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An all natural soy wax that holds lots of fragrance oil and helps reduce frosting. Golden Brands 464 is our best selling soy wax and a favorite of soy candle makers everywhere!

Produced from US Grown Soybeans!

Note: Wax is packaged in flake form.
50 lb. Case Size: 16" x 13" x 13.5"

Golden Wax Update: Golden Brands, LLC was acquired by AAK in 2011. Due to this acquisition the logos for the Golden Wax we carry has changed, but the product remains the same.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering 464 Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

Candle Making Notes:
Golden Brand's soy waxes are a little newer than those from Cargill and Nature's Gifts, but they've become some of our favorites - especially the 464. It has been very consistent over time, and gives a smooth and creamy appearance - mostly due to its low melt point. While this helps create a nice look and helps to reduce frosting, it can be a little too soft for the summer heat. If you are shipping finished candles in hot weather, you may want to look at a soy wax with a higher melt point, like the GB 444. Golden Brands 464 holds lots of fragrance, but even better, it throws fragrance very well. There are other soy waxes that hold as much, but we've found that if you put the 464 up against other waxes - all with the same amount of fragrance - you get the best fragrance throw with the 464.

VIDEO: Golden Brands Soy Wax Comparison We spoke with with Golden Brands about the differences between their container soy waxes.

VIDEO: Golden Brands Soy is US Grown We caught up with Golden Brands at the NCA and discussed where their soybeans are grown.

New to Soy Wax?
Check out our video Candle Making with Soy Wax featuring GB 464. The video includes a list of materials to get you started.

As you'll see in the video, the 464 wax in a candle tin, with no color, is really the easiest way to get started making soy candles. There are a couple of reasons why: the opaque sides of the tin hide any glass adhesion imperfections. The natural white color of the wax hides much of the effects of frosting. The 464 soy wax is very consistent, so a beginner will be able to make a terrific candle if they follow the directions closely. Just use one of our soy-tested fragrance oils (ratings of 2 and 3 work best), check out our wick guide, and get started!

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.
Melt Point 115-119°F
Max Fragrance 12% or 2oz./lb.
Wax Type Natural Soy Wax Flakes
Pour temp 135°F (+/- 5°)
Applications Container / Tealight
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Average Rating:

(based upon 230 reviews)

Works great 75% of the time

We order pallets of material at a time from candlescience. We mostly get good results from the wax, however it has become very obvious when we get bad batches/cases of wax. Our last pallet had 6 50lb boxes of wax, and the flakes had a strange odor and shiny look to them, however we needed to use the wax for orders and shows. Not a single candle came out smooth, all had severe holes and bumpy surfaces. This happens 4-5 times a year when we order through candlescience. The worst part is that we buy 300lbs of this wax and candlescience refuses to do anything, even replace the boxes that haven't been touched. Extremely dissapointed in their customer service policies, I would stay away from purchasing from here. The wax is great, candlescience will not lift a finger if you get bad wax though.


I made my first two candles using 464 soy wax and lavender fragrance oil (used 1.15 oz fragrance oil with 16 oz. wax). Added oil at 180-185 degrees, poured into two recycled wine bottles which I had cut, let cure for two days, and because I was impatient, lit my first candle. Great fragrance, certainly enough to fill a 12x15 room, with the aroma wafting through the rest of the house. I'm not a very craftsy person, but by following the Candle Science directions, I turned out a fairly good product, and it wasn't that difficult. I will let the second candle cure for a few more days before lighting.

Disappointing inconsistent results

I used a 10 lbs bag to make a vaiety of different container candles. I used 10 different fo' s (we were also experimenting with scents) and made candles with and without dye chips. Most had frosting, even when poured at 110 to 115 degrees into warm containers. Only a few had smooth tops and most looked grainy. Wax was heated to 185 scent added then cooled to pouring temp. Everything had frosting to some degree. All in all the was gave very inconsistent results. I do like the flake form and color was exactly as expected. Scent throws were both pretty good. I'm going to try c3 next to compare results. Also 16 oz of wax plus 1 dye chip plus 1 oz fo is roughly 18 fluid oz.


I've been making candles for about a year and have only used Golden Blend 464. I do everything by the instructions from Candlescience and my candle's vary from batch to batch. Mostly things go well but have occasions where I have sink holes around the wick or near it.

I've learned to use the heat gun to make some repairs and hold a little wax in reserve to fill the holes. Like anything that is solid and you introduce a liquid you'll experience air bubbles. Toothpick works well taking care of this.

I have to say I like this wax for the most part because it's all I've worked with. I understand it's a natural product so some inconsistencies are expected. I don't find it that hard to fix the tops on a few.

wax issues

No idea if it's me being bad at this or if the wax is at fault. But I've been using wooden wicks to make candles using a batch of 464 i got months ago. After flawless testing, I ordered new supplies for Christmas. I batched about 50 candles, a small percentage were made using the old wax, the majority was made using the new wax.

All candles made using the new wax wouldn't stay lit. Everything using the old wax worked like a charm. Not sure if this is an issue with the wooden wicks I used or this wax. It's driving me nuts, so until i can figure it out I won't be buying anymore of this wax.

Great stuff for beginners

I started off making candles about a year ago, and I started off using this wax. It was and still is my favorite wax! I never have to repour as long as I make sure I pour at the right temperature. I recently tried my hand at pillar candles and have been working with the ig 4825 blend I believe, and that stuff has really made me appreciate the simplicity of this 425 blend. I always get nothing but compliments on the candles I make with this!

pleasantly surprised

I was a little hesitant with this wax because of the bad reviews. However, they were better than the new Eco Soya blend, so I gave this one a try. I did what another reviewer said to do, and followed manufacturer's directions. I added dye and FO at 185F, then poured at 135. After the first pour there was a nasty sink hole, but I topped and got beautiful results. The cold throw isn't the best, but I only used 1oz FO/lb of wax.

Inconsistent, but the best we've tried overall

We've been using this wax for nearly 5 years. The first 4 years we had great results that were fairly consistent (we did get a few bad batches here and there). This year though, as we go through more and more wax, we've noticed a many inconsistency. We've experienced poor hot throw, a 'burning wax' smell that almost overpowers the FO, and candles that tunneled straight down (as if the wax was being consumed at a rapid pace). We did contact Candle science about our issues, but were told they didn't believe the wax was faulty because they didn't have other reporting the same issue as us. That leaves us feeling like the quality of this wax has diminished noticeably. So, in additional to let down with the new quantum waxes, and the diminished quality of soy waxes, we are considering moving on from soy all together. We hope this is heard/seen by the right people and we hope next year is a different story for soy wax.

use 464 always

I got this a couple months ago, and I love it. its no cb135, but its great for those "oui" yogurt jars and clamshells.

Candle Maker

I'm not sure why other people seem to be having issues with this wax, but I love it. I use 10% fragrance oil, and varying amounts of dye and they turn out perfectly smooth almost every time!
If youre having issues with this wax, double check your fragrance load, wick size, and pouring temps first before throwing in your towel on Golden Brands 464


I have been using a Hobby Lobby brand Sox Wax for a few months and the frosting, sinkholes, hot/cold throw was not unbearable. I'd switched to this wax because of customer reviews and fell in love with this wax. I've made over 50 candles last night, woke up to no sinkholes, very little frosting on a few and the cold throw is amazing. I truly hope that my next order isn't a bad batch according to some reviews.

Performing inconsistently

So it's a natural wax. I get it, things vary from batch to batch, allegedly. But in October, I ordered a 50 lb box and after quality checking a few candles, I noticed that the candles were only creating a very small melt pool and tunneled straight down, like within 30 minutes, to the bottom of the jar. Weird! I tried it with several wicks (as I just ordered new wicks too) and even without wax- it proved to be a bad batch of GW 464. So in a haste, I ordered another 50 lb box to fill my orders. THE SAME THING. Different lot, different manufacturing date, everything. But the same issue- self extinguishing. Has anyone else ever had this issue? I've got two wasted boxes of GW 464 because "its a natural product" and it "varies batch to batch". Now while I believe that to be true, I don't know how Ive gotten such bad batches recently and I have never received any bad batches, ever before. Is there a contaminate that affects soy wax that badly? It's unfortunate, because I'm a small business and nearly $200 with shipping, when all is said and done. They can't refund me a dime, I just have to figure out how to throw it all away. Not sure what to do now that I can't trust enough to purchase a batch of GW 464

Agreeing with most of you, the performance of this wax has been completely unreliable for us. The candles we poured when we first opened were flawless on the surface. Months later, presumably with more practice and "honing" of our craft, they look awful...almost every batch requires extensive work with the heat gun, and many still end up in the garbage. Most commonly we get the sinkholes around the wicks, or one sizable crack/crater on the surface. Over time, most of them frost. At first I thought this was just some issue with temperature, stirring, etc., on our end, but it seems wax may be the culprit. Like many of you, we have a huge portion of candles in each batch that we deem unsellable. Very disappointed.

Something is wrong with 464

I bought 464 after using C-3 for a while and CB Adv. (which is a dream, or was a dream) C-3 was frosting but set up and burned well. I was so happy with 464 because the tops were a nice creamy set up and they stayed that way and the throw was achievable with this soy wax. The jars looked great from the side with no frosting or strange flaws. My first case of 464 was great, I ordered again and that case of 464 wax was bubbling, and crystallizing and not performing as I expected. I've ordered 3 more cases, and they have all have been performing poorly. I have 3 cases of barely used 464, all with different lot numbers. and a new case of c-3 and a new case of q210 because it's the holidays and I need to use wax that will result in salable candles this time of year, not dud after dud. I make the candles according to the suggestions by the manufacturer and usually everything turns out as expected. I belong to forums and they are giving so many suggestions on how to deal with bad pours from 464 and I just simply refuse to jump through hoops with a wax. It's time for the manufacturer to deal with this and address the difficulties customers are having and what the problem is.

Best wax!

Love this wax! Easy to use if you follow the instructions.

GB 464

Terrible frosting I don’t like this wax

I bought a 2lb bag of this, heated up to 190, added fragrance and stored slowly 40 time. 20 times each way. Poured, and voila! No frosting, wet spots, or tunneling. Has an awesome cold throw!

Just started in the candle making business, I've ordered two of the 10lb bags anf everything has came out great. Im marketing off the homemade idea with clear jars so any imperfectons (aside from having holes) are fine. They burn great with great throw on most scents. About to order my 1st 50 lbs bag! I uses 1:1, mix @ 185 and pour @ 139 degrees. Room temp is consistant @ 76 degrees. We have had a few that needed the heat gun but out of the 60 we have made only about 5 needed fixed.

Great container wax

Perfect pour every single time with nice smooth tops. In the summer months I mix 50:50 with 444 because it's VERY hot here and I sell at outdoor venues. I don't experience any frosting with 464 like some of the other reviewers. Sometimes when I blend with 444 the candles will be a little bit frosty but not too bad. For soy candles this is nearly perfect with a very good throw.

I thought it was me until I read other reviews. The wax has frosted badly. I used heat gun and blow dryer. I thought my process was wrong but I think it is the wax now I am reading other comments. I think its time to use another brand.

Very Upset

I don't undertstand whats going on with this wax. Ive been using it for about two years now and its been perfect. But lately, not one candle looks good because of so many craters..using a heat gun doesn't even work. I'm starting to really freak out. I try to fulfill all my orders and my candles look like garbage. I've wasted so much money. I tried calling numerous times..Ive tried every pour temp and still..nothing looks good. I spend so much money on Candle Science products and especially shipping and this is the 3rd 50 lbs box I'm having and issue with and will go right in the garbage. Its a hit or miss with this wax. Very very upsetting.


I had horrible luck with this wax even after experimenting with temps, fragrance load and die load. This wax frosted horribly and had inconsistent finish which leads to extra time to finish and LOTS of product that was unsalable.

Definitely my favorite wax

This by far is my favorite to use. I make my candles in all types of mason jars and I’ve experimented with most of the soy waxes with CS. I never have an issue with frosting when I only use this wax (sometimes I use 415 and mix the two) and I don’t heat up my containers however I do use my heat gun to smoothen our imperfections such as tunneling or frosting when it occurs (very seldomly) and it works perfectly! Great CT and HT!!

This wax is not good

I ordered this wax before but usually in a smaller amount. This time, I ordered a 50lb case and every candle has been horrible. Holes in most, and when I light them, I hardly smell them. I have tried everything from different wicks, different containers, different scents etc. I want my money back. I can't even sell them because I'm worried about the performance.


I've tried many different waxes from Candle science and this soy wax is my favorite. It has great scent throw hot and cold and is easy to use. It comes in flake form so it is so easy to use.

