Very Vanilla (Discontinued)
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As of 04/19/2020:

This version of Very Vanilla (Discontinued Version) has been discontinued and replaced with the new Very Vanilla. Click here to check it out!


REVISION NOTICE: It is CandleScience policy to notify customers if any part of a fragrance was changed for any reason.

As of April 21, 2020 our Very Vanilla was revised to be approved for use in bath and body care products. See new version.


Product Update: August 15, 2019

Due to recent changes in IFRA’s standards, this version of Very Vanilla is no longer viable for most personal care applications.

Year after year vanilla reigns supreme as the best selling candle fragrance. With its intense vanilla aroma, subtle touch of cream, and exceptional performance in soy, palm, and paraffin; Very Vanilla may be your own best seller.

Note Profile:
Top: Vanilla
Middle: Buttercream
Base: Vanilla

Wondering why there is so much variation in feedback? We believe this is a solubility issue. The wax needs to be at 185 F when the fragrance oil is added or it will not go into solution. The result is poor cold/hot throw and a candle with all the fragrance oil pooled at the bottom of the container.

Suggested Colors: Ivory, Brown
See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe No
Vanillin Content More than 5%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint > 212 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible No

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.



Average Rating:

(based upon 186 reviews)

Very strong but ok overall

The initial scent out of the bottle is so strong and overpowering. It gave me a bit of a headache. It is strong, old smelling, and not soothing, warm or seductive. The cold throw is overpowering as well. I keep the 464 soy candles stored away because I simply can't stand the cold throw. However, this fragrance gives a lovely hot throw, fills the room. If gifting or selling, definitely recommend using a lid with this fragrance as the cold throw is unappealing.

Throw Bender


I purchased the 8oz bottle and fell in love instantly. The cold and hot throw was the best i've come across and had no complaints. But, recently I purchased the 16oz bottle and something was just... off. The smell was more like overly sweet candy- almost like black licorice. I am very disappointed considering I can't use the FO for anything that I planned. I've read some other reviews and it seems that it is common for scents to change when in different amounts. Disappointing because I am stuck buying the 8oz bottles which means I miss out on the savings :(



I love this vanilla - I use it to mix with some of the other scents that I find a bit too strong like whiskey. Great HT at 12%.



The scent may be overpowering to some, but most of the comments from my customers are extremely positive! Has a great CT and HT. Fills the room with the scent even when unlit! I used about 1.5oz of the scent per pound of wax and it turned out AMAZING. Definitely recommend if your on the fence.


Absolutely Amazing!

Such a beautiful, soft, warm, sweet scent. Its not overpowering sweet, it has just the right amount of Vanilla. I am very pleased with this oil. Thank you!


Its like a cake exploded all over the place

Im an amateur, and Im not entirely familiar with what true vanilla smells like, however this reminded me of a very sweet cake. Everyone loves it, and I do too... and I will say it is strong enough to have earned the moniker "very". I used a 1oz bottle and my roommate thought I took up baking, and was disappointed there was no cake. I dont understand it, but I do understand it caused a very positive reaction, and will be getting more



This scent is amazing! Our son was getting married last November and our daughter-in-law wanted me to make small candles in tins to give away as favors. We decided on the Very Vanilla. It did not disappoint...the best vanilla scent I have ever used! We lit a couple at the wedding at the favor table so everyone remembered to grab a candle on their way out. The smell completely filled the venue place. I had my daughter-in-law tell me this last week that a friend of hers just lit her candle from wedding and loved it so much and said “best candle she’s ever smelled”, and wanted to know if I would make her more. I ordered more scent and just made her 7 new larger jars. So happy they turned out so well for the wedding. I wanted everything to be perfect, and they were.

Danette Montgomery


One of best sellers in my soy candles. Everyone loves this fragrance. Used with the 464 soy wax. Burn is seamless and has both great hot and cold throw.


Owner ElmsCandle

Use this by itself and also when making my own scents. The customers love it. Only problem is over time when used with 464 it will turn the wax a light yellow color but I have never had a customer say anything about it.


It's nice but doesn't work for me.

I make pillar candles and many of them are black. Unfortunately very vanilla does not cover the smell of black dye very well, it actually seems to make it worse.. it's not a nice combination. I have had to take it off from our list of available fragrances which is too bad. I love vanilla, just not this one.


This is a delicious fragrance. It smells like cupcake frosting. No chemical smell and it fills the room. Love it!



Hey, I have a question. Is this fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils like some of the others are?

A Light Shining Bright (candle business)
CandleScience Reply

Hi! The Very Vanilla fragrance does not include any essential oils. If a fragrance does include essential oils, you will see them listed under the details section for easy reference!

Love This Strong Vanilla Scent

Of all the Candle Science oils I have used, this is the best. The vanilla smell is simply wonderful. The HT is great. It is one of my customer favorites!



I have to agree with the other candle maker reviewers. This is more of a cakey vanilla type scent. I have pure vanilla extract and imitation vanilla extract at home and the imitation one smells just like this FO. I'm not sure if that was an accurate comparison but that's the only thing I can compare it to. It's not a bad scent it's just a sweet finished cake scent. I really did like this scent as the scent of vanilla is not my favorite but I do like the cake buttery scent this FO gives off.

Aroma And Roses

Previously I ordered very vanilla; pour it into my wax at 185 degrees, but this past time, it turned my candles an AWFUL yellow color (same wax, same wicks, etc...) :( for me is smells very vanilla/nice but this color was really ugly...i ordered both separate bottles before the august 15th date so not sure what happened...



I really love this fragrance. Great scent throw as well!


Cotton Candy and Lemon Pound Cake

Cotton Candy and Lemon Pound Cake are my top sellers...their scent throw is soooo divine!!!!


Vanilla oil

This smells like vanilla but more like vanilla cake and / or frosting. It's very sweet smelling in a candle.

Cyndie King

Glad I read the reviews

I’ve been using a very vanilla I haven’t had any issues with it but I’ve always mixed it with another sent so that being said I’m glad I read the reviews especially the one that said to take your wax up to 190 and add your fragrance at a higher temp and stir for four minutes. Now when I go to make just vanilla candles I’ll know to do that I love candles Lance the reviews and all the information you get it’s top-notch thanks guys I’m new to this and as you probably already read I’m visually impaired so I’ve been reading everything I can thanks for everything guys

BlindAmbition Evolved


I dont know if I got a bad batch or what but i bought a large bottle and it smelt like mold!

