CD 6 6" Pretabbed Wick
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About the CD Series
CD (Stabilo) wick is a flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton. The reinforced construction of the wick is designed to ensure a consistent burn with higher fragrance loads, especially with softer, more viscous natural waxes. The superior rigidity of CD wick allows the wick to stand up straighter for easier pours and keeps the wick upright in a deep melt pool.

Note: Any carbon buildup should be removed once the wick is extinguished.

CD wicks are lead and zinc free.
For help choosing the right wick for your candle, visit our wick guide.


Length 6"
Tab Size 20 x 6 mm
Wax Coating Natural
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 5 reviews)

Clean Burning

Great wick. Have used 100s of these and they are perfect - clean burning and wick stays on the metal tab after wax is poured. Love it.


Love them

Works perfectly for my wax and containers. I have had great results with the CD series

Mae Radd

Could be better

We have used these wicks for about a year now. We've had a lot of problems with these wicks pulling loose from the metal wick tab after pouring wax. We have to be very gentle on setting the wicks otherwise high chance of wick coming undone and the candle being rendered useless. Also had issues with occasional flames burning too low or one of three wont stay lit. However when they stay put and burn, they are great for our type of wax and containers.

Let's Stay Home Candle Co.


I really wanted to love these because there was absolutely no mushrooming, and the melt pool was perfect, but the smoke and soot this wick produces compromises the scent of my candles. I use a coconut/parafin wax and test in a 2.75 in straight sided jar.


My Go-To Wick Series & Wick Size

I use the CD series for all my 3-wick glass tumblers. I have a high fragrance load of 10%FO in IGI 6006. The CD Wick Series is my go-to wick, and the CD6 is my go-to wick size. When crafting a new fragrance and using no candle dye this is my starting wick size. It never fails. I get a clean, even burn and about 60 hours of burn time. My test environment is around 1,400 sq ft and the entire room is full of fragrance.