Grapefruit and Mangosteen Fragrance Oil
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As of 05/06/2021:

This version of Grapefruit & Mangosteen has been discontinued and replaced with the new Grapefruit and Mangosteen. Click here to check it out!


A true-to-life blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen- an exotic fruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach. Out of the bottle the grapefruit dominates with its sharp and punchy citrus notes. Once in wax, the fragrance mellows just a bit, with the warmer and sweeter mangosteen coming through. The fragrance reaches balance while burning, when both fruits meld into a strong fragrance that has a citrus punch, a hint of peach, and a naturally derived sweetness.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange.

Note Profile:
Top: Orange, Mandarin, Lemon
Middle: Grapefruit, Peach
Base: Red Currant, Vanilla

Soy Candle Maker's Note: For years, we've tested dozens of grapefruit fragrances and we haven't been impressed. We put lots of research and development into figuring out why the chemistry just doesn't work. This fragrance is the result of all that work. While it is a 2/3 in soy (just leaves us room to keep trying), it is the best we've ever seen, and we think you'll agree.
Suggested Colors: Orange, Yellow
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-6%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 191 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 115 reviews)

I can't believe you're removing this scent

We just made all of our candles for the entire year with this scent and I'm needing more for wax melts. Can we still not purchase a small amount?

Steve Stivers
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! The Grapefruit and Mangosteen fragrance oil is currently under revision but we are expecting the revised fragrance to be available very soon. We are working hard to ensure the revised fragrance maintains the original strength and fragrance characteristics so you can continue using it worry-free once available!

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at

DON'T GO!!!!

The second I added this fragrance to my collection it became one of my best sellers, now it's leaving....... Why?? Please don't discontinue this fragrance it is sooooo loved!

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We apologize for the inconvenience the discontinuation of Grapefruit and Mangosteen has caused you. The current version is simply being revised to meet our new safety standards. But it will be coming back, and we are expecting to have the revision available this month! If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team at!

Bring it back!!!

Grapefruit and Mangosteen is part of my fan-favorite candle. I can't make that fragrance without it. Please bring it back!

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're sorry for the inconvenience the discontinuation of Grapefruit and Mangosteen has caused you. Great news! It is simply being revised and will be making a return. We are expecting to have the revision ready this month! If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at and we will be happy to help!

Please bring it back

my "Citrus Paradise" candle made from this scent is my top seller, please bring it back ;(



Incredibly upset to see this go. It was half of our best seller. Why is this being taken away?

CandleScience Reply

Thanks for leaving a review! A member of our support team has reached out to you to better assist you!


Omg I can't believe this!!!! My best seller now what am I going to do?



Its my best seller... I cant believe its discontinued... I feel lost :(. Whats the closes scent to this....

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're so sorry for any inconvenience this discontinuation has caused you. We are simply discontinuing this version so that it can meet our stricter safety standards, and we should have the revision available this month! In the meantime, the current stock we have is also still available for purchase! If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at

Sad to see it discontinued

My customers absolutely love this scent. I hope whatever it is replaced by will be an exact match of the scent.



Can’t believe this! My absolute best seller hand down and now this. Just went online to place an order. I’ll try and be hopeful the replacement will be the same . It’s getting harder to explain to customers why the candle smells differently but it’s the same isn’t it ? Hope this isn’t the case.

Embrs Candle Co.

Wrong timing of discontinuing...

This is my best seller for spring line, i just hoped they had made the changes before the spring started. 😞


Used in Cold Process soap

This is a wonderful smell and I just had to use it in my soap but CS didnt have any feedback as to how it behaves in CP soap well I tried it and it accelerates so I'd use this in room temperature soap batter no seizing however I didnt use my stick blender I used a wisk to incorporate everything if you dnt use a stick blender I think things will be good. When this soap is ready to cut I will come back with fragrance results.


No Way

I just logged on this morning to put my order together and to my dismay see that me and my customers absolute favorite scent is being replaced! I’m not quite sure why the need to revise when CS already has the guidelines in place that make my candle line safe. I’m hopeful the new version is the same quality. Fingers crossed.

Embrs Candle Co.

Bring it back please

Love love love this fragrance, so sad.