Laura g

Great staple

Very Vanilla is something I always have on hand along with CS Vanilla Cinnamon scent. They are both great by themselves but equally handy to use as mixers. The Very Vanilla helps to tone down some of the stronger scents like Hansel & Gretal’s House. (I see it’s being discontinued, boo) and other scents that just need a little more something.
I have a few other scents from other vendors that I use this on as well and it performs well.
A great go to scent.

Mr. Toad’s Mary

Sickening sweet

This is not a true vanilla. Maybe french vanilla, but a very sweet, artificial smell. I am surprised there is not a true vanilla option.


NOT very vanilla.

I like to use the fragrance oils in body butters. I dont know if this makes a huge difference but this Very Vanilla fragrance smelled like greek yogurt. I was not a fan because it didn't smell good at all.


A W E S O M E ... but you need to make sure you take your wax to 190F

Hey everyone... This FO is very thick. Also, measured in weight by volume it is one of the heaviest FO I use so you MUST, and I repeat MUST take your wax to at least 190 or the FO will not go into solution. I take my wax to 200, add the liquid candle dye, and then add my FO at just above 190 and mix for 4 minutes. Don't stir too quickly or bubbles will accumulate in your wax. Stir slowly and your FO will go into the solution at around 185. Hope that helps.

Rick M.

Owner of Sweet Redolence Candles

Very Vanilla is a fragrance that I’d normally keep in my product line because I like to mix it with other fragrances. Fortunately, this review isn’t about the smell (which smells great in my opinion) but about the amount of oil in the 4oz bottle. Yes, I know it says that the bottles are filled by weight and I don’t expect for it to be filled to the top, but unfortunately I weighed the liquid on my own scale, and it did NOT amount to being 4oz. The same goes for the 4oz bottle of Mango & Tangerine. I’m feeling completely ripped off because I did not receive the amount I paid for, and as loyal as I’ve been to CS, I doubt I’d be ordering FO’s from them again because of this issue. What a shame.

CandleScience Reply

Hi! I'm so sorry to hear that there was an issue with your order. All of our fragrances are poured using a calibrated machine in order to help prevent filling errors. However, we are always happy to help correct any errors that do occur. Our support team will be reaching out shortly to see how we can help.

We love this fragrance! It smells like a vanilla frosted cake. Yum! Has a great cold and hot throw in 464. :)


New to candlemaking, but a lover of fragrances and all things that smell delightful. This really does!! Everyone I know who sniffed said it smells really lovely. It is a bit strong, so beware of that. Not sure where some are getting a chemical smell. I truly love it and will get more!

New to this


This site has really nice fragrances. I love vanilla. Especially bakery style cake type vanilla. This DOES NOT smell anything like vanilla. It has a really weak smell, but the smell it does have is not vanilla. Sort of chemically, and weird. I really wish this site offered for vanilla fragrances, because this one isn't a hit for me.


Candle maker

Candle Science makes the best fragrance oils for candles by far, but this scent is my least favorite. The first time I ordered it in the sample bottle it smelled great. It reminded me of a vanilla cake baking in the oven. I later purchased more but in a 16oz bottle. It smelled like chemicals and a little bit of vanilla. I thought maybe I’ve gotten a bad batch. So I ordered more later...the same smell. Then my customers started to complain and would return the candles. I don’t think I will be ordering this again. 🙁


Wonderful Scent

This smells just like someone has just baked a wonderful cake or something from the bakery! My customers love this scent and this is my go to scent for home. It seriously smells up the whole house!



I'm giving three stars because we have used this in two different colors and continue to have issues. We always mix at a minimum of 185 degrees and we continue to have pooling issues at the bottom of our candles. First we mix in the color and let that sit for a few seconds and then verify our temperature and then mix the fragrance in at 10% with 4630 wax and we continue to have issues. We use the same mix ratio for all of our candles and this is the only fragrance we have issues with regardless of the color


Love. Love.Love

I was hesitant to try this as I am not a big vanilla fan but decided to test out one of my candles to see how well it threw the scent when lit-holy cow. Cold throw was amazing. Hot throw even better. The aroma filled up my whole house! Definitely keeping as a staple in my line! I use IGI 6006 para soy.

Lisa -Ginger & Vine

Candle business owner

I am a repeat customer of you guys and I have a candle business. I advertised my candles as all natural including all natural essential oil fragrance. My question is this, am I really getting essential oil fragrances from you guys? If so, what is the percent amount of all natural essential oil is used in your fragrances? I don't want to promote something to my customers that isn't true. Are your fragrance oils all natural essentials?

CandleScience Reply

Hi! For some more information about what's in our fragrance oils, check out this FAQ!

I hope this helps! For any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Customer Support at

Buttercream Vanilla

Ok so I just started making candles and hand creams and I have used this fragrance for both. The candle was decadent. I loved the vanilla smell. You could smell it through the closed container and others loved it too. Now I just made some hand cream and I am afraid my customer is going to think it is too sweet smelling. I was wondering if I should've waited for my melted butters to get to a certain temperature before adding this scene. My son just came home and asked if I had baked a cake.


Makeda Candle

This scent has always been a wonderfully decadent scent. It has always been one of my faves from the time I began making candles. Though I do not make a straight Very Vanilla candle, this scent is a FANTASTIC mixer. The current rave among my customers is Whiskey scent mixed with Very Vanilla. My customers are crazy for this combo in melts and candles. So....thank you CS. I will always love this Very Vanilla.

Paula M


This smells so good, i want to eat it! It smells exactly like vanilla cake batter. Was hoping for a more true vanilla but the smell is amazing! Will be ordering this again!!

Valerie C.


When I made candles with essential oils, I liked to add a little vanilla to different scents. So when I switched to these fragrances, I ordered this vanilla and like other reviewers have said, it is less vanilla and more cake/cookie. I can't stand those scents. Wish there was a vanilla that smelled like vanilla EO. Or maybe even Tonka bean.


