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DIY citronella candles

30 minutes
3 candle tins


STEP 1: Measure a 80:20 ratio of soy wax to beeswax

Weighing flaked wax on a scale
Weighing beeswax separately and adding it to 444 soy wax

STEP 2: Melt wax mixture

Double boil in use to melt candle wax

STEP 3: Prepare candle tins

Wicking a candle tin

STEP 4: Add citronella fragrance oil

Adding fragrance to melted wax

STEP 5: Pour wax into candle tins

Pouring wax into candle tins

STEP 6: Remove wick bars and trim wick

Trimming candle tin wicks and applying candle warning labels
Applying labels to candle tins