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As of 11/03/2016:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Note: This fragrance is discontinued.

What does Plumberry smell like? We didn't know either, but we're glad we found out! The plum is related to both the peach and the cherry - and you can tell. We've blended it with raspberry, pear, and clove notes to create a fragrance which is both fresh, yet works well for fall.

Plumberry is strong in soy and safe for skin. It's a great fragrance for soap or body lotion.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange and davana essential oils.

Suggested Colors: Purple, Violet, Pink
See our complete list of candle making dyes.
Soy Performance 3
Application Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 189
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%

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Bring this back, Please!

This is my favorite scents and one of my best sellers in soap. I am so sad it's gone.

Unhappy Customers!

One of my biggest sellers around the holidays! My customers were not happy to learn that I may have to discontinue this fragrance. Please email me if you have found a close match tsusalis[at]

Oh noesss! Love this scent

Oh no! My customers and I loved this candle scent, if anyone knows where to find something similar please email me at

Please bring this fragrance back! It is one of the best I've bought from Candlescience.


I was so glad I was able to get as much as I did - I always sell out of this scent fast when I make it and now I will have to try and find it with another company which sucks! Please bring this back if you can!

Please don't discontinue

Please keep this fragrance. I love the way it smells.

Please Don't

Please don't discontinue this scent!!!! this is one of my customers favorites. I sell a ton of this scent all year long... Please!

A Year Round Customer Staple

Sorry to see this one is a part of my home fragrance line year round :-( and among the top sellers in the Fall

Couldn't find a more Delightful Scent!!!!

Of all the Scents I've tried from Candle Science, this is by far my favorite! It reminds me of walking into a village gift shop. Just the right amount of Sweetness & Spice. I really don't understand why this is being discontinued. The reviews are great and it's a best seller. Please bring it back soon!!!


We ordered a sample of this and we like it however we can only order one 1oz bottle per order and the price goes up from .99 cents when you add it to the cart. what.

This is absolutely my favorite scent. I'm so disappointed it's being discontinued. :(

Why are you discontinuing?

This is a GREAT fragrance and I am seriously shocked that you are discontinuing it!! WHY???? It is a great seller for me and I'm sad that you have decided to get rid of it. I hope you reconsider and bring it back as I'm sure many of us use it in our candles lines since it is such a fantastic scent.

One of my most popular fragrances

I can't believe you are discontinuing this fragrance! It is one of my best sellers year round. I will have to stock up. I can't imagine not having this one available! It is such a great fragrance!


WOW! This became one of my favorites after making a 10 ounce candle with a 5 percent FO load using GB 464. The FO has a unique fruity smell OOB, Like no FO I've smelled before, and it really peaked my interest so I made a candle right away and the smell blew the whole house up with this amazing unique fruity scent. Even the hard to please in my house loved this one! The cold throw is very strong as well as the hot throw. This is a definite keeper for me. Thanks CS. PLEASE NEVER DISCONTINUE THIS FO.

Nice, strong, slightly spicy!

This is a great one for the winter holiday season or anytime you like a nice, strong, slightly spicy plum and other spices (like cloves). I liked it better mixed with the pearberry scented oil.

Love the fragrance........ hate how it accellerates my soap!

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance to death! It smells SO YUMMY! And this is why I keep using it!

HOWEVER, this fragrance WILL ACCELLERATE cold processed soap! I had little to no discoloration, but it did speed up my soap setting up like crazy fast. One second I had nice fluid soap the next i had solid masses that I had to race to spoon into the molds just to save it. Then the soap did heat up, now this could be because of my oils, I soap at room temperature and I do not insulate my soaps.... Regardless I was able to work fast enough to get all the soap into the mold and it looks fabulous and smells amazing!

Candle Science, I love your fragrances! Keep up the incredible work with your fabulous products!

Just what I was looking for....

This is a wonderful smelling scent that I will call Sugar Plum Fairy for the holidays! Excellent cold and hot throw. Thank you Candle Science.