Sickeningly Sweet

It is definitely very vanilla, but almost too much. When I made it the cold throw was too overwhelming that I actually had to leave them outside. However, once they had cured for a few months, the smell was diluted but it was still very powerful. Would probably be better when using less than a 8% load or mixing with other scents.


Candle Maker/Store owner

It smells more like cake batter with a hint of vanilla. The scent is nice and performs well! I don't think it's a solubility issue-even if you do everything just exactly as they say, you end up with candles that smell like cake batter. Again, a nice scent-I've used them before and labeled them as Vanilla and customers smell them and say "That smells like cake batter". I guess it depends on what kind of vanilla scent you are looking for. I would actually order this again because it is a nice scent, but I would call it Vanilla Cupcakes-and it will probably sell out like crazy. Giving it 5 stars because it's a fabulous scent, but it's cake vanilla for sure.


Smells like dollar store candle

It smells artificial and gives me a headache. I wish I hadn’t gotten as big a bottle. But Vanilla is my favorite fragrance. This smells like a cheap artificial version of cake batter. I like the one I got from AC Moore way better. It’s just so expensive there. Almost worth it. I ordered other ones and they’re not bad. But this one is terrible.


More like cake batter

I really wish I would have read the reviews on this one more then I did. It smells like yellow cake batter. You get the hint of vanilla, but it's mainly fake butter smell. I'm really disappointed because I've been looking for a true vanilla scent for so long.


Love this scent

This is a great vanilla. It’s creamy and buttery smelling. It turned my HP soap a beautiful deep chocolate brown. I ordered it for one client. He is very happy and already requested more. I’m keeping this one!


Was looking for just vanilla - this one is VERY buttery. Smells true though, if you're looking for a cake batter sort of scent.



I was excited to finally try this fo .. I wasn't impressed tbh. It smells like bacon lol, with a fake chemical smell. I've tried over 50 fos from CS and have been extremely pleased. I will pass on this one next time. I hope to find the perfect vanilla fo soon. 3 stars for the fo.


Very vanilla

I ordered the candle making kit and very vanilla was one of the 1oz that came with it everybody love! The candle so im going to order 2 16oz bottles of it CS you got me hooked on candle making


Missing fragrance

I just ordered a bottle of 8 oz very vanilla along with some other 8 oz bottle fragrance and for some reason my bottle of very vanilla had less fragrance in it than my other bottles.. it looks like a good half an ounce is missing

CandleScience Reply

Hi! Our fragrances are filled by weight, not volume, so the fill levels will vary between fragrances. Fragrance oils vary in density. That means some are thicker and some are thinner than others. When we fill our bottles, they are carefully weighed according to the label. This ensures that you are getting the exact amount of fragrance oil regardless of how thick or thin it is. Some bottles will look fuller than others but once weighed on a scale they will weigh the same! Very Vanilla is a super dense fragrance so it will look much lower than other bottles. However, if you weigh it out you will see you have a full 8 oz!


This is NOT vanilla. Straight up smells like some sort of cake batter, far too sweet. Some people seem to like that scent but I cannot abide it. If you’re looking for a vanilla scent I’d say look elsewhere; like I said, straight cake smell.


Great fragrance with good hot throw in soy!

Love this fragrance. Great to mix with other fragrances as well. Wonderful vanilla scent!



I love this! I also read all the other reviews and I see that it’s a mix of love and hate! I honestly think it is all in what you expect it to smell like! I know someone wrote that it’s not a sweet vanilla smell but I couldn’t disagree more. I had a customer order 60 4oz candles with vanilla cupcake for the fragrance.. I thought this very vanilla smelled like a vanilla cupcakes, so I made them with this scent alone. A few weeks after she received them, she messaged me saying.. I quote “ Omg!! Thank you so much! These candles were way better than expected. I liked it better than any Yankee candle I ever had and my quest all raved over them!” That is a true quote! I am actually ordering more now. In my opinion, this fragrance oil smells like a vanilla butter cream cupcake:) like the heading... YUMMY 😋


Not a good vanilla :(

I did not like this scent. Upon opening the bottle I was hit with an overly buttery scent. Too little vanilla, waayyy to much butter. Kind of glad I ordered a sample size and not a bigger bottle.


Candle Maker

I love this scent, I use it in a few mixes. It's a best seller for me. Works perfectly with soy.


great throw

this is a great straight vanilla with great throw with a 7 day cure using GB415 soy wax and parasoy wax melts


My Go To Vanilla

This is my go-to Vanilla and one that my customers love. I sell out at every event it's so popular. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great vanilla fragrance.

Tone it down!

I basically just ruined s good combo by adding just a smidge of this fragrance. It’s way too dessert smelling! You guys need to work on a softer vanilla scent. Sorry.


What IS Vanilla?

The reviews for this FO were varied when I bought it, but I figured it's just a preference issue or something. Upon receiving it, I believe it's actually much more heavily dependent on what you think of when you think "vanilla." If you want that sweetness that you smell with vanilla flavored cakes, ice cream, candies, etc. you're going to be disappointed. If you want the scent you get when you open a bottle of vanilla extract, you'll be very pleased with this. It isn't a candied vanilla or a sweet vanilla, it's just a straight up pure vanilla scent. That being said, as with vanilla extract, less is more. I was slightly dizzy and more than a little nauseous after just one sniff of this from the bottle. I'm sure it will settle down a bit once in a candle or soap (haven't tested it yet), but I can't say for sure. I will say that if you or your clients/gift recipients are sensitive to heavy smells, this might be one that you skip. It really does get in your nose and it doesn't leave until it's good and ready.


Basically Vanilla Yogurt

This FO smells like vanilla yogurt in a candle. Not like good vanilla beans or vanilla extract (I make my own, so very familiar with that smell) but like the artificial vanilla you get in a Yoplait yogurt or something similar. In general I love Candle Science scents but this is just not a good choice for a true vanilla... though people seem to like it! Just don't expect accuracy.

Danielle D

Awesome Vanilla!

This is a wonderful go-to for pairing with other scents! I've made candles with Very Vanilla and Lavender that smelled like a heavenly spa. I've paired this vanilla with Fresh Coffee and also with Chocolate Fudge. Can't wait to try more combinations!


