Medium Straight Sided Glass Candle Jar with Threaded Top
Inside view of Threads on the medium straight sided jar
Medium Straight Sided Jar Threaded with black lid
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Out of stock. Expected: East Coast 12/24, West Coast 12/31
Wholesale Pricing:
8-40 cases $14.98 $0.62 /pc
41-80 cases $14.38 $0.60 /pc
81+ [pallet] $14.16 $0.59 /pc
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This jar has a fresh, streamlined look that translates well to a variety of different branding aesthetics.

Tops are sold separately.
The Medium Straight Sided Jar (Threaded) works with any of the 70-400 Threaded Lids:
70-400 Black Plastic Threaded Lid
70-400 White Plastic Threaded Lid
70-400 Black Threaded Lid
70-400 Gold Threaded Lid
70-400 Silver Threaded Lid
How much wax will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 7 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 9.2 fl. oz.

Looking for a wick suggestion?
GB 464 - CD 12
IGI 4630 - LX 18
IGI 6006 - ECO 4
Check out our wick guide to see recommendations for other waxes! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing. 

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Wholesale Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering candle supplies in bulk or by the pallet.
Made in the USA


Height 3.5"
Diameter 2.88"
Max Labeling Area 9" x 2 3/8"
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 25 reviews)

Love these jars

These are my absolute go to jars. They're a thick glass that screams durability and they still look sleek. I enjoy having a very minimal look to my candles and these offer that at a great price.

Totally Awesome Candles LLC

Lids are seperate

I was pleasantly surprised to have found these beautiful jars however after reading that the lids were sold separate. I have been in search of them elsewhere.

Culinary Secret

Great jars but often out of stock

I've ordered these a few times and, while a few arrived shattered, the great customer support was more than helpful as always.

What's particularly unfortunate is how often these jars are out of stock. I'm guessing it's due to the pandemic since container suppliers are often out of them as well - the situation is making running a small candle company just getting on it's feet very challenging. None of this is CS's fault of course, but it's something to take into consideration if you're deciding what jars to make part of your identity.


Owner of Candle Company

Jars came today was unhappy with the way they arrived most of the 24pack of jars was shattered CS was closed at this time but will speak with them early in the morning I have pictures and I’m not worried because so far I’ve experienced good customer service but I love the Jars wish they were bigger

Teresa D

They would be perfect, if they didnt arrive broken everytime.

They're decent jars, a bit on the pricer side from other ones I've used but because of the jar shortage I've been having to order these ones. However, without fail every single time they get delivered theres at least 5-10 jars completely shattered. CandleScience has been prompt in shipping me out replacements (which usually also come broken) but its really annoying having to clean up all the shattered glass. The amount of times I have cut myself because of these jars is ridiculous.


nice looking jars but shattered

I ordered these jars and the first time they arrived shattered which I let candlescience aware of. They kindly quickly shipped me out a replacement for the original order (great customer service by the way) . However the replacements also arrived shattered. Im not sure what the deal is, if it is on the delivery persons end or the way the jars are packaged when shipped out. But I do think that putting a fragile label on the side of the box could maybe help the handling process. Beautiful jars but not sure if it is worth the risk or hassle to continue ordering them going forward.


Great jars, but shatter regularly.

Alright, so I want to preface this with I do really love these vessels. They are a nice size, and does really well for me.

However, the last 4 times I have ordered them they have arrived with a minimum of at least one case with several jars shattered. The last order I placed, I received 3 of 12 cases broken. Candle Science was great and sent replacements, but then one of the replacements was also shattered.

Since they typically get shipped and put in the bigger boxes on their side, they move a lot. I have even caught one of the vessels out of the box. I feel this issue could be easily be fixed if the individual cases were just taped shut. It could save tons of money for all the broken jars being replaced, and time waiting for more replacements on the customers side.

Again, I love CS and will always order again because of the amazing product and great customer service and . I just wanted to offer some constructive Solutions with my review.


Soap + Candle Maker

Just wanted to express my appreciation to Candlescience for sending me a replacement case of these jars! I had one that was broken from my previous order and they immediately contacted me back and got another case to me the very next day - totally free! Top-notch customer service! Thank you so much!!


I love these jars! They would be great in amber, hope to see them in the near future. 😅


White lids!

I wish you would carry white metal lids for these jars.



