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How to make soy wax melts

30 minutes
37 hexagon wax melts
Blue Soy Wax Melts in Jar


STEP 1: Weigh out the wax

Soy wax pastille being weighed and melted.

STEP 2: Add candle dye

Adding liquid dye to melted soy wax pastilles

STEP 3: Weigh and add your fragrance

Weighing and pouring fragrance oil for soy wax melts.

STEP 4: Pour wax into the mold

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Pouring dyed soy wax into a silicone hexagon mold.

STEP 5: Cool, then remove melts from the mold

Releasing wax melts from a silicone mold.
Finished hexagon soy wax melts
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