This fragrance doesn't smell like pure vanilla to me. It smells more like butter cream. Though it doesn't smell pure, I still love it and so does my customers!


Vanilla with Butter

So, ..... I like this, but I would not describe it as purely a vanilla fragrance. Definitely vanilla with butter, ... lots and lots of butter. Has a great cold and hot throw, but if you are using this in a blend of FO's, beware and use a small percentage. This baby likes to steal the show.


Can of vanilla icing

Usen in Para-Soy blend at 10% is very strong hot and cold. I'm not a vanilla person but this sells pretty well. You have to heat the wax to 185° no less when adding fragrance. And pour at exactly 170° and it turns out perfect. I let them cool slowly in a slightly warm, cooling down oven to eliminate sinking.

Candle artist

Horrible - Cloying

I needed a vanilla in my fragrance vault. No, I give it a F. Gives me a nauseous feeling. I am hoping to find a super clean vanilla scent and this wasn't it.


True Vanilla

First time ordering with CS and I will never order elsewhere! The turn time on “priority shipping” was incredibly fast, beyond any vendor I have ever used. The fragrance oils are spot on or “leaf on”! Very Vanilla, cold throw is 10 and warm throw is 10!
CandleScience is user friendly, educational, reasonably priced and honest!
Win win win!


Definitely Vanilla

If you like vanilla you will love this. It smells like a can of vanilla icing. You have to heat the wax to 185 degrees before adding fragrance oil to get best fragrance and pour at 170 degrees. I used at 10% with para soy blend ig6006 wax. It is very strong hot and cold. 10 minutes after lighting the scent fills my entire house. It sells pretty good.


Love this scent!

I renamed it Vanilla cake cause that's what it reminds me of. Has an excellent CT and HT! I sold out of it already!


The smell of this vanilla is not rich and buttery as I had hoped which is surprising because CS has the best scents. It seems to have a strange, almost chemical like scent to it. It's not terrible, It's okay if you just smell it on it's own, but when compared to other vanilla scents you can tell it is off and has the weird "something" about it.

Shawn C.

I used Very Vanilla for my very first candles and it worked well for me. I added 1 oz. at 185 degrees to 16 oz of 464, turned out great. My friends loved it.


What? No.....

I believe CandleScience has some of the best FOs around, so the only conclusion that I can draw from them carrying Very Vanilla is that this is the best vanilla that is out there in the marketplace that they have available to them and it sells well because everyone needs a vanilla. I say this because it is so off, sickly and strange as to be utterly unusable alone or as a mixer, that maybe the alternatives are just, worse? (If there ARE better vanillas out there, please CS can you offer some others?)


Not a fan- smells rotten

Very vanilla came highly recommend and i was excited when i got my package. however it smells sweet in a rotten way on one hand and like medicine on the other hand.
I definitely can't use it alone and I'm not in a position for returns so i'll have to play around with blending it.

re-reading all the great reviews here and thinking maybe i got a bad batch :((


Smells almost like butter Cream

Gave this 4 stars only because if wasn't "straight vanilla" to me, which is what I was looking for.. It smells great, but its more DELICIOUS like vanilla cake or buttercream icing. Used in 464 soy wax 1oz per 1lb Very strong cold throw, waiting on cure time to determine hot throw, I think I will diff use this in the future, just not what I was looking for in terms of just a straight vanilla. (I will try to remember to update on hot throw once cure time is up)


Delicious, Buttery Vanilla!

I'm really pleased with this scent. Like other's have said, it isn't exactly a vanilla bean scent, but much more buttery - like frosting or pastries. It really is wonderful, and I got an excellent cold throw. The hot throw isn't quite as strong as I would like it to be, but I'm thinking this may have been a wax temperature issue or due to the % FO I used. Everyone in my house LOVES this smell and I look forward to using it again!


Does the trick

This is a vanilla with a nutty undertone. It's not going to smell like pure vanilla bean. I mixed it with cinnamon and it rounded out the scent nicely.


Really strong, but great scent!



First time burning my very vanilla candle I made 3 days ago and it smells really good!


So good I want to eat it!

I got this scent as a sample and right out of the bottle it smells exactly like vanilla extract! Which I love! I made a sample batch with in my palm wax candles and oh my goodness!! it smells amazing! Very Strong scent throw and smells just like a birthday cake! I had two guests come over at different times while I had my candle going and both friends asked if I was baking a cake! If you like the smell of vanilla cake.... this ones for you! I loved it so much I bought a 16oz bottle and already made some more!


Not my favorite

There was something about this that didn't sit right with me. I have tried several vanilla scents before and this definitely isn't on the top of my list. I don't know but just not quit there for me. Perhaps I got a bad batch (I purchased 5 pounds).


Vanilla Cake Batter

I REALLY enjoy this scent but I'm definitely renaming it "Vanilla Cake Batter" vs Vanilla. Smells just like a Vanilla cupcake. Personally, I find this is true, but then a coworker just came over to me and said "hmm, this vanilla one smells like cake batter." I like layering this in my candles with chocolate fudge fragrance, it REALLY has a cake smell then.
BUT, not a TRUE vanilla....and I'm okay with that.


Very Vanilla Indeed

This is the very best vanilla. I will definitely be buying more.


My favorite vanilla

I love this true vanilla smell! It's a wonderful vanilla scent and adds such body to my candles.

Brittany S.

Best Vanilla

This scent was with us at the start of our company and has stayed the course! It is a great vanilla, very much like vanilla extract or something that you would use in baking. We love this Vanilla, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a classic vanilla!


You don't even need to light it

This is the Best Vanilla I have used. I made a few candles last night (Pomegranate Cider) and vanilla. This morning I could still smell the vanilla.
I use it with the Soy 444 wax. I just love it!



I am soooooo excited to have found this site and its products...I just made a candle using Vanilla, Lilac and Lavender. It smells so good and the throw (hot and cold) is amazing!!! I am officially in business 😌😌😌😌


Candles By Cherryl

Great scent. I use Nature wax c-3 and it smells amazing.

Cherryl Gibbs

Still one of my favs

I love this oil! I've never had a problem. Mixes fine and super strong when burning !


Vanilla Cupcake

While others are very right in saying this vanilla smells like a cupcake, I find it is just that. It is much less a vanilla scent, as it is more of a birthday cake scent. It is not bad if that is what you are looking for, but this one is not really a vanilla.


