Ocean Rose Fragrance Oil Clean Scent
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Candle Science Clean Scents

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CandleScience Clean Scents™ are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. Choose Clean Scents and create safer home fragrance products you and your customers can enjoy with confidence.

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Ocean Rose combines top notes of sweet mandarin and wildflower honey with middle notes of lily and rose to create a beautiful airy, floral fragrance. Hints of woody amber and powder in the base provide a rich, earthy balance to the clean floral notes. Orange and lemon essential oils enhance the bright freshness of this ozonic fragrance. Wax melts, candles, and reed diffusers made with Ocean Rose have a clean, coastal quality that freshens both large and small spaces. This fragrance will help washrooms and living areas maintain that just-cleaned scent. This lovely oceanic fragrance is perfect for bath and body care creations including scrubs, lotions, and soaps. Ocean Rose has a marine freshness that’s infused with rose petals for a soft, romantic character. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange, lemon, and tagete.

Note Profile:
Top: Ozone, Mandarin
Middle: Rose, Lily
Base: Amber, Powder, Honey

Note: Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.


Candle Safe Yes Usage: 3-10%
Soap Safe Yes Usage: 3-6%
Vanillin Content 0.01% - 2%
Soy Performance
Flashpoint > 225 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Prop 65 Warning Required No
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; Up to 15%

*Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired fragrance strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels.


Cold Process Soap Performance
Acceleration Discoloration Separation
None Light Tan None

Lye Water Temperature 106ºF
Oil temperature 109ºF

We did not experience any acceleration or separation, and this fragrance was very slow to come to a light trace. After 24 hours the soap was a bit softer than other test batches made at the same time. We did observe the soap reach a full gel without overheating. We saw a yellow discoloration and the scent was strong. After 30 days the soap had darkened to a light tan, and the scent was mild but very pleasant. This fragrance would be an excellent choice for complex swirls that require a very light trace and no acceleration. Using titanium dioxide can minimize the discoloration.

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Average Rating:

(based upon 32 reviews)

It's eh

I don't know what I was expecting, but this scent left me a little disappointed. I love floral scents, but I was hoping for a floral with a mix of salt air. Unfortunately, this did not deliver. It's a nice smell, just not what I was looking for.


Pleasantly surprised!

I actually really liked ocean rose even though I was a little worried to try it out. It’s really fresh, ozonic, and floral. I like the subtle tones of the profiles and how they come together. I haven’t smelled the HT but I’ll write another review after taking it for a spin to try to give guidance to anyone who reads all the reviews like I do!


Absolutely stunning! I use this in my summer line and brand it with a local reference to Martha's Vineyard. As someone who is not into florals, this is so beachy, clean and fresh. I absolutely love it. Strong in 464.


Pleasant but very mild

This scent gives off both a mild CT and HT. If you are looking for something light, this is the one. If you like stronger smells, this may not work for you.

MHO Candles

candle making

Nice fresh rose scent for candles, soaps, and lotions. It could use more rose added to it though.


Gorgeous Clean Scent

I cannot fathom these reviews that say either its too strong, or no hot throw. Sorry but that is an issue with the maker not the fragrance. I have had amazing success with this scent, its a heavy dew and light floral scent. Would be great renamed as morning dew or something like that. I do not get a beach note from it really, and its not too floral. It really is just a pretty clean fragrance and I make my melts really strong to begin with and this is very fragrant. Love this one, sell it all year no problem, but I have renamed it.


Fan favorite

I have a client who literally makes me empty out any other candle shes ever bought and refill it with ocean rose! It’s her ultimate favorite! Super easy breezy candle smell!

Centrella candles

Fresh, and really smells like roses by the ocean

It has a fresh salt air aroma to it, and does smell like roses.

I used it a bit strong at 10% as I was just testing a sample, making wax melts. It has a nice cold throw, hot throw is very good, maybe a little strong. It doesn't last as long as some of the other fragrances I tried, but smells nice the whole way, never getting offputting.

I'll likely order more of this when I'm done with the current batch of melts.

Note I'm a hobbiest, so I have no idea about how this will sell nor have i tried other concentrations or different waxes.


It’s ok

At first I thought I really like the scent and then the more it burned the less I liked it. It’s not a bad scent but it’s a little strong. Also I don’t know what color to use with this scent. If anyone had any ideas please let me know. Thanks!


Very strong

It smells exactly like roses. It also smells really strong like grandmas parfumerie .


Love it!

I received this scent as a sample and I am not big on floral fragrances but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s not overwhelmingly floraly like stinking your nose into a rose bush! It’s perfectly balanced and smells beautiful and clean. I used this oil with the soy tart wax from CS and the hot throw was amazing in my warmer! Adding to my shop rn.



This fragrance is wonderful and gets even better after cure. I use for candles and customers loooooove it.


Soap Alchemist

I am not a fan of floral but I really like this one, it reminds me of smelling flowers on a breeze, not too strong but it's there. Made CP soap with this, I didn't really accelerate for me, I only did one color however so nothing too detailed. Give it a try!

