Raspberry Macaroon - CandleScience
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As of 11/03/2016:

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


Note: This fragrance has been discontinued.

While the aroma of toasted coconut and caramelized sugar is irresistible on its own, we've taken it one step further and added a fresh raspberry note. Raspberry Macaroon, like so many of our favorites, is a wonderfully traditional fragrance with a twist!

Phthalate Free

This fragrance is NOT compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base
Soy Performance 3
Flashpoint 212
Application Candles & Bath/Body

Average Rating:

(based upon 5 reviews)

I love this scent, and so do all of my customers. It was lovely and smelled exactly like a freshly baked raspberry macaroon. I'm so sad that it has been discontinued and hope to see it again in the future!

Great Fruity Scent

I ordered this fragrance based on reviews and because it was at a discontinued price; it has not disappointed. I've sold most of my candle stock I've made with this fragrance oil already, and I anticipate reordering before all of your stock is gone. Good cold and hot throw. Most of my candles are made at 1.2oz fragrance oil per pound of GB464 wax.

Wonderful fragrance

This is a lovely fragrance, please reconsider discontinuing this item.

This is SO YUMMY!

I can't believe this oil is being discontinued! I just ordered a bottle and am in love with it! Please reconsider discontinuing this oil! It's delicious!

My Favorite!

This is one of my favorite scents from Candle Science, and I can't believe it's going away. An absolutely perfect blend of raspberry and coconut, it is strong both cold and heated. And it blends well with almost every other scent.