Great if you like smell of burning rubber

This fragrance oil gave off the weirdest chemical smell when added to the wax. It reminded me of tires burning. Out of the bottle it smells strongly of butterscotch. I love candle science but this one just doesn't smell right.


Good for the first time

I received this in the Soy candle making kit and when you smell if from the bottle it smells just like cupcakes! I thought this scent would be a great one to make my first candles with. I did a pound of GB 464 Soy wax and I did an ounce of the fragrance. The cold throw smelt so good after it cured but when I did a test burn after letting it sit for 2 days I wasn't as impressed with it. Next time I may do 1.5 ounces to a pound of wax!


When smelling the bottle of fragrance, it was very strong and had an odd sweet scent to it. Poured some candles and I'm still not completely happy. I was wondering if there were other scents that would blend well with the very vanilla. I normally like vanilla but this left a lingering weird smell in my house for a day.



This is such a fantastic scent! It reminds me of a cupcake! One of the best vanillas I have ever smelled. My husband liked this so much I had to bake after because it made him hungry 😂


Best Vanilla Ever

This is seriously the best vanilla ever. It's not your typical sugar cookie type vanilla, it's more along the lines of a creamy vanilla buttercream. It is so fragrant. The hot and cold throws are incredible. If you're looking for a good vanilla, look no further!


Warm, Yummy Vanilla!

Tried a few other scents trying to find the best Vanilla scent, and have to say that this one is the best. I used it at 10% in 464 and it was EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Would be happy to go in at 5% next time, and this is coming from someone who likes a candle that packs a major punch. I lit this in the kitchen and when walking down the stairs (appx 30' away) I could SMELL THIS THING! So yes...go lighter than I did. It does tint the wax slightly yellow just fyi.


Vanilla love

This was sent in my first kit, it smelled so good my son thought I was baking a cake! It's one of my favorites so far.



I am not a lover of any candle scents that imitate foods, bakery, edible, etc however; this is amazing. I tested it only because I know that a lot of people like Vanilla and I have to say I am hooked. I have a large house (two story), I did a test of 2 candles on the first floor and within the hours my upstairs smelled like a beautiful Vanilla. Will make it a re-order going forward.


VERY strong

I use this to blend with other oils and I find that I have to use a VERY small amount of it to get a vanilla scent in my blends. A little goes a long way, which is fine with me! To my nose, it's a true vanilla and both cold and hot throws are fabulous in soy wax.



Horrible is all I have to say about this FO.


I was looking for a vanilla bean scent to mix in with a couple of other oils to create on scent. This one is way too sweet! Smells like vanilla buttercream, which is what it should probably be labeled as.


Smells like cough syrup in CP soap!

I was really excited about this scent out of the bottle but in CP soap it's terrible. It made me gag everytime I sniffed it so I had to throw it away. I could see this scent being great in candles but not in CP soaps...unless you like the scent of cough syrup.


I just made candles with this & it smells wonderful. Has a true vanilla scent & I don't notice the chemical smell others have mentioned.


I normally really hate vanilla candles, so I was expecting this scent to make me nauseated. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it is not overpowering at all and is more of a creamy vanilla scent. I would say it's close in scent to Birthday Cake. I actually add this in to other scents as well to change it up.

Cate L.

I bought this to make some samples and when we first opened the bottle the scent was very strong and somewhat smelled like vanilla. We tried it out anyways and it just didn't smell right. I saw someone had mentioned it smelled like chemicals which is true. Even after we lit them it was too strong for us but at least our neighbor enjoyed it. Maybe next time I'll use less fragrance but I doubt I'll be purchasing it again. Very Disappointed.


I want to like it...

I want to like this scent, but I just can't get down with it. There's something about it that I can't quite put my finger on that is overwhelming. The scents I've used with it have not done well either. I think I'll try the 'Cake' scent for my vanilla uses in the future.


This isn't a perfect vanilla, but my customers like it just fine. I sell it as Vanilla Cream. I think it's a good idea to have a basic vanilla scent in your line, just because it typically appeals to everybody.

The Burning Mitten


smelled great!


When used properly...

As the Note attests to at the top of the page, you will get a wide variation of scent type if you don't add the oil at the proper temperature. I was one who used this improperly at first and hated it. It made me nauseated. When I tried again (for a custom order) I ended up loving it. You have to make sure it's added at 185 degrees. It is a bit sweet out of the bottle and with a cold throw, but has great vanilla scent when burning.


Tooo sweet and nothing like vanilla

I personally didn't enjoy this fragrance. I enjoy the smell of vanilla but this fragrance smelled very sugary. Very sweet and artificial I was very surprised how off the smell was honestly.


Very vanilla-More Like Very Vanilla BEAN

I think this has a great scent in both cold and hot throw! This is a very light vanilla fragrance. I was worried about this smelling fake but it actually smells EXACTLY like vanilla beans! YUM! This will definitely be a part of my candle line!


Bottle content

A lot of people are saying the bottle wasn't full. I had the same problem, BUT then I read the bottle where it says the FO is weighed so the levels in the bottles may vary. :)


Strong and Sultry Vanilla

I love this scent. It is a strong, sultry, and sophisticated vanilla. If you're looking for a less intense vanilla go with Cake, which brings out more of an icing scent. Great hot and cold throw with 464 soy wax. I honestly think more often than not the bad throws come from mixing at the wrong temperature than from the fragrance being subpar, although some certainly do turn out stronger, namely food scents is seems.


Great smell, but not a full bottle

I love the Very Vanilla fragrance oil. I mix it with lavender and I plan on trying another fragrance combination with it so this time I purchased the 8 oz bottle. However, when I received my order, it looked like the bottle was used by almost 2 oz. The reason I realized it is because I also bought an 8 oz. bottle of Apple Harvest and there was a significant difference. I love Candle Science and I will continue to buy all of my supplies from them, so I'm just hoping this was a fluke thing.


Smells like vanilla yogurt

This vanilla scent specifically reminds me of how vanilla bean yogurt smells. it's a very strong vanilla scent.


Know wonder it's the best seller...