One of the best

Absolutely love this fragrance...please reconsider discontinuing it.


So sad

So sad to see this fragrance go. I had great HT with 464 wax up until this year, but other fragrances weren’t working with the wax either. I make a large batch of candles for Christmas every year to gift out and this has been a hot item for the last 5 years. So glad I got the jug of Lavender before they got rid of it and seriously miss the antique sandalwood. I’ll pay top dollar for leads on that one. Lol. Stock up while ya can folks!! Sorry you have to phase out CS to be compliant!!


Dude Noooooooooooo

I just ordered this fragrance yesterday and received it today. I noticed that they discontinued it :( Dude this fragrance is bomb!!!!! It's smells sooo good. Hope the new fragrance smells just like this one or even better


I had a feeling this would be coming soon. I made a mental note of this recently as I just purchased some of this and I love it. I've already made a few different blended fragrances with it. I also love it all on its own. I hope the new version smells very close to the old one. Thanks Candlescience


candle making

Great, fresh, true to scent.


Grapefruit mangosteen

This is a great scent I got grand accolades for this scent please do not discontinue clients love it.



This was the first oil that I ever used. I didn't get the HT it deserved using 464. I switched to a coconut soy blend & it popped! I sell it year round. Also perfect for a paraffin soy wax.

Mel Bond's Handmade

Grapefruit Mimosa

This scent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omgggggg, and im not being extra. This scent is my best seller!! I tried to discontinue this scents and my customers were not having it! I called it grapefruit mimosa and it smells like the most refreshing piece of fruit! Even the cold throw is amazing! you can smell it from anywhere in the house. It literally is my fav oil they sell! please check us out

Kandle Werx

Soap scent

This smells so good. Periodt. I personally think that this is more of a soap scent than a candle one. Maybe some people like them for candles, but I just think that its for soap personally. Still love it tho!


top seller in summer esp

One of my 4 base scents that I have had in stock since the beginning. Perfect for summer time, in melts OR candles. I ix 10% with my 6006 and couldn't be happier with both the CT and HT. :)



This is my top 5 FO. CT is amazing. However, I made candles using 464 soy wax. Lx 18 wick.7 day cure.
Absolutely NO HT.😩😩 I’ll try again using comfort blend wax.. I’ll update soon!!

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're so sorry to hear this, and we'd be happy to help troubleshoot with you. Our support team has reached out to you via email!

Wonderfully Strong

I was worried based on some of the other reviews. After pouring a test candle I couldn’t wait to burn it. I only waited 24 hours and it has such a strong scent throw with 10% in GB464. I’ll most likely lower the percentage but I was very impressed. The grapefruit is the definite top note. The mandarin and peach comes in quite strong as well.

Aphrodite’s Apothecary

What the hell happened

This wwas the BEST scent Ive ever Come across and right after covid it plummeted. I contacted Candle science and the person who I exchanged a few emails with was trying to convince me nothing changed . My husband said something is definately wrong As well as my large customer base . Constant complaints. It doesn't even have a smell. It smells like an unscented base with a faint smell. Ive been using this fragrance for over a hear and it has been a top seller , now customers are complaining and asking wth is wrong . FIX IIIIT PLEASEEE . I am Returning 3 , 5lb jugs of this stuff tomorrow. Utterly disappointed. I hope it was slip up during manufacturing a batch and it will be corrected.


Love this scent....Smells amazing. One of my favorites


Favorite Scent

This scent by far is my favorite! Love, Love, Love it!


Smells Amazing!

The hot and cold throw on this fragrance was amazing even after 24 hours! Smells so good!

Eternal LIFE Candles

Awesome-Best Seller- Just wish it were skin-safe too

This scent is one of my all-time best sellers in candles and melts. I make a soap with the same scent but have to purchase it from another company that has the same scent, but it is skin-safe. I wish yours was skin-safe, so I could get it from one place :) Still an INCREDIBLE scent & year-round seller though.

Soap & Candlemaker- Business Owner

Love it

Best scent ever...


This is one of my favorite scents! I’m a big fan of grapefruit scents and the very first candle I made was with this scent. I felt I did something wrong because it didn’t have a good hot throw. I made another candle with this scent and let it cure longer. The hot throw was stronger and my fiancé loved the scent that he told me to make him another one with this scent. I will be ordering more as soon as they are back in stock!