I have been using this wax for about 8 months now and have never had issues in the past.I love it! However the last 2 boxes I purchased and used, my candles look terrible. They have sink holes(which I have never had) , the tops are glassed over & the wax seems to be pulling away from the sides of the jar. I haven't changed anything up. I melt to 185, add fragrance, stir for 2 minutes and pour at 150-145. Could this be caused by the summer heat? I have read that somewhere when researching. Any advice? They still smell amazing just look terrible or atleast not up to my standards. Thank you!

Finally figured this wax out

Like many others, we were using EcoSoya and were forced to switch when they discontinued the brand. It took us months to figure out how to pour these candles right. We were getting sink holes, uneven surfaces, and sometimes a weird floam-like surface. Turns out we need to pour these at a very low temperature. Now we add the dye & scent at 190, stir for 2-5 minutes, then cool to 110. We pour in batches of 180, so it is definitely more time consuming than our previous method, but it is the only solution we have been able to find.

I have been using this wax now and it is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend the microwave method. There is a video on their learning tab to show you how to. I have had great success with this wax using many different scents. I always use the wick that they recommend.
I have had some issues with frosting. It does not effect the scent throw, cold or hot. I always use scents that have a high rating for soy.

The Best

Always my go-to soy wax when I make candles for my shop. I've never had any issues with it and it's high quality.

Great consistency of product

I have been using Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax for almost three years now. I find the wax to be very consistent, and pours very well. It seems a lot of others are having issues with this wax, and I think it is because there is so much bad information out there. If you follow the manufactures' instructions and Candles Science's recommendations: Heat wax to 185 degrees, add fragrance oil, stir 2 minutes, let cool to 135 degrees and then pour, you shouldn't have any issues. I occasionally need to heat gun the tops to smooth out a few sink holes, but other than that I have no problems. I have made almost 2500 candles that I sell retail, and my customers LOVE my product. Thanks Candle Science for making my job easy!

@ Cherly

Hi Cherly,

I know what you are referring to regarding flashpoint... and I have seen it mentioned before as well. But, its complete nonsense. DO NOT follow that method as its terrible advise. Flashpoint has NOTHING to do with when to add the fragrance oil. Flashpoint is all about the temp that FO become combustible (really meant for shipping reasons). You should add your FO between 180-185 no matter what. Lower temp than that and you run a big risk of the FO not blending into the wax correctly which could easily be causing your throw issues. ESPECIALLY at temps so low like 155, etc. Thats just too low. Be carefuly with all the info out there.... you often have to take it with a grain of salt.

Other than that... soy is a pain sometimes in trying to get FOs to throw well. Some do, some dont. Its not like parrafin where literally almost any scent will work. Trial and error. Good luck!

Scent Throw

Hello, I some what new to candle making but thus far, I am enjoying the journey. I have been using the GB464 soy wax and like some others, I may encounter a small sink hole or some frosting but nothing too major. However, where I am having my biggest challenge is the scent throw. I was adding my FO at 185F and sometimes the cold scent throw is great and other times I could barely smell it. I did some research and saw that FO should be added based upon the flash point of the FO. For example, if my FO has a flash point of 212F, which is greater than 185, then I should add it when the wax is 185F. If my FO has a flash point of 155, which is less than less than 185F but above 130F, then I should add the FO at 155. And if my FO has a flash point of 115 which is less than 130, then I should add the FO at 130. Also, at which temp should I pour the GB464? I am pouring at 130 but in that too cool? I thought I read that it should be poured at 130F. Please help!!! Thank You

It's tricky, but good.

I've been making candles for about 4 years now, and I have been using this specific wax for the past two years. It IS tricky, and it IS inconsistent. I feel like GB needs to work on that. That being said, you have to work with this wax HOT. I worked forever letting it cool down to nearly 100 degrees before pouring and it was just terrible. Frosted, sink holes, you name it, they were hideous.
Then one day I actually read the manufacturer's recommendations, and I didn't feel like giving up any more. You HAVE to add the fragrance at or near 185 and you HAVE to pour at 155-160, or your candles are going to look ghastly. I have definitely still had issues here and there with frosting, but the candle itself functions fine, and those candles still sell. The best way I've found to prevent frosting is to keep the jars warm while the wax cools. Once I see the wax going from clear to foggy like it's setting up, I hit the whole outside of the jar with the heat gun every few minutes until the wax is cooled completely. It helps. Sometimes my candles will be gorgeous for two weeks then BOOM frosted all over, but that's beyond my control.

This wax sets up ugly after you burn it if you don't let it make a full wax pool first. I have never had issue with throw with this wax. Just follow the guidelines for fragrance oil usage. I usually run mine at 10% by weight, 8-9% if it's a notoriously strong FO. Overall, this wax has been good to me. I wish it were more consistent, but I can't say I wouldn't recommend it.


Second person cero Success

I'm so disappointed and frustrated with this wax. I bought a 10-pound bag and have almost worked my way through the entire bag without making a single candle successfully. I've tried all sorts of variations with color, scent, melt temperature, pour temperature, curing time, etc., and always end up with candles that look terrible (frosting, sink holes, etc.), burn badly no matter what size wick I use (both glass and container candles tunnel even with up to six different size wicks used for testing), average to poor scent throw, and when they resolodify after burning, the texture odd and completely unappealing (resembling something like cottage cheese with a bumpy, odd, disgusting-looking texture). If anyone has tips on what I'm doing wrong, please share -- I will literally try anything that results in a useable candle! I definitely won't be buying this wax again, and am praying the replacement for Ecosoya Advance comes in a.s.a.p. (it's worth noting that any candle I've made so far with Ecosoya Advanced wax has been amazing -- great scent throw, appearance, burn, etc. -- why, oh why did they have to discontinue that wax??) I'm new to candles far my experience hasn't been too exciting... can somebody tell me what to do I also get poor hot throw and after cure cottage cheese looking..

Reply to JoJos Candles

Hi JoJo,
Try adding the fragrance oil at 185 degrees and stir for about two minutes. I usually pour between 158 and 154. This should elevate your issues. As with most soywax I find a good heat gun to remelt the tops and fill any holes in works perfectly.
It's pretty normal to have to refinish the tops a little with the 464.
I hope this helps. You are adding the oil at too low of a temperature.

First Time

I just placed my first order from this company and i am super excited, I have bought wax and oils from other people that had used Candle Science and i love the smells and the 464 soy wax was very smooth and easy to wash. I cant wait to received my items!

Best wax ever

I've been using this wax for a few years now and I couldn't imagine using another. My customers absolutely love their candles. Great hot and cold throw with this wax. Occasionally I get sink holes, but no biggie, I just reheat tops with my heat gun.

1st time candle maker

My mom and I started making candles about a month ago and we did the best research we could. We had a couple of rounds where we didn't have the right measurement of wax for the scents we were using. But we finally got the hang of things and have never had problems with this wax. No sink holes, it adheres to the glass jars very well and they turn out and smell amazing! Will keep buying the Golden Brands 464 Wax.

Leaching the new norm?

I have just gone through a 50pound box and over 3/4 of the candles I have made are leaching oil! I have never had this issue before. One wholesale order was a disaster and now one of my Etsy customers got a boxed candle and the pretty label is ruined as oil got all over it in shipping! I know my fragrance oils are fine and I have been making candles for over 4 years, so it's not that.
I am hoping this was a fluke and my next box will be bettter but I must say, the GB brand now is very inconsistent. I had to stop using it this winter due to issues and now I'm on the fence again. Such a dissapointment!

I'm getting the sinkholes too! 🤦🏻‍♀️😩 this never happened before please get the ecosoya back 🙏

Zero Success

I'm so disappointed and frustrated with this wax. I bought a 10-pound bag and have almost worked my way through the entire bag without making a single candle successfully. I've tried all sorts of variations with color, scent, melt temperature, pour temperature, curing time, etc., and always end up with candles that look terrible (frosting, sink holes, etc.), burn badly no matter what size wick I use (both glass and container candles tunnel even with up to six different size wicks used for testing), average to poor scent throw, and when they resolodify after burning, the texture odd and completely unappealing (resembling something like cottage cheese with a bumpy, odd, disgusting-looking texture). If anyone has tips on what I'm doing wrong, please share -- I will literally try anything that results in a useable candle! I definitely won't be buying this wax again, and am praying the replacement for Ecosoya Advance comes in a.s.a.p. (it's worth noting that any candle I've made so far with Ecosoya Advanced wax has been amazing -- great scent throw, appearance, burn, etc. -- why, oh why did they have to discontinue that wax??).

Disappointed. Is this our only option?

I wish the new ecosoya waxes comes out soon. Is this the best wax candlescience has to offer? I never seem to get an even top with one pour, I always have to do two pours and even this doesn't help that much. I get bubbles, sinkholes and cracks. The sinkholes appear in 70% of my candles and they're terrible to fill. Most of the sinkholes form next to the wick and even if I think I've fixed them all of my test candles have ended up with drowned out wicks. I think I won't be buying wax here again. Might buy coconut wax from another vendor as it's comparable in price and it's realiable unlike this wax. Waste of my money...

Owner of Jojo's Candle Co

I am an avid user of the Ecosoya CB advanced blend and had no choice but to source a new wax until the new waxes become available. I got a 1 LB sample of the Golden Wax 464 and had success, so I ordered 100 LBS of it.

Unfortunately, I am NOT getting the same result. The wax looks and feels completely different that the 1 pound sample I received. I have spoken to the wholesaler that I received the wax from, and they advised to not use so much fragrance that 1 oz is plenty or no scent at all, and that this wax not made for votive or wax melt containers? Then what Wax should I be using for these other containers? I refuse to use more than 1 wax for my production?

Here is the process I followed:

1) I would heat the wax to 180-185 (I put my coloring and any additive such as a UV protector in while the wax is melting. To make sure it all blends together and it gives the candles that beautiful glossy shine) This batch i DID NOT use any protector since the research of the wax i was doing stated it did not need any additives.

2) As soon as the wax comes to temp I stir and remove it from the heat

3) Once the wax is cooled to 160, or depending on what the flash point of the scent is, I add in the scent. (Per pound I use 4.5 TBSP which is about 1.5 oz of scent,) and then stir again.

4) when the wax had cooled to 125 I would give the wax 1 final stir and then pour my tea light and melts and at 115 I would pour my Votive and Jars.

The cracking, the caving and the frosting are unbelievable. I have managed to get the votive and 8 oz Jars to set up right by pouring them at 100 degrees. However, the burn times are not as long as they were with the Ecosoya wax. I tried this same method for the tea lights and wax melts and NOTHING is seeming to work. I have a big show that the end of May and CANNOT have my candles looking like this. I really hope that Golden Wax gets their act together and realize that this is NOT good business.

What has changed?

When I first bought this wax, it was absolutely perfect! The scent throw is great, hot or cold, and the consistency was beautiful. I finally bought a 50lb bag and my candles were coming out amazing.... until I reached the end of the batch. I started having major issues with bubbles, cracking and sinkholes which would drown out my wicks, or not burning all the way to the edges. The tops of the candles looked terrible, there were air bubbles all the way through the candles, and some of them even began sweating out the ES! I figured it was just the end of the batch being old, so I bought another 50lb bag, and I am mortified by how bad my candles are coming out. I have no idea what has changed but now I have 50lbs of wax I don't want to use because the quality of the candles it makes are terrible.

1st time candle maker

This is my very first time making candles and followed the 185 high temp add color, remove from heat add FO, stir for 2-5 minutes until at 135 and far so good...what I did want to mention on here was that to avoid drafts I placed the candles inside a box. I laid the box on its side, so back, top, sides and bottom were covered and only the front part open to insert candles...this avoided the drafting issues and helped to cool the candles slower BUT I still had some little imperfections along the perimeter, like clouding. I am waiting the 1-2 week to test and see how the hot throw is, though cold throw is awesome. At this point I will try making them again, placing them inside the box and wrapping around a towel. Otherwise, the tops had a very smooth finish. Sorry I can't be as critical as others as this is my first go at it, but I will update as I perfect the method. Thanks for all the reviews which were a great help.

I Miss Ecosoya Advanced =(

With making candles with this wax, its a hit or miss. I've been making candles for over 3 years using Ecosoya Advanced- I even paid the incredibly high shipping fee because it was worth it. Now that they have discontinued my Ecosoya Advanced, I've had to test a new one (this one). They burn well, but 70% of the time, I either get frosting or blotches of ugly craters throughout the top of my candles. I've tested them pouring at both higher and lower temps, with less fo, then near the fo max, in a double broiler and in a wax pot, you name it. I've read every single review on this site with tips on this wax as well as a couple of other sites, but nothing really helps. Its really frustrating.

NOT a good replacement for Advanced

464 just doesn't cut it. I used the Ecosoya Advanced wax because of its fantastic appearance and the 464 isn't doing it. I'm getting a lot of discoloration and my candles are known for their flawless finish. I can't sell my products for another few weeks until Ecosoya gets their stuff together? This is incredibly disappointing. People have businesses to run. I know this is not Candle Science's fault but we need a better replacement than 464.

