Large Wick Stickers Roll
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Fast, affordable, and highly heat resistant, our wick stickers are the perfect way to secure your wicks. If you're looking for a lower profile wick sticker, our Wick Stickers Pro are half as thick. The large size is perfect for our 3" and 6" wicks. Wick stickers maintain a secure hold up to 180° F.

- Peel the tab from the paper and apply to the bottom of your wick assembly.
- Peel off the paper tab and press firmly to a clean dry surface.

Use Wick Stickums along with the EZ Wick Setter for perfectly centered and secure wicks.

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Made in the USA


Diameter 3/4"
Thickness 1/16"
Prop 65 Warning Required No



Average Rating:

(based upon 41 reviews)

These stick great & work far better than the new Pro stickers


Had no issues

I have to admit that when I first started using them I was concerned as I had a couple of incidents where the wick would come unglued from the jar during a couple of pours until I started warming the jars(beginners error) since then no issues and currently re-ordering more as we speak...

From Dark 2 Light Candles

Work great!

These wick stickers work great! The only time I have issues is if I forget to wash my jars before wicking. If your glass isn’t clean they may not adhere to the glass. So if you are having issues, make sure you have a clean vessel before you wick it. Also make sure it’s completely dry! I hope this helps?

Mr. Toad’s

Heat bottom of jars

I purchased more wick stickers recently and experienced similar issues with these new stickers. They do seem to have less grab. We always cleaned jars good so I was confident the cleaning process was not issue. When I contacted support they recommended heating jars before sticking the wicks. I was a little skeptical because my jars are stored in a climate controlled area. I simply turned 5 jars at a time upside down and hit them with a heat gun for a few seconds on each one. When they were warm to touch I flipped over and attached wicks. So far I have had zero issues in two days of pouring. I do feel these stickers have less grab because the sticker backing comes off much easier than the old stickers. With a little extra effort they will work though.


Owner of store

I have always purchased these and this is the first time I have had problems and my jars are clean help


Work great

Idk what the problem is with everyone else but I’ve never had a problem with these sticking. If you are cleaning your jars properly, there should be no issues with them sticking.

Chattahoochee Candles


These stickers work every time, the problem people are having is that they have not wiped the inner bottom of the jar where it is being stuck. Jars have oily moisture build up in storage and sometimes come from factory with an oily coating or dust.


Sticks well

These wick stickers work great in tins. If you're using them in glass containers the containers can not be cold or stickers will not stick inside them well and will come off during pour. I find sitting the glass container in warm water before placing the wicks works wonders. I can't get them to move at all.


Stick with the pro stickers

Ordered these after going through a pack of wick sticker pro without issue. Now wishing I stuck with the pro stickers. These ones don't stick to the bottom of the jar well and come unstuck the moment I put any resistance on the wick to place the wick in the wick holder.



I have used these stickers in the past repeatedly with no issues. However just wasted at least 10 wicks. As soon as the wax is poured and I set the wick bar, the sticker remains adhered to the jar however the wick pops right off. Thus having to clean jars repeatedly. Any suggestions would be wonderful!

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We're happy to have helped resolve your issue!


I have used these back and forth for years and the last few shipments have been as good as ever! I see some comments about how they don't stick and I am wondering what thats all about. I have wicked hundreds of candles in the past few weeks alone and not one wick has wiggled


Not sticking!!! Pouring at 135 as per instructions. Very disappointed.

CandleScience Reply

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! We would love to help you with your Wick Stickers. Our support team has reached out to you via email to better assist you!

Lower quality

I have been buying from CS for years, but recently have had so many issues with these stickers! Almost every batch of candles I pour has at least one sticker that comes up after I pour. I have tried pouring at a slightly lower temperature and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Fix these stickers!


