Embedded Heart Container Candle - CandleScience

This project is perfect for a beginner or an advanced candle maker. And just by changing the cookie cutter shape, you'll have a candle for any holiday, season, or special occasion.


  • IGI 4625 Pillar Blend Wax 10 lb Slab (Qty: 1)
  • Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax 10 lb Bag (Qty: 1)
  • 12 oz. Cube 12 pc Case (Qty: 1)
  • ECO 16 6" Pretabbed Wick 100 pc Bag (Qty: 1)
  • Red Liquid Dye 1 oz Bottle (Qty: 1)
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Type 1 oz Bottle (Qty: 1)
  • Candle and Soap Scale 1 pc Scale (Qty: 1)
  • Pouring Pitcher 1 pc Pitcher (Qty: 1)
  • Wick Bar 12 pc Bag (Qty: 1)
  • 8 Inch Glass Thermometer 1 pc Thermometer (Qty: 1)
  • Wick Stickers (large) 100 pc Roll (Qty: 1)
  • Warning Labels 2 Inch 100 pc Roll (Qty: 1)

Additional Items Needed:

  • Small Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter (we got ours at Walmart)
  • Double Boiler or Hot Plate
  • 8 or 9 inch metal pie plate (should not be re-used for food preparation)
  • Spatula for stirring wax
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Paper Towels
  • Red Ribbon (purchased at Michael's)


Part 1

  1. Using a clean pot, heat one pound GB 464 wax in a double boiler or hot plate to 185 degrees.
  2. Remove from heat and add 1 ounce Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Oil. Stir gently but thoroughly and set aside.
  3. While wax is cooling, wipe the inside of a 12 oz. cube jar with a little alcohol and paper toweling. Using a wick stickum, center one ECO 16 pre-tabbed wick to the bottom of the container. When the wax cools to 135 degrees, carefully pour the wax into the jar. Leave about one inch of space from the top so you have enough room to place the red heart. Save some soy wax so that after the red heart is in place you can use this wax to "embed" the heart in the soy wax. Use a wick bar to center and hold the wick in place. Set aside to cool completely.

Part 2

  1. Prepare the wax heart by weighing one pound of 4625 pillar wax and melting it in a double boiler or on a hot plate (we found 4625 worked best for this application).
  2. Add 6 drops of Red Liquid Dye, stir thoroughly, and heat to 185-190 degrees. Remove from heat and pour the wax into an 9 inch round metal pie plate. Allow to cool until the wax is solid throughout, but not totally hardened. Press the heart shaped cookie cutter into the red wax and move it from side to side to loosen it a bit. Remove the heart and cool completely. You will have more than enough red wax for one candle. *See note at end of instructions.

Part 3

  1. Center the red heart on top of the cooled soy wax and press gently into place. We put our heart on a diagonal so the wick falls right at the top and middle of the heart.
  2. Reheat the GB464 wax to just 125 degrees and carefully re-pour it on the top of the soy candle being very careful not to cover the red heart. This will make your red heart look "embedded" in the white wax. Let cool and trim the wick to 1/4 inch.
  3. Attach a warning label to the bottom of the candle.
  4. Decorate with a red ribbon if desired. We cut a small piece of wick stickum to keep the ribbon in place on the container.

*Note: You can use the extra wax to make additional embedded candles, you could label and save the pillar wax for another project, or use 1/2 pound of wax and reduce the amount of liquid dye and the size of the pie plate.

Remember to always follow all candle burning safety rules.