This is by far my favorite CS scent. It has excellent cold and hot throw in Ecosoya PB and CB Xcel. It also last a long time in wax melts. This is also my husband's favorite.



This is one of my best sellers absolutely amazing hott and cold through.

I love this fragrance.
Absolutely nothing bad to say about it.


Very Vanilla

Smells amazing! Exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to start making them!



This smells amazing! So excited to start making my candles!



Smells so delicious! Wonderful hot and cold throw, smells like vanilla frosting or cake. So good.


Gave me a headache

This scent was way too strong for myself and my boyfriend's sense of smell. At first, he thought I was baking- but as he got closer, he didn't like the smell. It gave us both a headache. For us, this wasn't a homerun- maybe for someone else it will be a wonderful scent.

Sayla not like this vanilla AT ALL! Has a very strange chemical scent to it. I hope it burns/melts without this funky great reviews, so I am seriously confused...I am looking for a ver good sugar cookie scent. When I searched for it, it said CS CARRIED IT BUT I DONT SEE IT ANYWHERE. Discontinued? Any recommendations would be appreciated. I want it to smell like a GC sugar cookie candle.


Best vanilla

This is one of the best vanillas I have tried. Love it. I love all candle science fragrances and don't think you'll be disappointed with them. Great hot throw.


Very Strong!

Everyone LOVES this scent - I am not fond of any vanilla (yes I know - a candle maker that dislikes generic scents!!!) however, this does smell like vanilla don't get me wrong - but it smells MUCH more like a vanilla cake. Someone else mentioned her kids thought she was baking a cake, so did mine! I actually labeled this one Cake Batter and everyone seems to agree. It is not a bad scent by any just smells VERY much like cake!!! :) it is a big seller. A lot of custom orders for larger sizes have been made for this one. Thanks for always being awesome!!!


Excellent Scent.. Very Happy

scent is strong, smells amazing. I made my first batch of candles using eco soya CB advanced added 1oz of fragrance for (1lb of wax) at 185 degrees. poured at 125 degrees. it scented the whole first level of our home. cold throw is great. the kids thought I was baking a cake. very pleased with this scent!!!

Baltimore, Maryland

Estelle Creates

Love this Vanilla

I initially wasn't sure about this vanilla when I first smelled it in the bottle but it truly is a great vanilla scent. One of my customers said that as she burned her candle, her children ran downstairs asking if she was baking a cake. The hot and cold throw are great in 444. I love it!


Love this vanilla and it's a huge hit with my customers! Not too sweet and not at all powdery like some vanilla fragrance can be. Smells like something delicious is baking in the oven while burning. 1 oz of vanilla with 1 pd 444 soy wax

Holly, June Apothecary

Customers love it

Very Vanilla is a bit much for me personally, but my customers love it. Always sells out. And when I'm making the candles, my husband always runs downstairs, convinced I'm making a cake for dessert.



I have smelled various vanilla fragrances but this vanilla is simply perfection! when I make this fragrance in 444, I definitely treat myself to a couple candles. Great job candle science, you are spot on with this scent


This is a great vanilla scent! It's sweet smelling and it's great to have as a base to mix with other scents if you want to sweeten them up or give them a little extra something. I mixed it with coffee and the combination was a hit!


Very Strong and Best Seller for 8 years

This Vanilla fragrance is AMAZING! My customers love it and it has been a best selling scent for the last 8 years.


Very vanilla is right!

I was looking for a strong vanilla and this sure fits the bill! All you need to use is one ounce per pound or even less and poof! VERY vanilla. :)


Softly Intoxicating!

Very veryyyy Vanilla! Stands alone beautifully and blends with so many holiday FOs. Our earthy Vanilla candles look so creamy rich, close your eyes and take a deep breath...intoxicating!

Windhorse Studio

This scent is extremly strong in the bottle, which made me think I wasn't going to like it in a candle. In the bottle it almost had an alcohol smell, but when I put it in a batch of Golden Brands 464, IT SMELLED AMAZINGLY PERFECT!! I love it! I have made a ton of these for a wedding coming up soon! The scent combined with the warm glow of the white soy wax as it burns in a clear mason jar has proven to be romantic and has quickly become a best-seller for me!!

Makes Scents

I love this vanilla! I used 1oz per 1lb GB464 in short, 2" diameter jars. Perfect! :)


Not so Very Vanilla

I fell in love with this scent when I first bought it. I got 2 4oz bottles and was very happy. I just ordered a 16oz bottle and the scent is completely different... weak, not the same Very Vanilla at all. I spent a lot of money this time and am very unhappy that I didn't get the same product! Please can you make your product more consistent. I doubt that I will be buying it again if it is a guessing game as to what you end up with :(


Definitely Recommend

My daughter & I are newbies at this. We made 2 (4oz) mason jars using 8oz. Soy Golden Brand 464 wax & 5oz. very vanilla as a test candle last night. We haven't lit them yet and we could smell it through out the house, amazing! To us it smells like cookies. Well worth buying for sure!


I love this scent. I make the wax melts. I use 1 oz with 8 oz of soy wax. I use two squares of this to put in the tart warmer. I turn the warmer on at 8 in the morning and turn it off at 4:30. The two squares last usually three days. My customers at the bank I work at love it. On the other hand, my daughter, hates it. (but what does she know)


Mouthwateringly good!

This smells so yummy and it makes you want to drink it out of the bottle. My mom says it makes her mouth water when she smells it. I use this with a few different combination oils and I just love it. Very strong cold and hot throw and has more of a bakery or cake batter scent to it than true vanilla.


AMAZING! Question though...

I absolutely love this Vanilla scent. Question: is there a definite recommendation for how long to let candles cure before selling to customers?
Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax 1oz FO and 15 oz wax.


Amazing Scent

This scent smells wonderful! Excellent cold and hot throw! A must have surprisingly from some of my male customer!!

Artisan Candle Maker

8 oz tin filled the room in minutes

Made samples in 8oz tin and within 15 minutes the room was filled with the sweet smell of vanilla...:)

GB464/12% FO/ECO 10/24hr cure

As a side note, there was someone on here that recommended pouring GB464 at 170...THANKS! I did 3 - 1 lb batches this weekend (4 different FO's and 4 different colors), all nice smooth, flat tops and NO FROST. I added FO at 185, stirred for 3 minutes then poured...great results. This worked great on tins, dont know how well the high pour temp will work on glass.