Horrible lately

I used to buy 100 at a time. I ordered the 1,000 roll and these seriously don’t stick but MAYBE 25% of the time. I use clear jars so after I stick them to the bottom, I can turn my candle over and see that the adhesive isn’t even sticking to the jar. One weak tug and the base of my wick is detached from the candle. I have had to put a dot of super glue on every single one of these stickers just to use them for the last 300 candles I’ve made. So disappointing. I’ve used these wick stickers for years and never dealt with this.

Justine Drake

So Frustrated!

I have used these wick stickers for years, but the last few rolls have given me SO MUCH TROUBLE! They stick, I pour my into my tins, they come up and ruin my candles. I am desperately searching for an alternative. Who can afford to lose candles over and over again?? This is my business!

Stora Montgomery Kamens
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We are sorry to hear that you have been having issues with the wick stickers. Our support team will be reaching out via email to assist!

Owner/candle maker

4 cents per wick sticker is outrageous!!! Which contributes to my not being able to make my jar candles reasonable. I've always tried to be an inclusive business where everyone can afford my candles by not pricing them like Yankee prices theirs where only the wealthy can afford them. The price needs to be lowered, It's just a sticky piece of paper for God's sake.


Semi Colon Soy Candles

I absolutely love them, so easy to apply and move on. Wish I had of tried them earlier in my business. Thanks Candle Science! You haven't failed me yet!

Tammy Hayes

The trick to the stick

I came here to reorder these today, and I've used the wick stickers successfully for years. I see people are having trouble with them sticking well, and wanted to share my method of getting them to stick like they're super glued! It's an extra step, for sure, but I think it's worth it. Wash new candle jars in warm soapy water before trying to get the wick sticker to adhere. The jars seem to come from the factory with a thin layer of something that prevents the sticker from adhering properly. The best solution I've found is to pre-wash my jars with warm soapy water, and then the wick stickers stay VERY secure! Hope this helps!


Love these! Such a timesaver.

I've wicked thousands of candles and these are the biggest timesaver. I couldn't imagine spending the time (and burning my fingers) to use a hot glue gun to wick every. single. jar. I've only ever had one come unstuck, and that was the time I was testing a MUCH higher pour temp than my standard pour. Anything under 150 degrees has been perfect with no issues whatsoever.


Not sticking

And this is a follow up to my last review and the person that review before me. I live in MA and my husband does HVAC for a living, my environment is controlled all day, never humid. I thought maybe the 100qty roll was defective so when I opened the 1000qty roll I stored it in a ziplock and I’m still having the issue.


Awesome product

After reading some of the reviews I have noticed a reoccurring theme regarding the wicks not adhering to the jar or coming loose while pouring. I have personally wicked 1000's of candle jars and will defiantly say that this problem only exists if you are attempting to wick your jars in a high humidity environment. I always keep a gauge in my shop specifically for this reason alone. Warming the jars before wicking them is in my opinion a complete waste of time. These wick stickers have never failed me.


I had problems with the stickers at first. Wasted lots on stickers. I heated the bottom or sometimes the inside of container, it works well. Now I just heat the bottom of sticker and Now it’s the greatest. I used an open flame of a candle. Not to close are it will burn, it you decide to try.


To stick or not to stick

Well I have had a good first run with the stickers, but for some reason they're not sticking anymore and I tried using a glue gun but that's not working. Is it the cans itself? Help!!!!!



After reading, I was a little scared to order but I ordered it because I needed glue dots!

I’m soo happy I did order these, they’re extremely helpful and they stick really well! I will be ordering these again!!!

Cody Klein

What a waste of $$$!!! They don't stick whatsoever..glad I only wasted $18. Will never purchase these again and I defiitely do not recommend them.

CandleScience Reply

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your wick stickers. Feel free to reach out to our support team and we'd be happy to help troubleshoot. If there is an issue with the stickers you received, we will certainly make sure the situation is resolved.

Important: Heat Your Jars!

If you are using glass jars and having trouble getting your stickers to stick, warm the glass bottom slightly (not piping hot!) before placing your wick sticker & it will stick VERY easily!



I have never had any issues with these. They stick and stay put every time!