Truely one of my FAVS! Smells delicious :)

Elva Benitez


I received this scent in the pro candle kit. It was the one scent that I thought I would not like. This was my favorite scent, and I am so glad that it was included. I will definitely be purchasing more. I used this with golden wax, as that was what was provided. While I do not like how the golden wax melts, it burns very well, and strong.


One of my Best Sellers!

I was leary with this being a 2 out of 3 for soy, but thought I would give it a try anyway and I am SO GLAD I DID! It has become one of my best sellers! I mix it well while using 464 and it turns out beautifully! It may have a bit more frosting to it than usual, but the scent has phenomenal CT and HT. I highly recommend this scent; it is spectacular! It's clean, bright, and sweet! It is LOVELY!



Smells AMAZING. CT and HT are great. I might buy some more just to make candles for myself!!




Dancing orchid Soapworks

Not bad


I love this FO!

I just purchased this FO and I totally love it! I use Soy wax 444 and get an excellent Cold and Hot Throw. My customers love this as well! It's a very fresh and clean scent. Will be purchasing this one regularly. Thanks, CS!

Ariana L


This smells just like you have just cut open a grapefruit and are about to give right in.
The scent throw is amazing in hot and cold. I can open one up and smell it feet away.
Its not a huge seller for me but the people that love it.. REALLY love it and cant get enough.


Trendy Decor

This aroma is amazing!!!
Is my top seller in my store everybody loves it ❤️

Monica Vela


The cold throw for this is excellent, however I was disappointed by the hot throw. I used 464 and the recommended 1oz of fragrance oil to 1 pound of wax. I'm going to try 1.5oz frangance oil to 1 pound of wax next.

Regardless of the hot throw, the cold throw has won over a lot of our clients. If you're on the fence about this, I would recommend you purchase a sample.

Candles by Olympia

Absolutely love this fresh scent! Just ran out and am going to order a bigger bottle. My candles with this scent were my top seller!



This FO performs Excellent in Soy Wax. I used 464 for my wax melts. My husbands coworkers sampled it and they LOVE IT!! It smells great in and out of the bottle! I’m buying more to make candles! Very fresh and tangy scent! Must buy!

Candle Owner

My fav!

Smells similar to volcano but this is better! Used 464 with an 6% FL. Will add more FO next time


Awesome Fragrance

You cannot go wrong with this fragrance. I’m new to candle making and used it in 464 soy wax. The heat throw is amazing!


Awesome Fragrance

You cannot go wrong with this fragrance. I’m new to candle making and used it in 464 soy wax. The heat throw is amazing!


Love this fragrance out of the bottle! The CT is great, But I was disappointed that it has SUCH a low HT. And I mean, none. Tested at both 185° and around 150°, and got the same result. I love the scent, so i’m going to give this a try in my butters to see how it turns out


A nose knows!

I have absolutely fallen for this fragrance. My kitchen smells fabulous!!


I'm surprised this only gets a 2/3 for soy because I think it's one of my stronger scents in soy candles. It's great for summertime!



All my customers love this. I was hesitant to buy it - what is a mangosteen anyway? Glad I did - came back for more.


The fragrance itself is very nice, but it has zero hot throw.

Alex D

Sweet Lordt

Sweet baby Jesus in a manger!!! This scent is amazing!!! I wish it were skin safe so I could put in my soaps, body wash and other bathing products so I could make luxury sets.


A New Favorite!

Can't wait to take this to our fall sale, love, love love this scent! Great performer in 464, very little cure time, lasts a really long time in the wax melter. As a candle, burns great, fills the whole room! Used wick CSN 12 in 464, added 6% at 175 degrees, and then another 5% at 155 degrees and stirred for a full 3 minutes. Cooled till almost slushy before pouring. Cured 3 days and WOW! I give these exact instructions for the reviewers that didn't get results they were hoping for. Ordering more today. Love Candle Science quality and was very impressed that even in the face of hurricane Florence I got my order super fast! Thanks, Candle Science.

Benjamin's Naturals

I love it!

Smells like a summer cocktail, all my ladies love this scent, it's a must have on my fragrance list this summer.

