Pro Soy Candle Making Kit
Pro Soy Candle Kit Containers Wax and Instructions
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New to candle making? Start with a Soy Candle Making Kit!

Our Soy Candle Making Kit has everything you need to make your own scented soy wax candles. Whether you want to start a new hobby or a home based candle business, this is the ideal kit to get you started. No experience necessary! Our simple, step-by-step instructions will guide you through the whole process.

Each kit contains enough materials to make a total of 12 candles (3 candles of each scent).

Kit Includes:
- All Natural Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax - packaged in 1lb. bags
- 8 oz. Candle Tins (12 total)
- Lavender Fragrance Oil
Very Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Grapefruit and Mangosteen Fragrance Oil
Egyptian Amber Fragrance Oil
Small Melting/Pouring Pitcher
- CD 18 6" Pretabbed Wicks

Wick Stickers
Wick Bars
Warning Labels
Glass Thermometer
Items You'll Need At Home:
- Medium Size Sauce Pot - for double boiler
- Large Spoon or Stirring Utensil
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Paper Towels


Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 56 reviews)

I loved the kit everything was packed nicely. The candles have a wonderful cold throw. But no hot throw. You can’t smell anything. We waited a week before using them but nothing. I bought this kit as a hobby for my nieces and I. And they were really sad. Did we do something wrong? Why wouldn’t we smell anything coming out of the candles.


Nice kit but no hot throw

This is a really nice kit, and I'm happy I purchased it. The candy thermometer was a little hard to read because the temps at which you're instructed to add the fragrance and to pour are not marked prominently, so I had to highlight the temp lines with a marker.
The instructions are clear and so easy, and I'm glad they included clean up instructions as well.
My one complaint is that there's no hot throw from the candles at all. They have great cold throw (the fragrance oils are wonderful). I followed the instructions to the letter and let the candles cure for 2 weeks before burning, but none of them have any hot throw at all. Very disappointing.


Perfect Starter Kit!

I purchased the Pro Starter Kit sometime last year, and now I'm on my way to starting a business. This kit was wonderful, super simple to use, and my candles turned out incredible. I had no issue with tunneling or lack of scent. The candles looked and smelled fantastic. And I had a blast making them!


No Hot Throw

The fragrance oils received smelled great in the bottle. Followed the directions exactly as stated, but almost no hot throw. The cold throw is much better. Very disappointed in this. I have 12 candles now that are about worthless.


Good but no hot throw

I ordered this to see how it would work. Followed the directions to the T and the hot throw sucked. Cold throw was great but I am going to try to make more candles and play with it a bit but I am definitely a little disappointed.

CandleScience Reply

Hi There! We're so sorry to hear you've been having some trouble with the scent throw of your candles! Hot throw issues are quite common in candle making but typically a few adjustments can really help increase the throw of your finished product. One of our Support Team members has reached out to you via email to see how we can help!


business owner
I followed all the steps and the result was great. Thank you. I will be a permanent customer. I wish you success 🤍


Now I'm addicted to making candles

My candles turned out really well. I ended up screwing up my first batch by adding the fragrance after it cooled. I reached out to candlescience and they told me a way to fix them, worked perfectly. Also, the instructions say wait 24 hrs to burn but you should really wait 2 weeks before burning.





Candle kit

So I ordered this candle making kit expecting to make good smelling candles and I’m very disappointed. I followed the instructions step by step and the video I allowed my candles to cure & although the cold throw was amazing there was no hot throw at all what so ever. I’m very upset for what I paid for this kit the expensive shipping I expected good candles. Very disappointed 😡

Tiffany Barnes
CandleScience Reply

Hi! A member of our team has reached out to help troubleshoot!

Great kit! Each one of my candles turned out perfect and the instructions were so easy to follow. After using this kit I’ve bought more supplies individually from Candle Science and I am very happy with all of them! Only bummer is the thermometer that came in the kit became defective in the middle of making a batch, only had it for about a month and now it’s stuck at 170 degrees, even though it’s been sitting in a glass of cold water for 5 minutes. The primary candle supplies (fragrance and wax) are great though!!