CS have definitely changed something with these stickers since last year. THEY DO NOT STICK! As soon as you pour the wax in (I poured at 115-105 F) they come right off. They didn't used to have this problem but I guess enough people complained that the stickers were to strong to pull off now they won't stick at all...


perfect for my needs

stick super well and have not had one come off yet. a little on thick side but, i just flatten the heck out of it when i stick it into tin can. works perfectly with the pretabbed eco wicks.


These do exactly what they're supposed to do. It's a foam sticker that keeps the flame at a safe distance from the bottom of your vessel to keep surfaces safe and potential glass from cracking or melting under heat. The amount of wax left at the bottom is a negligible sacrifice for a typically sized candle, and I've received zero complaints from clients in regards to previous reviews. Bottom line: it holds the wick in place and keeps my candles safe so people don't sue me. It performs its job well.


Not what I expected

Though these are quite easy to use and super convenient, I didn't expect them to be a foam type of sticker, The sticker is a bit too high and leaves too much wax that is unable to burn because of the height. I will not be purchasing these again. I will either use my hot glue gun or find some glue dots.


First time ever use this stickers, not satisfy. Did not seal real good, my wax start leaking out from the bottom of the mold. It causes my candle not to come out good. Waiste of money.


perfect size with Jelly jars 8oz

i luv this sticker :)


These are indeed easy to use and adhere really well. So well that they will be hard to remove if you want to recycle the container. The main reason I don't like these is because they are WAY too thick for most normal candle containers. They would work alright in large containers but leave way too much unused wax in any of the candles I normally make. A version with a lower profile would be much better. I use strong glue dots instead.

Cyn Q

I really love using the stickums. It makes candle making much more efficient. They stick well, even after pouring the wax. If you don't get the wick centered just right, they are a little tough to get off but not impossible. When I freeze the leftover candles to reuse the containers, they come off pretty easily but sometimes there's a little residue left over. A little soap and warm water takes care of that. I have re-ordered them and would definitely recommend to others.

Atelier Tara

So easy to use with wick setter...

I love these! You do need to push it on the bottom of the wick tab pretty well to ensure that it doesn't come off. It makes wicking my candles so much easier then using super glue and waiting for it to adhere... Try it with the e-z-wick setter and you wont be disappointed!

Allison Westbrook

Doesn't Stick

These little things are totally useless. They don't stick once you pour the wax, defeating the purpose of using them. Definitely going back to the glue-gun method.


Pros and Cons...But not for me.

While semi-convenient (you do need to turn your oven on or set these next to the stove to get the adhesive to stick), I personally don't like them too much and do not use them for what I'm making anymore. They raise the height of the tab and in some jars this doesn't work and or leaves way too much wax left over (tureen, jelly, and tealight). I tried these in status jars and it was acceptable, however I'm now finding they are kind of a pain to get off if you recycle jars for personal use... I am soaking what I couldn't get off by hand in 91% alcohol and hopefully it will loosen it enough to get off. The only time that I think I would use these is if I were in a power outage situation and couldn't use my hot glue. While it's messier it's a lot easier in my opinion, and it works just fine with the wick setter. Plus, with hot glue it's easier to re-center if you need to where as these guys do not move. Pros and cons. But I recommend skipping the stickums and going straight to a glue gun. (Also I find it takes around the same amount of time for glue vs. stickum. If anything the glue goes a little faster for me.)


Love these stickums!

I heat my jars in the oven during the cooler to cold weather and get great adhesion with the stickums..never a be sure you put the wick where you want it because it is there to stay....Thank you Candlescience!


sooo much easier than hot glue

These work really well and make life easier. Much quicker and less mess than hot glue. I was a little worried they would stick well enough, but I find I can pull my wicks tight even after pouring wax and they stay in place.


A little difficult

I would recommend using these to put your wick in your glass jar before you start weighing the wax and making your candles, and then put on the wick bar or popsicle stick right before you pour. Otherwise, the stickum will start to peel off the bottom of the jar when lightly pulled at all.