Soy Candle Making Starter Kit Fall and Holiday
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Get an introduction to candle making with our Soy Candle Making Starter Kit. This easy-to-use kit has everything you need to get started creating your own handmade candles. Our simple step-by-step instructions guide you through the process from start to finish. It’s the perfect holiday gift for crafters, kids, and anyone who enjoys a bit of DIY. This starter kit contains all the materials you need to create six candles. Your first batch of candles make great presents, and may even spark a new hobby you’ll be able to enjoy and share with others for years to come. This kit features two of our most popular Fall and Holiday fragrances:

  • Fraser Fir: Cozy and comforting woody fir balsam with light citrus notes and earthy undertones.
  • Apple Harvest: A ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice..

Each kit contains enough materials to make a total of six candles (three of each fragrance).

Kit Includes:
- All Natural Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax - packaged in 1lb. bags
- 8 oz. Candle Tins (6 total)
- Fraser Fir Fragrance Oil
Apple Harvest Fragrance Oil
Plastic Pouring Pitcher
Wick Stickers
Wick Bars
Warning Labels
- CD 18 6" Pretabbed Wicks

Items You'll Need At Home:
- Microwave
- Metal Spoon or Stirring Utensil
- Paper Towels
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Potholder


Prop 65 Warning No


Average Rating:

(based upon 12 reviews)

Fun but no throw

It’s fun to make it but i can’t smell anything with 3 candles burning at the same time…the oil smelled great in the bottle, followed the instructions but left disappointed. For the price of the kit and shipping i could have gotten better candles


During this quarantine I was bored and decided to do some candle glad I came across this site. Already created my starter kit candles. The professional kit is next.


Fun kit but be careful

I enjoyed this starter kit to try my hand at candle making. I followed the instructions and all went well except when I pulled the wick "taut" as the instructions say, it came right out of its little metal holder. This was after I had poured the wax. So I had to pour the wax back into the pitcher and take a toothpick and jam the wick back into the little hole and re-pour the wax. So be careful when putting the wicks into the wick bars, which was also difficult. The slot in the wick bar was pretty small and I wasn't sure how to get the wick in it, so I made the slot bigger by prying it open with some scissors. I might just need practice. Otherwise, I had a lot of fun!


Easy To Use

Great kit to get started making your own candles. I like that the wax is microwave safe and there's no measuring involved. The candles are excellent gifts, especially during the holidays. I believe this is an easy enough project for older kids and teens who enjoy diy projects.


Professional results

This a great kit with clear instructions and creates wonderful candles.


Easy peasy

This review may be a little premature given I only poured my candles three days ago. So bear in mind when reading this that I can't speak to the hot throw just yet. I bought this on a whim because I made candles in a workshop once and loved it. I was a little surprised when I got the kit that all you needed to do was microwave the wax rather than heat it on the stove. On one hand, that makes it very convenient and easy. On the other hand, for me, it felt a little too easy. However, I do see the benefit of this simple method for people who have never made candles before, and I appreciate being able to create something lovely in just four or five minutes.

I ended up purchasing additional fragrances because I knew I'd be making more candles after this kit was complete, so I ended up using Apple Harvest and Pumpkin Chai for my kit candles. Both smelled incredible upon pouring, and our entire home smelled like autumn when we woke up the next morning. The candles are currently curing on our bookshelf, and we're giving them a few weeks before burning, but the cold throw is just delightful. You can't help but smile when you catch a whiff of the candles!

The only other shortcoming I noticed was that one of my candle tins was dented along the rim. It doesn't impact how the lid sits on the base, but this would be a downfall if I planned on gifting the candles to someone else.



This kit was amazingly easy. Candle Science goes the extra mile with their kits by eliminating all the guess-work and supplying everything. The fragrances in the Fall kit are phenomenal.

Diana W

A W E S O M E * Fragrances

New to candle making? Try this kit for the fall. The kit is great, it has everything you need to start making your own candles. Great for yourself, or as a gift. You will love the Fraser Fir & Apple Harvest

Rick M


Would like to start making candles


Total Kit

It's well rounded. Clear instructions, useful supplies. It provides the big components, but not everything possible (Get your own stirrer. I like wooden spoon rods). I prefer a glass measuring cup over plastic, as it cleans easily with baking soda, but the plastic cup included is sturdy. 'Apple Harvest' scent smells exactly like real cider, and 'Fraser Fir' has a bracing, deep pine essence. Perfect for fledgling candle makers, or an easy to wrap, heartily appreciated gift.


This kit is so fun and easy to use! The fragrances are amazing, and the step by step guide with pictures make for an easy DIY. Perfect for gifts or even just to enjoy yourself. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Awesome and So Easy!!

I ordered this kit on a Sunday afternoon and received it on a Wednesday. Shipping was super fast. Plus, I got a FREE 1 oz sample bottle of fragrance (I got to choose the scent). On Wednesday night, I had already made 3 out of the 6 candles. I wanted to do 3 of them right away, as those are being given as gifts this coming Friday. From start to finish, I think it might have taken me roughly 20 minutes to make the 3 candles. I love the 2 scents that it came with....they are perfect for the holidays.

I saw a review that was written on the soap kit that said "stay away from the candle making kit". Hmmmmm....not sure what that was all about, but I am so glad that I ignored that comment.

I am new to candle making, however, now that I've got the hang of it, I will definitely be ordering a lot more supplies so that I can give these away as gifts and also start selling them as well. Thank you Candle Science for your awesome products!!