Merisa Candic
CandleScience Reply

Hi! We are so sorry to hear about the issues with the thermometer that you have been having. Our support team will be in touch shortly via email to assist.

Makes candle making simple!

First time candle maker here. I have researched candle tutorials for a couple weeks now, as I want to start a candle business. I have learned there are so many aspects to remember when making an overall quality candle. This kit with clear directions made this new adventure start out in a much less complicated affair. All of the scents provided were a great choice.


Great Starter Kit

I ordered my starter kit and received it in two days! Shipping time is amazing and so is this kit. This is a great start for a new hobby that becomes addicting. Thank you CS


Great Kit but did not get 1oz of fragrance oils

I am new to candle making and truly enjoyed the kit. The only stickler for me was that I didn’t truly get 1 oz of the fragrance oils and so the candles scents were weak on the hot throw.


New to candle making

My first batch, using the vanilla oil came out great. My second batch of candles have a bit of tunneling using the mangosteen oil. Not sure what could have happened. I followed the directions that came with the kit.


Love the starter kits

I have ordered the starter kits and have made some nice candles. The instructions make it very easy to use.



dont you think you should add color/dye to these kits?


Wonderful starting kit very over priced. Good starting kit.

I enjoyed this starting kit as it was simple to get candle making simple. All you need in one kit. It is over priced for a kit. Make a list of what you need, go to your local Value Village and get the items for half the cost. My mother is interested in starting and that's what I'll do. I'll order the wax, fragrances and a few molds from here and get the rest at Value Village. Thank you for making candle making easy. I thought it was difficult but i'ts not.



My first kit & I fell in love! A new way to be creative! It came with literally all the fixings. I wish dye packs would’ve came with it though. I played in crayons at first for color..shh 😂



I bought the Pro Candle Making Kit after hearing about if from a instructor at a candle making class! I am hooked! I am currently working on starting my own candle making business because Candle Science made getting started so easy! Im in love! Thanks Candle Science!


Wick Chick

I love everything. My coworkers smelled the Grapefruit and they are obsessed with that scent to point I should sell them. So who knows but the scents are amazing! That Cinnamon Vanilla smells like a Cinnamon bun with frosting.


Good Kit

I finally got around to making my candles two years later. I highly enjoyed it. Just opened the box then put it in the closet and forgot about it. I must of been shorted one tin because I am short one tin per soy wax. I love the candles. Will start making candles as a hobby. I'll order form candle science again but I'll see if I can't find a local supplier.


I have Found My " Thing "

I have made 4 Candles today and they have come out Grate thank you so much I'm so happy and will be ordering from this store agin

Joy Strople


I like this kit alot! It comes with instructions which was very helpful especially for a newbie like myself. I ran into the issue of my scent throw not being as strong as I wanted it to be and I'm not sure if it was the amount of fragrance given or if it's the time in which the fragrance was poured. Does anyone have any pointers? I really enjoy this and I want to make this into something but I know that I am doing something wrong. Please help!


Great for newbies!

Wanted to learn how to make candles and this was a great introduction to candle making.loved this kit. Made several batches and ordered more supplies for more. Thank you!!


First try not bad

I got this kit,not bad love the way everything is label and self-explanatory. But one bag of 1lb is enough for three tin can. So i still have empty tin can. Preparation was easy, the oils are okay. I use my own scented oils. Some of the oils smell very chemical not natural. Don't take my review wrong I'm please with my purchase especially as a beginner candle maker a goog way to start. I will test the candles tomorrow and will update my review base on my observation.
So far thank you CS


pretty good for newbs but wicks too small

Okay kit for beginners, but I agree with some other reviewers that the wicks are perhaps too small for the included metal containers. However, I used a bit more fragrance, added some coloring and switched to a 8 oz mason jar (burns great has excellent scent throw as far as I can tell), because a test candle did not burn well (tunneled) in the tin. I will save those for another project but use larger wicks. The added coloring and fragrance levels could have affected the burn as well. There really is a science to candle making, but after making a few adjustments I am overall quite pleased with my results for a first timer.