Not A Fan

I have always used the Ecosoya Advanced wax and was very sad to see the line discontinued (until April or so!). I decided to do some research and the Golden Brand 464 sounded like a close comparison...I was wrong. I had major frosting issues and none of my tricks worked to stop it. I sold about $200 worth of candles from the 464 wax and had to replace all the candles because they burned so unevenly they went out after 4-6 hours. Ecosoya is my match and I hope NGI comes out with something great!


I am fairly new to candle making. I have been making soy candles since just before Christmas, and I've really enjoyed it. What I HAVE NOT enjoyed is struggling to find the right temperatures, mixtures, etc to get good results. My first wax was one I found on Amazon. I had decent results (GREAT cold/hot throw), but the candles didn't always look great. I would get sink-holes in the top and they ALWAYS had wet spots. I don't use dye, because I like the clean look. However, when you have wet spots all around your candle, it kind of ruins the point of a white candle in a clear jar.

After getting tired of the appearance of that wax, I switched to EcoSoy Advanced. The wax was soft and had very smooth tops. However, the cold throw was awful, and the hot throw wasn't much better. On top of that, I had more wet spots than with the original wax! I tried changing pour temps, heating the jars, drying them on racks/flat surfaces... nothing helped.

Finally, I decided to order this wax. I was sort of hesitant, as I was tired of feeling like I was wasting money on wax that gave sub-par results. Man...I am so happy I made the switch. Granted, I have only made two small batches of candles, but they are PERFECT. I have NO frosting, NO wet spots, and, most importantly, AMAZING cold throw. (I have not burned them yet, as they are still curing, but I have no reason to think the throw will be anything but spectacular)

I have seen mixed reviews about this wax with varying results, so, for what it's worth, here is my method:

- I use a small melting pitcher on a gas stove on low/medium-low. I never melt more than 2 lbs dry wax at a time.
- Heat to 180, stirring occasionally
- Turn off heat, and it generally continues to increase from residual heat to around 185-190
- Wait for the wax to cool to 180 and add 1 oz/lb FO
- Stir slowly with a rubber spatula for around 30 seconds to properly mix the oil
- I continue to stir every 5-10 minutes (again...just slowly)
- I pour slowly at 135-140 degrees in to room-temp jars and cool them on my kitchen table (because my house tends to run cold, especially the kitchen, I use a space heater to keep the temp between 68-72 degrees)


I can't guarantee you'll have the same results, but I haven't seen better so far. For the time being, I'm sold on this wax. Best I have used.

I purchased the 10 lb bag of Golden Brands 464 soy. Easy wax to work with, but I was to irritated with other results to write a review, until now. I used the recommended 1 oz/ 1 lb (fragrance oil to wax) as suggested. The cold throw was very potent, so I conducted my burn test after 48 hours. I found that I had a nice pool that burned to the edge of the container (wooden wicks used), but I had absoluteIy no hot throw. I began reading up on why I didn't have a hot throw and the first thing I came across was that my wick may be to large, even though it was the recommend size. So I wicked down. Cold throw was still potent, but wicking down created a burn pool that left a wall around the edge of the container, thats not what you're looking for, and once again, NO HOT THROW. I walked around irritated for the last 9 days because I really wanted to use this wax, but since I wasn't getting a hot throw, I figured I would call it quits. BUT WAIT!!! After letting my remaining candles from both batches (larger and smaller wick) sit for 9 days, I GOT MY HOT THROW!!!!! So for others, don't be discouraged... It does take a good 1-2 weeks, as suggested, for the soy to cure in order to obtain a hot throw.
I do have ONE complaint CS...Your shipping prices. I have found a competitor that ships for way less. Their products are a few cents cheaper too. But your products being a few cents higher isn't a deal breaker for me, it's the shipping cost you guys charge. So in conclusion, SOY WAX 464 GOOOOD- SHIPPING RATES-BAAAAD! 5 STARS FOR THE PRODUCT ONLY!

Something changed with this wax over the years.....

I agree with all the other comments about the issues from summer/fall batch with this wax! My fall candles did not turn out well and I've been using this wax for 3 years! The hot throw was terrible, holes in all the tops of my candles, glass adhesion issues and the whole works. I actually had some customers complain for the first time! When I called CS about this batch of funky wax, they told me the same thing "heating to 215...." What's the deal? I am looking into other waxes as well but it's a difficult transition. I'm going to order one more batch and if I have any of the same issues then I'm officially parting ways with Golden 464....which is SOOO sad since I've been using it since I started making candles. I'm giving it 3 stars b/c I know CS has little control over how the wax come from manufacturer.

I tried this wax for the first time and had mixed feelings about it. It had a great throw and I didn't have any "wet" spots on the jars but I did have an issue with sink holes and it took extra time to fix them.

Love This Wax

I have been using only this wax for my soy candles for the past 2 years, and I LOVE it! It sets really well at room temperature and mixes well with all the fragrances that I use.
Thanks CandleScience!

Buy your GB 464 in the winter

I'm very disappointed to see that Candle Science removed my review from last summer about the problems with the Golden 464 wax, especially since it contained nothing inappropriate but just a description of the problems with the wax and the CS response to the issue. So I'm trying again. Like many of you, I have been using 464 for many years and this summer got the "sticky wax" that frustrated so many people. The wax caused severe adhesion issues that made the candles look awful, and no changes to pour temp. etc. solved the problem. The wax was not bad due to a hot UPS truck and the problem had nothing to do with "melting". It actually occurs during the manufacturing process in hot weather when the wax is warm and condensation builds up during the cooling process. It is literally caused by water in the wax. I see that at least one person had their money refunded. CS would not let me return my wax for a refund, saying that the wax was "within specifications" and insisting that no one else was having the problem I was describing. They recommended heating to greater than 212 degrees, presumably to "boil off" the water. This can only be done by heating directly on the burner (not in a double boiler or melter), which is not a safe procedure. In reality, there is only one solution to this problem: buy your wax during the cold winter months. My first bad batch was dated in April, while my March batch was fine. Order all your wax for the year between January and March. It will most likely be made in the colder weather and will not have the problems that so many of us had last year. My greatest disappointment in this adventure was not the bad wax but was the response by CS to the problem. It is for that reason, not the quality of the wax, that I have found a new (and less expensive) supplier for my GB464. Honest customer service can make all the difference.

Help??!my hot throw is not good

My hot throw is not good. When I first started using this wax it was amazing. I feel as though something may have changed. Has anyone figured out how to make it work for them. Please help me out and tell me step by step if you don't mind. I'm really starting to feel down about this and like I've wasted my money. Thanks in advance

Okay wax I use to love it... Has anyone found out how to correct the issue??? Help

When I first started using this wax it was amazing. I feel as though something may have changed. Has anyone figured out how to make it work for them. Please help me out and tell me step by step if you don't mind. I'm really starting to feel down about this and like I've wasted my money. Thanks in advance

Wax contains too much moisture

I loved this wax until about August. I have had so many jar candles with "wet" spots since then. I have tried everything. Pour in warm containers, pour in room temperature containers, pour at high temp, pour at low temp, no drafts, and I still get wet spots. I have lost about 1/3 to 1/2 of every batch I pour. My latest batch of wax as it was heating up sounded like someone had put french fires in hot grease. I am afraid this wax has lost its charm. Some one let me know when they get better results on their candles in jars.

Adherence problems

Ok I have tried everything to get my wax to adhere to my jars all the way around!! What am I doing wrong?? I'm gonna try pouring around 145 I've been pouring at 130 idk what else to do I hear my jars make sure they are clean idk what the deal is

Pretty good wax.

I really love how easy it is to use this wax, since it comes in flakes. I heated the wax to 185 degrees and added fragrance oils at that temp. I poured my wax into the 8oz tins at 140 degrees. They set with a very nice smooth top, I didn't need a second pour. When I burned the candles to conduct my test burn, the wax solidified with big holes on the top. I've burned many soy wax candles and have never seen any of them solidify like that once they have been extinguished. My next burn test is with 6 tins that contain fragrance oils.

Super disappointed in my latest shipment of Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax. I bought two 10 pound bags. It is nothing like my first two bags which were dry and flaky. These two bags have solid clumps and feel extremely "wet" and sticky. I'm dreading trying to make candles with it.

Not what I was hoping for

I'm new to candle making, but based on the reviews I went with 10 lbs of this wax to try first- it's not what I expected.. It's easy to work with, but I guess they're still having problems with the quality of this wax still, because I'm having adhesion problems, frosting, and dips in the top. I've tried making batches different ways, and actually the first pound was the best, but of course there was no dye, which made it less noticeable.. I've also only done 1 oz/lb of FO so far, so I'm not sure what would happen if I added more. Might have to switch for my next purchase.

Something has changed :(

I have used this wax for years.. But I orders 4 boxes in August and all of my fall candles are terrible!! They have Zero Hot throw!! And I have changed nothing in my process. Not happy at all.. Seriously upset as not only was this alot of money but now I am having complaints from my customers :( .. Seriously thinking of trying the IGI 6006 and trying something totally new. :(

Wonderful Candle Turnouts

I just want you to know that I have been using your 464 soy wax, and several of your scents, and I am 100% happy and satisfied with your products. I have never had a problem making my candles. Hot and cold throw is great!! My candles always turn out awesome with strong scent throws so I am a very happy customer.

This is the first time I buy CandleScience and I have to say that I was so scared at first to buy this product, specially after reading the reviews. I even emailed Customer Service to see if the issue was resolved. The person told me that there was no way to guarantee a perfect batch but to play around with the temperature. So yesterday I made my first batch, they came out perfect! I've been trying to get a perfect candle using the soy from my local craft store, and they all came out horrible with poor scent trow. However, I was excited to see this morning the best candles I have ever made. Amazing cold throw! The house smells delicious! I'm defiantly a Customer of Candle Science!

After using this wax for a year or so...

It's definitely my favorite soy wax that I've used thus far. The texture is fabulous as is the fragrance throw. I spent the better half of the last year battling frosting and sink holes in my candles with this wax, and I will say that that struggle could have been rectified A LOT sooner had I simply read the manufacturer's recommended pour temp. I tried pouring at lower and lower temperatures to thwart the ugliness, but after everything was said and done, I looked up the pour temp recommended here on the site and gave it a shot. Pouring at 150-160 yields perfection. Just a word to the wise!

June Bug Home Decor

Wanted to add, when melted the wax was clear & not cloudy.

June Bug Home Decor

I just got a 10lb bag in the mail yesterday. I made a test batch of only 3 candles based off of the reviews. I followed the instructions from this site I always have - heat to 185*, thoroughly stir in fragrance, pour into containers at 135*. The tops are smooth, the fragrance is perfect, they burn perfectly, & I had no issues.

Too sticky for me.

Unfortunately I have had to switch back to the ECOSOYA 135. It's a little different to work with and have had a few issues but over all it's ok. It's more expensive so I'm hoping the moisture issues will be resolved as we go into the busy season. I'm so disappointed. I am hoping the golden brand company gets it together. I let one box dry out for a month and once I used it there was some sort of gray debris in the wax once it was thoroughly melted. Perhaps it's soy bean she'll particles? I have to strain it to use it. Totally bummed in the heart of the delta......

Our go-to wax, but A LOT of recent problems

I own a medium sized candle business and get all of my gw-464 wax from candle science. The last 3 50b boxes I've gotten though are cloudy when melted, and make disastrous candles. Called the customer service line and unfortunately they said the manufacturer has been shipping out a lot of boxes with moisture in them. I was told to heat the wax to a higher temperature (212 degrees) and then pour as usual. Very time consuming, and still not getting good results. Unfortunately have to start ordering from a different company until the quality stabilizes.

Dissapointed in the recent batches!

I have switched back to CB135 until the issue is resolved. I was SO bummed to get a sticky mess with my last 464 order - and even more bummed customer service didn't do anything about it. Although the scent throw isn't quite as good it makes beautiful candles with zero frosting! Looking forward for the issue to be resolved.


this new batch gave me some problems as well.. i needed to reformulate my procedure. this is what worked for me- melt to 185, add F/O(mix) below stated flash point, cool and stir (gently!) occasionally to 120-115 and pour into fully prepped jars apx 4" apart in a 70deg room with no drafts. this equals smooth tops,no wet spots or frosting. perfect!!!

Issues with Soy 464

I have used 464 for over a year and had no problem with it order a 50 lb in August and it was a mess wax had a wired texture very sticky lot of cracks. I'm back to ordering the 10 lb bags to see if there is difference good thing I take pictures of my candles so I can see the difference in the pictures.