Great Hot & Cold Throw.

I have been using this Vanilla for a few years and it is by far the best vanilla scent that I have ever used. I am surprised to see that people either love it, or hate it. Not much in between.

I use this in EcoSoya Advance Soy Wax and I have always had the best luck with cold throw and hot throw. I have never tried to mix this with any other scents because this is a great stand alone fragrance that everyone seems to love!


Great Hot Throw, (actually better than I anticipated)

I finally got around to burning my sample (6%load in GB464). The cold throw was ok, not super strong, so I figured I would get a similar hot throw. I was definitely suprised by the great hot throw. It was able to fill my house with a light pleasing creamy vanilla scent with a little hint of cookie too. I did make sure to follow the directions of adding the FO at 185* and it seemed to work fine for me. I also poured at 160* and the candle turned out great. I will be adding this scent to my line. Thanks Candlescience!



This scent was very disappointing. I made wax melts using GB 464 and they came out nice and all but the smell of this scent while burning gives me a headache and really makes me just want to throw it all out. I tried mixing it with a raspberry, as well as a blueberry oil that I have and it just does not seem to mix well at all with other scents. I still get the cloying overbearing cheap vanilla smell that gives me a headache. I was expecting a smooth, warm and creamy vanilla. I will continue to use the vanilla from my other oil source as theirs is much more to my liking. I love your scents candle science but this one need some tweaking.

Carlos C.

Revision of last review

To revise the last review I wrote, I have recently come to find that it is in fact not the oil that is changing my candles colors, it is to do with the wax and dye chip I was using. But it still stands that this FO smells amazing. :)


Smells great but turns a weird color!

I used this (~1.5 oz/pound) in GB 444 and it turns a really strange color after burning! I used a yellow dye chip to make it more vanilla-y but after burning the bottom part of the jar and the wax that cools has turned a strange pinkish color. Does not affect the wonderful smell- which you can smell from outside my door- but concerns me a little. Worth a shot though!


Wonderful Vanilla XO

I am using Soy GB444 & have been making candles about 8 months. This is my first Vanilla, even though I agree, it is a staple scent in any line! It smells wonderful cold or while burning. I am enjoying it personally while having it for sale. My business has only been open since February 2014. I am SURE this will be GREAT for my lil-shop!

Dina Naylor Wells

Missing Vanilla Lace

I was skeptical when purchasing this as I am very picky about vanilla fragrances. I've used the Vanilla Lace scent for several years , blending it in with other fragrances. Wow, was I disappointed that it was discontinued. Very Vanilla smells like a Yankee Candle scent... VERY in your face. Does not blend well with other scents, too over powering. If you're a vanilla fanatic, I'm sure you'll love this, but if you like a more subtle vanilla that can be mixed in with other fragrances, forget it. Please bring back Vanilla Lace!!


It's okay

I had high hopes for Very Vanilla but unfortunately it has been disappointing. I must preface my comments by saying I absolutely love CandleScience, all of their FOs are very high quality and just the perfect concentration. I have tried oils from several other companies and none of them compare in performance. That being said I personally like Very Vanilla as a scent, however my review here is based on feedback from many of my customers. Most of them have commented that it smells "ok" but it isn't really much different than other vanilla candles they have smelt from other companies, this is in stark contrast to the 30 other scents I have from CS which people say really stand out from other products they have tried.

For this reason I will be going with CS French Vanilla on my next order. I'm sure others here may have better success with this fragrance.


Very Disappointed

I was very excited about this smell. My boyfriend loves vanilla and I thought this would be perfect. When making the candle the smell was strong and "very vanilla". The cold throw was amazing. The whole house smelled like soft vanilla. I lit the candle expecting the fragrance to fill the room and got almost nothing. I have it burning two feet from me and can't smell anything. I am only able to to smell it if I put my nose directly over the top of the candle. In my small guest bathroom there was a faint smell. I used GB464 soy wax and put 1oz of fragrance per lb. I may try this again and double the fragrance but am worried it may be a waste of time and money. overall very disappointing instead of very vanilla.



"Very Vanilla" is a very accurate name! It's awesome I love it!



This is definitely one of my best sellers in my store. I actually renamed it to "Mom's vanilla cream pudding" Customers love it and says the name fits it to a T! Thanks CS, keep this one going. I use GB464 (2lbs) to 3 oz. scent. ECO 10 wick!


Not a personal favorite...however;

Personally, I am not a fond of this smell . Out of all the 16 scents i ordered this was the least favorite of all. Bit fake to me however i do like Candlescience and its excellent customer service. I will try to mix with other scents to see what i come up with.


Great classic vanilla

I love this scent! Has great cold and hot throw. It's not overly sweet, just classic vanilla. Will order again soon!


Great classic vanilla

I love this scent! Has great cold and hot throw. It's not overly sweet, just classic vanilla. Will order again soon!


Perfect Vanilla

To me it smells just like vanilla extract! Which to me is amazing. Great cold & hot throw! Will be buying again! I used 464 wax at 10%.



Your oils & other products are EXACTLY what I was looking for! SUPERIOR OILS & everything beat the competion, CS!! AMAZING:-) LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!



Your oils & other products are EXACTLY what I was looking for! SUPERIOR OILS & everything beat the competion, CS!! AMAZING:-) LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!



Very Vanilla is EXACTLY what I was looking for! SUPERIOR OILS & ALL YOUR beat the competion, CS!! Very Vanilla IS AMAZING:-)



Very Vanilla is EXACTLY what I was looking for! SUPERIOR OILS & ALL YOUR beat the competion, CS!! Very Vanilla IS AMAZING:-)



I bought a large sized based on previous reviews to use in GB 464. Smelled good out of the bottle. After pouring, the candle smelled like fake vanilla. Not the scent I was hoping for. Followed recommended directions regarding flash point and wax setup was fine. I'll keep trying other vanilla fragrances.



this scent is SO STRONG. 1oz/1lb. just made my second purchase on this scent again. buy this scent!


A Must Have

I use 1 1/2 ounce per pound in IGI 4627. Hot and cold throw are great but hot has been better for me. There is no guess work when you smell it. Very Vanilla delivers a warm enjoyable vanilla scent.



