Palo Santo Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Ships from East Coast. Estimated: West Coast 12/15
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Ground yourself in the calming, cleansing aromas of Palo Santo fragrance oil. Palo Santo is a tree native to South America traditionally used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It’s also said to have properties that clear negative energy and promote well-being. This trendy, highly requested scent captures the clean woodiness of palo santo for a realistic result.

A clear choice for fragrance lines focused on wellness, healing, or the metaphysical, Palo Santo also lends itself well to spa or luxury candle lines.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including elemi and does not contain any Palo Santo.

Blends well with: Peppermint and Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Grapefruit and Mint, White Sage and Lavender

Alternative branding ideas: Palo Santo Wood, Sacred Wood, Healing Wood

Note Profile
Top: Cardamom, Citrus 
Middle: Palo Santo, Violet, Saffron
Base: Smoke, Wood, Sandalwood, Amber

Suggested colors: tan, natural
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 2-6%
Vanillin Content 0%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint 210 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 15%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
Slight Light Tan None

Lye Water Temperature 97ºF
Oil temperature 108ºF

We experienced a slight amount of acceleration but no separation. This came to a light trace slowly but once at trace, the batter did start to thicken slightly. At a medium trace the batter was easy to work with and remained fluid while pouring into the mold. After 24 hours, the soap had gelled through the center only and discolored to a light beige. The scent was more mild but very true to the original character. After 30 days, the soap discolored to a light tan and the scent was strong. This fragrance would be ideal for simple design patterns that require a thicker trace but prepare to work quickly.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 113 reviews)

Palo Santo FO

This Palo Santo smells soooo good! I didn't really like the Alpine Balsam smell in my soaps and I got this Palo Santo to blend with it and it did not disappoint!! It has a woodsy smell that's a little sweet. I would say it's a little androgynous perhaps leaning on the masculine side and very versitle. I'm buying a bigger bottle because I'm already out and would like to make candles with it next! Nice job Candle Science!



This is one of my better sellers but most people say it smells like a manly perfume.

Feliciana Candle Co

Doesn’t smell like palo santo

I don’t get the palo santo at all in this fragrance oil…


Perfect Palo

I honestly adore this scent, it's warm, woodsy, and magical. Now, I do mix it with another FO from Candle Science, as I do with all my candles.
Works wonders in 464 soy and has become my personal favorite. I just added it to my shop and it seems to be a hit.
Tip: If you want that true, strong, Palo Sano scent, mix with a smoke FO.
Happy Holidays all!


Review Palo Santo

So even though this dies no smell like Palo Santo, it's still a great scent. My hubby absolutely loves it. Maybe it should be renamed since it reflects more of like an ocean type of scent similar to one which has been discontinued by another supplier.


artist - candle maker

Does Not smell anything like Palo Santo

Black Mountain Craft

Owner/Montford Wicks

While this doesn't smell bad, it definitely smells NOTHING like Palo Santo. It should be renamed to something else all together.



I absolutely love this fragrance! THIS IS MY FAVORITE CS oil yet! Don't change it!


Not Palo Santo ...

Just as a few others stated, this smells nothing like Palo Santo, though it is a good scent. I burn real Palo Santo in my home, and it is so far from this blend ... Maybe name it something not so misleading??
One reviewer mentioned that it is so perfumey that it is nearly impossible to tone it down. Very true.
Another reviewer said they were so excited to see Palo Santo added to CS line-up; I completely relate. This is a very strong masculine scent with feminine floral overtones. That's the best way I can describe it.
All of that said, you should try it, just don't expect Palo Santo.

FreeBird Candle Supply/Harlow Road

Not Palo Santo

This smells nothing like Palo Santo

Black Mountain Craft


This scent is very under appreciated. I understand the other reviews, but honestly, nobody has given it a fair shot. I did not like it at all out of the bottle when this fragrance first came out. But then it grew on me and I finally made some candles with it. Then I realized it is a very very good scent. It’s very sophisticated and high end in my opinion. It actually does smell like palo santo when it is in a candle. I have palo santo sticks that I burn all the time and this fragrance is spot on (in candles). It is a very earthy and woodsy scent. It goes right along with that style of fragrances that are popular right now. I know my customers love it. It has a cleanness about it too, kind of the way lemon or vetiver does. I highly recommend trying it out. People will either know what palo santo is and buy it immediately or they will ask what it is and you will have the opportunity to explain what it is, plus the history and medicinal uses of it! Palo Santo burning sticks are highly popular.


