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How to make mason jar tealight holders

Materials to make 8 Mason Jar Holders:

Tealight Directions

Melting candle wax in a double boiler
Wicking tealights
Adding fragrance to melted wax
Pouring melted wax into tealight molds
Straightening wicks in tealights

Mason Jar Tealight Holder Directions

Pouring sand into a mason jar
Placing a tealight into a mason jar filled with sand
A mason jar partially filled with sand with a finished tealight pressed into the sand

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

How to add a wire handle:

Wire wrapping the mason jar tealight holder
Snipping excess wire from the mason jar
Bend the connected wire ends with pliers
A Mason Jar Tealight Holders
How to Make Mason Jar Tealight Holders
Connect the two loops on the side with a wire to make a handle