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As of 11/03/2016:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Note: This product is discontinued.

These gold brushed metal lids are a great alternative to glass tops and provide a modern finish for your containers.

The plug type lid has a plastic liner snug fit and can be used with the following glassware:

8, 16, and 26 oz. Apothecary Jar
12 and 21 oz. Status Jar
Medium Lucida Jar

Labeling area 3 1/4'

Made in the USA

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Can someone please tell me where I can find these!!

Please bring these back!!!

They are exactly what I want and need - please bring them back and alert customers when you do! Thank you!

PLEASE don't discontinue!

These lids make for a very classy candle. My customers love the look of this lid with the apothecary jar. PLEASE keep them around!!!

Love the gold, but scratch very easily

I was so excited for these gold lids! However, they scratch very easily. In fact, 4 out of the 12 I ordered were scratched. It appears they are painted with a very thin layer of gold because you can see the silver in the scratches underneath. I was a disappointed since they cost $1.65 per lid with standard shipping, too pricey for imperfect quality.