Heavy Perfume

This smells exactly like perfume. Very floral and not what I would call Palo Santo at all. It's also overpowering when I tried blending with other FOs, so I'm still searching how to tone this down, because it is a very beautiful scent. I would put it in a high-end / luxury candle category.


Turns soap green

I like this as a candle scent, but when I added it to soap (palm, olive, coconut, castor) it turned the soap a green that looks like potato green spots on the top after 24 hours. I'm going to shave off the green and let it cure, but at $33 per bottle with shipping I just wasted $17.50 on basic soap because I can't sell discolored soap to people. I wish I had known and added some colorant to it instead of natural.

CandleScience Reply

Hi There, We're so glad to hear you're enjoying this scent in your candles but we're sorry to hear you've experienced some issues in your soaps! When we tested this fragrance in cold process soap-making, we did find that it eventually discolored to a light beige and eventually a light tan shade after curing but results can certainly vary depending on the individual recipe being tested. This soap should still be fine to use but we can completely understand the concern for aesthetics. As a general rule of thumb, when using new fragrances in recipes, we always recommend testing in small batches first to make sure it is performing as expected before moving to larger batch production.

Smells nice but nothing like palo santo

This is a nice masculine cologne type scent and it smells very good but nothing like palo santo. I was really looking forward to this fragrance oil since this company usually makes amazing scents. If you're looking for palo santo, this isn't it.



Se que el nombre de esta fragancia es Palo Santo, la compre porque pensé que tendría aroma a incienso, pero cuando me llego, tenia un increíble aroma a perfume masculino. LO AMO.


Great scent!

I mix Palo Santo and Fireside, it enhances the Palo Santo arome.


This is not Palo Santo

I am shocked that this has any good reviews. I promise to somebody reading this review who actually knows what Palo Santo smells like, this smells nothing like it. It just smells like men’s cologne. Cheap men’s cologne, at that. I am so disappointed that I got this as my free fragrance I’m literally going to throw it in the garbage. Palo Santo has an earthy, sweet wood, almost rosewood type quality. This oil, I’m telling you, smells absolutely nothing like Palo Santo whatsoever in any way, shape, or form. It smells exactly like brute cologne. And I know that, because my grandfather used to wear it. Gross.


Incredibly Sexy

I'm putting together a line geared more towards masculine scents. This one is incredibly sexy. There are a few others that pair well for masculine scents but this one by itself is amazing.


My customers and I absolutely love this scent. I’m constantly having to restock my product!


Top Seller!

I have never experienced Palo Santo in real life before, but I renamed this something else and I already flew through a 16 oz bottle of it! Definitely a fan favorite and top seller! Try it for yourself!


Not palo santo

Definitely doesn’t smell like palo santo but it does smell like a nice mens cologne.


Give it a try

Having burned Palo Santo myself, the other reviews are right, it does not smell like real Palo Santo. HOWEVER, you're not going to find a fragrance oil that smells "just like" the real thing so, if you want the real Palo Santo smell, your best bet is to just burn Palo Santo.

That being said, this is a wonderful smoky, woody, masculine fragrance that makes for a great blender. It adds an extra layer of depth and pairs well with many FOs. I'll see how my customers react to it but the feedback is good so far from a tester group!

Naming scents is hard and maybe this one was a bit misleading on CS's part. But don't write it off completely due to the reviews, it's definitely worth trying! Also, be aware that FO's smell completely different OOB (out of bottle) than in wax, soap, etc. and many reviewers seem to be giving feedback after only smelling it OOB. OOB the scent is way too concentrated to get an idea of its true depth.


The Koop New York

I normally don't write reviews. Although I buy from Candle science a ton but had to give a review here. This is NOT a Palo Santo scent. Instead it is similar to Amber Noir... maybe a little lighter. If you are looking for the true Palo Santo scent this is not it. But if you are looking for an AMAZING blender base- this is it. This will take super sweet scents down to appeal to those who like more musky/woodsy notes. And it will lighten up those strong wood scents like Fireside to appeal to those (like me) who are not fans of woodsy scents. Buy it to keep when you are creating something new. It's worth it.

Kristin R

I was so excited to see the addition of Palo Santo to the list of amazing fragrances here at Candle Science. Unfortunately, this is a fail. Palo Santo has a very distinct smell that I'm afraid can't be duplicated synthetically. Best to buy real Palo Santo oil (expensive but worth the return) and leave this here.

