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Woody fragrance oils for every season Woodsy scents for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Just as each season brings its own distinct charm, woody fragrance oils all have unique qualities of their own; they can be subtle or rich, earthy or sensual, dry or warm. 

Take a walk with us through the woods to explore the woody scents that capture nature throughout the seasons. You’ll discover curated bundles of fragrance oils all grounded with steadfast, comforting notes of wood—from the vibrant blooms of spring to the serene blanket of winter snow. 


Flowers push their way through brown, dried leaves on the forest floor—it’s easy to see why spring symbolizes renewal. The woods in spring are peppered with color as flowers begin to bloom and green leaves start to return to trees. 

We know it’s spring in the woods when floral aromas drift through the air, alongside fruity and sweet reminders of renewal. 


As we walk through the woods in the summer, we can hear ocean waves crashing nearby. The forest is lush, green, and filled with salt air. 

We notice the scent of sunscreen and sun-washed driftwood under the forest canopy, which provides a welcome reprieve from the hot summertime sun. 


Leaves turn bright yellow, orange, and red before falling to the forest floor; they crunch under our feet as we walk through the woods in the fall. Crisp air carries the earthy scent of fallen leaves through the forest. 

Herbaceous and robust, autumn in the woods reminds us that visual warmth can be just as energizing as warmth from the summer sun. 


Winter in the woods is cold and quiet. The sound of crunching leaves is replaced by branches snapping under the weight of snow and ice. 

Scent doesn’t travel as far in the brisk winter air, so the aromas we notice are defined by our immediate surroundings. Bright pines and berries add interest to an otherwise sleepy, snowy woods. 

What's your favorite season to walk through the woods?

We hope you enjoyed this olfactory walk through the woods. If you love this concept, try offering it in a sampler set!

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