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IFRA 49: Reed Diffuser Recommendation Changes

The IFRA 49 amendment brought about several changes to the way different products are categorized as well as their maximum allowable usages. To help you easily reference the fragrances affected by these changes, see the list below. 

Under IFRA 49, reed diffusers fall under Category 10A and come with much stricter usage guidelines than they previously did. Unfortunately, this change means that many fragrances we had previously approved for a  minimum use of 15% now fall under that mark. Those fragrances affected by this change are below, but as always we recommend you view the IFRA certificates and decide if the allowable amount is right for your product.

For example, you might find that a fragrance CandleScience recommends at 0% for reed diffusers has a maximum allowable usage of 10% on the IFRA certificate. It may be worth testing at that percentage to see if it still works for your product.