I would highly recommend this starter kit to anyone looking to make your own candles. I’m hooked and have already placed another order to make more. The ladies in my office are going to love these for Christmas :). Thank you for such great instructions and quality supplies.

Deborah Montique

Excellent for beginners

I ordered the soy candle making kit as my first attempt at candle making. The kit arrived quickly and included everything to begin making candles right away. The process was simple, the directions were clear, and the candles turned out beautifully. The end product looked very professional. The kit comes with 3 wick holders so if you plan to make all 12 candles at the same time order extra. It takes several hours for the candles to harden enough to remove the holders and can slow up the process. I will definitely be ordering more supplies from candle science!

Rob S

I got my box of the soy kit a few days ago. Opened today on Thanksgiving and thrilled! Everything was perfect, very organized and I am impressed. Very professional packaging and I have already made two batches of candles, easier than expected and appreciated the direction card. Every detail has been thought out. I'm a business owner myself (doing candles for fun and gifts) and appreciate the great customer service, exvey website. I've already placed an order for more fragrance oil, I'm hooked -so pleased with the first batch! Thank you for a great product.


Starter Kit was a bit of disappointment

I ordered the Kit, everything i needed was there and it made it all easy to make candles but when I used it there was no fragrance at all and I followed the instruction step by step 😥😥😥.


Candle maker

I have been doing this candle making for a year now and I can't begin to tell you how I really enjoy making my own candles, I've took some to work to give out as little token and they really loved the candles and the fragrances that came with the candles, (sex on the beach, lavender, vanilla, Jamaica me crazy) these are the fragrances they love the best. I've even started making the soaps and I was asked to make sugar scrub soaps, I will get back on how that turned out. Thank you Candle science.


Loving this kit

As a first time candle maker, this kit was a great concept. I was pleased with the kit. I think the wicks were the wrong size for the containers and fragrance. I would recommend the kit to any new beginner. The step by step instructions were awesome!

Anita Grover

Good starter kit !

The kit is great. Also gives you an good idea on how you want to make yours.



I like the idea of this candle making kit. I thought it would be a great way to get the right supplies in a small box to learn how to make candles! Well, it turns out the wax looks TERRIBLE when it burns. I followed the instructions word for word, too. The wick size included in the kit is too small. The scent throw is barely there. The candles look nice after you make them, until you light them and it all goes down from there. If they at least smelt strong, I would be able to get over how badly these candles look when they burn. I gave 2 stars because I like the idea of the kit, and the tins are cute and come with warning stickers. However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this product. Do not buy---BUYER BEWARE.

Samantha C
CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback on the kit, we really appreciate it. The bumpy tops after burning are quite common with soy wax. It happens when the rate of cooling is inconsistent and unfortunately, it's difficult to control once the candle has been lit and then extinguished. Sometimes it will dry with the rough, uneven surface and sometimes it will dry smooth as glass. The good news is that this is a by-product of an all-natural wax, and it does not affect the performance of the candle. We would love to help troubleshoot the wicking issues that you experienced. Feel free to email or call us so that we can assist!

Love this kit every thing you need to start making your own candles! Very easy kit to follow!


Great Kit for Newbies

I'm new to candle making. I purchased this kit because I thought it would be a great introduction to candle making and the price was reasonable. It contains everything needed to make 12 candles. The instructions were very easy to follow. I felt such a sense of accomplishment after I poured my last candle. My house smelled incredible. My favorite scent is the Grapefruit & Mangosteen. Very refreshing fragrance. I did notice frosting and craters on the candle tops. I used my heating gun to fix those issues. I waited 2 weeks before lighting my first candle. The cold throw was awesome. I could smell it instantly when I took the lid off. I lit the Grapefruit & Mangosteen candle and let it burn for three hours. I couldn't smell a thing. The hot throw was just not there. The wick burned evenly and produced a great melt pool but no hot throw. When the candle cooled it had craters and the top looked very rough. So, the next day I lit the very vanilla candle. No hot throw at all. To sum it all up. I really like the candle making kit but I'm not a fan of the GW464 wax.
And so the search and testing begins for a wax that produces smooth tops and better HT.