Thankfully, the fragrances I do use from here are top notch!

Sorry guys.

Jeffrey Parish

Cold Throw Not Strong At All

Cold Throw is not strong but love the smell. I stereo the scent at 185 used BW-921.


Palo santo

OMG 😱! This FO smell really good. The CT in my candle is amazing 🤩! Love it! Definitely I will try in soaps!


Palo santo

OMG 😱! This FO smell really good. The CT in my candle is amazing 🤩! Love it! Definitely I will try in soaps!



Love it!!!!! Sell the f$&@ing sh$& out of it!!! Thank you candle science!!! Love you guys!!

Frank Araiza

Yess Yess Yess

this may not be exactly the same as palo Santo but it smells amazing, its similar to a teakwood scent and is great for a masculine scented candle. I actually hope this does not get discontinued.

Kay S

Awesome scent

I have no idea what real palo Santo smells like in person, but this fragrance oil smells great. I myself did not name my candle Palo Santo so not one of my customers had an expectation of it smelling as such and everyone who has purchased my wax melts has told me they love it. Don’t change it, I will be purchasing more.



CS has the best FO in the market, but this one, is not a Palo Santo. The scent is good which perfecly could be called: Sexy Daddy or whatever name refering to a man who don´t give a to anybody´s opinion who lives under his own rules.

Conclusion: NOT A PALO SANTO

Elvis York

It was a great scent but would not purchase again.


Great for blending

I know a lot of people are disappointed that it doesn't resemble true palo santo, but it is great on its own or combines well with so many other CS fragrances. It adds a special hint of mystery to one of our best sellers!

7Balanced Candle Co.

Doesn’t smell like actual Palo Santo

Unfortunately it’s not like actual palo Santo. this FO smells like a synthetic mens cologne. If you love cologne scents, go for it but if you are looking for palo Santo, this is not it.


I have no idea what Palo Santo smells like, but what I do know is that I sold out quickly of the candles I made with this FO. Since so many reviews said it didn't smell like Palo Santo, I just named it something else and the customers loved it. This fragrance will stay in our line for sure!


Wick Creek Candles

I love this scent! I blend with three of my other scents. Will go with almost anything.


Big Fan

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this FO, as I have no idea what actual Palo Santo smells like. That being said, I really like this scent! To me, it smells like men's cologne. The candles that I have made using this FO have all received positive reviews. Will definitely purchase again.


NOT Palo Santo

I burn palo santo wood every single day...every day. I would expect a fragrance oil to smell slightly different but this is just beyond bad. When I received the package, it had leaked a little and I was devastated that that horrible smell was possibly my sample bottle---it neighbor even said "You have a bad-smelling package in your mailbox!" It just smells of chemicals and cheap detergent. I'm going to continue using a different company's scent for my candles even though the cost is 5x higher, but it contains real palo santo oil and you can tell the get what you pay for...sorry Candle science- I love 90% of your stuff but this one is not good......

Frequent buyer



Smells just like Palo Santo to me just without the smokey undertone.

Tiffany Collins

Popular with the guys

I wasn't sure what to expect, however I have found it to be very popular with my male customers. I like it too, but they love it


Great Scent!

In fairness to my review, I'll honestly admit that I do not know what authentic Palo Santo smells like; however, this FO from CS is still a definite winner for me. It smells awesome, it works very well in my candle collection, and customers love it!

Allan S

Some Guy

Like others have mentioned, this smells nothing like Palo Santo. It smells like Febreeze. Very disappointed.

Biff Winnegar

But It Blends Beautifully!

True, it does not smell like actual Palo Santo but its still a fantastic smelling FO - both sophisticated and on trend.
Our little test group found true Palo Santo essential oil candles harsh and headache inducing. We then tried CandleScience's Palo Santo as a base and blended in Palo Santo EO and had a successful outcome. Excellent cold throw with a subtle Palo Santo vibe that our audience is looking in their buying process.


Masculine scent

Ok, so this doesn't smell like Palo Santo, but it smells so, so good in candles. I used a mixture of 444 and 464, the CT & HT are good.
All the men folk in my house love it.
Although not real Palo scent, I love it and need more, just in case it gets discontinued.

Rita P.

Great fragrance!