I haven't called customer service because i thought I did something wrong. Now looking at the other post I can see it was the wax.


I have been using this wax for 3 years now and love it. Now we are having inconsistency issues. I have had two bad cases in the past 2 months. The wet issues that are addressed in the above description from Candlescience. It's a longer process to get the water content out but it still works great. The gumminess of the wax is the real problem for me. It sticks to your hands your containers for measuring etc. I will continue to work with it, but am considering going back to the 135 wax I used to use until the issue is resolved.

Anyone else having issues with July shipment of wax

Is anyone else having issues with a July or Aug shipment of wax? I have never had issues with this wax before but I have made about 20 candles now with the wax I got from my July shipment. I got it right from the UPS man so it wasn't left in the heat but it keeps having a finish with some air bubbles or denting after it cools. even when I wait and then add some to the top the next day...


I am very new to candle making. It's becoming something I LOVE to do!! BUT - I need help! Is it normal for this wax to have a weird texture after the first burn? Every candle of mine dries with a texture and even some little holes when I blow it out. If anyone can give me an answer, I'd be so appreciative! Thanks!!!!

No hot throw!!!

I'm new to the candle making thing and I've followed all directions given from the tutorials. I've also been researching other techniques and even have ordered smaller wicks. I've spent so much money and can't make a profit due to not having a hot throw. Can anyone help me out with advice. My cold throw is wonderful, I'm just not sure how to get a hot throw.

Frosting is a MAJOR issue!

First off, let me say this---I love the CT and HT of this wax. However, I can pour this wax at 150 degrees or at 110 degrees, and no matter what, my candles frost. A lot! They may look good overnight, but I always encounter one problem or another. They may not frost immediately, but they will have cracks and sinkholes in the top. They may not have sinkholes, but they will frost. To the point where I am simply uncomfortable selling them. I've tried warming my jars, or not warming my jars. I've tried everything I can think of. Lessening fragrance load, not making the color so dark. I am genuinely, frustrated, and about to throw in the towel here. The candles will be perfect, but develop frosting even after curing for two weeks. They develop frosting that wasn't there to begin with. I feel I can't stop it or control it.


I had the same issue with the 464 (same lot number) as Jennifer. Candle science must have gotten many complaints because when called to discuss my problem the representative immediately shipped me replacement boxes of wax at no additional cost. I consider this excellent customer service! Since I am new to candle making it never occurred to me from the texture of the wax that I would have the issues that experienced. Now I know what to look out for. But I thank Candle science for not giving me the run around to replace the defective boxes of wax.

Something was wrong

Like Jennifers review, I too had the same problem. I was ordering 10lb bags in June and they would arrive to my house totally fine. But for some reason the 50lb bag that I had received first week in July was a complete mess. The wax was sticky and you can mold it with your own hands into whatever shape you wanted. I couldnt measure it correctly so I basically measured with my eyes. I figured it could have been a couple of reasons. 1 being that the wax was in a huge blue plastic bag and put into a box. When I opened the bag you can see condensation inside the plastic bag. Or 2 being that the wax was sitting on the UPS truck all day. UPS starts delivery at 9am and my shipment had arrived after 6pm. It was a humid week in NYC that week so I am giving the 50lb bag a second chance. But if it comes the way it did the first time im sure ill be looking elsewhere for my wax.


I have tried many other waxes and this one is by far the best one. I love it and so do all of my customers.

Love it- Works perfectly

The trick to this wax is to follow instructions and then let cure two weeks at the least. Candles will have great hot and cold throw is made correctly. My customers love my candles. I add 8-9% fragrance, heat to 195, add fragrance at 180, pour at 120.

444 and 464 are Great!

My review is going to debunk some of the reviews I am seeing on the wax here. It is not the waxes fault if you can't smell the fragrance that you are putting in the candles. Our noses are all different and we must not use our noses to diagnose all fragrances and fragrance issues. Chances are that someone loves what you dislike. Check the soy wax rating of your fragrance and make sure your fragrance load is DECENT. Candlescience recommends 7% fragrance load. Some other websites recommend a 9%, a 10% and 12% fragrance load. Experiment. Research and develop.

There is a scientific explanation of why you think you can't smell what you're making. Our noses become desensitized to frequent odors. We all have olfactory receptor neurons and olfactory sensory neurons (our sense of smell). When we're introduced to a new smell, it is strong and unique. After being around it for a while, our noses don't need to remind us of the smell and soon it doesn't bother us. It seems like our sense of smell has vanished. Smelling coffee beans, coffee grounds, or going outside to breathe fresh air can help to reset these neurons (our sense of smell).

In short, our nose is doing its job, but it can stop reminding us of what odors we're frequently around. One batch of candles sharing the same fragrance can seem weak to us after starting a batch. My first experience with Very Vanilla, for example, was potent, gave me a headache, but after they cooled, they were perfect and customer reception was great. I could hardly smell its potency, it wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't for my nose to decide in the end.

Candlescience won't respond to your questions in your reviews you're leaving. They're strictly reviews and not a Q&A. If you need help, contact them directly, and not in a review.

I recently decided to add soy candles and tarts to my bath and body product line and after much research, used this wax to start. I am not disappointed. I get a great hot and cold throw every time by following the directions for this type of wax. My customers love the candles and always come back for more. I will say the curing time seems to be at least two weeks to get a good hot throw. I make CP soap, so for me, two weeks is nothing. Definitely worth it for a strong candle.

pretty wax, great cold throw, ZERO hot throw

Hi. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this website, trying the 464 wax as well as 444 wax, and the high-rated fragrances and the Eco wicks ranging from 14 to 12 to 10. I am following all directions, and have also tried other methods. I cure at least 7 days. Cold throw is amazing but literally ZERO hot throw on any candles so I have wasted hundreds of dollars. So frustrated... need help.

I have heated to 185 as told by a rep on here. I have added FO at 180-185, I have added it at 150, I have added it at 130. I have poured at 150 and 130 and 120. None of these combos are producing any sort of hot throw at all.

And EVERY eco wick I try in your 8oz tin or amber straight side tumbler burns badly. The 14 smokes soot and the flame is super big and dances and is too hot and mushrooms, even though that is what your rep said was supposed to be the correct wick size for the diameter of the containers you sell. The 12 did not do any better. The 10 still soots and mushrooms. None of them produce throw.

I am really frustrated because I have done everything the reps have suggested and it is still not working, and so many others on here complain of same issue. I am starting to think it is your products. I am out so much money now that I don't have any left to retry these for my craft show coming up. At a loss.

A really frustrated customer.

worry-free candlemaking

I am a total newbie to candle making and I read all the reviews of this product. I have had zero trouble and have made the most beautiful candles with this Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax. I heated to 185, stirred in color and fragrance. I have let cool to 135 to pour, some to120, and I even poured some at 150 and they ALL came out beautifully. I will continue to purchase this product.

Owner, Uncommon Soya Scents, Durham NC

AAK-Golden 464 is my absolute favorite soy wax! I love the cold and hot scent throws, and my customers can't get enough of the candles I make using it! The maximum fragrance load is between 1.5- 2 oz./Lb. of wax, depending on the fragrance. Lighter weighted fragrances tend to be closer to 1.5 oz. and the heavier oils are able to go up to 2.0 oz. Using too much F.O. can create a fire hazard; the oil tends to "leak" out once the wax has cooled.


I been buying waxes for awhile from this site and usually have had no problems. This last purchase was awful. I have had to repour two or three times every time I made a candle. It's ridiculous. This has never happened before. I don't know if the company changed anything but I might have to buy else where.

LX wicks!!!

So I was testing a lot with eco wicks with not much hot throw results and started testing with LX. The hot throw with LX is awesome! For 6oz tins, I pour at around 100 degrees and use LX-22 wicks..good solid burn with no mushrooming (like eco tends to do). I had to write an additional review just to share my discovery! I was losing hope with this wax, but think it may have all been about the wicks :) hope this helps others struggling to figure out this wax.

Great Wax!

I have been using this wax for about 7 months now and have loved it. The only problem that I have had with it is that I get a lot of frosting with any darker colors, and I have tried everything to not have that happen. Strangely enough, no one seems to notice the frost and they sell out with no problems at all!!

Pour at LOW heat

I've been seeing a lot of comments saying to pour at higher than normal temps (165-180) but I've had great success pouring at very low temps - around 100-110. I was getting a lot of pitting and weird texture at the higher temps. I am very used to working with Cargill C-3, which produces a super smooth top and can be poured at virtually any temperature with not much issue. It's hard to get used to the 464, because even when it's a good pour, I still get a little patchy texture on top- looks like splotches. I don't know how to rectify this or just accept the fact that is the way the 464 wax is. I was thinking of using a creme brulee torch to smooth out the tops, but would like to avoid doing that. If anyone has any tips, please email me at


burn life???

What is the burn life for this wax, and 2oz of frangrace with 8oz that a good throw mix?

No hot throw

I've used different wicks, tried colored and uncolored, different scents, adding at different temps., different amounts of fragrance oil, etc. I've let them cure for a week but I get barely any hot throw. Any suggestions please email me

Great cold throw. Great hot throw once you find the right fragrance ratio. Any ideas how to reduce holes after solidifying? I understand that's a product of being a natural soy.
Any input would be appreciated.

Great Wax

Easy to use and great results! Only wish the candles had a consistent look upon solidifying after each use, but that's just natural wax for ya! I would recommend!


I just started candlemaking and bought 10 Ib of this wax to make soy candles in vintage glass from thrift stores. Made 3 batches, and every batch came out perfect. I heated to 185, added fragrance at around 150, and poured at 140-145. They poured beautifully, set nicely, no bubbles or frosting and great glass adhesion. Burning nicely as well, and since I used the stronger fragrances, the throw is nice. Love this wax and now buying a 50Ib bag!

Owner and candle maker

I absolutely love excellent and has a great scent throw. No problems as long as I keep to the golden brand instructions. I make dessert candles and all of them come out wonderful. customers love them and love the clean burn 464 has.

464 Wax And Scent Throw/ cosmetic issues

Hello to all, My son and i started this small candle business and we have been seriously blessed with the outcome!!! I would like to give some of my input also on some points of interest that may help others. First let me say this, everyone i sell the candles to says the same thing!!...."candles are amazing and they last forever, they smell up multiple rooms in their homes...etc......etc.... ..Ok, enough of that.... I like many others have dealt with all the frustrating issues ...this is what works for me..
1. Heat 464 wax to around 190-195...and measure wax off the burner with a long deep fryer thermometer (walmart, Grill /outdoor section for purchase)...hoover the point of the probe approx...(.25) of an inch off the side and bottom of large metal pouring pot container...
2. While wax temp is lowering to around 190/185 mark, i place the metal pot on digital scale and add .06% frag. (.98) ounce....after step 1 is completed. Continue to stir wax gently and then take temp reading.
3. I then add the weighed frag, utilizing mainstays digital scale..(walmart ..again for purchase) the EXACT!!!!! AMOUNT NOTED in step 2...
4. Next, i set timer on stove to, 2 minutes...stirring gently 1 minute in each direction with a metal soup spoon.
5. After 2 mins. of stirring, i add dye...etc.... Stirring another min. (or until dissolved)..
6. I usually only make 16oz. mason jars and fill each with only 14oz. of 464 wax per candle.
7. I have started pouring my wax at 110'F and fill the mason jar approx.. half way..after multiple times of stirring wax during cool down wait time.
8. Prior to pouring the wax, I quickly heat all the mason jars to a warm touch with a 9$ hair dryer (walmart ..again for
9. After pouring wax at 110'F, half full in each mason jar, timer is set again for 1 min....then pour again to approx fill line ...
10. Last step is this, (I always leave a little wax in pouring pitcher to allow for a 1/8 inch top off (if needed) to cover any blemishes.
This new pouring temp of 110'F for me, has yielded EXCELLENT RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..Ounce candle is poured, i set the candles to cool inside cool oven on rack...... all my customers tell me the candles smell amazing and have excellent throw Hot and Cold!!!... I allow candles to cure 3/4 days before selling... hope this helps someone!!! Feel free to email me for further

I LOVE this wax!!! Would NEVER use any other wax. Read some comments about defects in the wax....
I never experience bumps. You have to let it melt completely and cool correctly to get a smooth candle. I occasionally get an air bubble on top that will leave a small hole. Nothing a hair dryer can't fix! :)
Also love how easy this wax cleans up!!!
Would never go back to using anything but soy wax in my tart warmers!

Get an amazing hot throw...

I have seen so many people discuss how much they love everything about this wax except the hot throw. I felt the same way when I first started working with this wax but quickly found out the secret to getting an amazing hot throw. The key is... LET THEM CURE. The longer, the better. You can't test burn after 24 hours and get a great hot throw. In fact, you may not smell much of anything at all but be patient and just wait to test burn. My candles that have cured for a week are good but those that I let cure for two weeks are AMAZING!

