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About the CSN Series
CSN Wicks are constructed from reinforced ring spun cotton with a high melt natural coating, specifically designed to be used with natural waxes. CSN wicks burn with a tight curve for a consistent and even burn. The reinforced construction of the wick also gives it a superior rigidity that allows for easier pours and keeps the wick upright in a deep wax melt pool. CSN wicks are lead and zinc free. For help choosing the right wick for your candle, visit our wick guide.


Tab Size
20 x 6 mm
Wax Coating
Prop 65 Warning Required

Product Reviews

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4 out of 5 Stars.

These csn wicks are working better for my candles both soy & paraffin than the suggested wicks for them . Very pleased no sooting , when I walk pass the candle the flame doesn’t go crazy or jump/flicker . Still waiting on my lx wicks but I’ll definitely be buying these from now on . The eco wicks I don’t like at all