So I have a stash of excellent, topshelf palo santo incense from a small farm in Peru and this fragrance smells a little like how my room would smell a couple of hours after the incense has been extinguished. Just a little. So I get it. Not at all smoky, but clean smelling - like cologne. Obviously, it's not a substitute for the real stuff, but I think it's a great interpretation. Performs great in coconut wax.



This scent is one of my top favorites! Very clean smelling and not overwhelming! Love this fragrance!!


Owner/Cocreations LTD

While this does not smell like Palo Santo to me, it has quickly become a top seller in the line! I personally LOVE it and hope the negative reviews do not affect the sell through of this fragrance. It is absolutely divine and I intend to buy in bulk! Thank you CS for your careful attention to details!

Terri Dean

Missed the mark

This smells NOTHING like Palo Santo. It smells like men's cologne. Was hoping to be able to get it from here from now on, but I will stick with my other supplier.


Does not smell like palo Santo

I was really looking forward to this fragrance. Since I love the smell of palo santo, but honestly this does not smell like it at all. I live candle science, but this fragrance doesnt match.


Definitely does not smell like real Palo Santo. This scent is more of a musky masculine cologne scent- like a more formal version of axe. I was expecting more of a citrusy, pine-like scent with maybe some smoke for the holy wood scent, but this is WAY off in left field for me. Would make a great masculine candle, but maybe should be renamed.


Not Palo Santo Scented

When I opened up the bottle it didn’t smell like Palo Santo, when added to wax and let “cure” it doesn’t smell like Palo Santo.

Overall the scent isn’t bad it’s very masculine, very strong I’d say on the lines of Black Sea in strongness and masculinity.

I smelled my Palo Santo stick then smelled the wax melts and candle the Palo Santo scent is very strong and masculine however it’s a bit more woody so I do agree but haven’t tested myself mixing smoke, fireside, campfire, in this should be awesome.

But as of now it’s not

(Purchased a 4oz bottle)

Love this one

I have never burned palo santo myself but I attend a Catholic Church regularly. On it's own this is a nice masculine and somewhat cologne-like smell. Very pleasant. Combined with the firewood fragrance oil from another supplier, this fragrance is spot on for that church incense smell. OOB my husband didn't care for it. But mixed in a ratio of 1 part firewood, 2 parts palo santo, he can't get enough of it. Will definitely be buying this again.



I burn Palo Santo in my house frequently so this scent doesn’t quite smell like the real holy wood, BUT this fragrance is still a winner. I love that is still gives off an uplifting scent. I made a few candles when I got my first bottle and they sold out very quickly. So don’t be put off by the smell not being exactly like Palo Santo, it’s still a great scent. Thanks CS!

Starr Carter

Love it

So amazing and blends awesome


Love this scent

Don’t ever change this scent, it’s amazing as is.

Christina Perry

Candle Co.

I have been on the hunt for a great Palo Santo oil for some time and was THRILLED when my favorite fragrance company (CandleScience) launched this scent. NOT a fan and am just SO sad to toss this bottle. This smells NOTHING like Palo Santo wood from the tree. CandleScience - I see that you suggest mixing with Patchouli. Has anyone else tried mixing? PLEASE RESPOND, CandleScience, as there are many reviewers that seem to feel the same way. Thank you.

CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We greatly appreciate your feedback regarding our new Palo Santo fragrance oil. This is our take on Palo Santo scent and we think it's a beautiful fragrance with a lot of possibilities. We would encourage you to test out the fragrance in wax if you are only evaluating by the out-of-bottle scent as your nose will pick up the top notes most strongly and overpower the middle and base notes.


CS missed the mark on this new FO. I’ve been blending FO to come up with my own version of Palo Santo. It’s possible to use the CS Palo Santo as the base (not sure if it’s strong enough to stand as a base). It definitely needs a little more smoke, lemon , mint, maybe a hint of CS Patchouli or even CS Library.
I think it’s very similar to Oakmoss and Amber. Masculine and a tad woody.

Sara B

Needs some work

This Palo Santo scent does not smell like Palo Santo. I'm sure CS will sort it out. they always do.

Bee Bouquet


Let's cut to the point: this doesn't smell like burning palo santo does. However, when mixed with Fireside and Vetiver it makes a nice smoky, masculine scent with a bit of the powder you get when burning a stick of palo santo. I won't say it's authentic, which was disappointing, but I have made it work for my own endeavors.