Lisa B

Perfect kit for first time candle making

I bought this kit to start making candles for the first time, and it was perfect. It couldn’t have been easier to follow and my candles turned out great!

Camille Emig


I bought this kit wanting to get into the candle making business. The kit offers basic materials to get started, however the instructions to which I followed precisely resulted in poor quality candles. I even watched the video from CandleScience to make sure I was following the steps. The wick that comes in the kit for these 8oz tins is incorrect (no matter what is said) I have tested this. The fragrances that were sent and instructed to add at 185 degrees is horrible and produces barely any scent throw cold or hot. I would expect candlesience to produce a kit for beginners that would entice them to purchase more products based on their results with this kit. You can’t tell me it was the process I completed, I followed your instructions! I have bought products from candlesience since this kit but it is mainly for price difference. Hope this gets better for other beginners.

Greg McCormick

A Solid Starter Kit

I was really excited to buy this kit in order to start practicing candlemaking, and I am not disappointed! The kit provides base tools needed for teaching oneself, and a great starting point for the journey of learning a new skill. My first 3 creations are setting up nicely (and smell amazing with the rain water fragrance!) Invest and enjoy playing - you will not regret it!


New Candlemaker

I received and made my first few batches of candles over the last week. It was very easy to use and the directions were very simple to follow along with. The only downside I have noticed is I don't get a complete burn to the outer edges of the containers. After doing some research seems like the wick size they provided, ECO 12, is too small for my 8 ounce tins. According to the wick guide, I should be using ECO 14. Another con is the price of shipping! Other than that, I am extremely pleased.


Great Starter Kit

I really like the soy starter kit. My candles came out great. The kit is reasonably priced, but the shipping is a bit pricey. It will be hard to recoup the expense of supplies unless you overcharge for the candles.

U Nicholas


Loved this starter kit! Candles all turned out perfect!!!



If you really want a good value for your investment in the same high quality Candle Science items,
instead of the kit that makes 12 eight-ounce WHITE candles in four pre-selected scents
consider purchasing the following items to make 30 eight-ounce COLORED candles in up to ten scents of your choice:
1 Small Melting/Pouring Pitcher (you can skip this item if you plan to melt your soy in the microwave - it's easy!)
8" Glass Thermometer
1 Dozen Wick Bars
10 pounds of Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax Flakes
2 ECO Wick Sample Kits (one kit contains 5 of each wick size)
1 Roll Large Wick Stickers
1 Roll Warning Labels
10 Fragrance Oil 1oz Sample Bottles in your choice of scents (1oz for each pound of soy wax)
Find 30 HEAT-SAFE RECYCLED CONTAINERS OR Purchase 3 Dozen 8oz Containers such as:
8oz Tins (use ECO-12 Wicks from the ECO Sample Pack listed above)
8oz Apothecary Jars (use ECO-16 Wicks from the ECO Sample Pack listed above)
8oz Jelly Jars (use ECO-10 Wicks from the ECO Sample Pack listed above)
(Just remember, container diameter determines wick size and there are only so many of each size in the wick sample kits.)
After your first couple of batches in the metal tins, give COLORED candles a try in the glass containers:
Purchase CS Dye Block Sampler OR Reddig-Glow Dye Chip Sampler
(Dark colored candles seem to burn differently for me, so consider going up a wick size for dark colored candles and/or do a burn test.)
Please note that while the total purchase cost may be a larger investment, you will be paying less for the MATERIALS (soy, wicks, scent) to produce more candles which results in a lower individual cost per candle. The cost of all the other times (pitcher, thermometer, bars) are the EQUIPMENT that you get to keep to use again.
By all means, do make full use of the excellent instructional videos at the Candle Science LEARNING page.
Best of luck and enjoy your Candle Science adventure!


