Yellow beeswax pellets
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We package our beeswax in pellet form, also known as pastilles, for convenient handling, measuring and melting. This pure beeswax has a sweet earthy aroma and can be used in a wide variety of bath and body recipes as well as for candle making.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

Made in the USA


Pour Temp 175° (+/- 5°)
Melt Point 144° F
Prop 65 Warning No
Rec. Wick Series ECO


Heat to 185°F using a double boiler. Add 6% of fragrances (1 oz. per pound of wax), remove from heat, and stir for two minutes. Pour at 175°F (+/-5°F). Allow candles to cure for two weeks for optimal fragrance throw.



Average Rating:

(based upon 24 reviews)

I love it

I actually loved the outcome of my candles. I bought what i thought was a lb of beeswax but after measuring to see how many 4oz tin candles i would get i noticed it wasn’t exactly a lb. other than that i will buy again!!!!


Owner of

My shop does not open until September and I'm still in the testing phase. However, this is lovely beeswax. Excellent fragrance, clean pastels too! I did not find ANY contamination in CSs pastels. I also appreciate the pastels form! Very easy to weigh and melts evenly. I know beeswax is expensive, but generally I only add a small amt to my proprietary container candle wax blends because if you add TOO much, it will crack near the wick-(especially if you use wooden wicks).
Candle Science has their own recommendations for how much beeswax to use in your wax blends, but I have found a little under 1 ounce :: to 11oz of other waxes seems to do well. Anything above that ratio (and obviously depending on what your "other" waxes are), it will crack down the center.
Beeswax is a hard wax so its AMAZING for adding an extra hardness to soft waxes like coconut, apricot & soy etc. The only thing you have to watch out for is, if you don't temper beeswax while its cooling (heating your jars up first, making sure the ambient room temp is around 90 degrees or so, it shrinks on itself very fast, which causes the cracking. Tip for candle makers here, (some of my researched proprietary info ;)- 1.) I use seedling heat mats for cooling my candles. It helps to regulate the cooling and HELPS with sinkholes and/or cracks. 2.) Regular yellow beeswax in small amts adds DEPTH to your candle fragrance & HARDNESS to soft waxes. Thanks CS! I'll be back! :D


Authentic aroma

I order beeswax from local farmers here in the Pacific Northwest and I just thought I’d try this because I like it in pallet form when I opened it up it had that familiar set it smells like beeswax from beekeepers it may not be as strong of an aroma but I do like this particular beeswax I’ll buy it again

Anita Louise

I ordered this to try out since the price per pound is very reasonable. I can get it cheaper from a local supplier but I have to buy a pallet and I'm not ready for that just yet. This beeswax does smell like beeswax, although the scent is light. It has the correct yellow color. It is a little dry and brittle and not as "waxy" as other much higher quality beeswax I've purchased. HOWEVER that quality beeswax was nearly twice the cost per pound. I am currently playing with this as an additive with soy wax and I think it will work very well to raise the melting point of a soy wax candle and add a pleasant aroma to go with other fragrance oils as well. We'll see but this is not bad beeswax and if you are thinking of getting a pound to try out I would recommend.


Works for me

I was a bit surprised at the number of complaints about the smell, to me it has always had a light honey aroma. I'm one who will recycle leftover wax from old candles, and have found that this mixes well--not only for good burn time but in adding a nice undertone to other fragrances.




I opened up the package expecting a lovely aromatic scent and got quite the opposite. It smelled like strong pesticides. Will be shopping elsewhere for beeswax next time.

Caitlin McGlothlin

Heavenly sweet

Love it! Can't wait for second order to arrive.

Cosmic Creations


So far so good I’ve been making citronella candles at first my candles were cracking but I found a great trick! While your candle mixture is cooling put your tins in a pot of boiling water then when your wax mixture cools to 160 pour into your hot tins and you won’t have any cracks!!!

Scents by Tee


I love all the other products I received, but the beeswax is gross. I wanted to use it in lotions and lip balms and candles but I don't think I will be able to. This doesn't have the light honey smell associated with beeswax. It has a very strong processed stench. I have the bag closed, sitting in the dining room and I can still smell it. Very disappointed!



For balance and fairness, I'd like to say that I found no fragrance issues with the yellow beeswax purchased from Candlescience. I'm not an expert on beeswax, but it smelled like beeswax to me. Not detectable through the closed bag, certainly! And the price was the best I've found online or in stores. Different strokes, I guess. Be your own judge, it's a small investment to see for yourself.

Cyndy Vachon

Beeswax was great

I ordered the 1 lb. bad of beeswax and am very pleased with it. My order was processed and shipped quickly. I am a newbie to candle making and to using beeswax but it smells sweet/honey- like I have experienced before with beeswax. The customer service has been great with answering my newbie questions. I plan to order more beeswax in the future, probably a larger bag.


Goodness, what happened here? I have been ordering 25-50lbs of this for a month for the past couple of years and recently the smell has been beyond awful. Rancid, rotting, burning just disgusting. Not the typical black smoke smell that some wax has from smoking the bees, but much worse. I spoke to a local beekeeper and he said either they are adding paraffin to the wax when they chip it, or it's bee parts that are burned down and left info the wax. I noted the color of the wax has gotten lighter over the past few months. I returned my wax for a refund (but shipping was out of my pocket.) I had to quickly find another source of wax. I cannot chance purchasing this beeswax again. It's a shame too because it was so easy to use and so reliable to get.


