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About the ECO Series
ECO wick is constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads that produce a rigid structure for easy pouring. The consistent flame and slight curl of ECO wicks work well with natural waxes and ensures an even burn.

ECO wicks are lead and zinc free.

For help choosing the right wick for your candle, visit our wick guide.
Tab Size 20 x 6 mm
Length 6"
Wax Coating Natural
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Bad batch?

My first batch of these wicks was great . No problems but the second order seems to be defective. It burns quick and low and eventually goes out in the wax. Even starting at 3/4". Customers complaining and now Im loosing money. Not happy!

1000 Bag Quality

Not pleased with the quality of the 1000 bag wicks, they are bent in more than one place and make it difficult to set in a straight manner. Will not be purchasing this quantity again until there is notification the packaging has improved.

Different from other supplier's ECOs

I hate to leave a bad review on CandleScience (CS) because their customer service is so supportive. But this is for the benefit of other makers.

We'd been using ECO 14s from another supplier with good success for about a year when we decided to switch to CS's ECO 14. We liked how theirs were more rigid, making the candle easier to wick. Because these were the same brand and ostensibly the same wick, we didn't conduct any thorough testing when we made the switch.

Within weeks of sending out a big wholesale order, our customer contacted us to say that the candles were extinguishing themselves after 2-3 hours. We crazily began test burning each of the 12 fragrances we offer. Sure enough, in 10 out of 12 scents, the wick was clogging and drowning within 4 hours. Could something about CS's proprietary coating be causing this? We can only guess. Whatever it is, it's costing us a lot of money. For reference, we use 8-9% fragrance load (our own blend--we're perfumers) in GB 464 with no dye.

muy mala

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Works great

I use this brand of wick. I have tested many wicks in the past and this is a great choice for me when using soy wax.

QC Issues

We have been using eco 14 in our 12oz status jars for well over a year now, and it is normally the perfect size. I ordered a 1000 piece bag and expected them to be the same but something is different with these. I can't get a full melt pool, and the wick extinguishes itself within 30 minutes. I have had QC issues with other candle science products, but never expected to have that issue with wicks, since all eco 14 should be the same size.

These wicks work perfect for all my candle projects. I only use these ones because I have no idea what other ones I should be using and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. They burn nicely and they don't migrate away from the center while burning.

So far so good

I'm using 12.5oz square geometric glass jars with a 3 1/2" diameter. I use ecosoy cb, 1/4 dye block and 2.5oz of FO. I've run through SO MANY types of wicks, but CS suggested the eco 14 and I was hesitant because I know it can be difficult to wick a square jar, but so far so good. The wax is almost melted to the sides and I've had it burning for hours. The jar isn't too hot and in my opinion, the wax doesn't smell cooked. I almost feel like I should burn another random candle just to be sure because of the bad wick luck I've had...but as I titled this review, so far so good.

Not convinced

This was my first time using ECO wicks, and the ECO 14 was the one recommended for the wax and jar size (3.5 inch jar, 444 wax). I trusted the information because Candle Science is a great company! But, in reality, the wick is too large, and unattractively thick and black, and made the fragrance smell cooked. I used a wick from a different source with the same FO from Candle Science, and it did not have that over burnt/cooked smell. I am not happy that I spent so much money on these wicks, and wish there was a different way to scout through the wicks rather than having to go to the page that gives you a one choice recommendation for a wick. I'd like to see more information on each wick so I can make the choice myself.


I'm gonna be making candles out of squaddy Balls jars.
They quart jars. 32oz. They are fat squaddy looking. Anyway
What are the best wicks for them and how much 464 soy wax
Do I need? I rated but not sure of what's the best. Thanks

Great Wicks

@Honest Candles, There has been a complete line of ECO wicks available here for a while now. I started making candles a year ago. I purchased the entire line of ECO wicks as I make candles in multiple containers. I prefer to double wick my status jars using the ECO 2. They burn so even and cleanly that the jar almost looks new when the candle finishes burning. You really do have to experiment and see what works best for your wax, fragrance load and dye. When adding the standard one ounce of fragrance per pound of GB464, my ECO 2s perform flawlessly in the status jar, but I don't use dye and I am careful not to go over the fill line. So, try the ECO 2 with the status jars and see if that works for you too. Maybe purchase the ECO wick sample kit so that you can run some tests and see what works best? It's all about experimentation right?! Hope some of this helps. Good luck!

I have been using the Eco 14's with the GB 464 as recommended for over a year. I use this wick in containers 3-3.5" in diameter. I have used the CSN 26 in containers 3.5-4". There is now a recommendation for the Eco 16 instead and I am currently testing them. I am not sure how long the person from the previous rating comments has been making candles but I read a lot on this site before I started and so far all advice has been very helpful and accurate. The Eco 10's I use in 2.5-3" containers as well as 4" containers I place 3-4 of them depending on how much wider each container is. I am very pleased with this line of wicks - granted, they are all I've used so I have no comparisons but I certainly have no plans to change.


Excellent wick. Perfect size and burn for the 16oz. Mason jar. Excellent product.


Did candles science change their wick sizing guide?? I don't remember seeing eco 14 being recommended for 3-3.5 diameters. In fact I just spent a good amount of money on another size eco-16 cause that was the previous suggested wick size. I had also bought the eco8 cause that was the only size step down, But now they are showing a eco14. I am so confused. BUYER BEWARE: Do not but the eco8 or eco 16 for the status jars that they sell on this site. They absolutely do not work. The 8 doesnt create an even burn pool and the 16 completely coats the glass container in black soot. I feel like I wasted so much money now on wicks that were previously suggested but obviously now have been changed cause they don't work. Does anyone use the eco14? And what works for anyone who has purchased the status jars. I go back and forth with the golder464 and cbxcel wax.