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Candle Science Clean Scents
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CandleScience Clean Scents™ are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. Choose Clean Scents and create safer home fragrance products you and your customers can enjoy with confidence.

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REVISION NOTICE: It is our policy to notify customers if any part of a fragrance was changed for any reason. As of April 21, 2020 our Very Vanilla was revised to be approved for use in bath and body care products. The original strength and fragrance characteristics have been preserved. To see details of the previous version, click here.

Very Vanilla is a classic gourmand fragrance for any room, any time of year. Notes of vanilla bean, buttercream, and cake are rounded out by a hint of bourbon. Very Vanilla creates a calm and comforting atmosphere, and enhances other fragrances with its warm, sweet scent. Candles, tarts, and wax melts infuse areas with nostalgic vanilla aromas. This vanilla fragrance adds a beautiful sweetness to soaps, bath butters, and scrubs that invites you to indulge and pamper yourself. Very Vanilla is a classically lovely fragrance all on its own, and makes a great blender, too.

Note Profile:
Top: Buttercream
Middle: Vanilla, Cake
Base: Sugar, Bourbon

Suggested Colors: Ivory, Brown
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Lotion Safe Yes Usage: 1-2%
Vanillin Content More than 5%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint > 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 25%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.

Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Dark Brown Excessive

Lye Water Temperature 110ºF
Oil temperature 117ºF

We experienced complete separation with this fragrance. After approximately 2 minutes of stick blending there was no sign that an emulsion was going to form then suddenly the batter became chunky and there was a clear separation of oils and water. At this point, the oils had turned brown from the fragrance. We were able to dump the mixture into a crockpot and hot process the soap. After 24 hours the fragrance was still incredibly strong and the soap had discolored to a dark brown. After 30 days, the fragrance is very strong and has almost a bourbon vanilla character. The bars discolored to a deep chocolate brown color. We would not recommend this fragrance in a cold process application but it will still be great for all other personal care products.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 35 reviews)

This very vanilla fragrance is true to form. It’s sweet but not overwhelming, warm and inviting. I am not a fan of vanilla fragrances but this is at the top of my list. Smells amazing after curing in wax and has wonderful CT and HT.

Teresa J
Just horrible

Ruined all of my candles from multiple batches and literally smelled like a cooked hotdog with only the scent of the wick burning being thrown. Discontinue this please! We had to throw SO MANY out.

Favorite Vanilla

One of my favorite vanillas that I’ve tried, especially compared to other brands. This is a true sweet vanilla, don’t let other comments fool you, I detect no bitter notes at all! You can smell the buttercream and sweetness of this fragrance. Definitely recommend!


The top notes of this FO is delicious but the bourbon adds a bitter unpleasant scent to the bottom note. I made paraffin wax candles and thIS FO did not blend with the wax at all. I thought it was something tnat I did wrong but I see others had the same issue. I don't want my FO to go to waste. What can I do to get it to blend with the wax?

CandleScience Reply

Thanks for leaving a review! We're sorry to hear you're having issues with getting your fragrance to blend with your wax. A member of our support team has reached out to you to better assist you!"

Very vanilla indeed! Almost overpowering, but, the name doesn't lie.

First vanilla I've liked

I made a small tester candle and burned it yesterday. I use soy wax from a different company. It blended well. I used 10% . Had decent HT and CT. Smelled better in candle than in the bottle. Does it smell like true vanilla? no. But almost exactly like cool whip lol! I do like it, but not true vanilla so still on the hunt, but way better than the several other vanillas I tried. I love the smell of real vanilla extract and vanilla bean. I feel like all FO I have found miss the mark and have a cloying notes that make me feel sick. I have lots of customers who love vanilla notes so maybe this one will do the trick?

also, thank you for changing your fragrance formulas CS! I live and CA and even if I didn't live here, I personally will not work with fragrances that do not meet high standards of safety. Because of this I trying out more of your oils am using mostly your fragrances to create my new fall and winter line. Cheers!

The scent is bad

Everyone likes different scent but I did not like this scent and will be returning if possible. The smell is not pleasant and smells more like roster chemical vanilla.


I love this scent. Unfortunately, it does not mix well with my wax. I tried it once and thought I had left over water in the mold, but nope, tried it again and same thing happened.


Unfortunately with everything candle science is doing lately another once great product turned to garbage with its recent changes to it. Wont mix with wax anymore just sinks to the bottom. Used to love this scent

CandleScience Reply

Hi! We're so sorry to hear this happened and we'd be happy to help. Our support team has reached out to you via email!


Smells Great but it does not bind with 4627 wax..

Gracie Candles
No luck getting it to bind to paraffin wax

I love the smell of this FO and after much trial and error, I decided to only use it as a mixer with other FO. I use IGI 4627 wax and the first candles I made with this, the FO went right to the bottom of one, and the other had very little scent throw. I did some research and tried using less FO and adding it in at a higher temperature AND stirring it a lot. I could still see some oil not mixing with the wax but it wasn't as bad as the first batch. So maybe it is the wax I was using but I was just not having luck making container candles with this FO, which makes me sad because it smells sooooo good.


This scent is too sweet and rich for me personally. I find people either love it or hate. Not many people kind of like it. I'd like to see a vanilla bean oil that's less creamy and rich and more true to a vanilla bean smell.