Easy to use!

This was my first time using pellet style beeswax, it was easy to measure out the right weight and melted a lot faster than blocked beeswax. The price was also super affordable. I would definitely recommend this to people who want to make candles with time efficiency and quality!

Damsels In DIY

Good product

I ordered the 1lb bag of yellow beeswax and when I received it there was a light odor to it that was not to pleasent. I melt it with other natural ingredients to make my lotion. I heated up my ingredients, poured the melted ingredients it into the jars, mixed in my essential oil, screwed on the lids and let the lotion sit for a couple hours to cool down. Later on when I opened the jars all I could smell was the essential oil I used! Any other beeswax pellets I have purchesed from Amazon (different company's) had a strong smokey unbearable scent to them. So far this is the only place I have found product that I can actually use. Externally pleased!


You get what you pay for

I have been ordering this beeswax for the better part of a year for candle making. I decided to try another company who has more reasonable shipping charges and charged around $5.50lb. Boy that was a mistake. It smelled so heavily of smoke it made my entire family sick I now I have to return out of pocket for a large 55lb shipment and rush order from Candlescience to get me the good stuff, hoping that my outbound orders aren't delayed to the point where it hurts me.

This beeswax has been wonderful and has helped my candle business thrive. I do wish shipping could be more reasonable, or a coupon code could be offered at some point but I've learned from my terrible experience that I just need to stick with the best I've been able to find. Occasionally I'll get a bag that smells a little chemically and I do wish it was stronger honey scented but if you ever experience the smokey competitor it'll have you flocking back for this kind. It works amazingly with any just about all of the essential oils offered here.


Owner Signal Mountain Artist at Etsy

I read the reviews and decided to try the beeswax. It did have an odd smell in the bag and I almost jumped the gun and wrote a review based on that. But I melted it and poured in molds for ornaments, didn't add fragrance. The hot wax still had a chemical smell. Once my ornaments cured a day or so, I found that they smelled like my other beeswax which came from another supplier. I don't intend to burn as candles, not sure if they'd throw a chemical smell when hot. But for the price, it's worth trying a lb next time you place an order.


Smells so strongly of wood smoke everyone in my house is sick

I've ordered from CandleScience for Years and always love what I receive. However, this 55lbs of yellow beeswax is Terrible. I opened the box and the whole house started smelling like wood smoke from these pellets. I was unhappy, but tried making a candle from it anyway. The wood smoke smell got so much worse after melting the wax my entire family started feeling ill, our lungs hurt, we were nauseous, and my son and I both had an asthma attack....Unless they change their source of this wax DO NOT BUY ANY OF IT! The smell is sooo bad and sooo strong you can't use it in anything.


Smells Like New Tires

I bought this beeswax to make candles and the 1lb bag smelled synthetic. After conferring with customer service, I was told it was 100% beeswax, no blend. I bought a 5 lb bag, the smell was just the same. I figured I'd make a batch of candles and have someone who doesnt live with me smell them. They called it. It smells like new tires. Yeah, not what beeswax candles should smell like, at all. Returning all the white wax unfortunately will have to pay shipping on the return too.



I used the yellow beeswax for lip balm. I have made really good lip balms from it. It has the strong smell, so you really have to add in essential oil of choice. No side effects noted yet. I read that it is bath and body safe.


Balances the melting point on my DIY's

I recently purchased the yellow 1lb. bag and could smell it through the plastic bag it came in and the bag it was mailed in. I don't mind the smell when the beeswax is in its pellet form but when I diluted it with coconut oil and other ingredients to make homemade deodorant the scent became strange, difficult to describe but still bearable and easily masked with CS's scents. I will continue using this wax because of the high melting point but I would recommend buying scents or essential oils when making cosmetics or mixing it to dilute it. I don't know if the beeswax is bath/body safe, but would like to know. Still I experimented and haven't had any adverse reactions.


I just started making beeswax candles, so I have ordered wax from a few different sources to see which one I like the best. This one had the best smell out of all of them. It is a light, sweet smell. I will be ordering more when I use up the rest of what I have!



After reading the negative revues, I was careful to use with extremely low heat. I absolutely love this wax!!! It has a light honey scent, easy to measure and melts quickly. My products are smoother and my customers love them. I will only use this was from now on!

Mary Mordecai

wow... the smoke smell is unbearable, disgusting, the product is unusable. I've heard of beeswax smelling like smoke before (which makes me believe the bees are not being treated kindly - but what do I know, I'm not a beekeeper), but this is an unacceptable product to sell especially for candles that are meant to smell lovely or in the least, not be repulsive. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the 3 remaining pounds... does anyone have suggestions? I've already wasted two pounds trying to make real bayberry candles mixed with beeswax - smelled like my dad's cigarette smoke filled basement. just bad!!!!!!!! it seems like not all of CS's beeswax stinks like this, but I wish I'd known it was possible, I would have never bought it.