The only bad thing I think about this fragrance is, I don’t think it smells like palo santo. It’s more masculine. But I do LOVE it in wax. I think renaming it would be very beneficial. I was a little disappointed but I am still satisfied. Thank you CS for always coming through with great oils 👍🏻

Halley Linville

It does not smell like Palo Santo

It doesn’t smell bad. It smells very masculine. But it doesn’t smell like palo santo. I will still use it but obviously I’ll have to change the name. Not a big deal.


I bought Palo Santo for a regular customer. She loves Palo Santo. She messaged me the day after delivery of her candles and told me this fragrance smells NOTHING like Palo Santo. She even had some for me to smell and yes, I agreed with her. I should have known not to buy a larger bottle but I am a true Candle Science customer and figured it would smell amazing like all other fragrances. Very disappointed.



The good: this has a really nice, gender-neutral scent that is a bit cologne, and a bit earthy. I like the scent itself if I don’t attach it to the name.

Because, the downside: this does not smell like actual palo santo to me. The palo santo at a competing candle supplier is a tad more expensive but is spot on palo santo so I will be sourcing it there as theirs is true to scent and a much more complex scent.

Again, this could make a nice candle scent but I think calling it palo santo on a candle would be misleading, as it just does not smell authentic. Maybe I’ll try blending with other scents and making some for myself, but it doesn’t make the cut to sell to customers as palo.

Heather D

Not what most would expect

Palo Santo by name, but not what most would expect in a Palo Santo fragrance. If this was a painting, we'd call it an abstract.


Creator, co-owner, Linked Keys

Beautiful, woody masculine scent. Smells divine on its own or mixed with the scents suggested in the description. Very pleased with this scent!


ChadWick Candle Company

guys just a heads up on the name and dont let it fool you its a great fragrance and will sell good its to me just a knock off of mid summer night fragrance from Yankee Candle but its also one of there best sellers and just buy it and change the name!!! I know you will sell it in a store front setting where people can smell it!


The people giving palo santo terrible reviews saying it smells like cologne aren't doing what a good, professional candle maker should do... which is make it into a candle! This fragrance oil smells different out of the bottle versus in a burning candle.

I implore everyone giving this one poor reviews to test this in a candle before setting this aside. It is much better than you think.


Not what I expected

This scent smelled sort of like dollar store cologne. Not sure what’s missing but not what I expected. No one in my family liked it. Sad because I ordered 16 oz.



Can I say this, don't change the scent, it is great and it needs to stay in the line of fragrances, just change the name. I am not OVERLY Dramatic about the name not matching the SCENT, it is not that deep to get a low rating, it is not the true Palo Santo, it is just going back to the lab and getting right. I am not even giving a low rating because it SMELLS DAMN GOOD, it is a change of the NAME and work on the actual scent.

Thank you for the OOPS

Chambliss Candles

Good scent

Idk what palo santo is supposed to smell like. As I've never heard of it before. I've been making candles for 5+ years now But I like this fragrance. But it's not about me. I'm sure my customers will love it. I'll just call it something else in case real palo lovers smell it and hey mad.


It’d be better if Palo Santo was actually in it.

It has a subtle hint of palo santo and would be best if it contained the actual oil. I was disappointed a bit by this.



I love CS but they really messed this one up. This is not palo santo anything. Smells like cheap cologne. Awful. Very disappointed.if you want true palo santo this is not it. I’m sure it will be discontinued. Palo santo oil is expensive so I already knew this was too good to be true.



Very good



I don't normally review but I have to warn other buyers. I have been burning Palo Santo sticks for many years for smudging space and this fragrance does not resemble TRUE Palo Santo at all. Not even a little. It is a pleasant cologne smell however it does not deserve to be called Palo Santo. Really disappointed.


Pleasantly Surprised

I was not too sure about this fragrance until I made candles with the tester. It smelled like strong men's cologne straight out of the bottle. I ended up loving it. My husband wants me to add it to my collection. It's like walking into an old church with the calming incense and candles burning. It's also strong and since I use soy, I go for stronger scents.


Business owner

I absolutely love this scent oob. It smells so good. If it doesn’t smell like true palo santo, it still smells fantastic and just name it something else. I can’t wait to test burn this in my 444 and my coconut wax. 4 stars because I haven’t burned in a candle or wax melts yet.

