Soy Candle Making Starter Kit
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Get an introduction to candle making with our Soy Candle Making Starter Kit. This easy-to-use kit has everything you need to get started creating your own handmade candles. Our simple step-by-step instructions guide you through the process from start to finish. It’s the perfect gift for crafters, kids, and anyone who enjoys a bit of DIY. This starter kit contains all the materials you need to create six candles. Your first batch of candles make great presents, and may even spark a new hobby you’ll be able to enjoy and share with others for years to come. This kit features two of our most popular year round fragrances:

  • Amber Noir: A sultry infusion of sweet jasmine and rich amber.
  • Sea Salt and Orchid: An elegant, upscale blend of crisp sea salt and smooth florals.

Each kit contains enough materials to make a total of six candles (three of each fragrance).

Kit Includes:

- All Natural Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax - packaged in 1lb. bags
- 8 oz. Candle Tins (6 total)
- Amber Noir Fragrance Oil
Sea Salt and Orchid Fragrance Oil
Plastic Pouring Pitcher
Wick Stickers
Wick Bars
Warning Labels
- CD 18 6" Pretabbed Wicks

Items You'll Need At Home:
- Microwave
- Metal Spoon or Stirring Utensil
- Paper Towels
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Potholder


Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

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Starter Kit

I placed my order for my starter kit on the 22nd of September received my order on the 26th made my candles on the 28th. I followed all the directions exactly & I am still not getting a smell with my candle when it's lit. I even gifted my sister with a candle and she burned it for an hour today and there was absolutely no smell.

Junia Joseph

I love this kit this is. my first time making a candle and they turn out good I will be making some more I have sold 2 of them and was ask. 2. make some more you. have a customer for life.

Joyce Holland


The kit was awesome I would have given it five stars the scent smell really great I can't wait to light the candles. However my only issue was whoever packed the box forgot to close the zip lock back of wax so wax was everywhere in the box a bit of a clean up and I lost some of the wax. All I have to say is in the warehouse someone needs to quality check the boxes before the box is closed. Thank you!


I received my kit earlier than expected! I love the 2 scents it came with but unfortunately once I lit the candle after following each step by step I couldn’t really smell anything I even waited up to a week and a half to light up 1 of the 3 and still didn’t get a scent :(

Erika salgado
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! I'm so sorry you're having difficulties with the Candle Starter Making Kit. One of our team members will be reaching out via email to help you get the best scent possible!

Stay Lit Candle Company

I loved to two scents that came in my starter kit. My children are starting there candle business and the Sea Salt and Orchid was there top seller. So we placed another order and get are going to see where this takes us. Thank you for making some awesome scents more reviews to come


Great product!

This kit is perfect! The one pound wax bag is just the right amount for the 3 tins per scent! Only reason why I give it 4 stars is because I think a wooden stirrer should be included in the kit. If I didn’t have chopsticks on hand, I would’ve been screwed. Before purchasing, make sure you have something to stir in fragrance that’s not silverware.


Great gift idea

I tried making candles on my own with supplies from the local box stores in my area. I wasn't inspired and gave up. On day while surfing I came across the website for candlescience and decided to give their kit a try. All I can say is... WOW ! The candle directions were easy to follow and everything I needed was in the kit. It was fun, easy and the end result was lovely. I would definitely recommend trying this kit if have an interest making candles, or you could even send this kit to someone as a gift. I am not a pro nor will I be selling my candles - this is a personal and fun hobby during retirement.


Candles !!

I got my kit in the mail today and is super excited to start testing the only thing is that I didn’t get the free fragrance that I picked out .

miesha monroe
CandleScience Reply

Hi! Thank you for the feedback, our support team will be in touch regarding your missing fragrance sample!

Amazing introduction into candle making

Wonderful project to do during this crazy time. Positive experience to share with family and friends. Currently recommending to others!!!! The free fragrance oil in addition to my order was super pleasant as well! Thank you!