Mac & Jac Soy Candles

Cold throw much stronger then hot throw

I LOVE the smell of this in the bottle, loved it once it was poured and cured, but cannot smell it when it is lit. So disappointing! I got this in the soy candle starter kit so it was 1 lb x 1 oz ratio with soy wax & fragrance. It would work great for my mother!! (she's afraid of fire - even a small candle But yes I would have bought the biggest bottle you can get IF the hot throw was just as wonderful as the cold throw.


Great Grapefruit

Love this grapefruit scent! It's not too in your face but the citrus really comes through. One of my best performing candles and really popular with my customers.

Raxeira Candle Co

Got this during the 99 cents sample sale and Absolutely love it, will buy in bigger size


Best Seller!

Every Spring at my big sale this is hands down the best seller - I mean dozens of this one. This is a beautiful fragrance customers just can’t put it down and stand there sniffing for quite a while and then purchase. Like a sugared grapefruit perfect spring/summer scent. I WISH it was also for bath and body - please CS can you wave your magic wand and help I could really expand the line of products with this fragrance. Love it and highly recommend.

Erin Slate Roof Studio


all I can say is grab the napkin, this one makes your mouth water.


Beautiful scent

Love the scent....Better than I expected.


Absolutely delectable scent!

Loved the scent in the bottle - loved it even MORE in a candle. Excellent throw! Sold out immediately at Saturday Market - have had many more orders already just on this scent alone! EVERY single person who sniffed the candles LOVED it!!


Gotta have it type scent!!!

This is DEAD ON to what CandleScience says.The longer you let it cure,the more the two scents stand out.One of my favorites!

Jay Bedeker - Candlestik Candles


I received this as a sample. I had to reorder in a bigger size. I used it as a burning oil and looking forward to using it in my soy wax. It smells wonderful out the bottle and even better as a burning oil.


Lov this one

This may only have a 2 leaf rating, in your soy, but in my GB has a 5 leaf rating..It not only has a great HT, which I can smell all over my house..But it smells so good, good enough, be careful or you will want to pick it up and drink it..



It is very overpowering in the bottle, just like the description says. But in wax, it mellows alot, and has the sweeter scent. Delicious scent! Very strong!


Deserves 3 leaves!

Used in 464 wax in 8 oz. jelly jars (3 fl. oz. of fragrance to 32 oz. of wax) - AMAZING throw and delicious citrus/sweet scent. A truly mood-lifting fragrance!


Pure citrus bliss!

Adore this fragrance. Am ordering more today ... wonderful blend!


My favorite

This smells like a mixed dring without the alcohol. Equal parts grapefruit and mangosteen. Strong and sinfully good.


Sweet citrus

Loved this fragrance. It is exactly what I had hoped for. very fruity.



I use this scent at 1 1/2 ounce per pound in IGI 4627. Hot and cold throw is very good. It is a toss up between this scent and Oakmoss and Amber as my favorite. I have yet to find anyone that did not like this scent. Regardless of the season this one is a favorite.



This fragrance is simply amazing. Sweet, yet tart. It is the perfect citrus blend. I used in Soy 464 and the scent was incredible cold and hot. I will be reordering.

Kristie Madden

Love, love, love, love, did I say love

This is my new favorite summer/spring scent. Not only does it rock my world, but everyone of my customers requested this scent.


Question. Please help!

I am using GB 464 soy wax, but can't seem to get a hot throw. For those that did, how many oz. of FO per lb. of wax did you pour? And at what temps? THANK YOU!


Surprised this isn't 3 leafs!

Very strong hot and cold throw! I'm surprised this isn't a 3 leaf rating. Very pleasant smell and very unique. Definitely one of the best grapefruit and citrus scents I've tried. This has been a very popular scent. I used .9oz of fragrance oil for 10.1 oz of Soy464 wax in a container.


Unusually good scent!

I love grapefruit scents but unfortunately they fall short in Soy wax. Usually I get excellent cold throw and no hot throw at all, until now. I made this for a customer in gb464 and also added a tangerine scent with it and bingo bango! I made the most beautiful scent! She loved it and everyone else that smelled it bought a candle from me! I sold out the whole batch in two hours that's six candles! I will be making this again! Thanks!

