Pine Fragrance Oil Guide

Choosing the right pine fragrance can be difficult, so we've compiled a quick guide to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Each pine fragrance has additional major and/or minor notes that differentiates one pine fragrance from the other.

Looking for a different holiday scent? Try one of these!


Blue Spruce

Major Note: Woody - Cedar

Minor Note: LemonCitrus


A favorite among the CandleScience staff, our Blue Spruce fragrance oil is a complex and natural pine scent that is our recommended "pine" fragrance oil.


Christmas Tree

Major Note: Fresh - Mint


A classic holiday scent, our Christmas Tree fragrance oil has a smooth scent with a milder pine notes compared to the other fragrances.


Major Note: Earthy - Woody

Minor Note: Fruit - Apples


Earthy yet sweet, our Mistletoe fragrance oil has strong top note of  "pine" that gives this scent a festive characteristic.


Pine Cones

Major Note: Aquatic or Clean/Fresh Notes


Our Pine Cones fragrance oil has a fresh and clean body that separates it from the other pine fragrances.