LX 12 3" Pretabbed Cotton Candle Wick
LX 12 Size 3 Inches by 20mm
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Product Update:

You may see some variation in the wax coating on the wick due to different coating processes. The variance of the wax coating on the wick has no impact on the burn of the candle.

About the LX Series
LX wick is a specially braided flat wick which maintains a slight curl when burning. The curl moves the tip of the wick into the hottest part of the flame, which helps to minimize or eliminate carbon buildup (mushrooming), reduce smoking, and provide a 'self-trimming' effect, which creates a very stable and consistent flame. LX wicks are lead and zinc free.


Length 3"
Tab Size 20 x 6 mm
Wax Coating Natural
Prop 65 Warning Required No



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I agree with others, the LX 12 needs to be in offered in a 6". I've made votives using 4625 parrafin wax with a 6-7% fragrance load and sometimes color added, sometimes no color either way the LX 12 is not the right wick, however the LX 10 is perfect. It would be great if candlescience would carry the LX 10


LX 12

Could you please create an LX 12 6 inch (or longer) wick with a 3mm neck. Thank you


Too short

Needs a 6" length, why only 3"?


Need 6" Length

I agree with the other rating. Need 6" length.


Bring back 6"

Please bring back the 6" LX12, we use them for 2 inch pillars, if we need them for votive candles, we can cut them!