Mary @Mr. Toad's House of Wax


I have never personally ordered this FO but a friend of mine has and made me an 8 ounce mason jar candle using GB 444 and the scent was very pleasing and strong. I honestly cant believe this only has 2 leafs. This awesome citrus delight will not disappoint!

Carlo C.

Love this scent!

We have a customer that loves this scent so I made the purchase in a 1oz bottle. I will now be coming back soon for a larger bottle. This scent is spot on! Perfectly heavenly! It's not over powering nor too strong. Has a very beautiful scent when both cold or hot! The description is spot on!

Tammy Skym

The absolute BEST!

This scent is simply amazing and it's so strong. I can smell it on a different floor of the house! One of those FO's you just can't go wrong it. Buying a bigger bottle next time for sure.


Pleasantly surprised

You can read reviews but it’s never a sure thing until you try it for yourself. I’ve got to say, it’s unique and so familiar at the same time. Introduced it to my customers and it was well received. Throw was great. I’m always a bit skeptical of anything grapefruit even though I love the scent but it definitely won me over.



I don't like what am about to write but I have to help someone out. This FO is good only in the bottle. It smells amazing!! Put it in candle (soy) where did the scent go??? Followed instructions, even cured for a month no scent. So disappointed why all the stars ???. So I double checked the top,middle,base note again, crap all weak.

Please, somebody give me the how to's to also get the 5stars level, I love citrus smells please/ what is the secret.


The best The best

As soon as I mixed this with my soy blend 444 omg this fragrance is to die for! My whole house smelled of this amazing fragrance! You guys are the best!!


Like, like, like, 👍



This scent is just whatever for me. I guess it depends on personal preferences. It's definitely strong in candles but there're other scents I like more than this one. #notastunner

Unspeakable Treasures

My new favorite!

I was truly so impressed with this scent, it is hands down my new personal favorite! I use NatureWax C-3 and I get an excellent cold and hot throw. This is one scent that I will always keep my shelf filled with for sure. Can't wait to see how it sells at my first fair next month! :)

Liz S.

Excellent Diffuser Performance

Fruity and moderately-sweet, this is the best performing fragrance oil I have tried in the CS Diffuser Base, which is a flame-free option for bringing fragrance to my children's rooms. Four stars because I personally don't detect much grapefruit, but it is still an excellent fragrance.



This is a delicious scent. Made in GB 464 1 ounce/1 pound and hot and cold throws are awesome. To me this isn't an exact dupe for Anthropolpgie's Volcano but is similar and at the very least pairs nicely with it. I actually prefer it over Volcano!


Wonderful when lit!

Grapefruit hits you right oob and then you sweet tropical scent of the mangosteen. I used it in GB464 at 10% and with a 5 day cure time in a jelly jar it had decent scent throw. I really like this one!

Silver Grove Scentsations

One of my Favorites!

This scent smells amazing, especially when lit. My customers love this one, I am always having to make more. This one is starting to go head to head with the scent "Jamaican me crazy." Both wonderful scents. Fabulous job candle science!

A Glimpse of Light Candle Co.

Sample love

This fragrance was in my kit and my first time using it, it smells amazing!!! A cross between strawberries and grapes. I had to reorder.



I call this juicy for obvious reasons, this scent is so yum. I am using 464 + 1.5 oz. Try it!


This scent is AMAZING!! I used it in GB464, it has an awesome scent throw!! Love it!! I will be buying more and adding to my permanent line of scents!!

Jennifer Harlow

Long-time favorite!

Super yummy and juicy scent!


Love this scent!

I've been making candles with this scent for awhile now, and I love it! You do need to add at least 1.5oz-2oz per pound to get a great throw but when you do it's awesome!!


I loved the scent of this candle. I am new to candle making and I was wondering what I was doing wrong because when I was preparing the candle the cold throw was amazing, my home smelled lovely. But the hot throw was minimal, only if the candle was directly in my vicinity. I let the candle cure for a few days thinking this might help the situation but still minimal result. Now that I have read other reviews, I see that others have had the same problem. The scent is fabulous. Hope there is a fix for this in the future.



