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How to make novelty beer soaps

30 minutes+
2 10 oz. beer soaps


STEP 1: Prepare Your Supplies and Work Space

STEP 2: Prepare Fragrance Oil

Weighing and pouring fragrance oil.

STEP 3: Prepare Soap Base

Cutting up melt and pour soap base into cubes.

STEP 4: Melt Soap Base

Pro Tip!

Melting soap base in the microwave.

STEP 5: Add Dye and Fragrance

Adding liquid soap dye to melted melt and pour soap.

STEP 6: Pour Base

Pouring melted soap base into cups.

STEP 7: Prepare Topping Soap Base

Cutting melt and pour soap base into cube and melting it in the microwave.

STEP 8: Add Glycerin

Adding glycerin to melted soap base.

STEP 9: Whip Base Topping for Beer Foam

Whipping soap base with a hand mixer.

STEP 10: Add Foam Topping

Pouring top on beer soap.
Finished Novelty Beer Soap


Stout style beer soap cup on table,
Stout Style Novelty Soap

If you or someone you know are more into stouts or porters, you can tweak the recipe to make a dark beer with our brown liquid soap dye. Perfect for making Guinness themed soaps for St. Patrick's Day.

Novelty beer soap loaf cut.
Beer Themed Loaf Bars

This recipe can easily be adapted for use with our Silicone loaf mold —allowing you to easily make a large batch of soaps to give away as gifts or to sell.