it!

Reminds me of peach schnapps. Nice and strong, I recommend.



This is the BEST Peach scent ever. I make Soy Candles in it and one burning candle has an entire college lobby smelling like Peaches. I sold out fast!

Dee Jay


I like this scent but it has a cough syrup kinda smell to it while burning. I've had a few people say that to me about it as well. OOB it is a great, strong peach scent, very delicious. The hot throw is pretty strong and the cold throw is wonderful as well. I am going to try mixing this with another fruit scent to see if that takes the cough syrup smell away. Used in GB 464.

Carlo C.

One of my favorites.

I only have a few favorites of candle science oils. They're all great, but my favs are; love spell, warm vanilla sugar, pink sugar, cake, Macintosh apple, and now peach nectar. It's so unbelievably delicious. It smells like the freshest peach ever picked. If recommend this to any scent lovers.


Delicious peach!

This is the most delicious peach scent I've found! Everyone that smells it comments on how great it is! My customers also either say "smells like peach schnapps" or "it's like a fuzzy navel". I don't know about that, but I know it's a great seller and there's usually one burning in my house! I use soy 464


Deserves 10 stars!

This is so yummy - smells so much like REAL peaches! I've used it in GB 464, and it's just awesome! Somebody asked for a recommendation regarding color to use. I broke off a small piece of an Autumn Orange dye chip and it ended up being just the perfect "peach" color. That was with 1 pound of wax and 1 ounce of fragrance oil. I'm concentrating more on holiday scents at the moment, but can't wait to do more with this great fragrance.


Oh my......

This fragrance is soooo delectable...and spot on.
I have one good customer who keeps ordering 4 at a time every month. This fragrance is a true as it can get as far as peach fragrance goes! Very very fresh and so clean and pure. I put in GB464 in the 16oz salsa jar with a cd 22 wick. Just lovely! Thankyou so much Candle Science. I sure wish you would come up with a pineapple cilantro that I have had many requests for. I'm sure you would outdo yourself on this scent!


A Burst of Peach

This fragrance hits you with a burst of peach, but then mellows to include perhaps mango, pear, and melon. Put a dropper-full in a small glass, set it in your bathroom, close the door and, the next time you enter, dive into this fresh scent. Also a great mix with Candle Science's Watermelon fragrance.


This is a definite 5 stars!

Try this scent, you wont be sorry. This is one of my favorite scents, thanks candle science. My customer said she could smell it in her whole house, wow!


Too good to pass up

You gotta get this scent. It's so summery and southern that you will definitely not disappoint your customers. Mine go crazy for it.


great scent

I love this one, most peach scents are too cheap smelling but this one is lovely, anyone recommend a good color choice for it?


peach nectar

The peach nectar is my new favorite. It is just so good. Gives a very very pleasant sscent. i will be adding it into my tart line.I made it with soy wax from enchanted lights soy pillar/votice