Great wax

I am still somewhat a rookie at the candle business. I have used only 464 and I am determined to stay with it. I am reading what people are posting about adding lots of fragrance and bad adhesion and so on. I heat to 185 and use 6 to 7% fragrance load plus dye at around 180. I stir a couple times throughout and pour between 140 and 150 for jars. I try to aim for 145 with this wax. Mostly smooth tops but sometimes rough tops depending on dye usage. I will get occasional frosting and wet spots but that's just the nature of soy wax and temperature fluctuations. Pretty tough to cure frosting on the sides of the jars as well to prevent it. Soy frosts when it wants to yet it is more likely to with using dyes I have learned. Important thing to know about this wax is you must let it cure for 2 weeks before lighting it for best fragrance and performance. I have had a hard time determining which wicks work the best. I started with ecos but since switched to premiers and I get a much better scent throw and cleaner burn. All in all its a great wax

9/9/15 wax

I just wanted to update and say Shelley at CS has been great and has tested the wax both at the CS facility and her home. I was very distraught when I received another box right before a craft fair but I heated the wax to 190, added FO at 185 and poured at 170 and they were perfect. I have realized for myself at least that with the changing weather keeping my house at 71 degrees and using a draft blocker under the studio door has saved my candles. No more wet spots or adhesion problems. Although I occasionally have uneven tops when poured under 160 it's nothing the heat gun can't fix. My advice is to pour at 170 and center the wick immediately after your first batch is poured to avoid creating bumps or holes from moving around the wick.

Thanks so much for looking into the sticky wax. While it is messier, it seems to be working well now.


I have tested and tested this is the key. ( I use 12oz mason jars ) Heat the wax to 180 and add scent then pour at 170-175. I then wrapped my jars in small towels and lets sit for a couple of hours. PERFECTION TRUST ME. I get a great scent throw both hot and cold hope this helps. I

This wax works fine

To everyone saying this wax does not hold a scent, 185 degree temps might burn the oil scents out causing your candles to be weak. I personally, recommend pouring your oils in around 125 degrees and then pouring into jars around 110 to give a smooth even top without sink holes. This is just my personal opinion and this wax holds good for me. Hope this helps?

New to the candle making scene

HELP! - No hot throw!!
When I light my candles (golden soy wax 464) I can barely smell them. I used Christmas tree and did cinnamon. I use 1.5 ounce per candle (just under one pound of wax per candle) I add my scent when my wax is at 185 degrees, I take it off the double boiler and put in the scent. Stir 20 times and let it cool to 135. Then pour in my jar. What am I doing wrong?

The wax gives a smooth finish, they look great, but no scent!

Bad wax!

I've had the same problems. Melting and pouring this wax the same as I always have and I'm have terrible results, frosting and bumpy tops. My heat gun can't even correct these problems. So disappointed with this batch. I hope candle science reads these reviews and realizes this is not the same wax that it used to be.

possible problem with this batch

I received 30 pounds in my last order, and regardless of what I do I can't get the wax to hold a scent. I've used the same formula as I've done in the past with good results, but the results have been so poor I'm not able to use them. I've adjusted FO and temps to see if that resolves the issue, but no. Hoping if there is a problem with the wax it is resolved.

No hot scent throw.

We purchased two 50 pound boxes of this wax. The candles smell wonderful when they're cold, virtually nothing when they're burning. We've played around with amount of fragrance and wick size and let our candles cure. A complete waste of money, not only on the wax, but on the amount of fragrance, tins and supplies we've had to use. For every different recipe we've used on this wax, the candles are bubbling and fragrance is seeping out, even when using minimum amount of fragrance to wax. Extremely disappointed. I do NOT recommend this wax to anyone.

Same problem with 9/15/15 Batch!

I am having the same problem with the 9/15/15 batch. I've been using GW464 for years (over 100 boxes in the past few years) and this batch is different from all the others. First, it sticks to everything like paste, making it very difficult to scoop and pour. It is also creating terrible wet spots on the candles that have made them so unsightly they are not sellable. I've tried everything to compensate for the bad wax from pouring hotter to pouring colder (I always heat the jars) to trying to fix with a heat gun after - nothing works. The wax is essentially unusable and is costing me a tremendous amount of time to try to fix, with no success. Please beware of this batch or ask that your order not be filled from the 9/15/15 wax.

Watch out for 09/09/15

We have really loved this wax for many of the same reasons you all do, but I wanted to let you know that we have received three cases from the 09/09/15 batch and all three have been stickier and wetter to the touch than is normal. As a result this has caused 90% of our candles to have wet spots and adhesion issues. Anyone else have this issue? I don't want to see a bunch of people go through the turmoil we have. It's been very costly for our business.

Ariane Scholl

Very expensive stubborn batch

This is my third 10 pound bag and the first time with multiple issues. This soy looks nothing like the previous bags i have received, even though its the same GB 464 soy. It is yellow, cannot see through it, full of air and it almost looks like it has vains in it. Every batch has the same problems with sinkholes and frosting. I was told that i may have received a particulary stubborn batch that got some extra air incorporated into it during manufacturing process. Was advised to heat it up to 230 and hold it there for 30 minutes. Its useless. I have customers waiting and i cannot fulfill the orders.

Soy wax

If all steps are followed correctly with soy making like picking the right wick and letting it cure for the right amount of time, will a soy candle ever throw as well as paraffin candle would?

Favorite Wax

This is my favorite brand of wax. I haven't used any other however, this one has never given me a reason to switch it up or try another. Great!

I'm fairly new to the candle making business, but I love this wax. I get a smooth top every time. All my candles have strong hot and cold throws. This wax, colors very easily. Lately since the weather has been changing I've had a frosting issue on the bottoms, but I believe it's from the counter top possible causing it from lack of heat holding, will try different methods to prevent that in the future. I heat my wax to 185, and add the color, I add the fragrance around 150, and pour around 130. Just have to figure out the frosting on the bottom issue, but candles are perfect every time.

I have to say how HAPPY I am with this wax. I have been making candles for many, many years and have always had sinkholes. I can not remember a time where I didn't have to do a second pour. Well, those days are gone.

I started my fall candle making with (8) 4 inch wide glass jars, making sure to save some wax for the sinkholes that were sure to come. Alas, they cured with a perfectly smooth top. The most professional looking candles I have ever produced.

I did not heat my jars, they were at room temperature (70 degrees), as I see many people have done. I heated the wax to 185 degrees, added color and fragrance at that time, then stirred and waited to pour at about 160-170 degrees. I felt no need to wrap them, just left them to cure naturally.

There was no frosting or spotting, they literally came out perfect. Too bad I can not post a picture. I will definitely buy this wax again and recommend it to anyone into making candles!!!!!!!

This wax is PERFECT in every respect except one! It is clean and easy to work with, it's forgiving in every respect. It holds color great, easy to pour, provides smooth beautiful tops, nice and creamy, has a very good cold throw. The problem is, it has almost no hot throw whatsoever at (12% FO load). If you're looking to make unscented candles this is by far and away the best choice of all! If you're making scented candles and want to smell the scent when lit, shop around this one isn't it!

I like it however...

I like this wax but the last batch I bought for some reason my candles do not have a good cold or hot scent throw. I have read reviews from buyers of other handmade candles saying the soy candles scent their whole house. The most I get is in the room the candle is in. It depends on the fragrance I am using as well. I'm testing numerous candles before I start my business and not sure what I am doing wrong in regards to scent throw. Overall I like the way this wax makes my candles look. Very pretty and smooth!

I have had horrible results with this wax! I had previously used Ecosoya Pillar Blend with pretty good results but always had to do a second pour to get a smooth top. I thought I would give this a try - it had good reviews and was cheaper. I bought a 10 lb box and had perfect results with smooth tops in one pour. After that I bought a 50 lb box and have not had a single smooth pour since. I have experimented with different temps but have had not success. I made about 50 candles in June and after 2 months the discoloration is horrible (I also don't dye my candles so the discoloration on undyed candles is even noticeable). I am embarrassed to sell these candles.

Best wax! I have bought this wax for two years! It never dussapoints!


This wax did a beautiful job!
I heated it to 185 degrees, added two dye chips and got an amazing and BOLD color in the soy wax. I then added an ounce of fragrance an removed it from the heat and stirred it super well.
I poured the candles and then wrapped the jars about an inch apart in towel to make sure they didn't cool to quickly.
The outcome was perfect! I have no sink holes and beautifully smooth tops with no frosting or anything. I love this wax!

So far..Great!

I have had zero issues with getting smooth tops. I consistently heat to 185, remove from heat, FO and stir 40 times each way. I then check temp. If it went below 170, I reheat for a moment and bring it to about 173. I slowly pour into PREHEATED jars. Perfectly smooth beautiful tops everytime! I would like to know from others how long you cure your candies before burning?

Need to experiment - Will use higher pour temp next time

I was using this wax for quite a while but had a hard time getting a good looking candle (frosting and rough tops). The hot and cold throw would always be amazing but I could never perfect a technique with consistent results. I had the best luck with preheating the jars in the oven, pouring at with a temp of ~150F and letting cool in my house with the heat cranked up for 2-3 days. Most attempts I still had some minor frosting.

I've since switched to CB Advanced and have had better luck with no frosting and smooth tops, but nothing compares to the 464 hot/cold throw. After seeing some other reviews where they had success with a pour temp at 170F, I may try this wax again.

Would recommend to anyone who has time to play around and experiment.

This wax is awful! I've been using Ecosoya advanced for over a year, but thought I'd give this wax a try since it had fairly good reviews and was a little cheaper. I bought the 10lb bag and liked it. Then I bought the 50lb bag. I have made about 5 different batches, and have had major surface issues (uneven or random holes) with almost every candle. They look awful...unsellable! I warm my containers and heat/pour at appropriate temps. I will be switching back to Eco right away, as I never had these issues. What a waste of money and time! Go for the Ecosoya brands!

I just love this wax! I have been using it for about three years now. It is my go to for all candle making! Holds the scent!


We just bought this wax because the other wax we were using was giving us frosting and wet spots. The cold throw on this wax is absolutely amazing but I can't get a hot throw whatsoever!! Not sure what we are doing wrong. We are melting it correctly, we are pouring the FO at the temp of its flashpoint and even let it cure for two days. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or give me any tips? Would be much appreciated.


I wanted this wax to work so badly! The cold throw was great, hot throw, not so much.

HOWEVER, I'd advise getting this shipped to a PO box. The is the second batch in a row that I've received that was completely infested with hundreds ants due to holes in the plastic bags.

Not satisfied at all.

this is perfect for me

i ordered 10lb for the first time.

and it's so much fun. i luv making candles. n i would luv to try it again. n maybe i have to order 50lb next time :)

I LOVE THIS WAX!!! I have tried so many others and so far the key to a perfect candle with this one is pouring at 165. I let it heat up to about 215, pull and let sit, add in the fragrance right below its flash point and pour always at that temp. If I have a fragrance thats lower than that temp (like nag champa is 157) then I pour at 155 or as close as possible to that higher temp. I use 8oz glass and ceramic along with 2oz tins and all of them have smooth tops and no wet spots. I will be a loyal fan for a while!

tried other soy waxes and 464 gives the best scent throw. i found that you need to heat the jars in oven before. ever since i started doing that i've had ZERO sink hole issues.

Golden Brands 464 Soy WAX

Let me start by saying I love this Wax I have some from different Company and this is the best by far. I was recommend to this company by the Ultimate guide candle soy making book. ( I am also new to candlemaking) I followed her instruction which is heat to 185 deg pour frag in and pour 125 and my candles came out perfect. Cold throw is great. I will def cont ordering from CS and the frag are awesome. and Fast shipping is always a plus. Thanks a bunch

Worked GREAT for a first timer

I am completely new at making candles. I purchased 50lbs of 464. After reading many reviews I decided to add the dye and fragrance oil at 185 degrees and pour at 170 degrees. My candles came out perfect! Completely smooth tops, no frosting, no bubbles. They look like professionally made candles. I will be purchasing again!

Works all right

I have now purchased 2 10lb boxes of this wax and am about to order a 3rd. I add fragrance at about 180. Then I let cool to 125 +/- 5 and pour in each container. I have no issues with frosting or sink holes and have never had to add more wax. The hot throw is almost just as good as the cold throw. My issue is simply wet spots and I'm sure it is my fault because I have not heated the containers. This time around I'll be heating my containers to see if that makes a difference.