One of my best sellers and one of my personal favorites, smells more like grapefruit- but I absolutely love it and so do my customers!


great scent

I have used this scent in 444, 464 and eco cb advanced waxes. Every time it comes out great. I follow the wick guide. In addition, this is one of my top sellers and one of my personal favorites also.


Not impressed

Im reading all these positive reviews and I am wondering why this could not be me. I really wanted to like this FO but the hot throw sucks to me. I let the candle cure for a full week and added the 1oz to the 1lb of wax and still did not end up with a positive result.


Candles smell great, but no hot throw

My fiance and I absolutely LOVE this scent and the candles smell amazing not lit, but there is almost no hot throw at all! I used the recommended 1oz per pound of soy wax, but I can only smell the hot throw if the candle is directly next to me. I would have given this two stars because of the lack of smell when lit, but I love it so much and want to try it again with the maximum (2oz) of oil. Hopefully that will make a difference. I'm also hoping that if I let the candles sit for an additional 2-3 days the fragrance will be a bit stronger.


Very Unique

This fragrance is one of my new faves! Im not a huge grapefruit fan but this one is excellent!


Love this Scent...BUT

This is one of my favorite candle scents. I just wish I could use it in my body scrubs and butters!!!


Scent not very strong

I was a little disappointed with the hot throw on this one, I followed instruction and used 1oz per pound of GW 464 Soy although it did smell good cold.


Love this Scent

I use this scent in 444 and it works great! I actually had a customer call me last night to tell me that her family would like to order this scent because they smelled it and love it, and have never smelled a scent as unique and lovely as this one. It's a great seller.


Too Sweet

I am a HUGE fan of anything grapefruit scented, but understand that pure grapefruit is quite peppery and not what is expected of a "grapefruit scented" candle, diffuser, etc. Unfortunately, though, this scent is a bit too much mangosteen and not enough grapefruit. I can detect bit of citrus, but I was looking for something much more grapefruit centric. I'm not a huge fan of overly sweet scents (hence my love of citrus) and this is unfortunately incredibly sweet.

The scent, however, is quite strong and carries incredibly well. The quality of product is great!


Great cold and hot throw works great with GB464. Customer Love it!


Huge Hit!

This scent was by far the favorite with my friends and family! I only had a few 8oz tins of this scent as I was trying it out for the first time and people actually fought over them! I will be making this scent a staple in my shop. I found that the recommended 1oz of oil to 1lb of soy wax provided a perfectly light scent.


Best Citrus Scent

This is absolutely one of my favorite citrus scents. It's sweet, tart and fresh. Reminds me of a fresh squeezed cocktail. Highly recommend this if you need a citrus scent. I'm in love.


Best Citrus Scent

This is absolutely one of my favorite citrus scents. It's sweet, tart and fresh. Reminds me of a fresh squeezed cocktail. Highly recommend this if you need a citrus scent. I'm in love.


LOVE this scent

I love this scent, it is strong and great cold throw as well as hot. I know it only gives 2 leaves in soy, but I think its perfect.


I read the review that said it smelled like the Anthropologie Volcano candle and I was sold. It does smell surprisingly like that. Really, really great smell for Spring and Summer.


great scent- best seller

Made 6 candles and sold 6 candle in one fell swoop. Great scent! will make 12 candles this time! lol


Hits a citrus pinnacle!

I love citrus scents, and this one is spot on. Clean, crisp and not cloyingly sweet. It makes your mouth water. I had a half dozen scented candles on the table, and my friends rated this one of their top two. Citron Mandarin is another good one to try. Excellent cold and hot throw in a soy blend.


Love. Love. Love.

This has a lovely hot and cold scent throw. If you have ever smelled the Volcano candles that are popular at Anthropologie, this is VERY close to that scent. This is definitely a year-round favorite.


Smells aaaamazing

This is a wonderfully fresh, fruity, and strong fragrance. If I have several candles out for sale this one always steals the show. Customers love it and even though its a very strong scent it doesn't give me a headache to pour. Amazing cold throw as well. GB 464 at 1oz/lb.


Simply Amazing!

Such an awesome summer fragrance. Its a HUGE hit amongst my customers! Amazing hot and cold throw. 1.5 oz in soy wax.