How do you find a scent that’s woodsy and fresh when there are so many to choose from?

If you’re pining for that perfect pine, let this be your guide! 

Each of our pine scents offers something a bit different, with major and minor notes that distinguish each scent from the other members of the family. Read on and discover your perfect pine.

Looking for a different holiday scent? Try one of these!

Fraser Fir

Boldly bountiful

Major Note: Citrus
Minor Note: Moss

Overview: Fraser Fir is a complex, true-to-life fragrance with a sweet-resinous characteristic that sets it apart from the others. Cozy, comforting, and perfect for creating a holiday atmosphere any time of year, this fragrance will have you ready for a quiet winter night and a roaring fireplace.


Cypress and Bayberry

Fresh, green, and everything in between

Major Note: Cypress
Minor Note: Bay Laurel

Overview: One of our newer evergreen scents, this fragrance is a fresh, cooling take on traditional pine. Cypress and Bayberry is a STRONG thrower, so if you’re looking to really fill up spaces with fragrance this is the choice for you!


White Birch

Watch the woods fill up with snow

Major Note: Birch
Minor Note: Eucalyptus

Overview: White Birch is one of our more sophisticated evergreen scents, and a great option for luxury lines. Don’t let its inherent softness fool you, White Birch is equally magnificent as a standalone scent and as a mixer for bolstering other fragrances with a little woodsy freshness. A CS staff favorite!


Christmas Tree

Bravely green in wintertime

Major Note: Scotch Pine
Minor Note: Cypress

Overview: This iconic fragrance captures those childhood memories of dashing to the tree on Christmas morning and discovering all the good things waiting beneath. Christmas Tree is a smooth scent with milder pine notes compared to the other fragrances.



A kiss of camphor

Major Note: Siberian Fir, Camphor
Minor Note: Red Currant

Overview: Earthy yet sweet, Mistletoe is a festive fragrance that fans of fresh, woody scents will find appealing all year round. A touch of patchouli adds complexity and sets it apart from other similar scents.


Alpine Balsam

Crisp, cool, and sparkly

Major Note: Balsam
Minor Note: Champagne

Overview: Après-ski, anyone? If you're looking for a "luxury" pine scent, look no further. This is our most unique pine fragrance and definitively different from the others. Sparkly notes of champagne elevate Alpine Balsam to new altitudes and lend an intriguing air to this wintery scent.


Nordic Night

Aurora above

Major Note: Eucalyptus
Minor Note: Cedar

Overview: Feel that arctic chill? This wintery fragrance conjures visions of snow covered pines and the hypnotic dance of the Northern Lights. This pine fragrance is fresh and crisp, just like newly fallen snow. This eucalyptus-forward fragrance could easily be enjoyed year round, by anyone who loves a clean, chilly scent.


Dry Gin and Cypress

Bold and boozy

Major Note: Gin, juniper
Minor Note: Balsam

Overview: Create your own speakeasy with a less traditional choice for a pine fragrance, Dry Gin and Cypress. This is a strong thrower and true to the name, offered by many as a year round scent. Another CS staff favorite!