Chan Stewa

Great scent just not palo santo

I love the masculine scent of this fragrance oil. However it doesn’t smell like palo santo. It doesn’t have that Smokey spice to it. It reminds me of axe body spray almost.


Best Ever

I had to submit a review after so many negative reviews. This is my favorite scent of all the newest! It is wonderful! Took a little longer to cure than the other, but so well worth it!


Is it Palo Santo? No. Is it the next best thing? Yes!

I have spent the last hour going back and forth between the Candle Science Palo Alto Fragrance Oil and Palo Santo Essential Oil from another company. The major difference for me is that the Essential Oil has bitter wooden notes that we are used to in traditional Palo Santo. In contrast, Candle Science has a beautiful sweetness from Cardamom and Amber. I understand why some people are confused by the title and final result of the Fragrance Oil (masculine cologne), but if you remove the bitter wooden notes, it's precisely Palo Santo in every regard. It's not smoky like burning wood (that's common sense) or bitter like the extract, but it's carefully made with love and patience. This is the perfect base for a multitude of products. I hope this remains in the catalog for years to come. I don't understand the 1 star reviews, but my advice to shop owners is to understand the potential of this Fragrance Oil. It's very well done!

Occult Sessions

Candle Maker

I love this fragrance. It may not smell like what we think it should please don't change it. I really love the fragrance. The other Palo Santo I smelled, and sage and ginger was incorporated, this one is great, the others were too, but this one is a good seller to appeal to those who like masculine scents. Please don't change it.

Chambliss Candles

Not Palo Santo...

Smells nothing like Palo Santo. Smells much like a men's cologne, can't quite put my finger on it exactly which cologne though, but nothing like palo santo. The hunt continues...


Not Palo Santo

My hunt continues for a real, earthy palo santo scent. This one smells essentially like the Mahogany Teakwood scent from BBW. It's lovely but not all what I was expecting. A cologne type of scent. If you're looking for that incense/smoky/real wood kind of smell, you'll be disappointed.


Warm Scent

I absolutely love this scent. I usually mix all my scents but this one smells amazing on its own. Used it in 464 Soy.


The smell is lovely. It just smells absolutely nothing like Palo Santo.



When I first smelled this fragrance I was disappointed like the other reviewers.
However, after coming back to it I am very impressed. This is a really good palo santo FO and I am excited to experiment further!



I really wanted to love this one. It smells great, but nothing like Palo Santo. I'd love a true Palo Santo fragrance!

El Dorado Candle Co.

Smells nothing like palo santo. I don't smell any wood notes at all. It smells like a dollar store men's cologne. Super disappointed.



I love this one! Smells like a mans cologne!

Madison brandy

Palo santo

It smells nice, but doesn’t smell like true Palo Santo. Maybe it should to be renamed.

Valerie Ponciano

Yes, Please! Love it.

Just received my order and poured two test candles. Yes, out of the bottle it does have a perfume like fragrance; however, in IGI 6006 this is a very close replication of Palo Santo. Far better than I have experienced with other FO. Candle one was straight up Palo Santo @9% & it's a solid. Candle two was: 50% Palo Santo + 25% Fireside + 25% Cedarwood Blac = a smokey, earthy and resin like sweetness that reminds me of burning palo santo sticks.

Rick Maloney- Pour & Penchant Owner

Smells like mens colongne

It's nice, but I wish they would get rid of the men's-cologne-like aspect. Everyone I make candles for want natural smelling candles and this is not that.







This one smells leaps and bounds better than other candle supplier's palo santo. I can get why others are saying this one doesn't smell like real palo santo but I'm genuinely curious if those have made it into a candle and burned it yet... some FOs smell different when burning vs OOTB. My candle smells earthy and woody and I really enjoy this one!


Not like palo santo

I burn palo santo, this smells nothing like palo santo. It's great for a masculine scent line, but should be renamed.



I was so excited to see this scent because I am a huge lover of Holy Wood/ Palo Santo while the scent is nice, deep and appealing it is not even close to Palo Santo wood. Nor is their frankincense FO close to true frankincense. So I’m alittle disappointed, but I will be using this large bottle I bought but can’t name it Palo Santo as it’s not even close.

The Tipsy Candle

Nice scent, but...

