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A look at two popular ways to legally organize your candle or soap business.

Should your business be a sole proprietorship or LLC?

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mica project inspiration: soap, wax melts, and wickless candles

Mica swirl whipped soap

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How to create a wholesale line sheet for your candle or soap business

Woody fragrance oils for every season

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An overhead view of a labeled candle jar, candle box, and wax melt clamshell

The essential guide to candle label requirements

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An overhead view of a tablet displaying email newsletter design files, an open laptop, and a candle in a yellow iridescent jar

How to build and grow an email list: email marketing for makers

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Someone wearing gloves is dipping a blotter strip into a bottle of fragrance oil.

How to evaluate fragrance oils

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An overhead view of black candle containers with natural bamboo lids on a marble background.

Selling on consignment: a guide to selling candles in stores

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Someone wearing gloves is shown blending fragrance oils in a clear beaker. Amber fragrance oil bottles and other clear bottles containing clear liquid are also shown.

How to select fragrance oils for luxury candles

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A line illustration featuring candle making tools and supplies including labels, wick bars, wicks, pouring pitcher, Flush Packaging shipping box, laptop and cell phone

Time-saving tips, tools, and strategies for candle makers & candle businesses

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An overhead view of a natural wood desk; on the desk is a a silver laptop computer, notebook, natural wood pen, wholesale postcards, and a wooden box holding more wholesale pitch postcards.

How to pitch your candles to retailers

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