Pink Sugar Type

Pink Sugar Type

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Indulge in the guilty pleasure of Pink Sugar (Type) Fragrance Oil. Fresh, warm and sweet, this scent combines top notes of strawberry and bergamot with a warm dry down of musk and vanilla. If sweet, subtle and seductive is what you're looking for, we think Pink Sugar has it all.

Suggested Colors: Any shade of Pink
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Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%


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Submitted on 2015-09-19

I absolutely ADORE this fragrance..every time I smell it I always end up closing my eyes lol.

work space inspiration
Submitted on 2015-09-08

This scent is one of my favorites. It's sweet and perfume-y. I always light it in my work space (when I'm not making candles)

Smells just like the perfume!
Submitted on 2015-02-28

This scent smells just like the pink sugar perfume. Very happy customers definitely will buy again!

No Throw
Submitted on 2015-01-22

Straight out of the bottle, this scent smells good... but not strong at ALL. Made a test candle in Ecosoya CB-135, and there is BARELY a throw at all - hot or cold. Will not be purchasing again.

Submitted on 2014-09-21

I'm not sure why there are so many low reviews but if you don't like this saying you have got to be crazy!! This sent is sweet and sensual but not too sweet it's feminine and it fills up a room perfectly it's a very strong hot and cold throw!!! This is a bestseller of mine and it has also become my personal favorite is the owner of my business I will be making a body spray and a shower gel with this scent!! Wish I could give 10 stars!!!!

Great Soft Sensual Scent!
Submitted on 2014-04-01

OK. So despite the not so great reviews on this scent I went ahead and purchased this during the 1 ounce sale a while back. I am now convinced that the people saying this scent has no throw did something wrong in the process like not mixing in the FO at 185 degrees or did something else wrong. I came to that conclusion based on my experience with this FO alone. This scent is soft and sensual and is more of a feminine scent but not a girly scent if that makes sense. Very pleasant and it has a nice hot throw that filled up my room and leaked out into the hallway. I made wax melts and an 8 ounce mason jar candle using GB 464 and they both came out wonderful! I am now going to have to buy a bigger bottle of this one.

Not a good dupe
Submitted on 2014-03-23

I bought a 1 oz sample size and the smell is really weak, even in the bottle for me. I used it in foaming bath whip. and it was really, really weak. I have smelled / used MUCH better dupes of this scent that are stronger (they are more expensive too which is why I wanted to try this one, it is $4 a pound cheaper than what I had been using). I did not use it in candles, only in one bath/body product, and after I used the max fragrance load amount, and I could barely smell the fragrance.

Such Good Stuff!
Submitted on 2014-03-15

I was rather hesitant to order this fragrance but I knew that Warm Vanilla Sugar wasn't what I needed. Honestly if it weren't for Vera's review below I don't know if I would have tried this. It is SO lovely and is exactly what I needed and was hoping for. It will be a staple on it's own and will be blended into countless fragrances that need a bit of girly sweetness. I absolutely love it. Give it a try! I used 464 at 12% for a nice punch of sugar, and will be using it in my EcoSoya PB and CB Advanced (at max fragrance load) as well. I definitely want to try and make a body spray for myself too. I'd wear this fragrance all the time! :)

Hey Guys...This is some good stuff!!!
Submitted on 2012-01-01

I only ordered a sample of this, because of the previous reviews. I am now burning a tester and it is absolutely my new favorite scent! I got a great hot throw right away using only 7% F/O with my 464 wax and eco wicks, also made a kickin body spray. Getting ready to order a large bottle of this yummy stuff!

Submitted on 2011-08-16

I was really pulling for this scent. It smelled so good out of the bottle and in solid form. I burned this candle in a small space with the door closed...Nothing. I hope that this scent can be revamped because it smells very good, but it left me feeling as if I wasted a lb of wax..:(

No scent throw
Submitted on 2011-07-24

I agree totally with O Walker - smells nice in the jar but has no scent throw - even in the smallest of rooms.

Not much Throw
Submitted on 2011-07-19

This product smells very good in the bottle and very good in the candle but refuses to scent up any space not even a bathroom

Smells Nice!
Submitted on 2011-07-10

Sweet smelling! Similar to the perfume. Very subtle throw, wish it was just a bit stronger.

Submitted on 2011-06-26

I have been waiting for a BEST SELLER scent. I made a small batch of 24 the other day and they are flying off my shelf!! I have had customers making a special trip back for more! Thank you Candle Science for such a spectacular scent. Going to be a best seller for sure!!