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Maker inspiration: Pumpkin candles for any aesthetic

Decor that honors your personal style while also following seasonal trends can be difficult to find. If a centerpiece is too general, it loses its seasonal charm. But if it’s too standard, it can feel out of place alongside your other decor. 

There’s a pumpkin for everyone

And we really do mean that! Whether they make you think of heirloom pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, fall harvest-style gourds, pumpkin patches, or something else that’s equally autumnal—they do the job of evoking warm and fuzzy fall feelings, and they do it well! 

It’s hard to think of a more iconic autumnal symbol than the pumpkin. In this article, we'll show you how you can personalize our pumpkin jars to fit an aesthetic that aligns with your personal style or brand. 

Elegant farmhouse

For candles made in pumpkin-shaped containers, these don’t scream fall—and that’s why we love them! If you gravitate toward elegant autumnal decor that you can leave out from the first signs of crunchy leaves through to Thanksgiving, this versatile container is the perfect option. 

Shop the jar: Pumpkin Jar (Clear)

Names to steal: Heirloom Harvest, La Citrouille, Autumn Elegance, Countryside Vines, Rustic Pumpkin Lantern

Ways to personalize: This clear container allows the wax to really shine, so play with different candle wax dyes to make this look more unique. Mimic heirloom pumpkin colors by using a hint of green, blue, or orange, or shades of dark green. Or, use colors that aren’t typically associated with pumpkins like pink, teal, or purple. 

About the label

Place the label on the bottom of the jar to keep it looking nice and clean. For our elegant farmhouse pumpkin candles, we used 2.5-inch round labels from Avery. 

Halloween everything

If you're the first in your neighborhood to pull out the Halloween decorations, this style is the perfect compliment. With its bold and bright orange finish, this is a quintessential spooky season centerpiece.

Shop the jar: Orange Pumpkin Jar

Names to steal: Jack O’Lantern Light, Pick of the Patch, Oktoberfest Glow, Pumpkin Spice Delight, Carving Night

Ways to personalize: This pumpkin jar is the perfect way to conjure the spirit of Halloween, but this classic orange is so emblematic of fall that you can use it for other themes, too. This vessel is the perfect starting point for ideas like Oktoberfest, pumpkin patches, country orchards, and fall festivals.

A look at the tags

Hang tags were the perfect solution for this irregularly shaped container. We chose 2-inch round tags for our Halloween candles and 2x1.25-inch scallop tags for the gothic autumn theme, both from Avery. 

We custom-designed our labels with a graphic design tool, then uploaded and printed them with Avery WePrint™.

Visit avery.com to browse designs, create your own, and take 10% off all label orders!

Gothic autumn

This is for the ghouls; for the Elvirias, the Morticias, the Lydia Deetz, or anyone who simply enjoys gothic decor. The pumpkin shape keeps this container decidedly autumnal, but its black finish evokes a more sophisticated haunted manor vibe. 

Shop the Jar: Black Pumpkin Jar

Names to steal: Pumpkin Noir, Obsidian Enchantment, The Black Flame Pumpkin, The Gothic Gourd, Haunted Manor

Ways to personalize: There’s something so elegant about this black pumpkin container. And it’s extra-entrancing when lit! If you enjoy pumpkins as an autumnal symbol but aren’t such a fan of pumpkin scents, pair this container with witchy, moody scents for the best of both worlds. 

Marketing memo:

Thinking of adding one (or all!) of these pumpkin candles to your collection? Limited release products are an exciting opportunity to offer something that might not align with your typical aesthetic. Better yet, they tend to attract new customers!

Seasonal products are a great way to try your hand at limited releases. Plus, many customers expect their favorite brands to offer seasonal versions of their favorite candles, which makes it a little easier to convert clicks to sales. 

What will you make with these gourd-geous containers?

Share your pumpkin-themed product lines, and all your handmade creations, with the CandleScience community. Tag us @CandleScience or use the #CandleScientist hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. We may feature you in our Stories or on our website!