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Product Update: April 9, 2020

Due to manufacturer changes, the #70 G Black Threaded Lid is switching to a non-plastisol lined version. Once the remaining stock of the original plastisol-lined version is gone, future batches of the #70 G Black Threaded Lids will not have a plastisol lining. The color on the inside and curled edge changed from white to gold.

Give a streamlined, elegant look to your glass container candles with these black lids. A great fit for modern and contemporary candle lines with a classic twist. These continuous thread (CT) lids are great for mason, jelly, and canning jars. The size 70 G lids pair well with the following containers:

Labeling area 2 1/4" Made in the USA

Max Labeling Area 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Prop 65 Warning Required No

Average Rating:

(based upon 12 reviews)

New lids are terrible

I literally designed my whole candle line aesthetic based on the black lid with the white lip. I’ll either have to find an entirely new jar or another supplier. So bummed!

Not happy

Absolutely hate these new lids! I loved the fact that the other lids had a nice tight seal to them, it was perfect for my bath and body products as well as candles. Now I’ll have to use something else. Seriously disappointed in some of the changes that are being made here lately!


I have to agree with the last few comments - I hate these new lids. They look cheap, sound cheap and gold fits no where into the look of my candle line. Must work to determine if i am going back to the rustic pewter, at least those look like they are supposed to be rustic and don't look cheap. I really hate these lids.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old lids. No idea why it was changed but the new gold ones look, feel, and sound so cheap. I am so bummed. (they DO NOT fit the 9oz threaded jars like the example/review pics show, the old ones may have worked but the new version does not)

I dont know what caused the change but mistakes were made. These new lids are horrible. Cheap and flimsy the paint job isnt nearly as good and the gold trim is horrible.

Not loving the new gold lip

Please bring back the old lids with the white lip and rubber lined inside. The new ones are flimsy and sound awful when twisting them on and off. The others were much classier!

Bring back the old ones!

I’m completely devastated that these new lids are now gold (which you can see from the outside because it has a gold lip). My brand’s aesthetic is black and white and I’ve been using these for years! I got my order in with these new ones and I can’t use them at all. It would be different if they were completely black with no gold lip at least. I would love to know where else I can get them. I’m starting not to trust Candlescience as my go to supplier. They just aren’t reliable anymore. Every scent keeps changing and now I have to hunt down some usable lids for my candle business :’(


I love the look of the black lid. Gives the candles a great classy look.


Better than others

Very nice!

Looks great and appealing

Why is there white in a black lid?

It makes absolutely no sense to make a black lid with white border! The inside of the lid is white and this transfers over to the edges of the black lid. So when you screw it on your mason jar, you see the clear glass, the black lid and a white strip in between. Makes no sense and looks horrible. It should all be black, inside and out.

Love this look

I love these black lids with my mason jars. It gives my primitive style a modern twist!