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Maker inspiration: Upscale citronella candles

Citronella candles are a summertime staple. And while many people think of tin bucket candles and tiki torches when citronella is mentioned, modern versions of citronella scents challenge that classic imagery. 

This classic note has undergone a major rebranding campaign, as you may have noticed on store shelves or social media. Luxury and prestige-tier brands recently popularized the “citronella, but modern” concept, which inspired our perfumers to create their own renditions of upscale citronella fragrances. They quickly became staff favorites!

It can be difficult to view citronella as anything other than an outdoor scent, but new citronella accords are nothing like the single-note scents that most of us are familiar with. Citronella is a note with fresh, green, lemony, and citrusy characteristics, so it makes sense that perfumers are using it in upscale, bright blends to evoke happy summertime memories. 

In this article, we share modern and delightful ways to elevate the classic citronella candle. We'll also introduce you to our upscale citronella fragrance oils so you can join in on the trend! From upscale terracotta planter candles adorned with seed paper covers to whimsical mason jar tea light lanterns and luxurious indoor citronella candles, these citronella candle ideas will inspire your creativity this summer and beyond. 

Luxury citronella fragrances from CandleScience

Want to join in on this trend? These upscale fragrances highlight the uplifting and refreshing quality of citronella and elevate it with notes of fruit, herbs, florals, or spices.

Pear and Thyme Citronella: This citronella scent is pleasing and fruity. The combination of juicy pear, aromatic thyme, and herbaceous citrus has a place on both your patio during your next barbeque and the shelves of your local boutique.

Ginger and Saffron Citronella: Earthy saffron and bright ginger meld in this citronella fragrance. The zing of ginger is a perfect complement to the citrus aromas of citronella, while the saffron lends depth.

Lemongrass and Verbena Citronella: This is a strong citronella, but still blends pleasantly with the complementary aromas of lemongrass and verbena. Each note bolsters the other beautifully for a result you’ll love as much for the luxurious citrus character as the summertime staple of citronella.

Backyard Oasis

Elevate your outdoor space with upscale citronella candles. Featuring terracotta pots and seed paper covers, these candles will turn your backyard into an oasis. The familiar scent of citronella adds a comforting ambiance to your outdoor space while terracotta pot containers fit seamlessly into any backyard setting. 

With seed paper dust covers, these candles contribute to your backyard oasis in more ways than one. Plant the seed paper covers and watch your backyard bloom as you enjoy your garden-inspired citronella candles. Outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, and nature lovers of all kinds will adore this updated outdoor citronella concept. 

A note about repurposing terracotta pots:

We suggest planting only non-edible plants and flowers in terracotta pots after they have been used for scented candles.

Mason Jar Lanterns

There’s something magical about a lantern-lit outdoor space at dusk. Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying your backyard on a warm night, these beginner-friendly mason jar tealight lanterns turn your space into a whimsical retreat. 

Made with river rocks and wire mason jar hooks, these folksy tealight lanterns add a touch of rustic elegance to evenings spent outside. Hang them from trees, place them along pathways, or cluster them on tables to create a magical atmosphere. 

Learn how to make tealight candles here.

Luxury Indoor Candle

Citronella candles aren’t only for outdoor spaces. Essential oil enthusiasts regard citronella as an uplifting, mood-boosting scent. And with its pleasing citrusy and herbaceous character, citronella is a note that we can’t get enough of in the summer—or anytime we’re in the mood for something green and refreshing. 

This luxurious candle offers an uplifting vibe that brings a touch of the outdoors inside. For this candle, we used upscale citronella-forward fragrance oils, instead of classic citronella, to incorporate a touch of the outdoors nostalgia and familiarity. Choose from Pear and Thyme Citronella, Ginger and Saffron Citronella, or Lemongrass and Verbena Citronella for this indoor-friendly, elevated citronella concept. 

A look at the label

This label is a 1.5" x 2.75" printed on Avery WePrint matte white paper.

What are you creating?

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