I ordered this kit with no experience at all in order to make candles with my son for Christmas gifts. With this kit, some extra supplies, and watching a few online videos (including the candlescience one), we made amazing candles on our first try. Cold and hot throw are great! Thanks! One piece of advice, for other fragrance oils that have flash points lower than 180F, we added the fragrance when the temp was about 5-10 degrees below the flash point and it really helped. Even our bayberry candles smell terrific.



I bought this kit with no expierenced in candle making. It comes with some wonderful products. The sample fragrances are really good too. I would definitely recommend this kit for starting out. The pot is pretty small (only fitting 1lb. Of wax) but it is worth the money. Thank you candle science 💞


I bought the kit a couple months ago so I could make candles for gifts for Christmas. I enjoyed the process and I'm looking forward to making more. If I get a good response I'm hoping starting a candle/ bath&body business. The reason I only have it 4 stars is the wicks are thick. They burn too hot and causes the mushroom top. I would use eco 10. Also the lids to the tins are too tight are hard to remove.


Great for the novice!

This was a great kit! I received it last night, and made my first batch of candles in an hour. The included instructions are really clear and easy to follow. Even the sampler scents are really good. Highly recommend!



My kit arrived exactly when it was supposed to. I was super excited. Made two batches of candles (6) in a breeze. the directions are super easy to follow. The only thing is there weren't any scents in this kit. Praise God I had scents from previous attempts at candle making, and used those. Im not sure of the ratio of scent to wax, so hopefully it will come out great, I am selling these so I won't know for sure until I sell it. Nevertheless, I love candlescience!!!!!

Kenyatta Martin


Just finished the first batch and they turned out perfect. I bought the kit to see if I could handle making candles as wedding favors and I'm very happy with them. Now, I just need to figure out how to get labels made for the top.

Donna Muse

I really like this candle kit I love the different fragrance they smell very good and the shipping was really fast! Thank you😊



I can't say enough about how pleased I am with this purchase! Thanks so much Candle Science for allowing me to start my business with an affordable package like this! I have made all of my candles from this kit and they have turned out amazing! The directions make this even better for a beginner like myself!



As a first time candle maker, this kit was exciting to get and use!!! I've made all 12 candles and loved every single time!! I love that they include a guide with pictures to help you and also remind you of the process!! It's so fun and I can't wait to expand my candle business!!! The scents are SOOOO delicious smelling!! Omgosh... The very vanilla one was my favorite bc it smells like cupcakes haha definitely recommend getting this kit if you're a beginner who wants to get a feel for candle making!! It's really fun and easy.. And did I mention fun?!


Awesome kit

I have never made candles before. This kit has pictures and very easy directions, along with everything you need to make 12 8oz candles. I now have a candle making business and buy all my supplies from candle science.


Perfect for a newbie

I bought this kit and I love it. I have never made candles before and this kit made candle making simple and enjoyable. I love the scents. My boyfriend and my co-workers agree. Unfortunately, one candle had air pockets underneath the top layer of wax, which were not visible until I burned the candle. Small air bubbles occasionally appeared while it was burning. I'm not sure what I did so I can prevent it from happening again that or if it only happened to that one. However, aside from that, it was a lot of fun and this kit is the reason for that.


I've been using candle science for a long time now and I won't use any one but them. The fragrance list is awesome and their wax is the bomb. I use the GB 464 for all of my candles. This company is the best in candle supplies.

Tanya Hernandez


Candlescience products are the best. Their fragrances are great smelling, their prices are very reasonable, their selections of wax are outstanding and delivery is fast and dependable.

If you are looking for a reliable company...candlescience is the company.