I used this fragrance for my first attempt at candle making. It smells so delicious! It reminds me a bit of vanilla frosting, but without being too sickeningly sweet. I made the candles 2 days ago, and my place still has a wonderful vanilla aroma lingering in the air, I love it!


Soy candles and CP soap

CP Soap: Discolors to a dark chocolate. No acceleration and no morphing. Behaves well in CP soap!
Soy Wax: Awesome cold and hot throw.
Smell: Like fake "vanilla frosting" lip balm. Love it!



Love this fragrance. One of my bestsellers.


Wonderful Vanilla !!!!

This is a wonderful vanilla smell if your still looking for that perfect vanilla.I still find myself going and picking the vanilla up just to smell it , it is a little harsh right out of the bottle but once it was put into the wax it just transforms into something amazing!


Perfect vanilla !

Out of the bottle it is not too sweet or chemically. I mixed this with equal parts rainwater and lavender and could not stop smelling the result ! Any one that I had smell this mixture was hooked so I will be adding this to my line. Awesome !

Britt Southern Sprits Curio Shop


I first used this oil back in 2009 when I started out and it was BY FAR THE BEST VANILLA! I had ever ordered; However, I have tried it a couple of times since and was HIGHLY disappointed I could barely smell it and I actually have lost the few vanilla loving customers I had dont know if I got a bad batch or has this recipe changed? if so please change it back!! I love you guys scents but am truly apprehensive about ordering Very Vanilla again need a good one!! Thanks

Maikiesa Payne

My favorite!

If you like vanilla scent, you will LOVE this! Great hot/cold throw in GB464 soy wax with a 10% fragrance load. Will definitely be back for more!

Pam D.


I left a previous review below. the scent was EXCELLENT. upon my 2nd order of the same fragrance, I was very disappointed. It did not seem like the same strength of scent out of the bottle and it was much weaker in the candles. I used the same amount of oil and wax (same type as before, as well)and it was not as strong as my previous order. I dont know if the supplier did not mix it the same or what. If do reorder this scent, I will stick to smaller quantities.


Excellent Vanilla!

my friends snapped up all of the Very Vanilla candles that I made! Smelled like Buttercream. I was very pleased with the scent. It did not smell "cheap", as some vanilla scents do. I used 2 oz of fragrance per lb of EcoSoy Advanced.


Absolute ESSENTIAL to any candle line

I must admit I am not a fan of Vanilla, however, it is an essential fragrance for any candle line. I used GB464, 16 oz candle tin and triple wicked with Eco 10. 1 1/2 ouce of fragrance used. Both cold and hot throw AMAZING! I performed my test burn in my large master bedroom ( for someone who does not like Vanilla...probably not a good idea!) the hot throw was so strong that 5 hours AFTER extinguishing the candle my room is infused with Vanilla. If you have clients that love Vanilla you MUST stock this fragrance.


Very Vanilla is very good.

Although I am new to the candle buisness, this is the best vanilla I smelled yet. I have sampled 5 other sellers and this is the best vanilla of all of them. It is not the strongest scent ever made in the world, but for vanilla, is pretty darn good.

Kathleen Brown

very vanilla

WOW!! Just ordered a sample size, and coming back for more. For serious Vanilla lovers. Make in GB464 Soy Wax and has both great cold and hot throw....Thanks CS, for another winner!!

Linda Carter

Worst Vanilla Ever

This had such great reviews, so I took a chance and purchased a large amount. Cold throw smells good, but there is very little to no scent when burning. This is the most disappointing Vanilla I have ever used! Container candles, IGI 4627, 4786 & 4630A



I love this vanilla, i made tarts with this for a friend, she loved them. I have tried several vanillas this one is tops.


this is going to be my best seller

all i can say is ......WOW!! i have already ordered more.


10 stars is more like it!!!

Awesome, awesome, awesome vanilla! If you LOVE vanilla, you have to have this one.
Absolutely to die for!


Inconsistent Vanilla

The first time I used Very Vanilla there was GREAT cold and hot throw, but after using it recently (a different bottle than what I used the first time), there was no hot throw at all. I was very disappointed because it was a favorite among customers.



This vanilla is awesome. It is very strong in palm. I left my test burn candles on when i went shopping, when i came home you could smell it out side of my house. My customers love it. Will be buying over and over.



Great cold and hot throw. I am wondering what happened to those that rated it 1 star. It is simply awesome!


No Smell

I really love this scent, but the last time I made the candles the scent was extra faint...very disappointing, this scent is one of my best sellers....What happened C.S?

Mother Earth

Best Vanilla Ever

I have tried different suppliers but this one is the best of all.
Excellent hot and cold throw.
Used it on 100% soy wax 415 and on ecosoya PB

Nancy M.


I was really looking forward to this one, but was greatly disappointed when I opened the bottle for a sniff and smelled nothing but cough syrup! Tried it in a candle and the same results. Awful chemical smell! I have bought many CS scents and was always very satisfied with all of them, until now. I have an 8oz. bottle of scent that I have to toss out!



Strongest vanilla fragrance I have come across so far. Very strong and smells great. Made my whole house smell like vanilla. Excellenct scent throw hot or cold!





Possibly the best Vanilla fragrance oil ever created!

This fragrance oil is the bomb. We use it in containers, tarts, and teas and everybody loves them. The throw in soy wax (GB464, 474) is outstanding.

Jimmy & Kelly

WOW!!! Best Vanilla Ever!!!

This is the most true vanilla I have found. CS You have done it again! I used 10% in my GB 464 and wow did the scent smell up my living room without lighting the candle. Fastest sellout I've had. Even my customers that say, Oh I'm not a vanilla candle person.


Best Vanilla Ever

I hesitate buying vanillas but needed one for a fundraiser. I have always gotten TOP NOTCH scents from CS and this one is no exceptiom. It is strong without being overbearing and deliciously creamy. I will definetley contiue to use this scent. I wicked up and didn't even need to. Thanks for your fantastic products.


So Yummy!!!

This is the best vanilla ever! Smells sweet and creamy, but not overly buttery or frosting-ish like a lot of other vanilla's. This is my new favorite vanilla:)