Update CS sent me a whole new box of jars for all my broken jars and extra with no charges. They came in yesterday and I love to keep buying these jars :)

Isaiah Avelino

My package was broken

I just got my package 10mins ago i was so happy to open it. Come to find out 11 broken jars where in my order. I love the jars but 11 of them is a waist of my money because shipping a case is so expensive :(

Isaiah Avelino

When will these jars be in stock in your N.C. location? I’m in love!


Wick sizes

After lots of testing I have actually found a few wicks that work ! Just wanna share to my fellow candle makers🙂. I use 6006 wax 10% FO ... I have decided to go with eco 8 in this jar. However I do not get my wicks from CS just the jars. But... eco 8 works great cd10 Was forever my go to wick and they worked great with HT but I wanted to get rid of as much mushrooming As possible. I also tried medium ribbon wicks that were a bit too large never tested the small and the premier 765 wicks were great as well but eco and cd gave better hot throws I love these jars though I switched from mason jars. The wet spots occur less and CS is sooooooo fast with shipping !


candle maker

I really love these jars, I went with the recommended wick CD12 and it was ok at first, but half way down the jars got so hot towards the top. Wondering if the wicks just burn to hot for these jars. I also tried wicking down to a CD 10 as well and had the same issue. I'm afraid to sale these to customers and risk them getting burned...


Thank you for coming to my rescue. My package disappeared from my front porch, and candlescience came to the rescue. I thank you for being so understanding. The delivery people are all aware of my packages-growing-feet situation and now ring my bell, upon delivery. Again, thank you to Amanda and the entire Candle Science team.


What Warning label size??

Hi what is the warning label size that will be good for that medium jar? The 1.5 inch or the 2 inch ? Which one do you recommend please??

Noha Hassanein


I received my order today and I'm pleased with the jars, however it looks much smaller in person. Wish it was bigger in size.


Broke in transit? No problem!

One, beautiful jars, absolutely gorgeous. They broke in transit, a few of them, but within hours of letting CS know, I was being shipped many more in replacement, none of which arrived broken. I ended up with even more than I ordered!



What ounces would I label it as?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We'd recommend labeling your candles with the wax weight. This allows your customers to know how much wax will be in the container. For these jars, we list the wax weight as 7 oz so if you will be using that amount, you could label it as a 7 oz candle.

Love them!

Love them!

Wish you guys had metal white lids :D



Love these jars and the smaller size ones too. Received in perfect condition. Recommended lids fit perfectly.



I ordered 2 cases of these jars, and 2 jars out of the 48 were broken. This wasn't a big deal to me, but I decided to send them a text with pics anyway and thought maybe they can credit the 2 broken jars to my account for next order or something?? Well, not kidding... within 10 minutes of me sending that text I had an email confirmation of my new order (which scared me at first, I was like uh I didn't order anything?!?!), they had submitted an order for a whole CASE of new jars and even handled the shipping!!!!!!!!!! Completely shocked, and ecstatic. Forever a CS customer <3

Kelsey S.

I Love CS! Sh*t happens! Forever Loyal Customer

Recieved my order today with 4 Broken Jars due to Shipping Company tossing around boxes. CS packaged everything well i never had an issue EVER! When I tell you I LOVE CS! They Replaced not 4 Jars but the whole box. Totally caught off guard wasnt my expectations. They value there customers good, bad or different. I am forever a Loyal customer to CANDLE SCIENCE!!!! THE BEST FRAGRANCE EVER, GREAT PRICES, OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, FAST SHIPPING, Ect. I can go on and on! Just Love CS!!


Threaded (CT) 8 oz jars, straight side

Thank you for offering this jar. I have been using similar CT flint jars, along with 70 mm metal, plastisol lined lids. This jar is definitely a step up, mostly because of the short neck. Similar straight sided jars have a taller neck, which is not covered, no matter what lid is used. The short neck on this jar, coupled with the new plastic black and white lids; leaves a very pleasing, sleek and contemporary look. This combo looks like my new go to jar and lid choice. I have not found this short neck straight side jar offered anywhere else, only with CS. I was initially concerned that the plastic lids would not seal as well as the plastisol lined metal lids- but I was wrong. The new plastic lids seal just as tightly. Great price point on this jar, and this size straight sided jar burns perfectly with 464 soy wax, CS oils around 7%, and the CD 12 wick (I previously used ECO 10 wicks, but they seem to burn erratically as of late). Great melt pool, HT, and consistent flame all the way down with this jar size, and the CD 12 wick.
Great jar CS, thank you for providing this new choice, also kudos on the plastic black and white lids. Well done, continue to evolve your excellent business model, and your products..