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About the CD Series
CD (Stabilo) wick is a flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton. The reinforced construction of the wick is designed to ensure a consistent burn with higher fragrance loads, especially with softer, more viscous natural waxes. The superior rigidity of CD wick allows the wick to stand up straighter for easier pours and keeps the wick upright in a deep melt pool.

Note: Any carbon buildup should be removed once the wick is extinguished.

CD wicks are lead and zinc free.
For help choosing the right wick for your candle, visit our wick guide.
Length 3"
Tab Size 20 x 6 mm
Wax Coating Natural
Prop 65 Warning Required No

Average Rating:

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I just tested these along with CD6 and was disappointed with both. They both had qualities that the other one lacked. For example I loved that the CD 4 had virtually no soot or smoking, whereas the CD 6 made my candle smell so awful because of the smoke and soot. Also I loved how slow the CD 4 wick burned however the burn pool never reached all the way to the sides, nor did it get very deep, but the fragrance was far better than the one with the CD 6 wick. The CD 6 wick's burn pool was perfect and neither of these wicks mushroomed. BTW I was testing in a 2.7" tall with 2.16" diameter straight sided jar from this site. Overall they both posses certain great qualities but the qualities they each lack compromise the quality of my candles so both are unusable for me.

Cove Kevana, LLC

I used the CD 4 3" wick in a 6oz, 2.13" diameter, straight side glass jar with coconut paraffin wax. It burns really well and creates an even melt pool. I plan to buy more and would recommend this wick to others.