Excellent Kit

This arrived so quickly, very pleased with the shipping time! I had a lot of fun making the candles. The step by step guide was easy to follow and the kit contained everything you need and was very beginner friendly. I can’t wait to burn them and see how they burn and what the scent throw is like! Looking forward to making more as a fun hobby!



Received My shipment in record time, Thank you for that. My wife and I love the essential oils. your products will be a major player in our business. Thank you again and stay safe amid the scary times
You get a 10+ rating.



I just received my candle making kit yesterday! It was a fast turn around time from the time I ordered it to when I received it! Thank you so much for shipping it immediately without an additional fast shipping fees. I am exited to start making candles later this week!


Why wait?

I bought the package last year in January and just made candles last night ( December 2019 hahaha ). I was too nervous to open it and fail, it’s literally so easy! I already ordered another kit to pass out to my family for Christmas (if i get it in time, i don’t remember how long shipping took last year). Only thing i regret is getting started so late

Scented Joy Creations

The Materials could improve

I think that Temperature is important especially when it comes to adding in FO and pouring into tins. A thermometer should be included in any starter kit, it would probably be better for the FO to not burn off so quickly cause that wouldnt make anyone happy. The pouring pot should actually be a metal one, cause with it being plastic it's a little pricey for a kit to be $30 + price of shipping with a plastic pouring container and no thermometer - No Bueno!


I ordered my kit and it was delivered promptly. I've made candles before and started with store bought wax and scent. They turned out ok but I was very disappointed with the scents. They dont last! I dealt with the wax but needed better, longer lasting scent. I visited your website and was blown away by the variety and cost of your fragrances, so I ordered! I was NOT disappointed. After learning a little more about candle making from your website I decided to order a kit. I love it! My only negative was I wish I had checked the temp of the wax that I microwaved. Didnt set well. The second batch, I used my double boiler. Poured at the right temp and they turned out beautifully. Thank you so much for quality products and tutorials!



I received my kit in a timely manner. I really like the kit and the tins are great. I used the double boiler method instead of the measuring cup/microwave because I wanted to be able to have more control of my melting wax. The frangrances are wonderful. I am head over heals with sea salt and orchid. I have already ordered a larger kit and will be making more candles as soon as the kit arrives. I am conducting a burn test and I think I need to wick up. The kit came with a CD 18 wick. The wick guide further suggested the ECO 12 or ECO 14 (I do not remember which). I will try those and see which wick works the best for me. Oh yea, the HT is really good after using Jeff Standley's advice about a low temp pour. I melt to 185 then pour the FO between 112-115, stir then pour. Also, I have found in my testing, the longer it cures the more amazing the HT.


Great Starter Kit


Siedah M

Great start kit!


Thank you to CS for a quick processing and delivery of my first order. Additionally, everything was labeled and well-organized. Although I have made candles in the past, this is my first time using GB 464. So far, I am thrilled with the results. The candle adhesion, cold throw, no frosting, smooth tops EXCELLENT. The candles are so shiny and creamy (I wish I could eat them! LOL). I am writing this review to encourage individuals to be patient with the creative process. I have given four stars out of five because I am curing my candles and I have not yet done a burning test. Crossing my fingers that everything will go as planned and expected. Note: This time I poured at 160 degrees instead of the recommended time based on my previous experience; however, this is part of the experimentation. Furthermore, I would like to try the paraffin/coconut blend. I feel guilty about using paraffin, but I have read so many positive reviews that I would like to try it. I have experienced using Coconut wax and Apricot Coconut wax, which are both excellent waxes to work with. I wonder if CS is planning on offering these waxes (they are expensive but the results are amazing). Please let me (us) know. Thank you CS!

Luis Angel

Great starter set

I have made candles as a hobby for a while now and just started my own candle company. I wish this kit was around a few years ago when I got my candle DIY On! Let me tell you that this kit has everything a first-time candle maker needs. Candle Science does an outstanding job on their instructional material and you will be guided along the way.