Like everyone else, I was Super excited about this fragrance. I purchased a larger bottle because I knew this would be great for my business.
The scent is very nice, but it I have to agree with the other reviews, OOTB, it does not smell like the Palo Santo (sticks). I made a candle and some tealights...burned the tealights, again, very nice and pleasant scent but not like the sticks I burn.
I will update on the candle in a cpl of weeks :) if the results are the same, I may blend w/another FO (something woodsy).


Sweet, Fall, Masculine

I don't know what real Palo Santo smells like, probably not this, but for the way the fragrance smells alone I'm giving it 5 stars. This would make a great "flannel" scent and, name aside, it smells great I can't wait to use it!



All the love to CS but this smells like old spice. I know what true Palo Santo smells like and this is not close. Bummed.


Not Palo Santo

If you are looking for the earthy, true Palo Santo scent this is definitely not it. To me it smells nothing like Palo Santo. However, this is still a really nice masculine scent, very cologne like. I would say the smoke and sandalwood stand out the most (would be a more fitting name). Just don't call it palo santo if you use it because customers who have actually smelled palo santo will not be impressed. Wrong name for an otherwise nice, masculine scent.


For anyone that ever smelled Palo Santo this does not smell close to it. Palo Santo has a sort of clean, slight mint and pine scent. This however, smells a lot like men cologne, kind of a heavy masculine scent. It does a actually smell really good, but not like what its supposed to.


Absolutely Love, Just what I was looking for!

When I say I love this scent, I absolutely love this and the fact that I can get it from Candlescience makes it even better! I received a 5lb jug today and I am over the moon excited. IT is what I was looking for. I launched a candle scent that has Palo Santo and Patchouli and the scent is sold out not sure when I will be able to get it and this scent....omg...this scent is the perfect substitute, it smells just like it. While it may not be the true scent that everyone else is talking about, it is perfect to me and perfect for what I needed it for. I ordered another 5lbs today after receiving it today. this

Brittany M

Candle Science knocked it out of the park with this one!



This smells like a bottle of cologne. So sad because this was HIGHLY requested.


Oh no!!!

I'm going to agree with the person that said Old Spice men's body spray. This is not Palo santo. I was super excited for this scent in particular but it will probably go to making my teenage son and nephew their own soap.


you hate to see it

love you candlescience, but this is not Palo Santo. it's men's cologne. might be nice in a blend, but ultimately not for me. will stick with sandalwood for earthy vibes. bummed because I think we all were hyped for this release. CS, it's never to late to pull it and re-tweak it though :) I'll always have hope



Absolutely love CS but this is not Palo Santo... I burn the real stuff weekly. This is OLD SPICE mens body wash I used all through college after hockey practice. It's a nice extremely strong manly cologne type smell but not the earthy smokey lemony wood you would expect with real Palo Santo. Disappointed in this one to be honest. But the new SANTAL COCONUT is going to be a #1 seller for sure! Check that one out! All love!

- Josh


Not quite accurate

This oil doesn’t smell like palo santo smoke OR wood (which has a licorice-y scent). This is more of a generic, mixed woods and floral type of scent. Kind of like men’s deodorant? This has potential if marketed as a woodsy, outdoors type of fragrance (and can be mixed with other oils!) but it’s really not the churchy incense smell I was hoping for.


Not Palo Santo

I love Candle Science and their fragrances. It hurts my heart to leave a negative review on this one but it doesn’t smell like Palo Santo. It’s got a pretty sharp cologne note that smells a bit like Oakmoss and Amber. It doesn’t smell bad—it’s just not the smoky wood scent I was looking for. It’s pretty perfumy and cologne-esque and I KNOW that if I sell this as Palo Santo my customers would revolt. If you are looking for a masculine fragrance this smells nice. If you are hoping for anything reminiscent of a Palo Santo smudge this just is not it. :(


Lovely, but a bit cologne smelling

I have smelled only a few other Palo Santo scents before, and this was doesn't seem to be "natural" or "earthy" enough for me. I am giving it 4 stars because it smells fantastic, just was not what I was looking for! Reminds me of walking past an Abercrombie and Fitch store...

Cloudy Day Candle Company


i was sooooooo excited when i saw this as a new fragrance. it smells WONDERFUL. never smelled any other palo santo candle but i don't think i ever will need to. cant wait to make candles out of this scent.


Smells good!!! It’s giving me a pretty sweet smell :) I haven’t made a candle with it yet so no info on how it performs...



While I do not know what true Palo smells like, I will say this is one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled. Its earthy but super luxurious. I can't wait to offer it to my customers.