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As of 11/02/2016:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Wildberry Mousse was discontinued. For a similar fragrance, we recommend trying Blueberry Cheesecake or a blend of Cake with a hint of Cranberry Marmalade.

What happens when you combine the creamy taste of mousse with the refreshing tart notes of freshly picked wild berries? An irresistible fragrance that is perfect for soy, palm, and paraffin candles.

Suggested Colors: Red, Pink, Ivory
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Soy Performance 3
Application Candles Only
Flashpoint 174
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%

Average Rating:

(based upon 33 reviews)


WHY DID YOU GET RID OF THIS!???? It was your BEST FRAGRANCE! You got rid of this and now we get LEATHER and CORIANDER AND TONKA etc etc etc.... YUCK!!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THIS FRAGRANCE!!!!!!!


I still have request for this scent. It was a top seller and I truly miss it.

Please bring this back! It's delectible!!

So sad this is discontinued. It's been a best seller for years! I love it and my customers love it. It is great in hot and cold and can't imagine why it would be discontinued!!


This is the secret sauce to many of my popular blends. I have tried other companies versions of this and it is just not the same. Please please bring it back!

Please Reconsider Discontinuing

This fragrance has been in our line up from the beginning and while it's not a top seller, it certainly has a following among our customers. If you don't bring it back, it's one I'll have to find a dup for at another supplier.


Wildberry Mousse....bring it back!!


Why has this been discontinued! I have customers that want this scent and so do I! Please reconsider this as soon as possible!

Wildberry Mousse

Please bring this scent back! I have clients that keep asking me, when I'm going to have this scent.I truly miss!!!

Favorite Scent

I LOVE this fragrance and so do my customers. Why was it discontinued?? Please bring Wildberry Mousse back!

Bring it back, please!

This is fabulous fragrance with great scent throw. It is so yummy and has such great cold and hot throw. Why is it discontinued? Please bring it back!!!


I truly don't know how this could happen? This is my NUMBER 1 scent! SINCE 2009! Please please bring it back. I'm not ready to let go : (

Wildberry Mousse

I don't know why it's on clearance,this scent is awesome!! The cold & hot throw are both great. I make candle tarts with sox and they always come out smelling great! I also use the oil for my home whenever I have a little extra! This scent is on point!


This scent is my favorite by far. Smells great. Great hot throw and strong.


I ordered a sample size of Wildberry Mousse and though the cold throw was great, the hot throw was soooo weak. I'm very disappointed. I used 1 oz in Advanced Soy wax. If I were to order again, I'd probably do 1.5 oz to the 1lb of wax.


I bought this scent because I was looking for a good berry and it had good ratings and comments. I thinks this scent smells very cheesey and chemically--almost like plastic. I cannot give these candles away.' I will not be reordering this scent ever. I use GB 464 wax.

The Best scent oils

BUY BUY BUY from this company these are the best oils I have ever purchased people would come to my huse and tell me as soon as the left their car they could smell the frangrance from my house outside. Do not hestitate one bit to purchase from this company as they are great


I love this delicious fruity scent. Its a little similar to the blueberry cheese cake scent in my opinion but that is by no means a bad thing. I made an 8 ounce candle in a ball mason jar using GB 464 and the hot throw is amazing. It fills my large living room with a delicious fruity pie scent easily. Every time I light this candle it makes everyone hungry lol. Great scent.

Super Yummy!! Smells so good and has a good throw

Makes a fantastic soy wax tart that has a great throw. My family and friends love it.this scent is a keeper. I have a few ideas to mix this wonderful scent with a couple more scents to make some custom scents.


I smelled it out of the bottle and thought it was a nice scent but once i mixed it in with my wax. Oh my goodness!! i can't explain enough how much i love this scent i think it is my new favorite one!

I used in soy 464 and the 60z tin cans and smells great in wax but i cant get a hot throw can anyone help?

One of the Best

I have to give credit to the wife for suggesting this one. I use 1 1/2 ounce per pound in IGI 4627. Hot and cold throw is amazing. My jar candles are always gone before I can try one myself but one tealight alone will fill a bedroom with this sweet delicious scent.


I loved it! Great throw! Used GB464 wax. Diffinent rebuy.


Love this one. Third time ordering Wildberry Mousse from Candle Science. Used in soy. Very strong scent throw.

Berry Delight

I am blown away by how strong this berry scent is.

Love it!

This was excellent in the Soy 464 wax!
Very sweet and Good enough to eat :)

Oh My Gosh

The fragrance of a Cool Refreshing Desert. WHAT an awesome fragrance. Makes you want to find a spoon and dig right in. Light and Creamy smell if you can call a smell light and creamy.


I love this fragrance, and so does all of my family. I had one candle left of this and they all fought over it! Scent is VERY true to life. Used in GB464 soy.


Wow! This smells just like a berry mousse! Amazing...hot or cold!

Another 10 star oil!

Fabulousssssssss! YUMBY! This smells devine!


Smells divine! It scented my entire room even when the candle was out. Super throw!

Fabulous, Great Throw, a Sellout Already!

I unveiled this fragrance yesterday and it was a sellout! Smells like those wonderful mixed berry smoothies made with the heavy cream. Absolutely fantastic!!

One word...yummy!

Tested in GB415, 8 oz jelly jar, 8% FO load and a CD14 wick. Again filled my house in less than 3 hrs after curing for 48 hrs. The perfect blend of berries and cream..not overly sweet just yummy.
Going to be a big seller!

Very Strong! Wonderful if you're looking for a chocolatey dessert smell!!

My customers love this! I couldn't believe how strong it was in Ecosoya 135...it smells so good you want to eat it!!


All I can say is AWESOME! This is my best seller and one of my favorites. Awesome cold and hot throw. It smells like a rich and creamy berry dessert.