Before I switch over to the IGI 6006 Parasoy I wanted to write a review on the GW 464.
I have gone through more than a case of this, and was never sure how the candles would turn out. I had many problems with sinkholes, adhesion, and frosting. I would pour 3 candles out of the same pot and some would be perfect and some had frosting and wet spots. It was a given they would need a re-pour because of sinkholes and lumpy tops. I was following the directions to a outlined in the video, as far as temperatures to add color, fragrance, and pouring. However, after doing some research I started adding 1 T. Coconut oil to the 185° wax and stirring to thoroughly combine, also instead of pouring at 135° I poured at 110°. It was like night and day! No more sinkholes, or frosting, nice creamy tops, but still some wet spots, which I attribute to cooling too quickly. Another batch I put into a preheated ice chest when they were set up enough to move, and left them overnight. Once again, 2 were perfect, and 1 had a huge wet spot. - but so far no frosting on any of them! All jars were preheated. After trying the IGI 6006, (and loving it) I can't see myself going back to straight soy, but hopefully this will help someone who is having some issues with this wax.

Best Soy Wax

I use this wax in addition to the CB Advanced soy wax. I do a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture. I use 2 oz. of fragrance oil per 20 oz. of wax. It's perfect! No frosting, No holes near the wicks, excellent scent throw when using the Vybar 260! I love your oils as well.

Good Wax Needs Some Help

My experience with the wax has been positive, but I did have to add vybar and UV inhibitor to the blend. Overall, the wax pool was great, there was some great throw to the candles also. I'd recommend using 1 1/2 ounces of fragrance per pound as 2 ounces can end up causing the oil to seep.

Overall, this is one of the best brands that Candlescience carries. I am very pleased with it.

I am currently on my second box of GB 464 and keep hoping my candles will get better. I am getting a beautiful candle and great cold throw but have very little hot throw. I am thinking of switching to the paraffin/soy blend wax IGI 6006. I currently add fragrance at 185 and pour at 160 and this leaves me with a smooth top. I also heat my jars before adding wax. Any info on IGI 6006 would be great!! (Fragrance temp and pouring temp.) I need a stronger hot throw!

Love this wax!

I'll admit, it took some time to get used to the GB464 wax. I was making candle after candle and getting excellent cold throw, and just ok hot throw. I tried pouring at 135, 150, 170 etc. etc. I kept getting little hot throw, plus aesthetic issues (sink holes, rough tops etc). I've since change my method and I'm getting much better results. I don't heat the wax to 185 anymore. I put the wax in the microwave on defrost until it's almost clear (3-4 mins), with a few solid wax chips still in it. I stir until those solid specs are melted. When the wax thickens up (like the thick consistency of oil) I add my 7% fragrance, stir slowly for two minutes and pour once a film starts to form over the wax. If I'm using a dark colored dye, I wait to pour until the wax is slushy, then heat it back up until its liquid and let it cool back down to slushy. This has pretty much eliminated the frosting for me. If the top isn't as smooth as I like, I just go over it with a heat gun to smooth it out. To prevent wet spots, I heat my glass on a warmer while the wax melts. After I pour, I cover the candles with a box to slow down the cooling. The wax and glass should be as close to the same temp as they can be so that the wax doesn't separate from the glass. This is what has worked for me, maybe it will be helpful to some of you too! Good luck and happy experimenting!

no hot throw

I have no idea why I'm not getting any hot throw. My candles turn out perfect, no sink holes, no wet spots, they burn great but no fragrance when they are lit. I heat wax to 185 add FO, mix well and pour at 170. I let my candles cure for 3-4 days. Im also using 8oz mason jars with ECO 10 wicks. Can someone please help.

Danville Candles

I have read several reviews and want to provide you with my experience. I have purchased with wax from CandleScience for several years. Sometimes, typically when purchased in the colder months do I experience issues with sink holes. What I have found is once the wax has settled at room temperature I don't get the sink holes.

I melt to 180 degrees. I fragrance close to 100 degrees, stir and pour. I pour each container by half, wait about a minute and then pour the remainder. This method gives me a smooth top. I continue to get a great cold and hot throw with this method.


I spent a night testing my pour temps on this wax in 5 degree intervals. Anything I pour that is below 150 definitely gets sinkholes on the side of wick....and this is with lx and eco wicks being tested. I highly recommend 160-170 pour temp. However, I could use some good advice on storing as I am having a big problem with wet spots days later. I do entirely to many candles for individually wrapping in towels...I would love any feedback or
Thank You :)

Wanted come back at finish my review. Received my third box of this wax and it worked wonderfully again! I was so relieved. I didn't have to do anything additional to get good results and I really don't even pay too much attention to temps. I must have received a "dud" box the second time around. Now I just fear getting another one. But I love this wax so much that I will keep ordering.

I've purchased two 50 pound boxes a year apart. My box last year worked amazing. No problems. The one that I got this year I've had nothing be problems with concerning sink holes. I started heating my containers first and that's seemed to help with some of the containers I was using, but half of them I am still having this problem. Tried pouring at different temps... no difference either. A bit frustrating. But I make too many at a time to wrap them all in towels and move them to a cupboard like some have suggested. I am ordering another box now... hoping that I get better results.

Trial & error

I have been using Eco CB Advanced for about 8 months now, wanted to try GB 464 due to the lower price & reviews of stronger Hot throw.
I poured my first tester, 185 add fragrance- 135 pour temp- cracked and was lumpy ( didn't heat jar)
I tried a second tester- 185 add fragrance oil - 150 pour- a little smoother, but still a little uneven finish.
Third time- 185 fragrance oil-160 pour temp, and it came out just as clean and smooth as the Ecosoya CB advanced.

Seems like everyone is having different results, consider your temp surroundings as well. I am happy with the results I have gotten with the GB464 and plan to purchase it from here on out!
Good luck fellow chandlers :0)

I have used this wax now for 6 years. It is by far the best and easiest wax to use. I have gone through many 50 pound boxes of it!

Having issues...

This is my first go around making soy candles and I thought I'd start with the 464 wax. For the life of me I can't seem to get a smooth top... I've poured anywhere from 110 to 100 and I still get sinkholes and cracks around the wick :/ If anyone has any advice, I welcome any suggestion!!! My email is

Great wax for glass containers

I've been using this wax for over a year now and have had great results after considerable trial and error. Hands down this is probably the best soy wax for cold and hot throw. The hot throw easily fills a room with 1.25 oz fragrance per pound of wax. The best technique I've developed so far to reduce frosting to almost none (with a few pop-ups here and there) is as follows:

First, it's important that the room in which you let the candles cure for about 2-3 days is held at a pretty constant temperature around 68F, preferably closer to 70. Anything 65 or under will frost like crazy in my experience. I heat the wax up to 185F, then add dye (liquid or solid- liquid has worked best for me), then wait a minute or two while stirring in the dye. Next add the fragrance oil at 1-1.5 oz/lb wax, but make sure the flash point is above 180F, or you will evaporate out your fragrance. Some have lower flash points so be careful. Continue stirring slowly until the temperature reaches 170F then pour. I do not preheat my jars but that seems to work for some people. Allow the wax to harden undisturbed, which may take about 30-45 minutes, then wrap them in a bath towel and tuck them away in a cabinet or area where the temperature is pretty constant. This creates an insulating effect that will allow your candles to cure slower, which will deter crystal formation. Any dramatic change of temperature within the first 2-3 days of curing will frost over your candles, guaranteed. And, honestly, I've seen frosting pop up on candles I've had around for months due to a dramatic temperature change, so it's really just a reality of using soy wax. Remove the candles from the towel after 2-3 days and hurray! No frosting, no wet spots, no pockets. This has worked consistently for me with multiple different color and fragrance oil combinations. Try it out! Oh and as an additional note, I've found that adding more than 1.5 oz fragrance oil per pound of wax creates seepage from an oil overload. I stick around 1.25 oz/lb and get great hot and cold throw with zero fragrance oil pooling.

Love this wax!

Have bought 3 50lb cases of wax and have never had any issues with it. heat to 185 and pour at 160 and works GREAT! excellent scent throw and everybody who burns my candles love them! Thanks for a Great product!

No Hot Throw

I have used this wax as I have been told and read in reviews. After all the ways I have tried and used up a lot of the wax. I am getting no hot throw from any of the candles. I figured heating to 185 and one of the many pour temps I have tried would have produced results. Each candle has been cured for a week or more. I have stirred two minutes up to four minutes just trying to get something to give me results. I read many websites looking for clues on 464 and what would get to a hot throw. They mostly said to heat the jars. The heating of jars didn't work ether. I tried a few different scents at different ounces. I'm using 4oz and 8oz jars with Eco 10 wicks. I am open to any help. The good thing I can say is this wax is very easy to clean up.

No Hot Throw

I am having trouble getting a hot throw. I use 1 oz to 1lb and I heated to 185 added the scent and let it cool to 170. I got smooth tops and no frosting but i have no scent. I tried the candle the next day and have read you have to let it Cure? Has anyone found this to be true? Any recommendations?

Great wax

Had trouble to start with getting fragrance oil seepage from my candles but learned I was not getting my wax to the 185 recommended . No more seepage. Smooth tops. And nice fragrance throw. Still testing wicks in a new size jar. Anyone have a favorite wick type that works best for you?

Good Wax - Just need to experiment

After a couple of tries, what wound up working best for me is adding the dye and 185, stir 2 mins, remove from heat, add FO, stir 3 minutes then pour. After a 3 minute stir the wax temp (1 lb) drops to about 170-175. Doing this I got consistently smooth tops and no frosting. Colors had an nice pastel shade. I did this with 5 different FO's and 4 colors and the results were consistent pouring at the higher temps. One note, these were 8 oz tins with ECO 10 wicks and 10-12% FO. As much as I liked this wax, I still want to try the IGI 4627 since I am a big fan of obnoxiously strong candle scents and the 4627 seems to have the best cold and hot throw of all the waxes based on reviews I have read.

Great wax but be cautious

This is the second type of wax that I have tried and it's my second 10 lb. bag of it. I've found that (at least in my house) I can't pour this wax at the 170 that other do. I end up with frosting like crazy. I heat to 185, add my color and fragrance until its dissolved and follow the instructions of the wax. However, I let my wax cool between 155 and 150 before I pour (I do not heat my jars). Instead of heating my jars, I use small dish towels from the dollar store and wrap around each individual class. Once I did this, my candles came out almost perfect. There has a small crack around the tops where it looks like it may cave but it never does. Its not really noticeable unless you're looking for it and if it bothers use, just use a heat gun to fix the tops. No problem. I think this wax is great but there is a trick to it so you have to be patient.

Horrible all the way around

I bought this wax because I order my paraffin through them so I thought why not try it and see how it works. It was horrible, it came to me it one big melted blob of wax, if I could post pictures I would, then I tried it anyway, the wax would not hold the color or the scent and when I called about it they gave me this big long speech about the colors in soy, I sent them emails of the previous 464 I used and the colors were bright, vibrant and beautiful. They continue to tell me it didn't matter how it was shipped to me I was just going to melt it anyway. This was needs some help as well as their customer service will not be ordering this again, I gave them 2 stars at least for the effort.

Great Wax to Start With

I am a first timer just starting a candle-making business, and with the tutorials offered on Candle Science I have had absolutely no problems with this wax. I've used nine different fragrances, eight different colors in different concentrations, and every batch has come out smooth and frosting-free. My candles look better than the professional candle and soap company candles we sell at my regular 9-5 job -- but soon my candles will join theirs on the shelves! Hot and cold throws for candles all seem to be adequate. I *do* notice a lumpy surface on most candles if they are burned for a SHORT TIME -- if I burn them for longer times (an hour or more) I do not have this problem at all. Longer burns = smooth surfaces after and no lumps. Overall, I feel happy with my choice of GB464 for my budding business. I typically use 1.2oz fragrance per pound of wax for almost all of my candles.

Love it!

This wax is very easy to work with and has amazing cold & hot throws!

First burn results

I am new to the 464 soy wax. I love the results as it gives good throws, both hot and cold. When I first burned my candle it burned very well but after burning it created a lumpy surface. Does anyone know how I can correct this?

Great Wax!

This wax is really good. It has great scent throw. It has smooth tops. I have a candle company and use this wax all the time.

Lumpy surface after 1st burn... help!

I made a batch of candles 2 days ago with 1.5 oz FO per lb of wax.
I heated to 185 and poured at 170 (as people recommended on CS). When it dried, I used a blowtorch to get rid of any sinkholes. I lit the candle today and it burned beautifully; however, after I blew it out after 3 hours of burning it has caters and weird bumpy surfaces too! I noticed that the wax slightly bubbled when it was lit.

Wondering how to fix it?

Also, I would prefer more scent throw from the candle? Any suggestions? Has anyone used vybar for soy?