Soooooo spit on good

I LOVE this scent and my tester. It’s a string throw but not too strong I love it definitely sticking up

Jessica M
Tranquility Soy Candles by Patti

I love this Vanilla...its great by it's self and also with a mix of any fragrance you would like to use. Personally I mix my Vanilla with High tide and also Orange Blossom....My Customers love it. although for some reason others love the scent of Vanilla and some not so much...I love it. one more hint mix with Sandle's amazing.

Patti (

I love this scent and so do my customers. Very creamy and not too sweet.

Kimberly Horton

It's been a challenge to find a vanilla FO that I like for candles. Some do well in melts, but morph into something else in a candle. I ordered this vanilla because Jeff Stanley said it has a good strong hot throw. But that was before the revision. I wasn't sure what to expect since the revision so I ordered a
4 oz for testing candles and melts. OOB it's very boozy (that bourbon said Hello). But in the wax, it mellowed to a creamy, yummy vanilla. An 8 oz soy blend candle w/ 8% FO and one day cure, filled my home with an AMAZING HT. At 8 % the HT in melts is off the chart. I will test melts @6-7 % next time. This vanilla is a keeper. So happy to finally find a vanilla that smells like vanilla when lit in a candle. Adding this one to my collection.

Lisa B

I'm very disappointed, I don't know what I am doing wrong with this FO.. I LOVE this smell! but for some reason it just NEVER comes out right in my Candles! I have tried 3/4 difference batches with this FO. I am using 2 lbs of the comfort 4627 paraffin wax at first I did 4oz of this FO.. I had complete separation I mean completely, the FO just sat at the bottom.. Then I tried a 3oz to 2 lbs of wax, same thing... Then finally I tried a 2.5oz .. it looked like finally it was going to work, but nope at the end of the 2 lbs pour there it happened again.. but now the candles that came out good had little to no smell at all!! This is soooooooooo frustrating... I never had any problem like this with Any other FO ever... I am doing everything the same as I do all the other candles I made. I never saw anything like this before..

CandleScience Reply

Hi! I'm so sorry to hear there had been some fragrance binding issues! I have reached out via email with some more information. Thank you for alerting us to the issue and I look forward to finding a solution for you!

I want to try when it's lit...

I'm curious how this smells lit in my soy wax because it just smells like cheap, plastic vanilla to me. Anyone else think this?

Love love love this!!

I really love this scent ! It’s not weak not too strong but just right
Please don’t change this

It's great!

Way better than original version. Strong ht! 10% with 464. The best vanilla ice found.


Not really a fan! Scent it definitely over powering I wouldn’t purchase again maybe another vanilla that’s more settling

No Good

To be fair, I ordered the version before the 4/1/20 change over to the new version. probably the most disappointing. I mixed candles at 10% in GW 646 and can barely smell anything from these FO. I bought an 16 ounce bottle so feel like I've wasted my money. I won't buy anything without sampling going forward.

Dom B
Sickly strong

1oz into one pound of 444 made a sickenly sweet smelling candle. Wouldn’t even give this to someone as a joke.

Great !

This is the perfect scent for us vanilla lovers


I’m not sure what the old Vanilla smelled like, but it’s back to the drawing board with this one. In the bottle it smells okay, but once in wax and cooled it smells like burnt Vanilla.

Kendra Singleton
Love it!

I've tried different vanillas from all over but this is my fav and the fav of my vanilla loving customers too!

Alison Luciana
Very Vanilla... almost too vanilla

This almost smells exactly like Vanilla Extract. I love vanilla scents but this was a bit much for me. Testing it in some wax melts, I mixed the scent adding just a dash of this to the Strawberry Shortcake so it’s not a complete waste. Hopefully it smells better when heated with the wax. My children ran away saying it smelled like medicine. Lol.

If you love the smell of vanilla extract this may work for you. It is a very powerful fragrance.

Fragrance Disappeared

Fragrance Disappeared is 6006 from CS completely there is little to no smell. so glad I only bought 1oz.


I had tried probably 7-10 different vanilla oils from different companies and THIS ONE is the BEST I have ever found! Exactly what I was looking for, absolutely obsessed!

Love this new version

I was a big fan of the old very vanilla, so I was skeptical when the new version was released. It definitely has a different smell. More heavy and masculine in my opinion, but I love it. I started using it in my batches yesterday and it is less yellow than the previous version. Happy so far!

What an amazing scent

I usually don't care for sweet scents, I like citric ones better. But this vanilla scent is SO good. It's not too sweet, like those scents that will give you a headache just for being too sweet. It's rich, and flavorful. Just perfect.
I used this scent to make whipped soap and I couldn't stop smelling it.
Now I am going to order a big bottle so I always have some in stock.

Brenda D.

Sweet, creamy & buttery = delicious! OOB it smells true to vanilla and poured into a candle using IGI 6006 wax it smells like the heart of a pastry shop. Hot & cold throws are awesome! I do mix this into my wax at a slightly higher temperature, around 195-200F. I find this helps the FO go into solution better and increases the performance of my candles. Try blending the CS FOs White Birch + Very Vanilla = Vanilla Birch (it is literally identical to the White Barn version).

Rick Maloney, Pour & Penchant

Love Very Vanilla one of my most popular fragrances

Ronecia Moore

I used the Previous version for my Wedding Cake and Lavender Vanilla scent so when this version came out I figured I would hate it. I actually love this version better, its more of a creamy vanilla that you can't stop smelling.


LOVE this one! I've renamed it Vanilla Cream for its smooth creamy Vanilla Scent!