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8 - 54 cases $10.96 $0.91 /pc
55 - 109 cases $10.47 $0.87 /pc
110+ [pallet] $10.17 $0.85 /pc
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Product Update: November 30, 2017

To ensure you have consistent access to this jar, we switched to a different U.S. glass vendor. The new jar is 2 mm taller than the previous version, but still fits well in our straight sided tumbler boxes. It also fits our silver and bronze metal flat lids.

We do not recommend using the lid with the box as they do not fit well together.

- The CandleScience Team

Our straight sided tumbler jars have a clean and balanced shape for a more contemporary style container. Our clear tumblers are made from blown glass forming a smooth and seamless finish.

We also carry the straight sided tumbler jar in black, white and amber.

How much wax will it hold?
Wax Weight (to fill line) - 8.5 oz.
Volume (to overflow) - 11.16 fl. oz.

Looking for a lid? Try our silver or bronze metal flat lids.

Made in the USA

Need packaging for this jar?

Try our kraft and white straight sided tumbler boxes! Specifically designed to insure a perfect fit, our tumbler boxes "pop" into shape in seconds. See more features ❯

Height 3.4375 inches
Diameter 3.1875 inches

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I use this size jar as the standard size for my product line, and since you all swapped distributors, I have had serious issues with quality and consistency with these. The bottoms of these are not flat, and it looks lopsided from where the glass is formed unevenly in the bottom. It is really hard to see unless you put wax in them but the stark contrast of the white soy wax to the line, makes my candle and label appear uneven as a result. I have had over half of the six cases I poured this weekend look terrible as a result of this. And it isn't by case-some in each box are good, some are tolerable, and then some just look awful. I am trying to get my spring line inventoried so I can launch it and this is a huge set back. Fortunately we can drive to your warehouse, and we have already spoken to the guy who processes orders. He said he would have them replaced but this is not just a jar I am out in product-this is wax, wick, wick sticker, and fragrance oil not to mention time and potential sales I am losing. I love every one of your products aside from this but I have built my branding around this jar and now I am really concerned I will have to find another supplier because I cannot risk quality for my customers. When we go down to pick up another order I will have a box ready for you all to look at and see what I am talking about.

Please get tumbler boxes that fit with the lid

These don't fit in the tumbler boxes anymore, which I see the update after the fact of purchasing these. Will there be a new sized box we can buy to fit these new sized jars?

New Product Doesn't Fit

These jars do NOT fit in the tumbler jar boxes anymore. Since you guys changed vendors the taller jar with a lid is impossible to fit into your boxes that are supposed to go with these candles without tearing or bending the box. I am also disappointed by the amount you charge for shipping. I don't see the point in continuing to buy from CandleScience if you can't provide appropriate containers or shipping methods that don't cost almost as much as the order itself.

Great Buttttt......

So I am new to candle making and am trying to create a modern clean line of candles and these are great for that. I purchased two dozen of the I guess "newer" slightly larger tumblers that candle science had created based on production issues with the last company and thats great that they will have a stead supply of them but the candles finished with the flat lid on top do not fit the straight sided number box. So I am now faced with the dilemma of not using lids or having 36 boxes of packing boxes I can not use. For the most part I think these are great and I am so excited to build my brand with candle science at my side.

Shipping, split shipping...

These are my most popular jars, but the shipping price is ridiculous!! It's almost $20 to ship ONE case!!! And why do we have to pay for split shipping if you all choose to do it that way?! We should at least get a discount if that's the case....this is beyond stupid.

Well what am I going to do now!

These are the container I use for my main line along with the lids that fit perfect. I have a big show in less than two weeks... and they are out of stock. I don't like to keep a large amount in my back stock. I will have to scramble to find a different vendor and hope the lids fit! These are 5 star jars... but when I can't get them when I need them then they are less than worthless to me... they are putting me in a huge bind. I've never had this problem before (besides having to stop using the white jars in this style.) Very disappointed.

So Sad they are not in stock right now and during the Christmas season. YIKES.

I am just getting my candle business up and running, I have been searching for a replacement and all other places are comparable but the shipping is astronomically high. 20 to 30 dollars for shipping. I hate waiting, but have no other choice. I rate the containers very high, high heat resistant, and
look amazing with colored wax. Love the professional look that they give my candles. I also love they have a lid with them. Not sure why these jars are not put on back order so that you can ship them out as soon as possible.
I did sign up for the in stock alert.


The jars are great but its Christmas time and they're out of stock.....Love the product but you can't reply on candle science to have something when you need it. They pushed back their estimated time too...

Amazing jars and could not be happier with their appearance. BUT - if they aren't consistently in stock this does absolutely nothing for my brand. I'm so disappointed and feel like I can't even find a replacement somewhere else. This is terrible for my business right around the holiday season. If anyone has any help in finding another supplier with these jars it would be greatly appreciated!

Amazing and upscale

Just received these jars. none were broken. I am upgrading to these from the 8oz apothecary jars. I have been on the fence about making the switch and I am so glad I did. I use these with the bronze lids for fall/winter. I will use the silver lids for the rest of the year. My candles look so upscale now. These jars will be my staple from now on. Very very happy with these.


wonder when you are going to come up with lids ?

Your jar, their lid!

Wish you would carry a lid for this tumbler, I have found a suitable lid made of plastic that fits the jar, but would rather put my money in your pocket than theirs....please carry a lid!


I love love love the jar but I wish there was a lid to go with it as someone also mentioned. (please get us a lid for this! I've emailed requesting for a lid about a year ago). Also 12 wick seems to be pretty ok but it's not perfect. 12 wick works great if you leave your candle on for 2+ hours. before that, it still leaves a pool. 14 burns too high and 10 definitely leaves a pool. I heat to 185,add fragrance and pour at 135. Only reason why I'm not giving 5 stars is because of the lids and not having the right wick for the jar.

Beautiful Jars

I love these jars and would give them five stars if they had a lid or cover. They are beautiful when placed in the box to use as presents. I use GB 444, 7% FO and ECO 14 wick - with good results. I heat to 185 and pour at 100. For next year I will do a comparison test with ECO 14 and double wicking with a few of the smaller sizes.

I love these (clear) jars and the white, glossy window boxes give them a more upscale look. I tested a few different single wicks before settling on double-wicking with two CD-5 wicks. I would prefer a single wick, but none that I tested gave the full melt pool that I like without a flame that's a bit larger than I want. I use GW464.

Candle Maker

Just curious what wick people use with these? Finding the right wick for a perfect burn has been difficult. But the candles look great in these containers! I have only had one broken jar in the multiple orders I have made for these. Only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because of the trouble I am having finding a fitting wick. Right now I am using Eco 14 but I would love some other feedback!


Still on lids for these?