This is my favorite Soy Wax

I have been using GB 464 for several months now. It isn't always consistent from box to box but you will learn to work out the kinks. I usually use 1 ounce to 1 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil per pound and have not had any leaching problems at all. I live in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. I heat my wax to 180 degrees, add my fragrance and stir for about two minutes. I heat my jars in the oven and take them out to cool when my wax is about ten minutes to pour time. I have been pouring between 140 and 145 and that seems to work for me with the cooler weather, however I don't see the need to do that in the warmer months. I have used Ecosoya 135 before this and find this wax much easier to work with.
If you get discouraged, keep on testing. I tried several pour temps before I got it down.
It seems that there is no hard and fast rules to making soy candles except expect the unexpected and go with the flow. As the weather changes soy wax may change too.
I find the GB 464 to be worth the trials.

Awesome wax for a beginner as well as an expert

I've used 100 pounds of this wax in just under three week.I don't understand why some people are having a frosting problem? I've had no complaints from my customers!

Best Soy Wax Ever

I have tried several soy waxes but GB464 is by far the best. I love the smooth tops and the end result. Will definitely continue to use this wax. Great job Candlescience. I love your products!!!!!

Sent the wrong wax, please ignore review below

I wrote the review below this one, and it turns out I was sent the wrong wax, I was sent Golden Brands 444 and not the GB 464.. What a huge difference in wax! The GB 444 would not work for me.

Great in 1lb sizes, but 50lb size is horrible!!

I ordered 3 separate lbs of this wax and it was absolutely awesome, so I decided to order a 50lb box and now I have a horrible mess. I have sink holes and cracks on the tops of my candles and the wax is lumpy. Nothing changed in my candle making but the size of the box I ordered. I have experimented with different pour temps to try and get this wax to work and its all bad.. Couldn't have come at a worse time, as I had just launched my company and I was standing their holding a bunch of really bad product. I'm not sure why there would be a difference between single pound wax and a box of 50 lbs,, but there is!!

Perfect Products

I am new to candle making. I received my products to make my candles with in two days. Extremely fast shipping. I made 12 candles with one 10 lb. bag of 464 Soy Wax. Amazing. Very easy to make. Your videos are helpful. I made beautiful, sellable candles. Thanks Candle Science for helping me start my candle business. I will definitely be ordering from ONLY you guys. Beautiful jars as well. The only place I've found all the jars that I need for my customers.

I was wrong!

Had some problems with my first try at the appropriate wick, but have actually ended up with your recommendations being incredibly helpful! So my thanks and apologies to customer service...I'd be lost without candle science :)

The Secret to Success!!!

This is my second order for the GB464. I went through tons of test and my container candles kept ending up with wet spots, sink holes, major frosting, very little hot throw,ragged tops etc. etc. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed and I almost stopped ordering this wax.

However, I have now seen the light! The pour temp listed did not work for me. It says to pour at 135, give or take 5 and I tried pouring everywhere from 120-150 and I kept having problems. I've now made 3 container candles (in the 12oz cube jars) and they are beautiful! No frosting, no separation, no sink holes, perfectly smooth tops! The secret? I stopped pouring in the 120-140 range and started pouring at 170. Ok, so it's not a secret. Other comments mention this, but it's made a huge difference for me. The cold throw now reaches all over my house and I live in a bilevel, 4 bedroom home. I can smell the candles in every room, even when they aren't lit!

So, if any of you are experiencing the problems that I am, try heating the wax to 185, adding the color and scent and then pouring at 170. See if you love the results as much as I do!

Also, if you're not getting the throw you want, make sure you're adding fragrance to 1lb of wax. I was using too much fragrance and was getting poor hot & cold throw. Using a full 1lb of wax changed this for me as well. Sorry this review is so long, but hopefully it helps someone out there!

Happy candle making!


I absolutely love this wax. I came from using GB 444 and was unhappy with the amount of frosting I was getting using it so I decided to try the 464 and I am very happy I did! I get zero frosting, smooth and creamy tops and overall beautiful looking candles. I think the hot throw in this wax is better than the 444 as well. I will continue to buy my 464 from Candle Science! THANKS.

Great Results in Containers

used the 4 oz candle tins and followed the directions in the video. I had great results. No shrinkage in the tins. Great - easy to use product. Loved the video too!

How to use with essential oils

This was my first time making candles. When I made a couple with the sample fragrance oil, they turned out perfectly. I want to use essential oils though and my first try they had very little scent throw when burning. I put in 1 tsp per lb of peppermint essential oil. I heated to 185, stirred in the scent, and then poured at 135. Does anyone have hints for using essential oil with this wax?

Great Wax for Beginning a Candle Maker!

I will start off by saying that I never ever write reviews for products, but I'm so pleased my the results I had to comment. I have never made candles before, but decided it was something I wanted to try for Xmas presents this year. I used this wax and my candles turned out beautifully! I used the double boiler method. I heated my wax until it melted, added in color chips, got the temp. to 185 degrees and added my scent. I also heated my jars in the oven at 200 degrees, and poured a little hotter than suggested, around 160 degrees. No frosting, no pooling of FO or sweating, no problems! I'm kind of obsessed now and already ordering more scents. Luckily, the warehouse is only 15 minutes from me so I don't have to pay for shipping :)

Wick size

Just a warning, don't order by the recommendations, go through the testing. I followed the recommended wick for jar size. Soy type, and it would not stay lit for 15 minutes. You may need a different size!, And it varies with scents, so be careful to test! My only complaint was the way I was treated on the phone, after spending 150 including shipping. Rather cold. The products are good, the scents are yummy!

Newbie at Candlemaking

Thought I try my hand at soy candle making after buying soy candles and loving them. I ordered 10 lbs of the GB464 and made 24 candles. They turned out beautiful...only 1 had a little frosting. I heated to 185 and poured at 135. I did warm my jars in the oven. Maybe this helps to not get the frosting. My only issue is getting more hot throw from some of the scents. I added 1oz of fragrance per lb but am going to try 1.5 oz per lb on my next batch. I'm obsessed with my new hobby...I just ordered more wax and can't wait to try more fragrances.

Great product!

I used this wax to make candles for a wedding (2-5 oz jars for favors) - it was perfect! I was a bit hesitant because of the mixed reviews, but I had used soy wax before and couldn't find a better deal online, so I went with it. I played around with scents, dyes, and temperatures at different stages - from wax temp, to jar temp, to even room temp. Almost every batch turned out great, with a few minor flaws here and there. As soon as I realized that not EVERY candle was going to be perfect (haha), I'd created a chart to document each step and every detail along the way ( _strongly recommended for beginners like myself_ ). By doing so, I could easily pinpoint every problem I encountered (i.e. see the error of my ways) ...most mistakes were very minor, which I don't think I would have paid any mind to otherwise. The chart also allowed me to experiment a lot more, and quickly upped my learning curve. ...not to mention, it helps to simply follow directions ;)
Con: The 50 lb box of wax was delivered to my door step on a warm summer day, several hours before returning home from work yeah, apparently ants really like soy.

Good Cold Throw, No Hot Throw! WHY, Golden Brands 464, WHY?

I am having the WORST TIME with this wax. I don't understand? I keep reading reviews and see some people saying they got a bad batch.. Should I trust purchasing soy wax from here? I got a 50 pound batch and am curious if I should even trust Golden Brand. Also, I am using fragrance oil from Mill Creek with my soy wax. I tried heating it between 175-180, pouring at 135. I even tried melting at different temps and max FO loads. Any combination you can think of. Does anyone have advice? I am using a double boiler but putting my pouring pot in to another pot of water and place something beneath the pouring pot so my pouring pot is not directly on top of the heat. Is it the fragrance oil? I have even bought multiple different thermometers in case it was not reading correctly. I put the thermometer in the wax and one in the water to test also. I tried going by the temp of the thermometer in the wax, and tried another batch with the temp of the thermometer in the water just for kicks. What gives? Pretty frustrated. So frustrated I'm not sure if this rant even makes sense! Please help, any advise is helpful.

Why all the complaints?

I just made 3 batches of candles for the first time yesterday and I honestly don't see why it's gotten so many negative reviews. I didn't get a single crater or sink hole. All came out with smooth, beautiful tops. However, I did experience frosting along the sides of a couple glass containers with my first batch so I tried pouring at a hotter temperature the 2nd time. The 3rd time was the charm. I poured at somewhere between 175-180 degrees and only experienced a minimal amount of frosting on the very bottom of my glass containers. I will definitely keep using this wax and my advice to anyone having issues with frosting would be to make sure to pour at a high temperature, 170-180 degrees should help reduce frosting. I'm going to try adding a tsp of crisco or coconut oil next time to see if it helps eliminate frosting all together.

Loved it!

This wax worked great for me! I'm not sure what others are complaining about, but I made my first three candles about two weeks ago and I have no complaints about this wax. I will definitely buy it again.

Not good at all!

The first time I got the 646 wax was through a different company so when I needed to reorder I decided to get the wax plus the fragrance all through the same company to save money on shipping. I love the fragrance oils candle science sells but was not happy with the wax. This wax holds hardly any fragrance at all. I have to use 2oz per lb and I still hardly get any scent from it when I burn my candles. I will never buy this wax again. Had to replace all the candles I sold to people and lost out on a lot of money because of this wax. :(

Horrible horrible wax - bad batch???

I have previously used EcoSoya Advanced wax which was fantastic. It was sold out where I normally buy it and thought I'd try a new one. Maybe I got a bad batch but this wax looks absolutely horrendous as it dries. Tops look downright disgusting in my opinion and the scent is pretty much gone after cooling. What a waste. I now have candles that look terrible and smell like nothing at all. I would not buy this wax ever again.

Frosting of GB464 wax

Some 50 lb. boxes work well, others not. I don't know why? Also, I'm concerned about the frosting that occurs regardless of fo, amount, color, pour temp,etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Sweating issues

The first box of GW 464 was great. I'd give it almost 5 stars. I was using an FO load of 9% and getting smooth tops. I just got a new box a few weeks ago and this time I am getting horrible tops as well as massive amounts of sweating. The only variable in my formula that changed is the new wax. I have now reduced my FO load to 7% and am STILL getting pools of FO on the tops of my candles. I did a temperature test last night making sure to stir very well the entire time. I poured at 155, 150, 145, 140, 135, 130, 125 and 120. All have good adhesion but ALL are sweating. Is anyone else having this issue? I think I may have gotten a bad box. My order shipped from the NV location.

Latest batch is a FAIL

My original order was great, I followed the directions on melt and pour temps and had no issues. This time around, I am getting craters in the tops and it almost appears crystallized on the tops. I have adjusted the pour temps and decreased the FO added. Same results with this batch. I am open to ANY suggestions?


I used the Golden Brand 464 for the first time and did not get a hot throw. I heated wax to 185 in double boiler, took out, added dye and fragrance immediately, poured at 135. The candles look gorgeous but no throw. BTW, I made 5 batches! Please help!

No scent throw

Hellllp!! I just can't seem to get a hot scent throw!

Great Scent throw horrible pour temps!

This wax has great hot and cold throw however if I pour at anything below 170 I get ugly lumpy bumpy cratered candles. If you are having trouble with this wax try pouring at 170.

Smooth tops - No frosting!

So I used GB 464 for the first time recently and was amazed at how smooth and creamy the tops of my candles turned out! There was zero frosting on the tops and the sides. Very happy with this purchase, just wish shipping wasn't such a killer! But because of the beautiful candles that this wax gave me, I will definitely be buying more.

Love it!

I'm a total newbie to candle making. I made my very first candle last night with GB 464. I heated up to 185 and poured at 160. I woke up to a beautiful, professional looking candle! I didn't have to re-pour or anything. It developed a little bit of frosting on the sides of the jar, but I'm told this is normal. I've made 2 more since then and except for having to re-pour one because of a tiny crater, they all look perfect! I recommend this wax to anyone starting out. Will definitely reorder!


I have tried other soy 415 hated it, tried para soy blend it was ok, now I tried 464 and love it. I heat to 180 add fragrance at 175 I do not use dyes at all anymore and noticed scent throw is truly amazing! I pour at 145-155 and my candles come out perfect! Oh I also use 2oz of fragrance per pound

Frosting on GW464

I recently bought GW464 soy was from hearing such good views from this product. I just started making candles and I have done about 6 batches of this wax so far. Each seems to be frosting. I do this in my basement where it is cooler, I have heated my wax to 185 degrees then add FO @ 180 and Dye (liquid)around 170 degrees, then have poured at temps from 110 degrees up to 130 degrees. Seems like it pours and sets ok at first, but after about a day, I see the frosting start to occur. Anyone else having issues with frosting? Please give any advice that may help. Thank you.

Want to get started

Can someone please help, I want to start using this product, I usually use 8oz jars, what is a good wick size that works for anyone using the 8oz? Please email me at
thanks so much

Please I have a question help!

