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Bronze metal flat top lid
Bronze metal flat lid on tumbler jar
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Bronze Metal Flat Lid will be back in stock at our North Carolina warehouse on Friday, 12/14

Give your containers a modern, sleek look with our bronze flat lids. These lids have an elegant brushed metal finish that gives the lid a distinct polished look. Includes an inner silicone fitment to help secure the lid to the jar.

Labeling area: 3 1/4"

This flat lid fits our:

Note: Do not pick up jar by the lid.

Additional Details:
Width of inner silicone fitment: 6.7mm
Inside diameter of silicone fitment: 68.8mm
Outside Diameter 86 mm
Inside Diameter 84.30 mm
Height 8 mm
Max Labeling Area 3 1/4" x 3 1/4"
Prop 65 Warning Required No

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Great lid - never in stock

This is a great lid. But if you have a decent supply chain, don't bother with this lid. They almost never have it in stock. This is putting me back insanely during the holiday season.

Great lid that's hard to get

Boy....This lid looks great. Suction is great. Color is great. Quality it great.....

...So why can't CandleScience seem to keep it in stock? Seems to me that a big seller like this, someone in the supply chain world would make it a priority to have....especially during Christmas season...

Great lid though. Use on all my candles and customers love them! See them at


These really are much prettier on the jar then just by the picture. I recommend for those looking for a high-end Spa looking type candle.

So pretty but!

I love these copper lids so much. I have them on some of my candles listed on my website. Unfortunately, they are hard to get. They are out of stock whenever I want to order more. First the white jars and now these. Candle science has always been so good at keeping things in stock, but lately, it seems it’s one thing after the other. Still my favorite supply company, I hope they get it together.


I am so happy that I chose the bronze flat lid, they really give my homemade candles an upscale look!
Fits snug on the apothecary jars and were package beautifully with paper in between each lid to avoid scratching during delivery.

Bronze tops

The tops fit well on the 8oz apothecary/packaged with thin paper between each one to prevent scratching. Give an expensive look to jars.

Sleek , Sheek & Upscale

If you want to take your candle line to the next level this is it. I just received them today. Even though they were a bit pricey, it was money well spent. I used these lids for my fall/winter candles. They go wonderful with the straight sided tumblers. I was very impressed with the quality, shine and sleekness, they are light weight and fit snugly on the jars. These will be a staple in my candle line.


I absolutely love love love these copper/bronzer candle lids. The go perfect with the Apothecary jars as suggested. I will continue to purchase!!!

Candle Business Owner

I received these lids today and I love them! They are beautiful with enough shine and sleekness. More in price then the silver flat lids, however, I will be ordering these continuously. I paired this lid with the 22 oz. Libbey Ludica Jar, they are not on this site (unfortunately) but they work perfectly together!

Lovely lids

I really love these high quality lids! They look terrific on my candle jars! Nice brushed copper color with a shiny coating on them so they are smooth and fit perfectly on the straight sided jars.
A little pricey but worth it.

So gorgeous and on-trend right now!

These lids are stunning. I paired them with the white straight tumbler and they are so sleek and sexy looking! They fit like a dream with the inner-rubber lining. Perfect!!