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home fragrance guide for the holidays

You probably have more visitors to your home during the holiday season than any other time of year, and many of them will likely be guests you’re welcoming to your home for the first time.

Fragrance is a subtle way to set the tone for your holiday gathering and add that special little detail your visitors will remember long after the festivities have ended.

Think of the real estate agent strategy of baking cookies in a house they’re showing to create an inviting, homey atmosphere. You can do the same with your home fragrance to evoke the spirit of the season for your guests, and even capitalize on this idea for a new product line.

Fragrance Pro Tip:

Gifts for teachers, coworkers, and hard-to-buy-for friends and family are always in high demand this time of year. Curated holiday fragrance sets are a gift anyone would be delighted to receive—and they’re an opportunity for getting your products into the hands of new potential customers.

Foyers and entryways

Foyer Fragrance Options

Your foyer or entranceway is the first place your guests will see (and smell) when they arrive, so greet them with a space-filling scent that makes an impression. At this time of year, many people love decorating with wreaths and garlands, so a fresh, woodsy scent would work beautifully here—but any strong, seasonal scent is appropriate. Mix in decorative pillars with your various wreaths and garlands for a festive scene. Pillars make for chic decor on their own, incorporate decorative stands or other containers for a bit of classic elegance. And with so many ideas and tutorials out there for DIY holiday decor, you can create an entranceway straight out of the pages of a magazine without busting your budget.

Cypress and Bayberry is my current favorite for the season, and it’s a beautiful choice for entrance ways. It's like walking through an evergreen forest on a cool, crisp day. I love how fresh it smells and it also evokes a hint of Christmas tree, which is always a special smell in my mind—and likely for your guests, too!
– Janel, Office Manager

Get inspired! Take a peek at some of the ideas for foyers and entryways we've gathered in our Pinterest board below:

Pinterest Gallery

Living rooms

Living Room Fragrance Options

Your living room is likely the space where you and your guests will be spending the bulk of your time, so it’s the perfect place for container candles. Not only do they look lovely while burning, but you can also keep an eye on them while they burn. Safety first! Choose containers that complement your decor; status jars and tumblers are a great option. We particularly love our Straight Sided Tumblers in Black and Amber for this purpose. The translucent color of the Amber Tumblers diffuses the candlelight for a warm, inviting glow, and the Black Tumbler’s glossy finish is beautiful against the creamy, natural color of soy wax. Since the living area is likely the largest open space in your home, especially if it’s open concept, it’s also ideal for big, room-filling fragrances. Try strong, simple fragrances here, as the more subtle notes of complex scents may lose some of their impact in large spaces.

White Birch is a sophisticated, room-filling fragrance. The earthiness of fallen leaves meets a touch of pine for a crisp scent reminiscent of the forest in late autumn. Pleasant and fresh, this is a wonderful fragrance for hosting visitors.
– Dan, Co-founder


Fragrances for bathrooms

The guest bathroom is the one place in your home where fragrance isn’t just an accent, it plays an important purpose. Make sure to keep this small room a pleasant place to take care of business. Reed diffusers with a bright, clean scent are an excellent choice for bathrooms; there is no open flame to worry about keeping an eye on, and you can choose a container/jar that matches the decor/theme. Similarly, wax melts are another great flameless option for bathrooms and with the variety of decorative melters out there, you can match your decor appropriately.

The bathroom is also, of course, the place to feature handmade soaps. Experienced soapers will have their favorite recipes (and more than likely plenty of bars ready-to-go!), but if you’re new to soap making or just crunched for time, try out melt and pour! It’s a foolproof way to create uniquely shaped and scented soaps and add a handcrafted touch to powder rooms. You can keep it simple with straightforward bars, or get creative with layering and embeds. The possibilities are endless!

Red Ginger Saffron is one of my favorite fragrances and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous anywhere you choose to use it. The brightness of the ginger is so fresh and lovely, and a surprisingly festive substitute for the citrus or ozonic scents often found in bathrooms. Bonus: it’s soap and lotion safe, too!
– Cassi, Marketing
Pro Tip!

Have extra soaps, melts, and candles? Make gift bags for your guests so they can take a piece of the evening home with them. If you have your own business, it’s a great way to spread a little goodwill and expand the visibility of your products. And if you don’t, maybe you’ll think about starting one once you get a few requests for more of those amazing smelling goodies!

Dining areas

The main event for many holiday gatherings is, of course, the food. When you and your guests move to the dining area, let the delicious aromas of the meal you’re about to share be the star. This doesn’t mean you have to forgo fragrance and candles altogether; what would a dinner party be without a little candlelight? Choose scents that won’t overpower the meal you’re about to enjoy or opt for unscented candles if you prefer.

Votives and tealights are a beautiful way to incorporate the inviting flicker of candlelight into your table settings, either on their own or as part of a larger tablescape like in the examples we found below. 

As soon as the first leaf of Autumn falls, I light a Brandied Pear candle. And I keep one lit straight through Winter! It’s warm without being too spicy, it’s fruity without being too sweet, and it’s strong without being overpowering. My favorite for the Holiday season for sure!
– Dana, Marketing


Home fragrance guide for the holidays

As you begin closing out the festivities with your post-dinner treats of choice, do the same with your fragrance. There is no competing with the aroma of a freshly baked pie, but if you have dessert already prepared you can still tempt the sweet tooth of your guests with a delicious scent wafting from your kitchen.

Bakery fragrances like Snickerdoodle or Hot Apple Pie are a go-to option here. Combine with rustic, traditional containers like mason and jelly jars for candles that are perfectly at home in any kitchen. Bakery fragrances aren’t the only option—beverage scents for the kitchen can be both festive and unexpected. Tureens and apothecary jars are elegant containers for Black Currant Absinthe or Wassail candles, and if you’re feeling extra ambitious you can even serve matching after-dinner cocktails to really close out the night with panache.

No matter what seasonal traditions you keep, enjoying time with friends and family is always a reason to celebrate. So when you’re planning your next gathering and considering home fragrance options, keep your traditions and those of your guests in mind for a source of inspiration.

What scents and scent combinations are on your radar for the holiday season? Do you prefer sticking with a single fragrance while hosting or do you like switching it up? Scent connects us to memory like nothing else. With a little thought, you can draw on those happy holiday memories to set the tone for your get-togethers this season and hopefully, make some new ones.

Wassail is one of my favorites for this time of year. It evokes memories of fun nights playing games by the crackling fire with friends and family and just enjoying each other’s company. Full of spices and warmth, this scent will set the scene for any holiday gathering. Amanda, Crafter Support
– Amanda, Crafter Support