Raven Avenue Studio

I just finished making my first candles using Candle Science products and I have to say I am in love I used the Ocean Rose fragrance and the smell is amazing. I grew up in Gloucester. In the summers I spent a lot of time on the beaches and the smell of the roses that grew in the sand duns are one of my favorite memories of that time. Your Ocean Rose fragrance smells just like I am sitting on the beach in my home town. I can’t wait to try the other fragrances I ordered



Smells really really good in the bottle but no HT at all in candle.. really sad because it smell so good in the bottle.


Im not sure what to think

Im not sure what to think of this oil. It smells really good in the bottle but when I burn it, I cant smell anything. I put it in the bathroom and bedroom and I barely got anything from it. Totally not sure what to do with this one.

candle maker

This one is so pretty and fresh! I'm not normally a floral person, but I really like this one. The people who like floral? They LOVE this one. I was surprised that my husband and also my tester's dad liked it, too. Nice cold and hot throw in 464 soy!


The fragrance oil froze

So I live in ND and it’s been bitter weather the past few days. Today I got a delivery of 7 bottles and Ocean Rose was the only one that froze. I hope that doesn’t effect it in any way cause I’m really excited to use this fragrance.



OMG!! I love this soft, suttle, but powerful smell. All in one. If you are looking for a floral/rose scent. This is the one. I promise

Call me Candle Lady

Catalina Wine Mixer

It's floral, but also wafts of masculinity. It's got that 'sea-scented candle vibe,' but a little extra depth. It's a good Boats and Rose unisex appeal. Could absolutely be a light green or blue dye candle.


Smells exactly like the name

This smells exactly like the name - salty roses. Rose smells are iffy to me because there's a thin line between sweet and rancid when it comes to roses and so I'm on the fence about this......however I'm new to candle making and will try it in my starter set because I'm from the islands and I want more beachy scents for tourists to take home with them for the holidays.



I bought this during the .99 cent sale just to try. I am extremely picky about Rose FO's. This one is one of my favorites! It Held up very well when making CP soap. No discoloration and no acceleration. I will definitely be ordering more of this fragrance!


I took a chance and....

I was pleasantly surprised not only by the scent but by the accurate description provided upon purchasing. I was a 1st time buyer so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I ordered around 5-6 different samples to start and there's only 1 that I won't be using. Ocean Rose has potential to be a very popular scent in my opinion.

Samantha Griffin

Wait....wait....wait for the magic

I picked up a sample bottle when this was first released, like I do with all new releases. I was unimpressed on a fragrance blotter, but still went ahead and made up a candle (soy/paraffin blend 10% FO). Unimpressed with the cold throw, and so just stuck it on a shelf with all the others. Months went by, and I needed a candle so just grabbed one and lit it. Wait, what is that amazing smell? Oh!!! Ocean Rose. I can't tell you exactly what it smells like, but it is good, very good. Both floral and earthy, expensive-smelling. One of my top favorites now from Candle Science, and I only have a handful.


High End

Wow! This smells awesome & expensive. Fresh & clean. Made a sample CPOP bar w/o TD. I soap at very cool temps (low 70’s), so I don’t know if trace took any longer for me. After 2 days, I have no discoloration & it smells great. It does however, closely resemble a competitors FO under a different name. I will definitely buy a bigger bottle. Can’t wait to try it in Candles, lotions & sprays. Great job CS! I love your scents.

Maria Johnson


This is a very pretty scent with an excellent throw. I'm anxious to try it in cp soap.



A new favorite and best seller.

Wildflower Wicks

Ocean Rose Delight

This is such a pretty F.O. A subtle fresh scent of oranges, musk, and flowers. Great cold/hot throw.

Sassy NYC


i just received my order of fragrances and melt and poor kit. i normally sell candles, and wanted to try soaps... pkg came fast, perfectly packed with peanuts with the exception of the cucumber melon fragrance which leaked in the box.😣 since the house smelled of it i figure i might as well use what is in there. it was enough for 2 bars. Being pleasantly pleased with how it came out i then made ocean rose soap. omg!!! this smells like roses that drift on an ocean breeze. i dont like roses but figured my customers would and i am in love love love with this fragrance. Go get some! you wont be disappointed.. tomorrow fruit slices and himalian bamboo.



A beautiful feminine fragrance that has excellent throw. You can rename this to whatever you like, the throw is great.


Ocean Rose

I used this fragrance in soy wax at 8%. To me the scent is a very pretty, feminine perfume type. I get the ozone, sheer musk and orange blossom. It makes a lovely candle fragrance. After a 24 hour cure, the scent is quite strong, yet not overwhelming due to the nature of the fragrance. It reminds me of a famous perfume, of which I cannot recall the name of. Very nice!


I'll have to rename it

I haven't put this in a candle yet, but it smells nothing of roses.

Update: 6/2/2018

I put it in a candle, still didn't smell like roses at all. Waiting for it to cure for about a week to make my final decision.