I'm using soy wax 464. My question is two part: to add fragrance oil are we measuring the dry wax amount or melted wax amount? Because I scooped 1 lb of wax and when it melts it is less than 1 lb so I'm wondering if there is a ratio I can use. Like what weight of dry wax equals melted wax so I know how much fragrance to use, please help. Btw I love this company and its products. Great prices also.

Simply the best!

Golden Brand 464 is by far the best on the market. I have been making and selling candles for years, without being completely satisfied. That changed a few years ago, when I was introduced to the Golden Brand family. It is a definite no fuss wax that puts out a big throw, hot and cold.

I use the Premier WI wick 775-777 on a 3-3.5 inch jar and get the perfect candle everytime!! Also, I heat to 180 and pour between 150 and 145.

What else can I say, other than thanks Golden Brand 464, for saving the day!!

Simply the best!

Golden Brand 464 is by far the best on the market. I have been making and selling candles for years, without being completely satisfied. That changed a few years ago, when I was introduced to the Golden Brand family. It is a definite no fuss wax that puts out a big throw, hot and cold.

I use the Premier WI wick 775-777 on a 3-3.5 inch jar and get the perfect candle everytime!! Also, I heat to 180 and pour between 150 and 145.

What else can I say, other than thanks Golden Brand 464, for saving the day!!


For those wanting tips on smooth tops for their candles; i've noticed that certain oils give a frosty look, i usually heat to atleast 180 and pour at 170, i have got about 98% smooth tops, if not frosting with lavender and chamomile only so far, and if i do have craters or dips they are small and actually i havent had a problem selling these either. 464 is what i have used and it works great for me. i'm not too familiar with wicks, my candles are between 3.5" and 4.5"...what wicks would be best?

Great wax!!

I have been making and selling candles since 2006 with this wax you need to pour your candles at a higher temp or you will have problems with creators and holes on your candles. It just takes practice, I had the same problem when I first started using this wax until I figured it out. You do get excellent scent throw with this wAx and the price is great. Don't give up just play with it a little and I do think humidity plays a factor for the woman in flicking in Florida. I was making candles in the basement and in the winter with cooler temp and less humidity I had better results. Hope this helps.

Beginner's Luck, or is it the Wax??

I am a new candle maker, and so far I love the GB 464! I use 1lb of the wax with 1oz of fragrance. I heat to 185, add fragrance and dye chip, stir gently but thoroughly for a few minutes, and pour at 135. This process has produced perfect candles using the 8oz tins and 8oz jelly jars. There is no, or extremely minimal, frosting. The tops are smooth and pretty, no craters or frosting. Using the proper wick from the wick guide, the candle burns perfectly, with a melt pool that extends across the entire container. Oh and the scent throw is fine - I've tried several of the soy-rated fragrances and they smell great and you can begin to smell the fragrance in the air very shortly after lighting the candle. I think the key is to be very precise in your process, and stir gently so as not to introduce tiny air bubbles into the wax. But so far I'm a huge fan, and have already sold over a dozen of my candles, they really do come out perfectly and everyone loves them!

soy wax

I purchased gw 464 wax from cs for the first time. I have always ordered from another company. My candles are burning straight down not burning evenly leaving wax all over the sides of my jars. Can anyone help me.

Excellent Hot/Cold Throw

Once you go Golden Brands 464, you never go back. In my native language, that rhymes.

Excellent wax. Great cold and hot throw. A bit too frosty though, however, you can add a little vybar 260 (1 teaspoon per 1lb) to get smooth tops.

Great throw(hot/cold), but not pretty surface.

ive been using soy 415(100% soy) and i had lots of problem with HOT scent throws, so i tried switching to soy 464. thought that since its not pure soy, it will reduce A LOT of frosting, and have EXTREMELY smooth tops. but i was wrong, it has a lot of frosting. and first pours are always pretty for me. but after the first burn i get craters, bubbles (foam looking), weird bumpy surfaces!!! the only good thing is the throw. i get both cold and hot, but i would have to use 1&1/2 per pound. i heat my wax 175-185. usually 185. add color, and fragrance, and then mix for a minute to two, and then let cool till 135, 125, 100, 90 degrees. ive tried it all and my candles(containers) are always frosting. and after first burn they have deformed surfaces. i have even tried adding a tiny little bit to medium amount of paraffin wax to see if have better surfaces. it does make the surface look a lot smoother, but it takes away the hot scent throw if anyone can help me solve this problem or have any suggestions please email me at



A little goes a long way!

This is my first time trying the Golden Brands 464. I measured out 1lb plus 1/2 cup extra for a couple tarts like normal. I made a 16oz jar candle and 6 tarts last night. Had leftover for this morning in case I had a crater in my candle. I only had a small crater so I reheated my wax, filled that up and STILL had enough left over for a clamshell plus 6 more tarts! Loving this soy right now!!

BTW: I heated to 177 and poured at 160.

nice tops ..but need some help!!

My tops are flawless with this wax. i use eco 14 wick. When I lit my first batch it was fine..but when i checked this morning it had a crater hole :(. I melt at 185° and pour at 135°. I really really want o start selling but i want to have perfect product..inside and out. Someone please help..any pointers on this issue and where and how To start selling are greatly appreciated :) ..thanks so much !


I have had success with this wax while in California.
Here in Florida I have tried all the recommended wicks with various levels of fragrance and formulas.
Every candle I have made smokes when burned.? Does
climate (like humidity) play a role in candle making?
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

464 Golden Brand

I have bought many 50 lb boxes of this soy and have always been very happy with it until this last box I got. It was like one big clump of soy, it was hard to dig apart to measure, nothing but a total mess. When I measured the soy from this box it did not give the the same measurement from any other box I purchased. For example I measured 1lb from this box which was heavier and got less liquid wax from the same amount I used from a different box of soy measuring 1lb. I assume it was due to it being wet and weight was heavier so my calcuations were not coming out correct. This made it very difficult to measure the correct amountof soy for the amount of candles I wanted per oz of scent. I am on the last of it now and sure hope I NEVER get another box like this. I called and they told me it was because it was left out in the heat. It wasnt left in the heat by me it was sent to me this way!

So pleased =)

Love this wax. I have to pour mine between 170 and 160 degrees to get the smooth tops, but this wax is excellent.

Great Wax.

I can see why this wax is a best seller! I got my order yesterday, after having scent throw issues with Ecosoya CBA and I am so glad that I did! I am burning my 4oz tester now, and I can smell it! Before I had pretty tops and no scent. Now I have pretty tops and a great scent throw from even my 4oz candle! I used .5 oz of cotton candy with my 1oz of peach and it smells yummy. Reminds me of the carnival. Thank you CS for helping me with my wax issues!!

my new wax

I have been using Ecosoya advanced for some time, but purchased this on a whim. I am so glad that I did! I have not expereinced any problems with craters on the tops of my candles. I used suggestions and poured at 170 and have no problems!! this is gonna be my new wax from now on great hot & cold throw cant wait to see my candles at a upcoming event.

Perfect Wax

I burned through about 10 lbs of wax due to testing, and because I am a newbie, I just had to try many variables. I poured some 8 oz ball jars that were slightly warmed at 120 and I am literally beside myself at how creamy and wonderfully beautiful these candles are! I thought of trying another wax, but... never mind.

Great Wax !

I had been looking for a good container wax that was one pour, had trouble finding one that was just pure soy until now. I followed the directions to a t the first time and poured @135 and did not have a flawless top but after dropping the pour temp to 120 I had a smooth creamy finish everytime after that with my candles.So now not only do they smell good they look good too!

The Best Wax

After researching how to make candles and where to buy wax, I decided on using this soy wax. When I made my first batch of candles, they were flawless. The color was amazing and the fragrance was better than the two candles I bought at Yankee Candle Co. They burned perfectly also.

Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax

I used this wax, it is very messy. I have sink holes in the top of all of my candles.

Nice Soy Container Wax

This wax works really well. I followed all instructions carefully and the result was a nice smooth candle with powerful scent throw.

Easy to work with and excellent scent throw!

This was my first time using the GB464 soy wax and I was very pleased with the results! I added 10% FO @ 185 degrees (no dyes)and poured @ 135 degrees. Glass adhesion was perfect and the scent throw is amazing! Thanks CandleScience, I will be reordering again soon!


I used a more expensive wax and loved it but being new to this wanted to try others. Well no more! I love this wax. I went through 15 or so pounds to get the candle I want. I asked around and I found that all the info on melt points were too high. I have found the perfect formula for me and have even found with this wax you can get oils that do not do well in soy to work great with cold and hot scent throw. I have been in business for 2 months and already have my candles in 7 speciality shops and on many occasions been compared to Yankee Candle. I love this wax and I love Candlescience. You cannot go wrong with this wax!!!!


I was so excited I mistyped the last line...I meant I wish I had started with GB 464 but I am glad I have it now. All experience makes me a better candle maker...


I started making candles two years ago. I will save you the heartache and pain stories (we candle makers have enough of those to keep us up for a week typing). I started with nature wax c3...hmm. It has taken me until NOW to actually get the results I desired with it. I used EcoSoya CB Advanced last week. Beautiful candles with NO HOT THROW WHATSOEVER! I followed instructions to the T. But then...ahhh, I ordered a 50 lb. case of Golden Brands 464 and I tell you, my heart skipped a beat when I woke up this morning and saw the beautifully set candles with great cold throw. I could not wait until the proper cure time to test burn so I did one 8 hours after I poured and a 4 oz. Jelly Jar Vanilla scented I wish I had but I am oh so grateful I have it now..Thank you Candlescience, I love your helpful website! A treasure it is!

pretty good stuff

I played around with this wax for a bit but I found my stride with it. My candles have been consistent every time I make them and they burn pretty evenly.


At first we had nothing but problems with this wax, the candle tops were full of craters (holes) the sides were frosted and had wet spots, once and a while we would get one or two nice candles, well after alot of playing around with melt and pour temps we have finally been getting perfect candles with a melt temp of 175 and pour temp @ 170 we have not had one bad candle since. Hope this helps others that may be having problems also.

Practice Makes Perfect

Ive had trouble using this wax in the beginning getting scent oil on top of my candles. I finally decided to change the pour temp to 160 degrees and yet to have a problem with my candles since.

Best soy wax ever!!!!!!!!!

I love this doy wax works great!!!! This is the only one I trust!

This is to the previous post...

I had the same problem with a batch. No matter what I did the wax would not solidify correctly with the oil. I tried insanely to fix the problem making over 30 candles. I still have the 50lb box sitting there not being used, but thankfully when I ordered the next case there was no problems at all. So its not just you!

Having problems with this wax

I wrote a previous review for this wax and gave it a great rating. Snice that time...The last 50 lb box that I purchased was a nightmare! I had scent oil coming to the top of my candles. Usually this only occured after I smoothed the tops with a heat gun.(which I have always done with all the waxes that I have used and I have NEVER had a problem) I recieved a lot of support from CS and we were never really able to come to a definate conclusion. Has anyone else ever had this problem? If so ....please email me at

"air bubbles/wells" forming near wicks

I really do like this wax - however - i am finding that i get "air bubbles/wells" near the wicks in 1 out of 4 candles i make. i am able to somewhat fix this situation and have tried everything suggested to me to keep this from happening. Not sure why 3 candles can be fine and only one will have a hole.....I might rethink reordering this wax...

i do love the way it looks-very creamy and burns clean & even.

So Easy!!

Just recvd my order yesterday, and was amazed how easy it was to make my candles. I now have a new craft under my belt!!! Simply the BEST!!!!!!!


I love love love this wax! My candles cure perfectly!


Made my first candles with your 464.... Beautiful!!! I have used some other brands in the past... CS you have a WINNER and a forever client!!!
Thanks so much`!


I just got my first shipment of GB 464 soy wax and made some candles with it today and I LOVE IT wow so easy to use I put in bird of paradise scent and its wonderful this is my favorite wax ever! one pour and as others have said nice creamy top.

My New Favorite Soy

Finally, a one pour Soy with a smooth creamy top. This will be my choice of container soy from now on.

Best wax yet !!

I have used many soy waxes. This is by far the best. Tops sometimes need a little work with the heat gun but I get a very smooth looking jar candle. This is the first time I used this wax and it will be the only one I use in the future.

Beautiful, easy wax

This wax produces a beautiful smooth creamy appearance with great scent throw! Very, very easy to use. I have tried many different waxes includung Eco-Soy and this is the one I will stay with. Thank you for a great product at a great price!

SO easy to work with

I have been making soy wax candles for over 5 years and just finally found this wax this fall. It is SO easy to work with - it really streamlines the process and it takes almost no time to crank out a whole bunch of candles!

Easy to use- Amazing scent throw

I was having trouble finding a soy wax with amazing scent throw until I tried this wax. Very easy to use once you get the hang of it and the scent throw is insane! My all time favorite soy wax out there and I have really tried almost all of them!